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Posted by Allison (Houston, Texas) on 06/14/2010

I have colitis, with an acidic PH for both saliva and urine. After reading Ted's comments, I have tried magnesium citrate, as well as lime and baking soda for months. But what did the trick for me to reduce the pain of colitis was: I used 1/2 teaspoon baking soda twice a day: once in the morning and once 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime. I put the baking soda into emptied geletin capsules ( about 3 capsules) and down them with a 1/2 glass of water ( the taste is too salty for me without the capsule. also, I didn't want the stomach acid to neutralize it before it gets down further in the intestine. If you don't use the capsules, use more water to make it more dilute so it doesn't burn or irritate the intestinal lining.) Then about 10 minutes before bedtime, I take one or two capsules of activated charcoals with 1/2 glass of water ( the brand I buy has 280 mg of activated charcoal in each capsule, thus 560 mg total if taking two. you can find this on the internet. If not, I am thinking activated carbons sold by fish pet shops might work similarly ( I personally have not tried this yet, but I would if I couldn't find any activated charcoals. If you have to use the carbon, please write in your feedback to others), but you will have to pulverize it or ground it up to make it into a fine powder to increase its absortive surface).

Reviews I read on activated charcoal uses include all kinds of stomach ailments including against food poisoning. I remember I had bought some potting soil once that had small pieces of charcoals in them to absorb the bad smell of bacteria. To experiment, I bought activated carbons from Walmart at the pet fish section and sprinkled a little to put into peatmoss for my potting soil. Results: the plants grew small and skinny dispite all the fertilizers I put in compare to similar other pots without the activated carbon. Lesson: The activated carbon absorbed so well it absorbed the fertilizer as well. The label warns that high absorbancy of activated charcoal may reduce the effectiveness of certain medications, thus take it at least 2 hours AWAY from your regular medications or vitamin/mineral supplements. I take mine right before bedtime so that it can have hours without interference from any food to work it's way through the intestines and absorb all the foul bacterias in there. If your colitis is highly active right now, you might consider increase the frequency of activated charcoal, perhaps up to three times per day. I saw results in mine less than a week. There is also the option of adding the activated charcoal to a water based enema, although I hadn't needed to use it this way. Use filtered water for this as regular water has clorine. Once the colitis is under control, I would reduce the amount and frequency used, again, because it will absorb your food and nutrients as well as the bad bacteria. You might consider taking some probiotics as well afterwards to build back the good gut flora.

If you have an acidic ph and it deems that you take baking soda, I strongly recommend you take a good quality vitamin B-complex, vitamin D, along with extra sublingual(under the tongue) folic acid and B-12 to ward against some of the side effects I read under the Baking Soda section on Earthclinic website. I recommend sublingual because I have read that some people's gut don't have the neccesary bacteria to breakdown and absorb the b-12, and that people with autoimmune diseases usually have deficient folic acid and vitamin d in their blood.

I have also found that both L-Glutamine and Sweet Dairy Whey have a firming quality in that they dry and firm up loose stools. So if you need to take magnesium citrate to alkalize the body( magnesium has a laxative effect), you might add 1 to 2 tablespoon l-glutamine or sweet whey to reduce the side effects of magnesium. While those who suffers from constipation in their colitis may want to add magnesium citrate to see if there is any relief.

All in all, ulcerative colitis is a bugger of a disease to battle! One med may work today but not another day. I hope my personal experience can offer those in active stages one more option to try to get this disease under control. Thanks, Ted! and Thanks Earth Clinic!

Replied by Joseph
(Boston, Ma)

Thanks for the information regarding Activated Charcoal. I have been battling UC in and out of remission. This time I was in the middle of a flare-up that was being stubborn. Activated Charcoal has slowed down my bowels and gas quite a bit. I take two in the AM and two in the PM. My stools are formed but are still very soft. Do you think it would be beneficial to up the dose or should I stick with 2 caps at 580mg?

Replied by Allison
(Houston, Texas)

Hi Joseph,

Have you tried the magnesium citrate and L-Glutamine? According to Prescription for Nutritional Healing 3rd Edition by Phyllis Balch and James Balch, l-glutamine is a "major metabolic fuel for the intestinal cells and maintains the villi, the absorptive surfaces of the intestine" Page 666. Ted's recommendation of magnesium citrate is definitly worth a try also. Use the powdered form as a first choice, if no access to powder, then next best thing is the capsule form. As for your question of whether upping the dosage of activated charcoal would help or not, there's only one way to find out, and that is to experiment. I do notice that if you were to open one capsule of activated charcoal, there really isn't much there at all. As activated charcoal can be useful for food poisoning as well as gout (reduce uric acid in blood), my personal opinion is that for short duration such as for a few weeks or less, increase dosage should be ok as I don't think activated charcoal is toxic. Anyone feel free to correct me on that. My only concern is that it may keep you from absorbing your nutrient intake as well, thus personally I would not do long term high dosage of the activated charcoal. Also, for others reading, I forgot to warn in my first post that the activated charcoal we are talking about is NOT THE SAME as the charcoals used for BBQ. Do Not Use those charcoals for barbeque as they contain chemicals to promote burning and are NOT to be ingested.

Baking Soda, Milk of Magnesia

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Posted by Hilary (England, United Kingdom) on 01/15/2010

i found your site yesterday and would like to ask ted or anyone how and what do i take to put my ulcerative colitis in remission and stop bleeding. i was in so much pain straining and my stomach was turning over when i saw this site yesterday, the doc wanted me in hospital at xmas but iwas not going there again or takin the steroids that gained me three stone, so ive been trying naturally. as i say yesterday i found your site took bicarb half teaspoon and same of milk of magnesia, i had no apple cider vinegar so left that out but within 15 minutes my stomach had settled, sooo please can you tell me as this is so great , how do i put the colitis into remission and stop the bleeding ? and what can i eat too that helps, what do i stay away from? please help again your humble servant thank you from the bottom of my heart my stomach is so much better already. Ted HELP. THANKS

Replied by Naturopathicgail
(Sacramento, Ca, Usa)

Regarding Ulcerative Colitis, I hold Ted's knowledge in high esteem. But regarding the killing of bacteria in the colon, I would highly recommend using a product called MMS, or Master Mineral Supplement. It is inexpensive and can be ordered on the internet, sold as lowly "water purifier." It will NOT harm healthy tissue whatsoever, yet it will kill any pathogen known to humans. It stays active in one's system for 2-3 hours, so can be taken several times per day. Mix 3 drops of the Mineral with 3 drops of the Activator and let sit for three minutes. Add an inch or so of non-acidic juice or Beverage and drink.

As far as a soothing and healing agent, I don't think anything quite matches Liquified Bentonite. It's soothing and very healing. Take 1/4 cup mixed with non-acidic juice or beverage upon arising, between meals and especially at bedtime. Natural Liquid Vitamin E is also a wonderful soothing agent when taken at bedtime.

Avoid Dairy products, all refined sugar and fried foods. Almond milk is a great substiture for those who want to avoid soy. Many with bowel disorders find wheat products which contain gluten only irritate the colon. Brown rice flour and pasta etc. can easily be substituted and are much easier to digest. For those with very high acidic levels, usually Type O bloods, eating meat and fish actually helps control the acidic beast. It's like throwing a chunk of meat to a shark. If you don't, the acid (shark) actually attacks the lining of the stomach and the intestines. Be sure that ANY white meats or occasional reds are completely hormone and pesticide free. They MUST BE thoroughly masticated and never, ever fried. Steamed vegies are an amazingly healing accompaniment as well as gold or red baked potatoes. I hope this helps many of those suffering.

Replied by Chris
(Paris, France)

Raw apple cider vinegar is alkaline producing so I think it would be beneficial for those suffering from colitis. Here is a list of alkaline/acid producing foods. http://rense.com/1.mpicons/acidalka.htm

Remember that it doesn't matter what the food's ph is or what it tastes like that determines whether or not it has an alkaline or acid effect on the body. For eg., after digestion, citrus fruits are alkaline forming in the body and animal products are acid forming.

Replied by Hopeafteruc
(Lakewood, Oh)

Well, I was diagnosed with UC 3 yrs ago. Went to too many doctors/specialists and they had me on different medications including steroids. I get pain on the left side combined with bad diarrhea and bloody watery stool...To make the story short I cut out all dairy from my diet- as much as possible- and I take one tablespoon of milk of magnesia in the morning but I don't drink water or liquid with it till 1 hr later ( that is very important). It has been 2 weeks and my stools is as close to normal as has ever been since I don't know when.

P.S. I used MOM by itself without the baking soda!! I hope this post will help other people. I will try to post again here in couple weeks, cheers!!

Replied by Ma
(Austin, Tx)

Hopeafteruc in Lakewood, how are you now? My son has been on natural diet with which he has been steadily improving. But suddenly yesterday and today he had heavy bleeding with pain and semi solid stools. He takes ACV 1 TBSP in the morning with lots of water. Could that be a reason? How is Milk of Magnesia working for you?

Replied by Goodhealth
(New Jersey)

Pedro, please search more about organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It is acidic in its natural form but once it enters your body it is in its alkaline form. ACV is one of the best remedies for UC.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Judy (Toormina, N.S.W. Australia) on 03/18/2009

I would like to tell you for 7 years we have been trying to find a cure for our daughter Natalie with chronic ulcerative colitis, she was just about to have her colon removed when a friend told us about black strap molasses. Within a week of taking 1 teaspoon daily she has been in complete remission and said she has never felt better am so grateful. I have been taking it too and have found a big improvement in my well being and nervous system. regards Judy Harrison

Replied by Joseph
(Boston, MA)

Hi Judy, This is an amazing story. I have tried just about every natural and prescription treatment to get my UC under control. What is the update on your daughter? Is she still in remission? Does she take the blackstrap molasses daily? I just bought a bottle and figured I would give it a try.

Replied by vandu
(Silver Spring, MD)

Hi Judy, I'm also curious, as I'm having a bout of colitis. I wanted to do a liver flush series after reading Andreas Moritz's book "Amazing Liver Cleanse." But since I've been having colitis symptoms, I'd like to first give my body a chance to heal from this.

Please let us know if the Black strap molassas is still working. I'm wondering what would happen if it's mixed with or eaten with Turmeric? Wow..that may be a great affect no?

I usually have some turmeric in my food (i'm indian), but now adding more, and I may get the supplement, plus aloe vera, and try to the black strap molaassas. Also read in Ayurveda book that Licorice Root enemas are great to do for colitis symptoms.

Replied by Lori
(Delta, CO)

Judy, I'm curious, is your daughter off meds and taking the BSM? My daughters Dr. doesn't want to take her off her meds since she's been in remission for 7 months. I would like to get her off all meds. How is she doing now?

Replied by Mohammed
(Birmingham, West Midlands, england)

hi there judy i wner knw if ur daughter is completely well with black strap molasses because i got uc for abou 3 years could let me knw plz

Replied by Mohammed
(Birmingham, West Midlands, england)

hi there judy could u tell me how ur dauhter eat the black strap molasses thanks

Replied by Mohamed
(London, Uk)

Hi Judy i am curious how your daughter doing now after having the blackstrap Molasses! i am willing to start it as well.


Replied by Umm Ruq
(Walsall, England)

Hello eveyone, I just discovered this thread whilst looking for a cure for my 6year old who was diagnosed with colitis last year. She has been on steroids over a year, imuran and pentasa were stopped due to pancreatitis. I believe there is a cure for colitis out there just a matter of knowing. But I would love to hear from anyone with a remedy for colitis that did help. I am always researching and want my daughter to be cured from this disease. What is the best way to give tumeric, I normaly mix a little in water. I also give her fish oil and blackseed powder.

Blueberries, Indigo, Acidophilus

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Posted by Elisse (San Diego, California, Us) on 04/10/2010

I have been trying to find natural cures for my daughter's UC, which she has had since age 5. By accident, we discovered that eating large amounts of frozen blueberries would almost stop her bleeding and this was 10 years before anyone started studying them. Also, her Doctor of Oriental Medicine uses capsules of an herb called indigo that also stop the bleeding. As well, she has done well from eating black beans. There really seems to be a connection between these items and a rich purple/blue coloring chemical/nutrient that does something to seriously reduce the inflamation. Just recently her GI specialist started her on something called Floristor, an over the counter with beneficial yeast in a preparation similar to acidopholus in effect. I just read a study that combined blueberries and acidopholus that had some really promising results. After her being on every hideous drug made, I have never stopped looking for natural alternatives and have tried everything, including reiki, angel therapy, prayer, kinesiology, NAET. It is really difficult to find pediatric GI's who are open to any alternative medicine.

Replied by Jane
(Arkansas, Usa)

Well I have read many times that the ingestion of flavanoids decreases inflamation. Great that you have found something that works, perjaps taking one of the products that contain red wine flavanoids or blueberry flavanoids might be a more efficient route. Just a thought good luck!

Replied by Elisse
(San Diego, California Usa)

Yes...but then you miss out on having a purple mouth and fingers and, of course, no purple fingerprints all over the couch :)

Replied by Mary
(Cincinnati, Oh)

I take a Chinese herbal medicine that includes indigo naturalis for Ulcerative Colitis. Been on it for 2 years. It has helped me more than anything I have taken in 20 years. I guess I cannot mention the name of it but just wanted to let you know that your on the right track with indigo.

Boswellia Serrata

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Posted by Rosy (Belgrade) on 12/10/2016

I have been suffering from UC for a while. I have cured my self of it using Boswellia serrata, 900 mg, you can split this 300 mg three times a day. Plus I dilute the probiotic and add turmeric in it again three times a day. Humic acid liquid before sleeping. Also change your diet as per your suiting.

For hemorrhoids, easy remedy. Take a cup of cold milk to this squeeze enough lemon juice, and drink this immediately. This has to be taken early morning. Avoid fried, processed food, sugars, milk, butter. This has to be done 40 days continuously. You will begin to see the difference in a day, but stilll continue for 40 days to pull the problem out of its root.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

In other words, drink buttermilk. We learned in cooking class that if you didn't have buttermilk, you could make some by adding some lemon to milk. It makes sense! Buttermilk contains all of the B vitamins!!!

Boswellia, Copper Chlorophyllin

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Posted by Health Maven (California) on 11/25/2016

I've been experiencing a UC flare over the past month or so, starting with diarrhea and mucous and ultimately with lots of bleeding. Normally I'm able to clear things up fairly quickly with olive leaf extract. Unfortunately, this time around it did no good, even after I layered in oil of oregano as well.

After scouring Ted's recommendations, I tried a number of different things including melatonin (5 mg 3x/day plus 20mg before bed), DHEA (200 mg before bed), boswellia (500mg 2x/day), artemisinin (200mg 3x/day), and copper chlorophyllin, among other things. Nothing was working, and then I started vomiting once per day almost a week ago.

After several days of that with no relief, I decided to try a liquids only approach (eating only homemade chicken broth) plus boswellia and copper chlorophyllin per Ted's recommendations that they will kill the mycobacterium as the necessary first step to healing. So yesterday I ramped up the boswellia (standardized 65% boswellic acids) to start with 1000mg first thing in the morning and then 250mg every hour or so for about 10 hours, and then another 1000mg right before bed. On top of that, I used 18 drops of copper chlorophyllin in 8 ounces of water 4x yesterday, plus 5000 IU Vitamin D in the morning, and 20mg melatonin and 200mg DHEA right before bed.

Within 12 hours or so of starting the modified dosage of boswellia and copper chlorophyllin I noticed a significant decrease in bleeding, plus no vomiting (I started to include a small amount of chicken with the broth later in the day) for the first time in days. This morning, 24 hours after starting the revised protocol, there was no bleeding for the first time in weeks! I also haven't had to run to the bathroom within an hour of eating, which is a nice change :)

I'm going to continue with the boswellia, copper chlorophyllin, Vitamin D, melatonin, and DHEA (same dosage pattern as yesterday) for another day or two to make sure as much of the mycobacterium are cleared as possible before layering in Ted's recommendations for healing (lysine, glutamine, NAC). I'll provide another update in the next few days.

From digging around, it doesn't seem like boswellia is toxic at higher levels. "Toxicity studies of Boswellia in rats and primates showed no pathological changes in hematological, biochemical, or histological parameters at does up to 1,000mg/kg." (http://www.chiro.org//nutrition//FULL//Boswellia_serrata_Monograph.pdf)

So if you're experiencing UC bleeding and boswellia doesn't seem to be working, try playing around with the dosage to see if that helps.

Thanks Ted for your insights! Sending prayers for your own healing :)

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Brenda (Indianapolis, In) on 01/09/2010

I've been suffering from colitis for several months. I used an over the counter pro-biotic which helped but I still had problems that were both uncomfortable and embarassing. I tried taking coconut oil softgels and in one day's time, I had significant improvement. It has only been 4 days so too soon to tell, but so far it seems to have resolved my colitis completely.

Replied by Chegui69
(Long Beach, Ca, Usa)

Have you ever tried the Virgin Coconut oil out of the jar? wondering of that would help in the same way. I'd like to know how youre doing? Serge

Coconut Oil Enema

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Posted by Sharon (Missouri) on 11/24/2020

I just found this article, about coconut oil, I am so excited. I have IBS. I also oil pull (oral) daily and have for 15 years. I do it for 20 minutes before bed. Reading this article about coconut enema healing a severe colitis issue, I wanted to share here. I know there are people here that need to hear this, and have this article.


Replied by DEEPAK

Did consuming oil help you?

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Wilbur (Washington) on 12/28/2023

A dietary change helped cure Ulcerative Colitis, after much suffering and trying different things

The carnivore diet with a little bit of honey and some specific fruit seemed to cure it.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Grace (Centralia, Illinois ) on 11/11/2019 11 posts

I really need help. Everyone says to eat raw fruits and vegetables and I would love nothing more, but every time I do, I bleed like crazy from my colon, because I have UC and Crohns. The very thing that I'm supposed to have to heal my colon are the things I cannot have, like nuts and seeds, or grains. I don't seem to do too bad with salads but my salads consists of lettuce and onion and chopped eggs. If I eat raw carrots or do not cook my vegetables, then I bleed real bad. I do not like heated up fruit. I tried to eat a raw banana the other day and also watermelon, but they made me bleed terribly. So what am I supposed to do to heal myself up? I love coffee, but can never have that, as it makes me bleed so bad. I've got to get this healed up, so I don't get cancer. I do not like aloe vera juice. I do well taking natural herbs in a capsule form. I wanted to try juicing, but to me it tastes so nasty. Please help.

Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

Grace, before others chime in with helpful information, you can start with chewing whatever you eat, an exaggerated amount of time.

Replied by Gert Jr

The people who tell you to juice or eat raw do not know what serious UC, Crohn's, or ibs-d really is. Do not listen to them, you will hurt yourself. To calm your gut, try brown rice (L---bergs has no arsenic). This packs your gut with soothing mucilage that absorbs toxins and lets them exit. Then eat well-cooked vegetables, adding them slowly to your diet. Then proceed to well cooked fish or chicken as tolerated. You have to do what soothes your gut, not causes more irritation.

(Centralia, IL)

Thank you so much. This is so helpful. I made notes. God bless you!

Replied by GertJr

Just wanted to add to my earlier comment. When your gut is inflamed and raw, you need to soothe it and then work at keeping it calm moving forward. Raw has lots of insoluble fiber, which acts as a brillo pad on your insides. You want soluble fiber--the stuff that gets gooey (mucilagineous). This is what you get from applesauce, lima beans and anything that is very mashable when cooked. There are herbs, too, that generate mucus, which coats the gut linings and further acts to protect it. This is like marshmallow and slippery elm, among others. Other things, like glutamine, help to restore the gut lining. The problem with all these suggestions is that you do not get an overnight cure. It can take years and not really cure it, just make it manageable. Do research and read as much as you can, make a notebook and keep track of what you tried and how it worked. Also keep track of how you eat, sleep, exercise, etc. You will notice a pattern--when I do a,b & c, I feel better. When I do x, y and z I get worse. 2 things I highly recommend are bone broth and kefir. Start with bone broth, as much as you like. It will nourish you and provide the building blocks for healing. Eventually, once your insides have calmed down a bit, add the kefir very slowly, maybe a teaspoon per day to start. It will give you plenty of probiotics as well as minerals and vitamins, is usually well tolerated, and is easy to make at home so you have plenty on hand. Really, you have to go back to bare basics and get calmed down before you can hope to proceed. It's tough, but what is 2 weeks when you have the rest of your life ahead of you?

Replied by June

Mastic gum has been around for centuries used by Greeks for all types of intestinal discomforts. This has been a life saver - just make sure you are buying mastic gum resin. Also Cucrcumin is also very good for any infections. Find a good probiotic - ask your health food store for a good brand for your problem - they should be able to help you.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jo Parky (Nz) on 08/09/2017

Ulcerative Colitis:

I have found cutting out citrus and lactose has helped me. Either it works or I'm just in a natural remission for about 2 years. No yoghurt milk ice cream but do have hard cheeses in small doses. No lemons or oranges😣

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sunil (Tucker) on 08/01/2017

So here is my story about the disease and how I overcame it. I am originally from India. Came to US in 2006. I did not have any dietary restrictions and I was eating like an average American. I used to ear chicken pizza and dairy products. Not knowing how this could destroy my health. In 2009 I started to have trouble with my stomach. I had a really hard time before I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. When doctors diagnosed me, obviously they put me on medications. I had the worst time of my life. At one point I could not even stand and I had to be on bed for 10 days and I could not hold anything that I ate in my stomach. I never had such a time in my life with my health. Doctors said that I have to be on medication for the rest of my life and there is no cure, thats what all the doctors say. Even one doctor wrote on a piece of paper to show to my wife that its ok to eat pizza because my wife would tell me not ear all this.

But this was not acceptable to me at all. I could not be like that. So I started researching around. This site was the first place that I came to looking for answers. I read through a multiple remedies. I tried Aloe vera and multiple other supplements including cur-cumin. I believe these did help me to some extent. Then finally I came across that worked great for me. This was Dr. David Klein's method of curing disease with diet and all. His diet plan works 110%. The idea is very simple, just eat natural plant based foods. If you can eat raw food thats even better. I got on that diet for about a year I would say. I could not follow the diet completely. But just with what I did my disease is almost gone. In addition to what you are to ear, the BIGGEST FACTOR IS QUIT EATING MEAT DAIRY COMPLETELY AND PROCESSED FOODS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. This is the key to getting rid of these diseases. Last time when I had my colonoscopy my doctor was amazed and happy to see how well my colon was. I do not have any symptoms. My bowl movement is almost perfect which is once in the morning. I am so thankful to this site and Dr. Klein's advise. My doctor said that he needs to see me once a year only. My strong belief is if some one can take about 6 to 8 weeks off and stick to the natural and raw food diet, they will be cured. Also watch a documentry on netflix named "What the health". You will get lot more answers. People I am telling you it can be cured. You do not have to suffer.

I may come back here again to share more of my thoughts.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 03/25/2010 495 posts


Here's are 3 links from an email from healthiertalk.com that I think you will find interesting and might want to post a link on EC for those who imbibe, need a natural cancer cure, or have ulcerative colitis. Very interesting but not likely you will ever hear about any of it from orthodox medicine, since they can't be patented. They aren't anxious to kill their cash cows before milking them dry!


Dietary Changes
Posted by Ms (Scottsdale, Arizona) on 03/24/2010

Has the world gone looney or what! I don't know if most of the posts here on UC are from folks who actually have IBS or have self-diagnosed because most of this info will actually HURT UC SUFFERERS not help them.

I was diagnosed with UC in 1998 through colonoscopy and biopsy, and then again in 02, and 04 follow-ups. My worst was 40cm up from rectum. At one point I lost 3 pints of blood with a hematocrit of 28. And during an 8-hour period I used the toilet 27 times all for blood loss with mucus and the debilitating pain where I couldn't walk back to the bed.

I've kept a food diary since 1999, every single day of my life, every item I ingest and my bowel responses. I have learned the following:

-Flour and sugar combos like cookies, cakes, etc.
-Rice...this will make me bleed within hours! Rice is "sticky" and the worst thing any UC sufferer can do is to put "sticky" foods on their colon.
-Glutens...again, sticky.
-Yellow Cheese...this will bring any UC sufferer out of remission...causes me to bleed by the next day.
-Lunchmeats and prepared meats with nitrates, nitrites, etc.
-Flour tortillas...again it's gooey and sticky on the colon.
-Raw vegetables...I don't know how people say a raw veggie diets helps...what brought me out of my first remission was raw broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.
-Some dark colored fruits like Blueberries, Cherries...it has something to do with the element that gives the fruit its "blueness" or "redness" that the UC feeds on...I'll bleed by the next day with these fruits.
-High toxic fish and high pesticide fruits and veggies. The chemicals just aggravate the UC and will bring it out of quiescence.
-Soy...if it works for others, that's a new one, because it ravages my colon, whether it's milk or product, it's just no good for my UC.
-Red meat...you never if the cow is corn or grass fed, what it was fed, and the meat is too hard on the colon.
-Iron Supplements...even pharmaceutical grade will cause bleeding instantly. There is only 1 iron supplement I can tolerate and it is a liquid, made in Germany but sold here in the U.S. It has other B vitamins too, and I tolerate it okay to help with my anemia.
-Pasta, especially imported pasta from Italy because of the iron enrichment. It rips up the colon and I'll bleed instantly.
It is found is just about everything, and will cause bleeding within a day...it is the most evil additive! Xanthan Gum which is an expensive alternative is okay though.

These items work for me and help me control the UC.

-Chicken...I usually grill my chicken in bulk, freeze it, and take a breast to defrost so I can always eat at home.
-Cooked broccoli, cauli, asparagus, even corn on the cob is fine for me.
-Corn tortillas...as long as they are just corn, lime, water with no chemical additives.
-Tomatoes, cilantro, onion...a good salsa is very tolerable.
-Organic apples (unfortunately most bananas will cause problems if I eat them every day; once in a great while only on the bananas).
-Most breads...I can tolerate one brand, but several others cause problems...it's all about keeping track of what you eat and how you react to determine what you can tolerate.
-Salad with homemade dressing...once you get UC under a good control you can enjoy an Organic salad now and then with a homemade dressing...store bought dressings have chemicals that will bother the UC.
-Milk...I have no problems with milk at all and I'm a heavy milk drinker at 1/2 gal. per day.
-Some chocolates...unfortunately most chocolate will bother UC, but find which one works for your system. Most will just pull me out of remission and cause bleeding.
-Mozzarella and white Mexican Cheeses...they won't hurt in moderation. Stay away from yellow cheeses, and even White Cheddar must be enjoyed sparingly.

-Avoid Guar Gum at all costs.
-Avoid all things sticky including rice.
-Cook your veggies.
-Stick with chicken, and fishes sparingly.
-Keep track of your diet in a diary and write down what works, your reactions, so you can determine for yourself what helps you or hurts you.

I have much more info to give, but wanted to keep it simple. This is a good start.

Replied by Chris
(Logan, Utah)

I think that the food diary and watching what you eat is a good idea, however, it's different for everyone. You can't say that every person with UC who eats these foods will have problems, because that's just not true. I have UC and yellow cheese doesn't bother me at all, neither does rice. It may work for some people, but for others the foods they eat don't really affect them. I seem to be the same no matter what I eat. There is no need to assume that your list of approved foods is the way to go for everyone.

Replied by Judy
(Richmond Hill, Nyc)

i agree with you every food does not work the same for everone. I have had colitis for the past 13 years. Have had plenty good times but also bad ones. To the point where I couldnt even eat 3 spoon full of food without running to the bathroom. With me what seems to work the best is very bland foods that dont contain to much condiments, and of course avoid stress. What is weird is that every year I was hospitalized especially in the summer due to this until I had my first baby. After that I had two more kids and never been hospitalized again. I do take medication (asacol)but only when i am in relapse.

Replied by Pfred
(Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)

I was diagnosed with IC in Nov. 2011 but have been symptomatic for years. I am a medical researcher. I believe in a balance between modern medicine and natural medicine. After I gave birth to my daughter 12 years ago, it has been downhill since. I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, gastroparesis and now ulcerated colitis. I have had a full hysterectomy and have had my gallbladder removed. One thing after another. This is my strategy to save my body from anything else and also cancer. Before I made any changes or adjustment to my personal intake, I researched each area to substantiate clinical research and validity of each issue below. I personally required (for my body) at least 3 to 5 different references that all stated the same claim metabolically and with the same efficacy.

(1) Ph levels

Ph levels must be balanced or our immune systems attack our own bodies. So, I have switched to a balanced acidic / alkaline diet. It was easy. I just added a few things to my diet and removed a few things from my diet. I also bought the four books that they suggested on this sight for references. Once you are Ph balanced, you can move on to the next item - Enzymes.

(2) Digestive Enzymes

Since I have had my gallbladder removed, I have only added chemical enzymes - Reglan and Hyocycamine. They work for a while and then stopped. I ordered enzymes from a business in Alaska. Their digestive enzyme supplement is called _________. Their medical claims are correct. Their opinions are their opinions. I will know the outcome in a few months with another colonoscopy and of course bloodwork.

(3) Humic minerals.

I followed advice from this site and ordered these minerals. Immediate change. So, logically if my body is in great Ph shape, I have added the Enzymes to help clean my blood and force my immune system to stop attacking... It is logical to add the Humic Minerals to my much depleted body. The enzymes will help my body get back in shape and then put those minerals to work. I take _____ Fulvic and Humic Complex - $49. 00. They send dosing instructions.

(4) Prickly Pear supplement

I am taking this to help with inflammation. Go to your health food store. I plan to replace with real prickly pears as soon as the weather changes and I need to check the Ph level as well.

(5) Aloe Vera Juice

I am taking this to help with inflammation. Go to Walmart Pharmacy. Ph level on my jug was 6.2.

(6) Take YOUR MEDS

Do not stop any meds without Dr. Supervision. Results are measured via scopes and bloodwork. That is how you make decision. ALways use your facts and leave emotion out of the decision. Cell repair takes time. Finish the course of Prednisone per your Dr. Advice. It is saving your life right now. You will be off soon and then that weight will start to go away.

This strategy is for my body. I wanted to share. I hope the best for all UC patients. We all know it is not any fun and we share your emotions at all levels.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Josephus (Seattle, Wa, Usa) on 03/09/2010

Check out what Dom in Austrailia has to say about curing ulcerative colitis:

My experience: I am a 70 year old male diagnosed with UC in 1996. I tried a lot of natural remedies and finally achieved remission in 2004 with megadoses of probiotics - about 1.2 trillion CFU/day, some store-bought and some from my home-made kefir. When I tried lowering the dosage, my symptoms returned within 10 days. During this time I eased off and quit taking Asacol.

In December, 2008, I did a 7-day diet of nothing but water and brown rice: water - 1 glass in the AM plus enough to cook the rice rice - 2 tbls raw, soaked overnight plus 4 quarter-cup servings throughout the day.

I only did stage 1 of Dom's protocol. Right away, I quit taking the store-bought probiotics and after a few months stopped the kefir. I feel that I am still healing but I have had NO symptoms of the UC. Hope this will help someone.

Replied by Paul
(Boston, Ma)


You said you did the water and brown rice in December 2008. How are you doing now? Since 2008 did you have to do the 7-day diet again? Was it difficult to follow this diet for 7-days?

I have been suffering with UC for almost 10 years. I have done probiotics, diets, aloe vera, acupuncture, kinsiology. Natural treatments and just about every prescription drug that was approved. I still have a hard time accepting the "there is no cure".

Replied by Josephus
(Seattle, Wa, Usa)

Hi Paul;

How am I doing now? Absolutely great! I eat what I want and have had no UC symptoms for over a year.

Did I do the 7-day diet again? No, but for insurance I did three more days in February 2009. I don't think it made any difference.

Was it difficult? I hope this answer doesn't discourage you but yes it was about the hardest thing I have ever done as an adult. I live in an area with a lot of restaurants and just the smell of food was driving me nuts. You won't starve, you can eat as much brown rice as you want, but it sure is bland.

There is a cure. Go for it!

Replied by Kiarah
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi I can't access Don's link... I have been diagnosed with UC and just been out on steroids, which did help me get back to work but am so afraid of the side effects. this brown rice diet sounds amazing could you please post the details? Can you mix olive oil or cilantro in it for flavour? Thank you all for posting your cures I am regaining hope that there might be something for me to go into remission if the month of steroids doesn't work..... Thank you very very much.

EC: Just checked - the link still works!

Replied by Josephus
(Seattle, Wa, Usa)

Hi Kiarah;

If you have still not been able to access Dom's site... He suggests several things you can mix with your rice (I presume for flavor); 1 tsp natural non-pasturised soy sauce, 1 tsp non-pasturised miso, 1/2 cube sofu (preserved bean curd) and 1 cup green or herbal tea with each meal. He also says do not eat or drink anything not listed here. All that sounded like more than I wanted. I ate nothing but brown rice for seven days and it worked!!

Replied by Jumpshotc7
(Hoover, Al)

Hi Josephus,

I'm really hoping you get this, or happen to stop by on this thread...

I read through Don's webpage and decided to undergo the brown rice diet.

I am on Day 4... Just ate last meal of day, so I guess day 5 :)... Anyways, I was wondering if you eased into your regular eating habits after the 7 days according to Dom's instructions or if you eased into your regular habits like a regular fast, or if you just jumped right into your regular diet

Also, you said you had 4 quarter cup servings throughout the day... As in just a quarter of a cup of brown rice 4 times a day! ? That sounds great because I'm having trouble finishing more than 4-5 bite fulls of rice this far into the diet as just the smell of the brown rice is kind of nauseating to me. Would also love to hear how you're doing this long after going through it... God Bless

Replied by Josephus
(Seattle, Wa, Usa)

Hi Jumpshotc7

Sorry to be so long in replying - just got back from a couple of months in Mexico.

I hope you continued the brown rice regimen for the 7 days and the results were worth the difficulties.

For me, it was definitely worth it. It's now over 2 years and I have absolutely no symptoms of UC, no food restrictions and feel that I am completely healed.

Best of luck.

Replied by Harsh
(Delhi, India)

Hi, i just read about the brown rice diet. can someone please explain it to me as to how to do this diet and what all and how much... In detail i am also a patient of ulcerative colitis
i hope I also get benefitted. thanks and regards, harsh

Replied by Josephus
(Seattle, Wa, Usa)

Hi Harsh;

Here's the brown rice diet as I did it.

1) Each morning drink 1 glass of water.

2) Each morning eat (chew well) 2 tablespoons of raw brown rice that has been soaked overnight in water.

3) During the day cook and eat 4 meals, each with 1/4 cup brown rice and 1/2 cup water.

That's it. Eat no other food or beverage.

Do this diet for a minium of 7 days. If you still have colitis symptoms, continue for another 2 or 3 days. At the end, ease back into your regular eating pattern with light meals of fruit and vegetables.

Good luck!!

Replied by Nicole
(Evansville, Indiana, Usa)

Hello Josephus, Thank you for the information. I'm currently on Day 3 of the brown rice diet. I'm trying to remain hopeful about this, but as you said it is hard. When did you see changes for the better?

Replied by Josephus
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Nicole; I know it's tough but please stick to it!! It's been over two years for me and my colitis is still completely gone. Hard to remember that far back but I think I was seeing positive results, easing of symptoms, after 4 or 5 days and completely gone after 7.

I wish you the best of luck. Let us know how you do.

Replied by Nicole
(Evansville, In, Usa)

Hi Josephus,

Thank you for the encouragement. I have been seeing an easing of symptoms. Today is day 7 and (sorry for the specifics) yesterday held two BMs. Major victory! But somehow I am disappointed that it is not all the way better.

By being completely normal by the seventh day, did you mean consistency of BMs as well as number?

I'm debating whether I will do an extra day or not. If today is at least similar I don't think I will. I am going to do Dom's kefir bit, which I think will be helpful for me since I've always felt this has been a bacterial issue.

Replied by Namebrand
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

Hi Josephus, I started the brown rice diet and after 3 days had to stop due to a friends wedding party. I plan on restarting but was wondering when (which day) did you notice an improvement in symptoms. The 3 days I did, didnt really help. I guess im just looking for some encouragement, thanks

Replied by Josephus
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

What? They won't serve your brown rice at the reception?

No, three days is not enough to start seeing any results. Probably nothing until day six. Good luck!

Replied by Bartholomew
(Endwell, Ny)

I Developed UC symptoms in 2006 and it's been all downhill ever since! But in all seriousness, I like anyone reading this knows either from experience or desperation that medical science just won't help the way it should, which generally leads people to investigate alternitives.

So I'm in the process of doing this as well. What I discovered from searching around is that this is based on an old Macrobiotic Diet, Diet Number 7 I beileve.

The trouble with this diet is, it's got complex-carbs in it which are BAAAADDD for UC sufferers... However... It also has anti-oxidants and prebiotic ellements to it and will help level out your PH levels, which in theory could be very helpful for IBD.

Prebiotics in particular are one thing people with UC can not have too much of. Anyone who recovers from UC, prebiotic foods will likely be the best way to maintain remission simply because it feeds your gut flora.

I can tell you I've been doing it longer then seven days already, but I haven't stopped yet. Has it helped? I'm really not sure. Ive had chronic Copper poisaning due to the high acidic level in our well water, which is causing leaching metals to be strained into my food/drink... So I'm unreliable to ask at this point.

BUT just so you know: Over here it's stated that it might actually make your condition worse:


Over here it's stated that it takes 1 Week to 3 Months to cure IBD (but it doesn't say it's done with this diet):


If it improves anything at all... I will be back to post.

Replied by Bartholomew
(Endwell, Ny)

OK so... A little background first before I get into it. As I mentioned in the previous post, I was having bleeding issues. I also had a sensitivity to the brown rice too because of the carbs in it- so here's what I did:

I allowed the rice to soak for a day first (to allow it to sprout and to make sure any enzyme inhibitors/chemicals were dissipated) then rinsed them off and placed them in a blender to turn the rice into rice-flour. Then I ate the flower raw (4x a day), I did not cook it. However, I FULLY chewed (and broke down) the rice as much as I could before swallowing. Our saliva has natural enzymes in it to help break down and thus allow us to better absorb food. Even people (like me) who have carbohydrate sensitivity can avoid alot of grief just from taking the time to do this. To aid me I had a small glass of water that had lemon juice (to increase my saliva output). I drank water with each meal to avoid dehydration.

For awhile I was still bleeding which concerned me. Also, I was getting allot of yellow bile in my stool which I know is not good. If I hadnt felt like I had nothing left to lose I don't think I would have continued as long. Even though this took longer then the prescribed 7 days... It did at last seem to work. I have full stools and no bleeding. Am I cured? I'm going to assume no, however I believe I've put myself in remission. This diet has given me a huge advantage and I just might have a chance to keep this under control now!

This is a HUGE deal folks. People with UC take notice!! I know chances are youve tried alot of things, some of which may have helped to a certain degree (Like Sheldon's Vitamin-E enema). I know your probably weary of all this, have seen more then your share of contradictary information, scammers and all-out B. S. - I know how it is. All I can say is I tried this and it seems like it's working. I really stuck with it even when I was sure it wasn't helping. I'm glad I did that.

As I mentioned in the previous post, there are alot of great qualities to Brown Rice. It just might have the right combination of nutrients and other elements to allow our bodies to heal themselves. Here's a link to scientific study information about Organic Brown Rice, I recommend people take a look:


I'll come back to post again as a follow up. Not sure when, but probably a long time from now. Good luck to all of us.

Replied by Mirza
(Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

Hi, I am a colitis patient and wanted to start this brown rice diet, but facing diarrhea kind of syptoms after taking Row 2 tbls rice for 2 days I have not started the full cource as I wanted to check brown rice affect on my body. many people have confirmed that the face diarrhea after consuming brown rice so kindly advice if it is common to get diarrhea with brown rice or how to handle this

Replied by Namebrand
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

hello Bartholomew from Endwell, I tried the brown rice fast for 7 days and it didnt seem to work, and now that I am eating regular food it seems that my stomach is even more sensitive? you mentioned that you did it for longer than 7 days, how long did you do it for? I plan to restart the brown rice fast so I need to know how long you did it for

thanks, Dennis

Replied by Chegui69
(Long Beach, Ca, Usa)

Josephus, how are feeling you or anyone that tried this diet feeling after the brown rice fast? I read somewhere else that glucose is what feeds the bacteria in the colon so interested to know how you all are feeling? I had a colo done yesterday reults havent come back yet but he said I had some internal hemmies and possible what looked like Pictosis (uc). I read a lot of real bad stories out there so just want to get a handle of this early on. Best of luck to everyone.

Replied by Christian

Hi Josephus,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I am on my 4th day of rice fasting and the situation improoved noticeably.

Did you drink the Kefir while you were on the fast or did you drink it before and after the fast? Could you tell me which amout you took each day?

I could imagine that the Kefir has big influence in restoring the gut flora...

Hope you're still doing well and best wishes to you,


Replied by Tom
(Detroit, Mi)

Hello Jospehus and others who have tried this, has it healed you and are you still doing OK after all this time with no UC symptoms?

I'm about to give this a try and hoping it works

1 2 3 4 5 ...6