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Posted by Kathi (Huntington, New York USA) on 05/24/2009

I have had ulcerative colitis for 46 years now. For much of that time I have not had medical insurance and therefore through necessity had to investigate naturopathic remedies. I have had great success with a combination of diet (avoiding most white flour and sugar products when I can and adding vegetables, fruit and I still do not get along except for apples and cantalope) and 1/4 cup aloe vera juice (I use one formulated for digestive problems) with 1/2 teaspoon of l-glutamine. When I had attacks I used the formula 3x daily. I have to avoid milk and milk products but I use soy milk for calcium along with copious quantities of steamed broccoli. Surprisingly I can eat cruciferous vegetables without the problems most people have. I try to eat only organic meats and in season grow my own vegetables. The foregoing has given me a real measure of control for the last 15 years before that it was on and off. Purported remedies would work for a while and then stop working. Last year I discovered probiotics in an over the counter preparation forumlated for crohns and colitis sufferers. I can now say that I feel normal. I was interested in some of the suggestions in the posts and will try them. There is no cure for colitis, but it can be controlled when you pay attention to what you are putting in your body. Reducing stress is ideal but not practical in our society.

Replied by Namebrand
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

can you please tell me which brand and kind of aloe vera juice you used? sincerely thanks

Dietary Changes
Posted by Fred (Vancouver, Canada) on 05/19/2009

How can I tell which type of colitis is which? My diagnoses was ulcerative colitis 10 years ago. I ate spinach and sunflower seeds to get to about 80% remission, but rectum still inflamed so still urgency present. What can I do for final push? Need to be healed of urgency 100%. Please advise.

Replied by Girish

Hi Fred, Can you tell me how you got rid of the 80%. How did you take the sunflower seeds and spinach, what quantity, what was the regime? Do let me know. Thanks

Replied by Friendly Survivor
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

My IBS plagued me for years. I never knew what I should eat. Nothing agreed with me and I was constantly going to the bathroom until I tried fecal transplants. Now I am completely better. I bought a guidebook from Sky Curtis's website. It was easy to do, perfectly safe, and now I can eat anything!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Marion (Las Vegas, USA) on 08/19/2007

I had ulcerative colitis for ten years and had seen a gastroenterologist for all those years. I was taking all kinds of medicines like Asacol and prednisone, etc., when after a while nothing seemed to help, my Dr. suggested that I may need to get a colostomy. Well I thought "unh unh no way", so I came across this book written by Jane Heimlich "What your Doctor Won't Tell you"(I believe she was the wife of the man who invented the Heimlich Manuever). In the book I read a section that was about a man named Dennis Burkitt and he studied tribes in Africa that had no colon problems whatsoever, and he stated it was due to their diet as opposed to the western diet full of dairy, sugar and fat. They ate no dairy, or flour products just truly whole grains, no sugar very little fruits, they ate lots of vegetables and legumes and little lean meats. This was probably a primitive type diet. I tried to eat as close to that diet as possible, by eating whole grain bread (with the seeds in it), no dairy, sugar or fruits, no fats, gravies, sauces or syrups. I just ate lots of fresh vegetables mostly raw some cooked, mostly fish, only water, some fresh cooked beans, some seeds and nuts. ANd lots of prayer to God It didn't take long for things to turn around and I can say that I did not have to see my Dr. ever again. I have since adjusted my diet to incorporate some stuff moderately. My colon does not have a problem anymore. But if I was to return to eating alot of the wrong foods on a regular basis I would be right back where I was before.

Replied by Cindy
(Boone, North Carolina)

I was diagnosed with UC 34 years ago. After initial bout it went into remission for 10 years. NO meds, no doctor, perfect health and three children. Then it came out of remission with a vengence. I was on 6mp, asacol, and a specific carbohydrate diet. Took probiotics, fish oil and other supplements. Went off the 6mp but continued the other things and it stayed in remission NO flares for 6 years. Well, now it is back again. Asacol isnt working. Doctor says that this is the nature of the disease. Remissions followed by active disease. Push for remission but unless God intervenes realize it is most usually a lifetime of cycles of activity and remission.

Replied by Marion
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

I have been 16 years free from ulcerative colitis. It has never come back. You are what you eat. Eat healthy and be healthy. Eat closer to the way nature grows food, the less ingredients or processing of any kind, the better it is for you. Don't believe the packaging or ads. Do research! I'm on this site because I don't believe everything doctors tell me, because they are regulated by an agency. I do believe the facts and results.

Fecal Calprotectin Levels

Posted by Berj (Munich, Germany) on 05/30/2013

Hi, I have done a fecal calprotectin test and the result came very high, at 8,800 mg/g. I have Ulcerative colitis (or indeterminate colitis or Chron's colitis). The doctor said he has never seen a number high as this even for colitis patients. the normal number must be below 50. Does anyone know anything about this? It's the first time I do the test. Any ways to reduce it? Thanks.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

coconut heals the intestinal tract from teeth and mouth enzymes to the gut to the rectum. It is anti fungal , anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial.

I have had intestinal problems and I'm on month 7 for daily coconut oil and meat, haven't drank the coconut milk, but the meat helps with diarrhea in a lot of people and the oil doesn't tax the liver. It does make me a bit quesy when I first drink or eat the oil 3-5 tsp. at a time - but I take a couple papaya tabs and that calms it down. Coconut products are truly AMAZING for overall improved health. Betafood heals the gut too and I use a few tabs of it daily with my supplements. It heals the gallbladder and helps digest fats.

Fecal Microbiota Transplant

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Posted by Sam (Florida, US) on 11/19/2014

Ulcerative Colitis and IBS:

Fecal transplant, which is approved by fda for cdb, shows success in curing many more diseases and conditions including gut issues, diabetes, cfs, etc.

Replied by Dutchie

I don't have Ulcerative Colitis, but I just came across this Dr. Gupta podcast and thought I'd share it with earthclinic.

This woman claims to have been completely cured of UC using a fecal transplant from her husband:

Link: https://www.cnn.com/audio/podcasts/chasing-life/episodes/7fb9ba3d-609f-430d-a21c-ae9e012b2a7e

Alternate audio:



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Posted by Joe (Ballston Spa, Ny Usa) on 10/23/2012

(Ground Flaxseed) This is my wife's story. About 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with UC. After 6 months, 2 colonoscopies, and two prescriptions for the exact same drug(different brand names), I decided to try and figure this out, myself. Plus, her knee began to swell, and she was diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis. I first looked at her diet. The one thing that she was missing from her diet was omega-3's. She hates fish. So, I looked for foods with the highest concentrations of omega-3's.

This brought me to flaxseed. When I looked closer, I found that flaxseed is a natural anti-inflammatory. Plus, the lignans, in flaxseed, are building-blocks for the lining of our intestines. This seemed like a no-brainer. The only thing that confused me, at the time, was what brought it on. The only thing that I came up with was the fact that she had her gallbladder removed two years before. I assumed that the bile acids constantly dripping into her intestines was the cause(not sure though). So I initially put her on a simple potassium and magnesium supplement(two weeks). This calmed things down a little.

Then, I had her take two tablespoons of ground flaxseed per day with a glass of water. Within two weeks, the swelling in her knee had completely disappeared. And after one month, all symptoms of UC were gone. It's been 4 years now, and no problems. She eats everything she wants, including hot wing pizza(her favorite), and has no problems, whatsoever. I wish more people knew about ground flaxseed, and how it worked so great for my wife. If anybody feels the need to ask me anything, please feel free to e-mail me direct. (jclosson3(at)nycap.rr.com)

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Excellent News, good wishes. Can you clarify how did you take the flax seeds.

1. Was it freshly ground everytime you gave her?

2. Was it Flax Seed powder or capsules bought from store?

Because freshly ground flax seeds are good, Already ground flax seeds powder or capsules are oxidized which is less potent. thanks

Replied by Waygood
(Motown, Ca, Usa)

[You might want to consider] Sprouted Flax Seeds, which keep fresh for at least two years! These are really special. Soaked and sprouted foods have "awoken" in some way, are much more powerfully activated healing foods, and seem to have, dare I say, immortal properties, like not turning rancid or decaying easily.


Replied by Joe
(Ballston Spa, Ny)

We use Bobs Red Mill ground flaxseed.

Food Allergy Tests

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Posted by Marie (Huntsville, Arkansas) on 12/02/2008

Food allergy test cured my ulcerative colitis. I had severe ulcerative colitis for 18 years. Medicines helped suppress it, but being pregnant or nursing for 10 of those years, I wouldn't take medicine. Tried lots of alternatives,..oils, alfalfa juice, they help some. Got tested for over 100 different food allergies and found I had an allergy to eggs. I quit and all symptoms disappeared in 1 week. I noticed it returned with avengence after drinking alot of almond milk, but it stopped when I stopped drinking it. You will need a test that detects IgG-mediated (delayed) food allergies. Go to optimumhealthresource.com for info on the test I took. You can do it yourself at home if you don't have a doctor to administer it. It's expensive, but it saved my life. I've been symptom free for 3 years now.

Replied by Susan
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I was interested in Marie's response about the allergy testing. I have severe colitis as well. I do believe in the allergy testing. however, I was curious how she did for 10 years without meds before the testing. I could not possibly do that without getting very very sick. I am curious to know how she did that.

Fruit Enzymes

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Posted by Kim (Riverside, California) on 05/13/2008

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with colitis. I went to the doctor constantly with diarherra, pus and bleeding. I was having pain after every meal and at one point, was losing a pound a day. My doctor told me that I would have to stay on a diet of soft foods. I found a book on the internet called "Crohns and Colitis". The author talked about eating a strict fruit diet. I starting doing it and the symptoms that I had been suffering from for over a year left me. The enzymes in the fruit made all of the difference.

Replied by R.M
(Stanton, Ca, USA)

Fruit smoothies works as good as prednisone, though the prednisone has to be tapered of gradually. Without fruit smoothies, flare ups occurred even with prednisone and asacol. Not a cure, but a great help. Lets put it this way, I am NOT on prednisone (praise the Almighty), which is really MORE than I can ask for. One cup; made from all fresh fruit with 1/2 tsp of soy protein (from the powder mix). BTW, I also gave up black tea, except if constipated, and reduced all sweets except when I go on a binge. Also, DARK Chocolate in VERY SMALL quantities (an ounce?) helps shut off any symptoms of GERD.

Replied by Debra
(Bradenton, FL)

I must agree with the fruit enzymes. I was diagnosed with colitis over 8 years ago & suffered everyday around 4 pm with severe cramping & diarrhea. I tried many remedies & cut out certain foods. Nothing really changed. 4 years ago, a frozen custard shop opened in my neighborhood. I was hooked. 5 nights a week I would get a vanilla custard with strawberries & rasberries. A week after I started eating it consistantly, I noticed my symptoms subsided. Today, I may get an episode once every 3 or 4 months. And that is usually due to going out of town for a week & not eating my berries.

General Feedback

Posted by Jaz (Toronto, Ontario, Candada) on 09/17/2012

Hi All / Ted, Maybe you can research this further. I found this comment on a site called ihaveuc. com. I do believe UC is bacteria related. Maybe Ted or some other expert can shed some light on this new study by the Japanese research team.

Japanese researchers identified a particular bacteria (Fusobacterium varium) as a cause of UC. This bacteria produces a substance (butyric acid) that attacks and inflames the bowels.

See here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1773498/

They are now targeting the bacteria with specific medications.

See here: http://www.thedoctorschannel.com/video/3068.html

Other information on effective antibiotics for this bacteria, drugs that will block the specific organic acid created by this bacteria, and drugs to keep it from implanting into the bowel's mucosa is available here: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7700106.html

If anyone can address this data, that would be great. I don't want to take too many medications or natural remedies without understanding the root cause of the problem. My gall bladder was removed in the mid 90's so it is possible that I may have been more susceptible to this disease - not sure. I was diagnosed last summer. (about 7 cm uc found at the entrance of the rectum)... On Asacol now... we'll see...

Your response would be appreciated. Thank You, J

General Feedback
Posted by Nadim (Ahmadabad, India) on 05/04/2012

Hi Everyone, This is a story of my sister (Nafisa Naviwala) who had Ulcerative Colitis few years before-

6yrs before at the age of 21, my sister gave birth to a child... On that day she passed the stool which was very liquid... From that day the actual problem started but couldn't realise... Every night she used to go for toilet once, but the frequency increased day by day... After some days the stool also contained drops of blood... We went to several doctors to diagnose but none of the doctors could imagine what the actual problem was. They thought it was piles. After several doctors one of the doctors examined and asked to go through an endoscopy. We went to Rajkot (City).

We did the endoscopy but due to careless behaviour only half of the Endoscopy was done. Medicines were prescribed by the Doctor which was manly Mesacol and others. The problem was contained for several days but then it came to that point again. Doctor was contacted and asked to increase the dose to double. But problems continued.

We didn't had more trust on the doctor, so shifted to one of the famous hospital of Mumbai. Once again the overall process started but problems continued. The daily charges and medical charges were too expensive. After 8-10 days treatment under Doctor's supervision, we decided to come back and continue from our hometown. After some days, it came back to its original place. Contacted the doctor but he asked to get admitted and to be in his supervision. This was not which could be afforded.

Doses were increased but there weren't any solutions... People use to give several advice- knocked the doors of homeopathic, Ayurvedic and several others... This continued for a year. But the problem still prevailed. Doctors use to show faith and trust on their medicines but there weren't any results.

Weight was reduced to 27kgs from 42kgs. Frequencies of motions were increased to 12-15 times in a day. Other severe problems started: black outs, memory loss, weight loss, body pain etc due to heavy doses of steroids and other medicines.

Family Surgeon recommended a Gastro-Enterologist doctor in Rajkot. One more knock on the door. This time it was Wockhardt hospital. Overall process was again started. Endoscopy, Biopsy and other major blood reports were done. After examining the reports, on consultation doctor advised, the problem has been from a long run and colitis spread in the major parts of large intestine and it could also spread to small intestine which could further lead to Cancer.. He advised, we would take a chance with medicines for maximum of 3months, if still prevailed would recommend surgery (removal of large intestine).

Medications were started; suppository, azoran, mesacol, Entofoam and others were advised. But no recovery in the given deadline. Same problems existed. Doctor asked to opt for surgery and recommended one of the best doctors of Gujarat.

Moved on to Ahmadabad this time, Hari-Bhakti Surgical Hospital now as Kaizen Hospital. Under the guidance of Dr. Hari Bhakti and Harshad Soni two well known masters of this field. Surgery was done in two stages and large intestine was taken off. At first some minor problems prevailed after surgery, but then everything was taken care by these doctors.

Ulcerative colitis had ruined her entire life. Marriage life ended in a divorce as soon as Ulcer was diagnosed. Now she lives a normal life with her 2 children. My advice is not to take Ulcer symptoms lightly, as it can damage your whole life. Homeopathic & Ayurvedic is hard to believe in these cases. People simply waste months and years in these treatments. If 6years before we would have consulted a specialist or a good doctor we wouldn't had to come so far. It could have easily been treated with medications.

Please do consult in case you need any further advice on my email- nadeemnaviwala(at)yahoo.com

General Feedback
Posted by Phyllis From Oklahoma (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) on 01/26/2012

Diagnosed with UC after two stays in the hospital. Prior to diagnosis, my hair was falling out. Have you ever heard of this? Also, if I am about to have a flare up, my sweat smells like vinegar and my teeth hurt.

Replied by Gail
(Sacramento, Ca, Usa)

Our bodies become overly acidic when we eat the wrong foods, or are otherwise under stress, physical or emotional. As the "Eating For Your Type" book(s) by Dr. Peter D'Adamo shows, those with type O blood tend to have an even higher acid content to their blood than the other types. Thus, more type O's suffer from acidic diseases like esophgeal reflux (i. E. Acid going upwards) or acid going down to either create or irritate intestinal problems.

After being diagnosed with UC, I began killing offending pathogens with a substance called mms. You can still order it online in the US or elsewhere under the name "water purifier. " I found that mms kills every pathogen, virus, bacteria and parasite. I weigh about 115 lbs. So I worked up to taking 3-5 mixed drops of mms every night. But please start with only 1 mixed drop for three days, then proceed upwards evey three days. You may be able to handle 5-10 mixed drops if you're 200 lbs or more. Then, each morning upon rising I take 1/4th cup liquid bentonite stirred into VERY dilute unfiltered apple juice (I have low blood sugar) or if you can, just plain, clean and filtered water. If your problem is very severe (such as bleeding) you may want to take the bentonite 2-3 times daily. Be sure to NOT eat directly following for at least 45 minutes. Do sip on at least 16 ounces of water for the following hour. Think of liquid bentonite (also called morilianite) as soothing spackle for the colon. It pulls the now-dead pathogens out of your bloodstream and off your intestinal walls. It helps prevent a sick die-off feeling (Herxheimer reaction) because it pulls the toxins OUT into the colon to be eliminated more easily instead of letting them accumulate. It coats ulcers unbelievably well. Coupled with the right diet for my blood type, I haven't been bothered by UC once since I began following this regimen. If you don't know your blood type, buy a simple blood test online or from a health food store for about $20. Read about the diet designed to help your particular blood type. Others who suffer from IBS or other intestinal disorders say they've also benefited immensely from this regimen. I sincerely hope this helps other suffers as much as it's helped me.

Replied by Omar
(Cairo, New Cairo, Egypt)

Hi. I have had uc for awhile now. I'm 29 and athletic. I'm pretty sure it started due to a combination of high stress and taking antibiotics. I noticed so far that if I drink green tea with a lot of natural honey, not the stuff one buys at supermarkets it decreases the flare ups. If you have a flare up, greeted with honey dissolved in it calms it down pretty fast. Exercise and diet along with pentasa helps a lot. I'm at my best when I bodybuild and eat dry foods, brown bread, turkey slices, low fat cheeses n so on. But give the green tea with 1/4 dissolved naturally honey a try it's a life saver for me.

General Feedback
Posted by Sally (Raleigh, Nc) on 12/28/2011

Hello, I am looking for any guidelines you have given in the past, regarding curing ulcerative colitis naturally. I came across an email addressed to "Ted" thanking him for his recommendations... I am interested in reading over those recommendations and the opinions on what causes it.

Thanks so much, Sally

Replied by Betender
(Kissimmee, Fl)

I have also been diagnosed w/ U. C. I always asked my Dr. what can I do Diet wise to change my health? He says no diet can change my condition. I don't believe that. I went on a gluten free diet about 4 weeks ago. I have normal, even awesome! bowel movements now. I know that sounds gross to alot of people but if you have ever spent a year or more looking for the next bathroom, never trusting a fart, and just feeling so bloated and sore that you don't want to be around other people, you know what I mean.

I went gluten free after reading about people w/celiac. I thought, well, sounds like gluten is pretty poisonous, so I cut it out. Gluten free is easy if you don't have alot of other allergies. All fruit, fresh veggies, rice, beans, corn & corn cereal, meat, fish chicken are gluten free. I never was big on cake or pastry so that's ok. I do miss fresh bread though. You don't have to look for a label that says Gluten Free, just eat real food. Berries, yogurt, veggies, chicken, corn tortillas, baked potatoes, fish, black bean dip, etc. All good for you. Good luck and I hope it works for you all like it has for me! : - )

Germinated Barley (Mai Ya)

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Posted by Bernadette (Chicago) on 10/03/2023

Germinated Barley Foodstuff (Mai Ya) for Ulcerative Colitis

There have been studies done on GBF that show it reduces clinical activity and mucosal inflammation in Ulcerative Colitis. I know that every time I have gone into remission, I've started taking this supplement. I recently had another flare, which was getting progressively worse, but as soon as I started taking Mai Ya, the urgency decreased, and is decreasing day by day. Just for clarification, Mai Ya is the Chinese herb that, I think, corresponds directly to Germinated Barley Foodstuff, on which the studies were done. I've been taking two grams twice daily (one gram of the supplement equals 10 grams of the bulk herbs.)

Gluten Free

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Posted by Steve R (Garnet Valley, Pa) on 12/28/2012

I've had colitis for about three years now and just went into remission after following a strict gluten free diet and using some supplements. I basically used good probiotics, aloe vera gel, flaxseed oil, and liquid chlorophyll.

Replied by Granny On The Go
(Waco, Tx)

I have a friend that was sick and miserable with ulcerative colitis. I kept telling her it was the foods she eats. She found some relief by staying off sugar most of the time. Then she tried not drinking coffee for breakfast. That was a big breakthrough for her. I can't get her to go gluten free, but she now only has occasional symptoms. She still takes a steroid, and I haven't been able to convince her to modify her diet some more in hopes that she could get off the steroid. But, her health is much improved from what it was.

Gluten Free
Posted by Sam (Dallas, Tx) on 04/30/2012

I am diagnosed by UC on 2007. Since then I am on different medication from light medicine all the way to heaviest and costly mEds. Medicine helped but never cure me or near remision. Always has pain, cramping, and some bleeding. My stool always soft and urgency my biggest fear. However a big change happened when I was talking to a pharmacist from middle east who is specialist with natural remedies beside conventional meds. He suggested that 60% of his patient who follow gluten free diet get major improvement on their UC conditions.

That was on January 2012. Since then I am strictly gluten free. First month of this diet which was February, pain start to disappear, reduce steroids from 40 ml to 10 ml per day. On March there was improvment on urgency, and stool get somewhat harder. And now end of April, I skiped my infusion, free of steroid, no pain at all, stool very hard, and I go to bathroom once or twice a day after I used to go at least 5 to 7 times. The only medicine I am still taking is the Imuran 50 ml a day. I am planning to do colonoscopy sometime on November. I hope that will help you guys and make you feel better. Thanks

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