Natural Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment


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Posted by Pat (Bothell, Wa) on 11/24/2011

Happy thanksgiving, Connie. Happy Thanksgiving Deidre who has given us this opportunity to frankly advise and report to each other about what can help this most horribly painful condition.

I am back on a Homeopathic remedy which does seem to help in about 3-5 days. I am also on 2 injections per week, until I get tests to see why I can't hold or absorb the B vitamins like most people.

I need to find a way to take sublinigual Methyl B12 and the B complex vitamins orally, instead of the expensive injections. I am very terribly afraid of needles and don't seem to be able to do it myself. Even giving it to myself, it would cost about $100 a month from a safe and reputable place I trust. It only costs about $20 for 2 months for the oral Methyl B12.

The doctor can't figure out why this form of B12 )dibenzocide)hurts my nerves more and wonders if it is something else in the product. But 2 different products with the same version of Active B12 hurt my nerves, so I am staying off it.

To report: my nerves are better, much better today. Only feel a little symptoms, nothing worse. When I stop feeling any symptoms, I will get off the homeoathic remedy (which has almost saved my life this past year-but doesn't really heal the problem-just masks the symptoms)

SO I need to find a sublingual B-complex that doesn't have PABA in it. I am allergice to PABA and find alot of people are as well. IT can almost put me in anaphylactic shock, so I have to not buy the same B complex you use. My doctor says to try to get a sublingual form of B complex-yeah, good luck without the PABA.

Any way, also, my doctor says it should be safe to augment my injections with 4000-5000 mcg of the Methyl B orally a day, and a B complex, when I don't get the injections that day. It can't hurt you since your body gets rid of any extra B12 it doesn't need.

I would advise people to try the Methyl B12 who have any nerve, brain, problem to help them, cause it is pretty safe.

It lease I haven't had a full=blown attack since I used the homeopathic remedies. My last full-blown attack was when I was diagnosed with TN almost 2 years ago, (in Feb)A day I will never forget.

Hope this info helps others. If anyone wants to buy homeopathic remedies that help with the pain safely, until you can figure out what med plan works for you best, then others can log into: Try the $55 kit-it should last about 2-3 months--it is safe and it really takes the pain away.

Have a wonderful holiday,


Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Pat - You were looking for other ways to take B12 instead of sublingual or injections. There is a B12 spray from

Also, if you do an Internet search for DMSO B12, some people have mixed the two and applied to the skin. You will need to read up on DMSO before trying this. Earth Clinic has the following page:

Good luck Pat! Bess

Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 11/22/2011

Hi Pat ; Thank You! I'm not a professional practitioner, I'm someone who has had many conditions over the years, and has tried a great many substances to alleviate them, like folks here. I came looking here in my searches through the internet a couple of years ago, and found what I consider to be one of the great inventions of this century, really. Deirdre has designed this forum so that people can report their findings, positive, negative, inconclusive, etc. , so that we may better understand their effects. We are specimens in the best of ways, who share this information with each other. This is a very intense theater of the real, and it takes a lot of bravery for us to reveal our conditions to each other, but it can be most healing. ( I admit to feeling a lot of embarrassment after I post). I see these qualities in your posts, and I look forward to reading your results with whatever you find in your ventures.

Even though our posts are anecdotal, we can learn so very much from this. So again, Thank You Deirdre for creating this marvelous forum!

Posted by Pat (Bothell, Wa) on 11/21/2011

Dear Veerle:

You mentioned you have been taking B12 for Trigeminal Neuralgia. What kind of B12? Is it sublingual and is it methylcobalamin and what is the amount? do you take it orally or thru injections? It sounds good if it can help you back to being pain free in 2 weeks.

I need to buy some of this to have it on hand to take myself. I am also thinking of chiropractic care with the neck, since I have heard that this helps too.

Thanks, P-

Replied by Sara

Hi P, My mother uses Source Naturals MethylCobalamin Vitamin B-12 Cherry flavored Sublingual 5MG -- 120 tablets in the bottle. Hope this helps.

Posted by Pat (Bothell, Wa) on 11/21/2011

Dear Connie:

I do not know what words I can say to let you know how much I appreciate your help. My doctor will not be in til Wednesday, and I have been having quite a few short shocks today and worried that they will get worse. I will have to wait for an injection and am not sure if I can keep affording them. They wind up being about $200 a month, so for the short term it is ok, but long term it is hard.

So I went to our natural supplement store. I did not buy what you take, since I am new at this and thought it would be hard to divide and break them apart. (the 5000 mcg) But I did get B12 Methylcobalamin, 1000 mcg that you place under the tongue and it melts pretty fast. I have taken 2 of these and will probably not take more for today.

I also got a peppermint flavored Coenzymate B complex with only B6 with 10 mg only a pill. It also contained folic acid at 400 mcg and also vitamin B12 from dibencozide (co-enzymated) and some other Bs such as ribloflavin, niacin, thiamine. I think I have enough Bs for the day and will see how I feel tomorrow morning.

I have acquired 4 auto-immune diseases since I contracted drug induced lupus a few years ago. So the no-gluten diet is helping to free me from these symptoms, but obviously not the TN. I got the lupus from an allergic reaction to Osteo-Biflex. Can you imagine that? Yes, I also have knee arthritis but have found some naturopathic remedies to heal this as well. I am a work in progress, but have learned alot about health and supplements on my road to a life with less pain. You have helped immeasurably, because lets face it, what is worse than Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Sometimes the B vitamins don't get absorbed as well because of low stomach acid. So supplementing carefully with hydrochloric acid and pepsin can help --and can aid in your body carrying the Bs to places it needs to be. Sometimes citric acid and vinegar is an alternative to the hydrochloric acid route as well.

My doctor feels that one shouldn't have to supplement the rest of their life for Trigem Neuralgia, but with Trigeminal Neuralgia, well, let's face it, vitamin Bs ain't a bad thing such as the drugs that disable your other organs. And you can know that your myelin sheath is healing in the process, which is a good feeling in itself.

I hope these oral Bs help me. I was really needing some help today and I am so thankful to God that I found this website, with someone as knowledgeable as you. Are you a Naturopath or something?

God bless you,


Posted by Pat (Bothell, Wa) on 11/20/2011

Hi Connie:

The trigeminal Neuralgia has been coming back since my injections dropped from 2 a week to 1 a week. Trying now to determine if I have a malabsorption problem (I am on a gluten-free diet now-only 2 weeks) and also going to be tested for metals. ) I guess the no. of injections I have had have put most people in remission, except me.

I also found that vitamins that have high amounts of the B12 ((adenosylcobalamin), another active form, seemed to cause me more pain just yesterday. (I couldn't figure out why my pain was so much worse yesterday, until I checked out the B12 ingredients and reread your online info) So I am stopping this now.

If I start the sublingual B12, I will probably need close to as much as you do. (is that about 4000 mcg? daily-what are the mgs dose equivalence?) I wanted to ask you for the brand name of the Subliminal Methyl B12 and the B complex you take. Is the B complex subliminal? Also how long have you been taking these?

Do you have malabsorption issues too? Have you tried a gluten-free diet? Been tested for metals? Or have you tried Milk Thistle, which enhances the body's liver to absorb nutrients? Have you ever tried Homeopathic remedies for the control of symptoms? I have also heard that Ashwagandha (east indian herb for stress) greatly benefits people with this nerve disease. I know it helps me a little. It is an actual ingredient in the formula, Trigical, which I think is from Denmark and marketed that it stops the pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Where did you come across the knowledge to try subliminal B12? Hope some of my comments can help you too. Is there a way we can get each others email privately?

It is good news knowing that there is hope to heal these nerves. Most traditional doctors can't agree on the cause of this most painful horrible condition. Most MRIs don't really show it and only rule out a possibility of it being a brain tumor. Who wants to go for brain surgery with so many risks and little, if any, long term relief?

Looking forward to your comments. They have given us all hope.


Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I think I have a malabsorption problem too. Have you read about Mastic Gum? It come from Chios, Greece. It has been known to cure a lot of digestive problems, which can be the source of many ailments. I took it a few weeks ago and now I am so "regular. " IBS symptoms gone!

Replied by Sheila C
(Brunswick, Ga)

Can someone tell me how you figure out if you have a malabsorption problem. My condition sounds somewhat different than some of the posts I have read here. I am in pain everyday. I'm not sure how you really confirm the diagnoisis? I am going downhill fast. I am trying to get into mayo, they gave me an appointment 2 months from now. I am barely functioning. I also had numerous dental procedures. I have horrible ringing in my ears.

Of course the neurologist I have seen has put me on multiple anti-seizure meds, none of them work well, but when I stop, I have one major attack after the other. I am so worried about losing my job after 23 years. This is terrifying! I went from being perfectly healthy to having so many ailments, I have no idea which ones are related. I would honestly welcome surgery at this point. How do you figure out how much of the B12 you should take? Is there anyone that has actually tried the laser med center?

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Sheila, you can get a hair mineral analysis done. That should tell you whether you are lacking in minerals.

Do you drink much diet soda or sugar free foods? Artificial sweetners? Chewing gum. Processed foods? Energy drinks?

Ringing in ears is a major symptom of aspartame poisoning. There are other major problems associated with aspartame consumption. I am just throwing it out there for your consideration and to rule that out if you do not consume those.

Replied by Wes
(Charleston, Sc)

I have tried and had success with the Laser Med Center. It has reduced my pain by about 80-90%. I have had no "episodes", but I have had cycles where I still feel "twinges". They come and go, but they are nothing like the pain I used to have.

Replied by Susan
(Seattle, Wa)

Please Wes, tell me how long did the pain free or remission of severe pain last from the laser treatments? Your entry is in Feb 2012. We hear nothing of you since. We need to know. How long have you had TN too?

Posted by Pat (Seattle, Washington) on 11/15/2011

I have been getting the injections and the last 2 have seemed to irritate my nerves a little. they did help with the Trigeminal Neuralgia and I wonder and am so thankful that I came across Connie's entry about B6-be careful that this can irritate the nerves if overdosed.

I am off all shots and meds now and feeling pretty good so far. Time will tell. I don't know if the injections of B12 and the B complex vitamins put people in remission or not. I have had 19 injections so far and probably only needed 17. After the last 2, is when I felt some nerve irritation. I am concerned about it being a slight overdose.

People can go indefinitely without any other meds or shots for Trigeminal Neuralgia or in the case of a few, just need a maintenance dose-only 1/3 of the cases need a maintenance dose of once a week, after 2-8 months from stopping the injections. 2/3 need nothing more indefinately, I am not sure what part I will be.

I go to my Naturopath later to talk about this. I wonder about the subliminal B12 and B6 and if you are supposed to take them everyday forever?


Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 11/15/2011

Hi Pat ; It's great that you've found relief from TN, as it is one of the most shocking of pains... Now, you've reached another hurdle, the question of whether to maintain nerve health with supplements. It's true that too much of one can disturb the balance of the others. I can only guess what you personally may need, but I'll try to help you with a method of finding this. If you have had no other signs of B12 deficiency, particularly ones such as balance problems, numbness with tingling, vision disturbance, incontinence, etc. , then you may need less than other people (such as me).

If the cause of the TN was a mechanical injury, such as dentistry, then you may be fine by continuing good dietary practices alone. If there has been chronic exposure to heavy metals, such as mercury, or to noxious gases, there may be more of a need for regular supplementation. If there is a malabsorption problem, that so many of us may have, then regular supplementation can even be a lifesaver. Although many people can take large amounts of the B's and have no problems; they excrete the excess, I have to take them in a more measured way. I take a smaller amount with each meal. I'll divide a cap of , say a B-25, and take 1/2 of that with a meal. Some of the B's, such as B1 and B6 can be helpful to nerves in the right amounts, but irritating with high amounts. I have a high need for B12, so I take extra, 5000 mcgs. of sublingual methylcobalamin every day, or I begin to suffer nerve damage. Even though there are people that need much more than I, it looks like many more people need much less than this to maintain nerve health. Some people thrive with 1000 mcgs daily, and many may find that they need B12 two or three times weekly or less. I suggest that you watch for the return of symptoms, even the slightest twinge may indicate a need for more regular supplementation.

Posted by Anna (Buffalo, Usa) on 06/02/2011

Hello. Searching different ways to treat and/or cure trigeminal neuralgia. I see on your site that people are praising vitamin b12 for this. However, when I go to supplements and search b12 on your site, the benefits of taking this vitamin do not list TN at all. I am recently diagnosed with this and am trying to see light at the end of the tunnel. Why is that?

Replied by Lilith
(Indianapolis, In)

Will try the B12 and Omega just diagnosing TN. Praying for all who suffer to have the mind of Christ and know this is just for a moment.

Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 06/02/2011

Hi Anna; Since I posted in both the TN and B-12 sections here, I feel I should write. When I search Earth Clinic for info, I check ailments sections, but I also use the search box because there is so much of an overlap with conditions and treatments here. I duly respect the Editors here, and I feel a little sheepish because I have not made filing easy for them. I also want to elaborate more about B-12 for you that you may best benefit from its use.

There are several ways and types of B-12 to try, and I haven't tried them all, but I'll suggest what has worked best for me. I haven't tried injectons. Some people require them even weekly. Cyanocobalamin is most often used, but it must be converted to active forms by the liver. Methylcobalamin is an active form of B-12 that is most often recommended for neuralgia. I take sublingual Methylcobalamin now daily. I divide a 5000 mcg. Lozenge into 4 parts and take a wedge 3 or 4 times daily. Even though B-12 is supposed to be stored in the liver and tissues for use by the body, mine doesn't do this. B-12 is also easily destroyed by gases and pollutants. This method doesn't make scientific sense, but it works for me. I did try another form of B-12, dibencozide, (adenosylcobalamin), another active form, but it increased the pain in my nerves, especially the mouth. I do recommend also taking a B-complex with sublingual Methyl-B-12, but try a smaller dosage to see if it is agreeable. Some of the B's can irritate nerves if the amount is too high. I don't have any more than 25-50 mgs. of B-6, for instance, as I've experienced nerve pain from it. I tried the "P5P" form of B-6 and also had pain. This may not apply to other people, but I caution people with any sort of nerve pain.

Replied by Liz

Hi Connie - Thank you for the update. I am new to Earth Clinic and am glad I found this site. It's encouraging to see that some natural remedies have helped people find relief from TN pain.

I was diagnosed with TN in 2000. I was prescribed Tegretrol and have been taking it since then. I read somewhere on Google years ago about B12 injections but didn't have enough information it. So I chose not to try it. I did try the sub-lingual B12 which didn't seem to help, but I probably didn't take enough.

I have so many questions that I hope someone will be able to address.

  • How long did you take it before you started relief from pain?
  • Do you recommend a certain brand?
  • How many mcg should I start out with?
  • Does anyone know of a Naturopathic doctor in the Phoenix, Glendale Arizona area?
  • Has anyone heard of tried Rosemary Tea and Ashwagandha Oil to help relieve TN pain?

I have suffered with this horrible disease for 15 years, but I continue to have hope and pray that the Lord will lead me to my pathway of healing. I pray for everyone who has been diagnosed TN that you would discover your pathway of healing too.

(Jacksonville, Fl)

I was recently diagnosed with TN. I am freaking out. I had ACDF [Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, a type of neck surgery] on 26 March 2021 and was trying to recover from that and then 6 weeks after crying with this Awful pain, I get told I have TN and was given Tegretol. I do not like taking meds if I do not have to.

Can someone please tell me about this TN and if u think it was caused by my surgery?

And how can I treat this TN naturally?

Same question: Has anyone heard of tried Rosemary Tea and Ashwagandha Oil to help relieve TN pain?

B12, Omega 3, Facial Tissue Stimulation

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Posted by Veerle (Belgium) on 09/02/2006

After trying several regular treatements for trigeminal neuralgia in all 3 branches on boh sides of my face, like antidepressants and anti convulsion medications, I ended up with no less pain and a truely scary list of side effects. Not wanting to undergo surgery due to the amount of my face involved and my still young age, I was about 18 when it started, I decided to start looking for alternatives without having to resort to iffy branches of alternative medicine.

In cooperation with 2 friends of my parents, a doctor and a physical therapist, we did a lot of research and ended up with a combined treatment of stimulating and strengthening my facial and neck tissue and high doses of B12 vitamins and omega3.

In addition I started on an extensive, but non straining exercise program to regain my overall health wich had suffered from years of severe pain that often prevented me from doing anything for days or sometimes weeks on end. I also dropped the regular medication since the side effects were so severe they were a problem in itself. Although my recovery was not speedy, I started to notice improvement after about 3 weeks. The pain was still a prominent factor in my life, but was less and less out of control. After about 2 months, I had a virtualy painless period that lasted for about 2 weeks and a half. This may not seem like much, but to me that was the first real painless period in 2 years. The pain came back, but from then on periods were shorter and the pain didn't peak as often. After about 6 months, I had gotten to a point where I could start picking up my life again. severe pain periods only occured about once a month or less and only lasted 2 to 3 days. Verry mild background pain was still present though. I continued the treatment and am now virtualy pain free, not needing the facial stimulation treatment and on far a lower dose of B12 and omega3. If I do feel pain comming up again, it is never as severe and it is enough to up my daily dose of B12 for about 2 weeks to be completely free of symptoms.

Replied by Martha
(Baltimore, Maryland)

I was wondering what kind of exerciese you did, how much b12 and fish oil did you take. I have TN and looking for alternative treatment. Docs not put me on meds and after reading about them I really don't want to go there.

Replied by Bridget
(Hamilton, NJ)

I have been using acupuncture to successfully treat Trigeminal Neuralgia. Was on medicines but the side effects were too much to handle. The constant pain from TN have been greatly reduced by acupuncture. 25 points, once a week. At first it took three times a week to produce a change, then twice a week, I am now down to once per week. Give it a try.

Replied by Jackie
(Cape Coral, Florida)

Dear Veerle (from Belgium)

I read your post regarding the use of Omega3 & B12. My wife suffers from TN. I have passed on the info gleaned from your post. She is taking two capsules of Omega3, twice a day. Plus one B12 capsule in the morning (1500mg).

She isn't one to take medication if at all possible. However, the pain associated with TN forces her to take 75mg (three tabs) at bedtime. If she would follow the doctors advice the dosage would be far greater.

Thanks a million for the info. Please feel free to share any other info that you come by. We will continue seeking info and relief. Spoke to her about acupuncture, but she's not leaning in that direction. We'll see! Thanks again, and good fortune in your search for relief. 'JR'

Replied by Luca Cazzaniga
(London, United Kingdom)

Dear Veerle, My name is Luca and I am writing you because my 26 years old girlfriend is experiencing trigeminal neuralgia associated to cluster headache. Since the 31st December 2009 she had headache everyday. The several exams did not evidence any specific cause and despite different medication she's still experience an unbearable pain and too many side effects. Obviously her quality of life is largely influenced and she is currently not able to work, practice sport and live with serenity her life. I have been really impressed by your words and your story and I am wondering if you could give us your mail contact just to ask you some advices. I am a physiotherapy student and to realize that I may potentially help her is fantastic. I am aware that this post is really old but I hope that you may answer. This is my mail: cazza67(at)live(dot)it.

Many thanks. Luca and Manu

Replied by Patty
(Brockton, Ma)

b12 is important so is Krill but what I found that got rid of TN "face pain" after 40 years was Cervical Chiropractor. thank God I tried the Chiropractor!!

Replied by Nathalie
(La-london, Us/england)

This is directed to Luca and others who suffer from Tn as well as cluster headaches. I was diagnosed with both conditions, August 2010. Unfortunately, I suffered in pain without any relief for 9 months prior, as the doctors could not get a handle the fact that I had multiple conditions.

Firstly, Oxygen on level 7 works miracles for my clusters. I am also on Topamax but have reduced the dosage from 275mg to 50 mg over the year. Secondly, the TN did settle a little with Lyrica, but is wasn't until I started vitamin therapy that I started a significant change in my pain level. I still react to certain food enzymes and odours as well as cold air... However, I have gone from a daily pain threshold of 6-7 to a 1-3 from Glutathione and Meyers IV infusions. I recommend them. N

Replied by Sarah
(London, Uk)


I've had TN for about 6 years now, for the first 3 it was non stop, and doctors put me on the brain surgery waiting list after all of the drugs didnt work, I was 22 so not to keen on the idea of surgery, and refused to go on anti depressants.

But everything changed when I started having weekly sessions of acupuncture and cranial osteopathy. The accupuncture just treated the stress the condition had put on my mind and body (as I was seriously depressed and had been in therapy for a while) and the cranial osteopathy treated the actual pain. After each osteopathy session I experienced a very bad attack for a couple of days, as my osteopathist had warned me. I continued this treatment for about 2 months, and couldsay for definate that I have been 95% cured since and its been 3 years. When I told my neurologist he actually laughed at me, but with a combination of that and a healthy lifestyle and a relaxing environment (going home to the beach from the city helped a lot) I could carry on life as normal again.

My pain only now flags up if im really stressed or in extreme weather environments.

One more piece of advice is speak to the acupuncturists and osteopathists first and find someone who understands it and is confident they can help.

I hope this helps someone, dont give up there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Replied by Chris
(Sammamish, Wa)

Can you tell me specifically what kind of facial stimulation you did... E.G., Scenar. Also, can you be more specific on B12?

Replied by Nan
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

oh my god, yea, me too! I'm 18 but I think I have this terrible symptom.. how could teenager get this symptom? First time this disease came is when I have wrong sleeping position. ah :(

Replied by Daisy
(Greenville, Pa)

I also have Type 1 TN but for the past couple of years, when I have the shock-like pains in my right temple, it almost always seems to be connected with having a lot of pain in my right hip and thigh (I also have fibromyalgia). Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment will completely relieve the pain, but other times it doesn't help at all. Has anyone else experienced this?

(Saint Helena Island, S.c.)

Yes I have sharp pain at the temple on the right side also. Hoping and praying to find something to help with the throbbing pain. So anyone know if I can get disability for this? I have applied once and was denied. I find it hard to work on this condition especially as a rural carrier and when the weather changes so does the pain.

Replied by Wendy

Hi, my husband had a operation to stop the whole pain shock waves he got, He lost his job etc due to this. It was too good to be true, and the pain is back after about 3 years. We are just starting on tissue salts and hope it will work. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Wendy

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Wendy, hello.

Trigeminal Neuralgia some sources say is caused by a virus. If me, I'd apply Colloidal Silver mixed with DMSO, 50/50 and apply topically with a white cloth on affected area. I'd repeat four times a week for a month. The DMSO is a penetrant and carrier and will deliver the CS inside the nerves to kill the virus. Also DMSO is anti inflammatory.

Google "DMSO Dr. Jacobs 60 Minutes" and you'll find a great 3 part series that played on 60 Minutes about DMSO. Also on Earth Clinic under Remedies, there are two articles on CS. Helpful.

Replied by Andrew
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi Veerle;

What are the neck and facial exercises that you did to relieve the facial pain?

Best regards, Andrew

Replied by Elena
(Austin, US)

Hi Dave, I've read that one of the possible side effects of CS is that it would stain this side of your face, like a silver/gray colour. Any information about this? Thanks million

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Dear Elena,

Thank you for your question.

You mention that you have heard that CS will stain the side of face that the CS is applied to.

Well, I've used CS many times (100 ?) in topical applications and have no stains of grey or silver. Here's a test: Try a bit of the DMSO/CS on a white cloth and apply to some part of body that isn't normally seen...inner thigh for instance. No stain. But satisfy yourself first that such assertions are more misinformation by ill informed folks who just don't know what they are talking about.

Of course, I am talking about CS and not a Silver compound. But even silver creams are applied .... unless one is making Silver Nitrate I just don't see how Colloidal Silver...99.9 percent water with only a few atoms of silver per million molecules of water... can stain. But try a little using the test I outline. Goodness....even iodine stains when applied topically but disappears after an hour or so. But I've never seen any stain whatsoever with CS. Good luck attacking the Tri Gem. My theory is that it's a virus so the topical App of CS/DMSO could at least halt the progression. I liken it to shingles.

Replied by Jorgen

Would appreciate if you could give me the daily dosage of b13 and omega 3.
Thank you

Replied by Nikki
(Tampa, Fl)

What doses did you use and what type of stimulation? Thanks :)

Replied by Laura
(York, Pa)

I have the same issue. Can you please explain the facial stimulation and strengthening exercises?

Replied by Anne

Are you still pain free? I am looking desperately for some relief for my son who has had atypical TJN for three years. He is depressed and feels there is no end to it.

Replied by Bob Mcdaniel
(Katy, Texas)

I have dealt with TN for about 4 years. This is the regimen that I followed for relief. B-Complex, Magnesium Citrate, Lecithin. Take Daily.

Stop all caffeine and sugar as it aggravates/excites the nerves.

It has been 18 months since the last time it fired and that was a relatively calm period. A year prior to that which caused me to find solutions.

When I fires, I would use Capsaicin cream(high potency strength from Walgreens) on my face. I applied it every four hours and relieve comes over time/use. My face would get red but I don't care. Another critical thing that I did was to use a TENS unit electrical stimulation on my face. I would place the simulators, one on my left temple and one on left cheek by my mouth. This would help dissuade the trigeminal nerve from firing as much.

The final key that I learned was to poke my lower jaw out. This would break the electrical connection and stop the firing of that nerve.

Hope this helps!!!

Replied by Wanda
(Saint Helena Island, S.c.)

Can this be done at any chiropractor? I have tn and suffer from time to time with pain on the right side of my face.

Replied by Steve

Check out cold laser therapy. There is some good research that shows it can definitely help with TN. DMSO is also helpful in relieving TN pain.

Replied by Sam
(Cape Town)

Comment by Dave on 12/26/2014 - I totally agree with you that TN probably has a viral connection similar to Shingles. I wish some research would be done into this. My mother has had TN for 15 yrs and when I had Shingles a year ago, the commonalities were so obvious. It is an area that needs investigation.

What has helped my mother is Complex Vit. B injections weekly. If she misses a week, TN is back with a vengeance. Vit. B is water soluble and it not stored in the body. The other very helpful thing is natural GABA - NOT Gabapentin which is a pharmaceutical version that can be addictive and has other downsides. Be sure to get an unadulterated form of this naturally occurring Amino Acid, which works in the brain to calm down 'spikes' be they physical (as in pain) or mental (as in stress)

BHT and B12

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Posted by Swfowkes (Cupertino, California) on 06/10/2022 46 posts

I disagree with Oscar on the B12 issue. The synergy between BHT and B12 was independently conformed by Ward Dean decades ago. BHT is lipid-soluble, B12 is water-soluble, so they work in different compartments in different ways. But both are classified as antiviral (catabolic, aerobic, acidifying) by Emanuel Revici's metabolic schema.

I had a shingles outbreak in my 40s due to allergic/toxic exposure to urethane adhesive. Trigeminal outbreak, two of three nerve paths, which responded quickly to BHT and B12. At 24 hours, the redness was dramatically reduced. By 48 hours, it was almost natural skin color. BTW, my outbreak was highly atypical in not being in any way painful. No pain, no itching, no neuropathy, only skin lesions. I had natural chicken pox as a child, so this outbreak was likely shingles. It was diagnosed as shingles by visual inspection by MD. And no shingles outbreaks since despite 25-30 years of aging.

Binaural Beats

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Posted by Tj (Indiana) on 11/08/2013

I've been dealing with TN for over a year now. During a recent episode, I downloaded a free binaural beats app to my phone that included a pain killer/healing track. It has been incredibly helpful in easing the pain enough that I can function. I don't know whether it really works or if it is a placebo effect, but as long as it lessens the pain I'm willing to keep using it.

Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Cell Salts

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Posted by Donna (Anchorage, Ak) on 03/14/2013

I have been following this subject for nearly a year, when my Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) began. I was only on Gabapentin for 2 weeks before I really got help with homeopathy. It was temporary, but it started me on my course of natural methods for fighting/living with this condition. I am virtually pain free now (though I am still nervous about it coming back). I attribute my help to 3-4 things that I do daily. I take 3 T of coconut oil a day plus 2 t. Fish oil - but I think the important thing is to get enough 'good' fats in our diet. (I ate low-fat for years... Thinking I was helping my body, but I now know we need good fat). I take 600-1000 mg of magnesium a day. I have discovered Magnesium with SRT, which is timed release and doesn't cause the problems with loose bowels. And I take sublingual B12, 10, 000 mcg daily. But what has really helped me the most is Cell Salts. They are homeopathic in nature, and it simply works. (For me, at least). I take Cell Salts, 12X strength and I take this mixture once a day for 10 days. The basic rule is to take them until your symptoms stop, and then don't take them again until they start again. My formula is: 2 Kali Phos, 2 Mag Phos, 2 Calc Phos and 2 Fer Phos - I take all 8 tablets first thing in the morning - you should not eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after any homeopathic remedy. I also visited a laser center in South Carolina. I think it helped, but I am sure my regime has helped me more. It's worth a try... I constantly research this, as I don't want to take the hopeless medical route and I have met people who have had the surgery and it didn't help.... I hope this helps someone.

Replied by In Pain
(Seattle, Wa)

Hello: where do you get the cell salts and the Magnesium that helped you? Thank you so much.

Replied by In Pain In Seattle
(Seattle, Wa)

In response to person that mentioned cell salts: I could find the cell salts at the local super supplement stores but it did not come in 12x only 6c or 30c. Since you are experienced using this I wonder if you could give me more advice or refer me to a book or something?

Replied by Donna
(Anchorage, Ak)

To In Pain in Seattle, I am sorry, I have been travelling and haven't looked for awhile. I am still completely pain free 4 months after the laser therapy so I now believe it really did help. In answer to the cell salts, go ahead and take the 30C. There is a homeopathic mixture called nerve fix all one word.... It has the ingredients I use plus a few more. I haven't tried it, but since I am pain free now I am not even using the salts. There are some interesting articles on B12 and B1 for TN. I still take my oils, magnesium and B12. I will try to look at this site more often...

Replied by Pain In Seattle
(Seattle, Wa)

Hi Donna: please continue to check back and let us know how you are with your trigeminal neuralgia (TN). I am researching the Laser Med treatment center in S. Carolina but also have ordered the Cell Salts too. I have also been going to an upper cervical chiropractor only recently. So far my pain has been increasing, with the chiropractor but it has been only 2 adjustments. Just took the cell salts. Can't believe the pain and I am on 600 mg of Tegretol. Must go to another Neurologist too.

Well anyway, I know that remissions of trigeminal neuralgia can make one think that certain remedies work and others don't so it is hard. I tried some homeopathic stuff for TN and it worked for 2 years but now does not. So I pray your cell salts help me, itleast so I can try the Upper Cervical Chiropractor long enough to give it a fair try.

Going across the country, blindly, to the LaserMed Center is a hard decision. With the treatment costing $5600 and plane fare and hotel fare and everything else, we are looking at $7000 or more for the 3 weeks treatment. And it could be something that only works for a short time. So I am still deliberating on this. I have had trigeminal neuralgia for 5 1/2 years but the first couple of years things seemed to work so much better than now.

So don't forget, keep us informed about the LaserMed Surgery.

My warning, though, don't go to a chiropractor for their LaserMed treatments. After I tried one, stupidly, it has caused me much more pain and now I am in this situation. The LaserMed center told me these kind of treatments at the chiropractor, using the Laser on only the pain paths, can cause more pain. Well of course, my personal experience tells me that now. I wish someone had warned me. LaserMed in S. Carolina, I believe, works on a different principle.

Replied by Pain In Seattle
(Seattle, Wa)

Dear Donna: I kept searching for the cell salts that you mentioned in your blog.

Since the laser treatment at a regular chiropractor, my condition has worsened about 80% or so; it has been 3 weeks and I seem to have it triggered by long noxious odors like bleach, burned gasoline, insecticides, etc. Well each time it gives me episode of horrible pain that lasts for 15 hours or so. This time I also found the cell salts that I ordered in my cupboard (Last night) and tried it. After 30 minutes, the pain went away. I had to do it again, 2 hours later, but then the pain went away. I slept and until the pain came back, took it again, as the company clearly explains to, and the pain went away. I have not had any pain now for 13 hours and if I get the smaller shocks, (as I have been even with the Tegretol for the past wks) I will take it again, but if not, I will assume that my body is healing and balancing itself. One of your cell salts mentions how it heals and balances inflamed tissue, which I think is what happened at the regular Chiropractor, With this K-Laser treatment.

Let me clarify, this K-Laser is about $4000, and my naturopath mentions that they teach the awareness of it for back aches or muscle pain.

Your mixture was nothing short of miraculous for me and the company obviously is very, very generous with their information. I have learned alot and will always have these cell salts on hand. thank you so much. I am early in the use of them, but I will keep this group informed. I am still going to continue to try the upper cervical chiropractor too.

Replied by Pain In Seattle

Hi. Bless you Donna for sharing with us the information about Cell Salts and how they helped you.

I am only 2 wks into the Upper Cervical chiropractor and about 10 days using the cell salts. For some days I have no shocks, for other days, I have 2-3 tiny shocks a day. Big improvement over the agony of episodes that wanted me to end it all sometimes.

Most of the time I go to the upper cervical chiropractor, I don't even need adjustments--unless I have been exposed to something that causes a subluxation of my "atlas" bone in the neck. I can see how I will be symptom free almost every day, very soon.

I strongly recommend the cell salts and the upper cervical chiropractor. It takes an average of 3 months for most people to respond with a 90% symptom free time, with the upper cervical chiropractor, so needing some help with pain (in my case) is advisory. The cell salts help greatly with this.

I also wanted to add something about the LaserMed center in south Carolina. It works with healing the Trigeminal Nerve and has something to do with the DNA in the nerve. I have closely followed the research of doctors all over the world, coming to Florida to do research on TN and they are also thinking it has something to do with the DNA in the nerve; why do some people have such pain and others do not? They believe they will have a cure in less than 8 years.

BUT until then, Upper Cervical Chiropractor has shown to be an overwhelming success with people who have TN. (90% of the time. ) But you do have to go and get checked every 3 -6 months after you are symptom free to make sure no new subluxations that can fray those nerves, occur.

Replied by Louwrence

Pain in Seatle, Please look up on the net Sharry Edwards (Bioacoustics) plus Bob Beck Protocol & maybe that is what you need to treat your condition.

Replied by Donna

Reply to Pain in Seattle.... I'm sorry I have not followed this thread for awhile. I was very happy to hear that the cell salts have really helped you. I just wrote to another person today who has written about TN. I have been absolutely pain free for 6 months now. I am back in Europe, something I thought would be impossible a year ago. I rarely take the cell salts (as you wrote, you only take them when you have symptoms), but I never fail taking the magnesium, sublingual B12 and oil - coconut or olive oil, 2-3 T. Daily. I am still convinced the laser treatment took it completely away. I tried upper cervical twice, but fear it triggered it again. I kind of believe it really would help to continue it, but am nervous to try it now... Let sleeping dogs lie! Anyway, I am again living completely normally, and even without fear. The big thing about the lasermed center is the price. I don't know why insurance won't at least help on it. But I also know from experience that these natural measures made it so I could live with it. Of course, I am thankful to have no symptoms now. I'll try to keep following along... and I'd love to hear how you are doing.

Replied by Donna

Just checking in again. I am now 7 months pain free. I had my first VERY MINOR TWITCHES in 6 1/2 months, took cell salts, and no more twitches. I still do sublingual B12 and magnesium. To Pain in Seattle, I sincerely hope the salts are still helping you. I do think they are miraculous. Are you still having the horrible pains since you started the salts? Are you still considering LaserMed? If you want to email me directly, I would be glad to give you my email address. It is donna.j(at)seznam(dot)cz. I would be glad to hear from you (or anyone else still suffering).

Replied by David Gruesbeck
(Alma, Michigan)

I have tried Colloidal Silver, not much help. My family Dr put me on Time Release Tegretol 400mg. No Help.

He referred me to a Neurologist at MSU. That doctor gave me same drug, just lower dose, (200mg) but x3 morning night. BAD Deal!!! Horrible!

So, MSU doctor switched me to Belcofen (bell+clow+fen) 10 mg 3 times a day - Praise God! Whew! It isn't totaly perfect as I once in awhile have a rough time getting pills down in morning.

I am thinking I may have to increase 5mg, but won't unless under Dr order.

I want to find something nature gives us to fix it. Tired of just more drugs.

The one person said Gabapentin. I take 1200mg twice daily, but that is for the Diabetic Neuropathy.

If anyone has had diabetic Neuropathy, they know it is horrible painful! Again, Nervous system.

Diabetes is taking its toll on me, my last A1C was 4.9, just to let some know, I do take it seriously.

My highest A1C was 6.8 because of an infection.

The best way I can describe TN to people is, take two wires from a AC outlet and stick it to your face!

Replied by Pat

Dear Donna:

you had gone to the LaserMed Center and went about 7 months with no symptoms. then you started feeling some minor symptoms. YOu went back on the cell salts (good choice) but I wanted to tell you that when I called LaserMed they told me once in a great rare time, a patient will have to have the treatment twice. So don't lose your hope about it curing you for life.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


Replied by Marie
(Seattle, Wa)

Re: Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment.? Help me please. What are these cell salts you are referring too? Recently diagnosed and suffering. Willing to try anything :(

Replied by Donna From Alaska

Hello Marie, I am so sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with TN. This site has helped me a lot and I am in touch with some who have tried my 'formula', which I have basically developed from reading different forums and trial and error. I have been pain free for 16 months since going to the laser center in South Carolina, and though I definitely feel it has played a role in my cure, I am not advertising for it. Some have not been helped. But what I strongly recommend is some serious B12 therapy now, shots if you vacant get them and sublingual B12 5000-10000 mcg of methylcobalamin. You really can't overdose on it. Also coconut oil, fish oil, omega need good fats. Also a lot of magnesium...I take 1000 mg daily of magnesium with SRT. And it totally believe in cell salts, also known as homeopathic cell salts....KaliPhos, FerPhos, MagPhos and CalcPhos. A health food store or naturopath can help you find them. A mixture of four of each in a bottle of water and sipped throughout the day. If you would like to write me my email address is [email protected]

Replied by Kristin

Have to be careful with Schuessler Salts, only 3 can be combined at a time, but can be taken 3 to 6 times a day.

Replied by Tamika
(Dallas Tx)

Hi my brother is suffering really bad from Trigeminal Neualgia he is in so much pain - has anyone ever tried Electroacupuncture? I saw this online and will take him for a treatment. I will also start the B12, Magnesium and Fish Oil that's recommeneded here- please offer anymore advice if you can - he will be here tomorrow and I want to make sure I'm fully prepared to help him. Thanks!

Replied by Donna
(Alaska, US)

Hello Tamika, I am so sorry about your brother. Definitely try the cell salts too...I have had quite a bit of feedback on them, a great help if not a cure. I am still pain free. Let me know about the electro acupuncture....Donna

Replied by Steve
(Nevada, US)

I think the electro-acupuncture would be helpful. Also have him check out the supplement GABA which is known to calm down nerve pain and muscle pain. Cold laser therapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and energy healing are also worth exploring as they have a good track record for relieving pain as well.

Replied by Brittany

Hello, after suffering for about 7 years amd trying all western medical medicine had to offer including 5 different surgeries, I had micro vascular decompression done which worked for about 4 years. Now it's started to occur in the same way on the other side. I can not imagine doing this again. Can you ball park the cost for the laser? Thanks so much

Replied by Donna

I'm so sorry to hear yours has returned. I'm two years pain free now. The laser cost about 7,000 dollars. I'm ambiguous now about knowing if that was what really 'cured' me...I've been in touch with some who hasn't had such good results. I still attribute my 'success' to the multiple things I was doing. I believe I would still consider the laser if mine returns, which I hope and pray it doesn't. I am consistent about doing the magnesium and B12...and hope that will keep my nerves healthy enough to never get TN again. You can email me if you want more info or google TN laser S. Carolina and you will find it. I do wish you speedy help...the sooner the better.

Replied by Prioris

Have you considered that your neuralgia could be caused by an infection like herpes zoster that infects the nerves ?

I have occipital neuralgia and that is what is causing my neuralgia. This isn't something a doctor can actually prove either. I don't experience shingles outbreak on my skin either. Just tingling. I have a highly active immune system.

Replied by Bessie

Donna, how did you discovered those things/dosages would be helpful? Was it a boom, article or doctor? My stepmom has TN and the medicine is not working. We're desperate for a solution! Your method is worth a shot. Just wondering how you came to it because everyone's body is different. We want to make sure to try something that will safely help her. Thanks!

Replied by Donna

Dear Bessie, It's really hard to say. I did a lot of research after getting my first ray of hope/help from homeopathy. My naturopath prescribed the B12, coconut oil, I read about magnesium, and experimented with the cell salts (because they are related to homeopathy). And then did the laser. But I am in touch with a few people and none have had the results I've had... so it's hard to really know what helped me. I was so confident about all these things because of still being 100% pain free but no one else I am in touch with is. I don't know if they are doing all these things that I did. Everyone's body is different...

As I have written before, I still do the coconut oil, magnesium and B12. I use cell salts occasionally, but not for TN now, but for other things. A lot of it is just research and looking for anything that might help...I don't know how helpful this is to you. Please feel free to email me....I can send you some of the sites I have looked at and some of the things I've researched. I hardly look now as I don't have any symptoms whatsoever. So I really hope that you can find some help for your mother. It is a dreadful condition. Donna

Replied by Susan

Hi! Question: What are Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Cal Phos, Fer Phos? Does Phos mean phosphate?

EC: Hi Susan,

These are names of Cell Salts, a group of homeopathic remedies made from minerals. Google for more information!

Replied by Imran Ahmad
(Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.)

My Dear I am 34 year male. I am involved in Trigeminal Neuralgia disease after a horizontal wisdom tooth extraction. Dear I am very worry to this pain. In my country no proper treatment and I didn't want to do surgery. My pain is on my right side please help me if you have any treatment. Now I am taking pills tegretol and beclofen from last 3 years butt now these tablets are not effective. Kindly help me I'll be thankful to you.


Dear Imran, I am very sorry to hear about your pain. I have no idea what natural medical treatments are available in your country. If you have the possibility of seeing a homeopathic doctor, that would be my best recommendation. It is a difficult condition to treat, but not impossible, I am still painfree after 3 years, so I do feel there is hope. I wish you all the best.

Replied by Priscilla Singh

My husband is suffering from TN and I am really worried about his condition. Doctors have prescribed medication but he gets only temporary relief and is in a lot of pain.

A homeopathy doctor has recommended that he stops have any dairy products which he has.....still no improvement. Am interested in the cell salts that have been mentioned and hope to get check with my pharmacist today.

We are scheduled to see a neuro specialist next week.

Replied by Donna

Dear Priscilla, I am very sorry about your husband's pain. Have you read the input on cold laser treatment? I don't know if it is available where you are. Has the homeopath prescribed any remedies?

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

My husband had TM. Everything we tried didn't work. Only the oil pulling did.

Replied by Constance Klushkan
(Yakutat, Alaska)

Hi Donna, I Just wanted to say I am from Alaska also and have been suffering from this terrible disease (Trigeminal neuralgia) for the past 12 years. I am grateful for finding the information you provided on this site and am currently taking the regimen you suggested and it is working. I had the microvascular decompression procedure done in 2011 and it didn't work unfortunately. I know these posts are old but, are you still taking the regimen and is it still working for you? Once again thank you for passing the information on it has been a god send.

Replied by Donna

Dear Constance, thank you for your email. What a coincidence, I lived in Yakutat in 1973! Also for a little while in 1987... It's a beautiful place when the sun shines! Yes, I do continue on this regime, I don't do the cell salts now as I have no pain, but I faithfully continue to B12, magnesium and coconut oil (not as rigidly as I did when in pain). I have been pain free for 3 3/4 years now so I am thankful. I am so glad to hear this regime is helping you... Please feel free to write me through my email address: donna.j(at) I would love to hear from you.


Cod Liver Oil

Posted by Cyndi H. (Atlanta) on 09/14/2016

Trigeminal Neuralgia - I had a form of this. Neck pain with electric like shocks up to my head. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes 3. It would stop me in my tracks! This happened each week for the last couple of years.

For a month I have taken 2 tablespoons of COD Liver Oil, and have NOT had ONE nerve pain sense!! I take it every single morning. They have a lemon flavor one on Amazon I take, but the pills should do the same thing. COD Liver Oil does so much good for the body, but the relief I have is amazing. Try it!

Cold Laser

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Posted by Lindajb (Albany, Ohio) on 03/13/2015

i have been following the many remedies people have listed and tried for Trigeminal Neuralgia since May 2013, when I myself developed symptoms on the right side over my eye (V1) which then progressed to cheek and upper lip area (V2) after a dental implant. It was confusing because the implant was on the left side however, stress such as an invasive procedure like a dental implant especially when associated with other life stresses can cause a herpes/shingles outbreak. Like many of you I too was debilitated with extreme pain episodes lasting 1-3 hours with intermittent shock-like hits of pain in between. I could not eat, brush my teeth, talk, move my upper lip without distress and sometimes simply moving from one room to another could trigger pain. My sisters left their homes in a neighboring state and took turns caring for me.

I began many of the strategies suggested by many of you on this site: Biogetica, increased magnesium, diet, Vit B, bolstered my immune system, prayer, meditation. I think these strategies were all helpful as I believe in a holistic approach and I am grateful, for that reason for this website.

Now it is I have some important input to add. There has been mention of cold laser therapy, and especially for those of you suffering from a form of TN referred to as Post Herpetic Neuralgia there may be good news. I have researched Cold laser therapy which is also referred to as, Low level laser and found that although there is some dispute as to the efficacy of cold laser there is growing agreement as to its benefit in pain reduction with specifically nerve pain. The Trigeminal Nerve is the chief sensory nerve of the face which is why it causes so much havoc many of you report but the good news is that it is relatively superficial- which is to say easy to get at. It does not hurt, it has a slight warming sensation. The probe does not touch your face but rather is held 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the skin. It cannot harm you. With a class 4 laser you wear protective eyewear.

So, here is what I did. Using a protocol I heard about as a baseline that treats an hour a day, 5 days a week for three weeks (total 15 hours), I found a nearby Chiropractor who was willing to treat me with a Class 4 Cold laser following the nerve pathways of V1 and V2 . ( I printed out a schematic of the Trigeminal and took it in.) His laser machine runs 8 minute programs for neuropathy and we did two 8 minute treatments at one session and later added a third 8 minute session for a total of 24 minutes for a session. I went twice a week for 2 months and then tapered off. It has been 6 months now and I have had a total of 8 hours of treatment and I am pain free. If I do have a few 'hits' I go get a treatment. Yes, I still take 600mg of gabapentin but have been able to dose down and hope to reduce more after the cold weather has subsided. I experience weeks as opposed to days without as much as a twinge. I just went to the dentist for the first time in two years for a cleaning without a problem. I can brush, floss, eat, talk and move my upper lip and have not had a major 1-3 hour pain episode for 6 months since beginning the laser treatments. I probably began to feel the more lasting results at the 5-6 hour mark. If I had lived closer I might have gone more often.

According to the current FDA standards, an FDA cleared cold laser addresses 4 main issues: Chronic or Acute Pain control, Inflammation reduction, Increased blood flow and Accelerates healing.

So, if it is you want to give Cold laser a try here are my recommendations based on personal experience:

Locate a Chiropractor, Physical medicine clinic, Dentist etc. who offers Class 4 Cold laser treatments. Some may already have a protocol for TN. Many of you are aware of the M Beach clinic as well- (although I bit pricey)

Plan on having several treatments as I found it is not a magic-wand-one time only fix but rather has an accumulative effect and so several treatments are necessary.

Negotiate a price since you will need several treatments.

Stay hydrated.

Maintain all the things you have been doing. Supplements, homeopathics, hot packs, patches-- whatever you do that provides comfort.

Keep a journal to chart your progress.

Lastly, a resource for those who want to learn more about lasers is: COLDLASERS.ORG The site will educate you about lasers for pain management and how they affect the healing process. Especially for those of you who have had a viral assault or inflammatory process. I wish all of you who are experiencing this painful condition progress and blessings on your healing journey.

To your healing, Lindajb

Replied by Donna

Thanks Lindajb...that does renew my confidence in encouraging people to try laser therapy. Mine did stop after the therapy in M beach...although pricey, as you said. It is worth a try if you can find someone near who has that type of laser. Interestingly mine started too after a dental procedure, and also on the opposite side from the dental work. Strange. But you're right about the stress.

Replied by Heather
(Ocala fl)

I'm seeing a Neuromuscular Dentist for TN. Mine started after dental work too.

When your bite changes it can compress the trigeminal nerve. Neuromuscular dentists balance your bite and relieve that pressure.

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