Natural Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Cell Salts
Posted by Pain In Seattle (Washington) on 07/26/2013

Hi. Bless you Donna for sharing with us the information about Cell Salts and how they helped you.

I am only 2 wks into the Upper Cervical chiropractor and about 10 days using the cell salts. For some days I have no shocks, for other days, I have 2-3 tiny shocks a day. Big improvement over the agony of episodes that wanted me to end it all sometimes.

Most of the time I go to the upper cervical chiropractor, I don't even need adjustments--unless I have been exposed to something that causes a subluxation of my "atlas" bone in the neck. I can see how I will be symptom free almost every day, very soon.

I strongly recommend the cell salts and the upper cervical chiropractor. It takes an average of 3 months for most people to respond with a 90% symptom free time, with the upper cervical chiropractor, so needing some help with pain (in my case) is advisory. The cell salts help greatly with this.

I also wanted to add something about the LaserMed center in south Carolina. It works with healing the Trigeminal Nerve and has something to do with the DNA in the nerve. I have closely followed the research of doctors all over the world, coming to Florida to do research on TN and they are also thinking it has something to do with the DNA in the nerve; why do some people have such pain and others do not? They believe they will have a cure in less than 8 years.

BUT until then, Upper Cervical Chiropractor has shown to be an overwhelming success with people who have TN. (90% of the time. ) But you do have to go and get checked every 3 -6 months after you are symptom free to make sure no new subluxations that can fray those nerves, occur.