Natural Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

B12, Omega 3, Facial Tissue Stimulation
Posted by Nathalie (La-london, Us/england) on 06/22/2011
4 out of 5 stars

This is directed to Luca and others who suffer from Tn as well as cluster headaches. I was diagnosed with both conditions, August 2010. Unfortunately, I suffered in pain without any relief for 9 months prior, as the doctors could not get a handle the fact that I had multiple conditions.

Firstly, Oxygen on level 7 works miracles for my clusters. I am also on Topamax but have reduced the dosage from 275mg to 50 mg over the year. Secondly, the TN did settle a little with Lyrica, but is wasn't until I started vitamin therapy that I started a significant change in my pain level. I still react to certain food enzymes and odours as well as cold air... However, I have gone from a daily pain threshold of 6-7 to a 1-3 from Glutathione and Meyers IV infusions. I recommend them. N