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Posted by Ruth (Nm) on 01/02/2016

I tried numerous suggestions from Earthclinic and other sites to stop hair loss and none helped, but happily found something simple that works.

While searching for hair loss treatment shampoos I found many pleased with Argan oil, but that seems to be a fad now and the $30.00+ price tag, to me, supports that. I kept searching and discovered Niacin and caffeine shampoo by OGX (sold online and at Ulta Beauty stores) for $7.00. They also carry a conditioner with same active ingredients plus I found a $3.50 off coupon if I spent $10.00.

I thought, why don't I just take some niacin (not niacinamide)? There was a partial bottle of 250 mg niacin with 125 mg calcium I had for lowering cholesterol, I believe. After taking one per day for just 2 days my hair loss stopped. This is what I am taking same brand/dosage but mine is not the prolonged release just plain old niacin and calcium: (and NOT the advanced formula either. they sure like to mess with stuff).

I didn't buy online, but from the corner pharmacy.

Previously, after running my hand through my hair I would find 5 or more hairs in my hand every time and all day finding hair fallout on the clothes I was wearing, in the sink etc. and a massive amount after washing my hair.

I have a disclaimer. I was taking Armour Thyroid and thought that was the hair loss culprit so I switched to Nutri-Pak Thyroid (get online) which has the same exact active ingredients and dosage per 130 mg pill as the armour 120 mg pill. I switched only 2 days before taking the niacin. (I phoned my doctor's office and told them I'm doing it so they would have on record.) I could not determine if that made a difference and I have often read that the thyroid med stays in one's system for days or longer.

I believe the niacin is what helped and am interested in knowing if taking niacin to reverse hair loss will help others. My Google searches support the benefits of niacin for hair, skin and circulation.