Hair Loss
Natural Remedies

Natural Solutions for Hair Loss: Effective Remedies for Regrowth

Posted by Shanti (Fl) on 09/04/2017


  • lengthens growth cycle.
  • hair stops falling out, due to need for sulfur...very common
  • no side effects, no limit on the dose

mix powder w/water, take as much as you can afford..

1-10 grams a day

Swish in mouth while taking it.

Prevents plaque on teeth, heals gums.

MSM did all of the above for me.

Also can add to pets' water... It rejuvenated my 15 year old cat.

Posted by Cherin (Texas) on 06/30/2016

I have alopecia and even though I haven't found a way to stop it I have found something to help with the tender scalp. I found msm in lotion form and put it in with my shampoo and wash my hair it doesn't change the texture at all but helps with the tenderness. Try it, t I think you will love the relief you get from just one use. You can also just put the lotion on your scalp by itself and feel the relief but it does leave your hair greasy of done like that I suggest putting it in your shampoo.

Posted by James As Commonly Called ;-) (Rugby, Uk) on 11/05/2013

Do also look into the benefits of Organic Sulfur ( msm crystals ) for hair problems. Good luck.