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Cold Showers
Posted by Om (Hope, Canada, Bc) on 01/10/2013
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Hair Loss:

I had the same symptoms. I remembered then that hot water is for cleaning but COLD water is for toning and healing for such things. Slowly turn the shower head to cold as you wet your hair (make sure you are not feeling chilled at the beginning) try cold water for about one to two minutes, then towel dry. Remain in temperate surroundings and repeat the towel drying process until you know you could not catch cold.

Repeat this procedure and you will feel the wonderful effects of natural treatment and increased blood circulation and a feeling of well being.

In addition I use urea with great benefit. This is, however not for those that do not know anything about it. I also use coconut oil, undiluted ACV, and colloidal silver in case there might be a parasite infestation. In addition I chew soaked fenugreek seeds, a good teasp. Daily for diabetes but it makes also the hair grow. This may take some months as the action is at first in the hair follicles. Good luck and patience. The itching and burning disappeared quickly at the outset. Om