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Cayenne and Vodka Scalp Treatment
Posted by Aine (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: female hair loss: Hi all i have been suffering hair loss for quite some time and in some parts you could see my scalp, for 3wks now i have been mixing cayenne pepper and vodka together in a jar and massage in to my scalp it is very messy and don't get it in your eyes as it stings, i cannot get over in the short time i have been using it that i have new hair growing i am so excitied over it and shall keep use up to date on how its goin but so far its great. I use cayenne from supermarket mix it up the way you like it i put half cayenne in and half cup vodka then mix it up massage it in then i usually massage more cayenne just by its self your scalp should be tingling and quiet hot after that i put bit glad wrap over hair and put a woolen cap on take it of before you go to bed and put a towel around your pillow as it is messy in the mornin before i wash my hair i rub alot of it out then wash it do keep eyes closed. I do believe this as it is workin on me just to see new hair growin is amazing i am so happy give it a try and would love to hear if it works for others. goodluck. cheers.