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Cayenne Pepper, Olive Oil
Posted by Bulbultuk (Bangalore, India) on 01/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Try a mix of organic olive oil and cayenne pepper. Add 50 grams of cayenne pepper to 500ml olive oil and store in a tight bottle for 15 days. Let the transfusion season by shaking the bottle every day 2 minutes. The oil will become red and ready for use. Apply thrice a week on scalp before going to bed. Wear a shower cap to keep scalp warm and aid circulation. Wash with shampoo next morning. It may sting if the water flows to the eye, though its harmless. Done regularly will see positive results in a month or so. Eat a hair friendly diet containing omega3 fatty acids. To remove harmful toxins from the system consume half inch piece of raw ginger with each meal. Add lots of fruits and veggies to your diet. Best of luck.bbtk.

Cayenne Pepper, Olive Oil
Posted by Bulbultuk (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) on 09/14/2010
5 out of 5 stars

It is exactly 30 days since I started using the Cayenne Pepper EV Olive oil treatment for growing hair on my balding patches. (Male Pattern Baldness). Am happy to say that the following formula has given encouraging results. (This is the proportion I have used to make a potent infusion of oil to concentrate it. No side effects have been seen).

You will need:-

1. 50 grams of Powdered Cayenne Pepper of highest scoville units (Buy strongest red chillies and get it powdered in the CHAKKI. Avoid readymade chilly powder like Tikhalal, MTR etc as they may contain preservatives and salt).

2. 100 ml of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil like Figaro.

3. 1 glass bottle with a tight cap.

4. 20 grams of black Pepper powder (kaali mirch).

METHOD to prepare the OIL. Pour all the above ingredients in the bottle and after shaking the mixture store in a cool dry place. Shake every day for 2 minutes so that the peppers dissolve their potency into the oil. After a week you may start using the oil on your scalp. 1 TEASPOON will be sufficient to cover a bald head.

HOW TO USE. Before applying the oil you have to apply juice of half an Onion 2 pods garlic on the bald areas rubbing vigorously for 2 to 5 minutes. Wait 15 minutes for scalp to dry onits own and apply the OIL infusion evenly. Mildly massage scalp till it absorbs the oil. Cover head with a WARM cap or shower cap or monkey cap. Go to bed with cap ON. Shampoo in the morning. Apply pure coconut or mustard oil on scalp during bath as is usually done in Indian hoseholds.

IMPORTANT.... Take care while washing your head as even the water flowing down the face can burn eyes though its harmless. FREQUENCY..... If applied daily results can be seen within 2 weeks. Queries are welcome on my cell no. 09343158575. Between 9AM and 7PM IST.