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Glowing Skin Remedies

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Glowing Skin Remedies

The first step to glowing skin is to remove make up, oil and environmental contaminants from your skin. After that, natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, honey, baking soda scrubs and alkalizing tonics can help nourish skin and increase circulation.

Most facialists recommend cleansing your skin twice a day. Exfoliation is the next step to remove dead skin cells from the skin's surface. Exfoliating makes way for radiant, glowing skin and maximizes moisturizing effectiveness.

Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe for Glowing Skin

The most popular natural remedy for glowing skin is Apple Cider Vinegar. Taking 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of filtered water once or twice daily brings a rosy glow to cheeks. Because apple cider vinegar is a natural skin exfoliant, applying acv using a cotton ball is very effective natural treatment to remove dead skin cells.

Make sure to rinse your face well after applying apple cider vinegar and apply a natural moisturizer like coconut or olive oil.

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe

Turmeric is one of the most potent herbs for skin health. It is the main ingredient in many DIY masks because it helps acne, psoriasis and wrinkles.

Combine into a paste:

  • 1⁄4 teaspoon of organic turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon of honey, preferably local and raw
  • ½ teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar  
  • ½ teaspoon lemon juice

Apply the mask and wait 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Once fully removed, rinse skin with cool water.

Exercise for Glowing Skin

One of the most effective remedies for beautiful skin is to exercise. Going for a brisk walk or using a cardio machine at the gym for at least 20 minutes to improve circulation to the entire body increases overall circulation, which helps the skin regenerate. When combined with hydration, exercise is an effective way to look youthful no matter what your age.


You can get your skin to glow after a facial, but keeping it that way requires adequate hydration. Do the skin pluck test to ensure you are getting enough water each day or check the color of your urine with you use the restroom. If it's dark yellow, you are dehydrated. You will notice an increase in the skin's elasticity when stay consistently hydrated.

Continue reading for many more reader-recommended home remedies for glowing skin. You'll soon learn that baking soda takes the lead for the most popular all-natural scrub!

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African Red Tea, Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Nini (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/24/2007

Drinking at least 3 cups of African Red tea, commonly called Rooibos is not only beneficial to your immune system but it also helps your skin stay clear. Also applying blackstrap molasses every night for about an hour after washing your face helps smooth your skin and gives you a glow due to all the vitamins and minerals it contains, and don't forget to take atleast 2 tbspns of it daily to keep regular. I like to put it in my red tea or in some warm almond milk along with some coconut oil, yum yum! Hope this helps all of you.

Replied by Nalo
(Ny, New York)

Hi- I was very excited to have found a use for my black strap molasses after reading that it could be used as a facial. So I washed my face and put molasses on my forehead, cheeks, jaw and nose, leaving it on for almost an hour. For two days one day off and then another day on. The morning after the third application I found small bumps completely covering areas where molasses was applied. Im figuring I left it on too long or that it doesnt work for me as a facial... Any comments?

Replied by Britt

Blackstrap Molasses works wonders for my skin! I mix it with ascorbic acid to create a think paste. The molasses is loaded with trace minerals and vitamins and the Vitamin C is anti-aging!!

Aging Hands Remedies

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Posted by Cat (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 09/04/2013

Can anyone tell me what is the best remedy for the skin on your hands to bring them back to looking less aged? I'm only 48 but have the hands of a much older person due to them being badly sunburnt whilst sitting on a tin roof (DUH! ) when I was much younger (long story! ) but not only that, I've always been a hard worker, outdoors as well as indoors. I find that if I get a knock on the skin of my hands, it takes MONTHS to heal - my diet is very good as far as the proper foods etc. I also take MSM regularly, consume coconut oil, have started using rosehip oil on my hands at night and drink enough water. The skin seems to be very thin and wrinkly now due to the damage that was done but I'm really hoping there's a possibility of reversing just some of that damage. I always try to hide my hands out of sight and really wish I could go back to that day and undo what happened. Please.....

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Cat,

You say when you when your hand is injured it takes a long time to heal... Supposing you mean the brusing stays a long time, that symptom would indicate a vitamin C deficiency. If you've ever noticed older folks do bruse easly and the brusing stays a long time; Vitamin C deficiency. Take 2,000 mg daily, buffered to keep from getting too acidic, and see if in a few months your brusing is reduced.

To improve the skin texture try using hyaluronic acid in a formula with glucosamine and chondroitin. That usually comes with some MSM also. That is taken orally, but you should be able to find it in a lotion also.

I also apply a cap full of DMSO to my hands as an anti arthyritic precaution. When my hands are feeling achy the DMSO immediately solves the porblem. I don't know if the DMSO will help with the skin issue but I've used DMSO applied to hands eight or ten times yearly and at 64 yo my hands look smooth and tight. Wish my face looked so good! Maybe I should have been using the DMSO on it too.

Replied by Cat
(Tauranga, New Zealand)

Hi David, thanks for advice.... No, the problem with the hands isn't bruising - it's skin tears. Even very small ones last 6 months. I'm sure doing the dishes without gloves doesn't help but I am careful not to put my hands into the water too far when doing them. I do stay clean otherwise though as far as washing my hands when necessary. Also I have very dry skin so if a wound does try to heal, it becomes so dry, I have a tendency to pick at the forming scab so rush to get some coconut oil lathered into my hands asap! I really think I need to take some flaxseed internally as I read on here and see if that can help from the inside. P.S. Your hands sound fantastic!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

@Cat: To prevent aging in general, be sure to get adequate amounts of Selenium by eating 1 Brazil Nut daily or taking a Selenium supplement. For the skin in particular you need adequate amounts of Vit-A and E. These three nutrients combined will greatly increase the integrity of the skin.

Replied by Lisa
(Frankfurt, Germany)

Hi Cat, Apply Glycerin to your hands. The only thing that helps my very dry skin is Glycerin. I have been using it since my childhood. Always apply to my hands and face before going to bed and get up with very fresh, soft and wrinkles free skin. It heals the wounds and rashes quickly and cure the acne. If I use another cold cream or oil I get pimples, dry rough and wrinkled skin. I love pure Glycerin and can't live without it.

Replied by Wellerval
(Moorestown, Nj)

Research zinc and wound healing....

Replied by Iowama
(Iowa, Usa)


Regarding hands that have worked hard and now look old, I have something to say that I hope will help. You mention that you eat well, but not if you eat a lot of fish or take fish oil. Just in case you do, please try cutting your dose in half or cutting it out all together for a while. I cut my dosage in half and now rarely get a bleeding gouge or bruise when I work outdoors. Best to you.

Replied by Pat

It's hormone imbalance. I wish I had the details but that is definitely what it is at your age, but do some research on hormones and you will find this is the problem.

Replied by Gina
(Lubbuck TX)

Castor oil will do a lot for making your hands and all your skin look younger. I have used it for years and although I am 75 yeas old, most people think I am in my 40s. I use it everywhere and I infuse it with essencial oils for an added bonus. Frankincense is excellent coupled with caster oil for your face. For years before I used castor oil, I tried many face cream products and all of the failed to do much. So after a lot of research, I found that the active ingredient in many skill products was castor oil. Herritage is the best band of castor oil I have found.


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Posted by Gina (Waxahachie, Texas) on 09/16/2013

I have found that aloe vera gel straight from the plant keeps my hands looking much younger than other women my age. I also use it on my face and neck. All over, if I have a big leaf. At first it makes your skin feel tight, but if you drink enough water and get your dietary fats, eventually the dry feeling goes away and you're left with tight. Better than saggy! The best thing to do is buy a plant, otherwise you can find it in the produce section at Mexican grocers and Caribbean Markets.

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Cryssyhoneylove (Toms River, Nj) on 05/02/2016

Aloe beats expensive moisturizers.....

I have had a noticable difference within three days of washing my face two to three times a day with black soap..then I apply aloe and leave it set for two minutes...then cool rinse...OMG I'm loving the results...I am caucasian... 31 years old... Sun lover...hormonal acne, fine lines from dryness... My acne is speed healing...what would normally take two weeks to taking four days. My fine lines on my lower cheek have diminished greatly. At the same I have added flaxseed oil..chorella.. And collagen ... We are a almost vegan family, gluten free lifestyle, I work out four times a week.... Yoga, body weight exercises... No drinking, a little green smoke....super in love. Super happy.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

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Posted by D.33 (Chicago, Il) on 02/12/2018

Yea - Aloe Vera and Vitamin E is a great mixture for anyone looking to firm their skin, speed up any sort of healing process (small cut, use after exfoliation, etc), or rejuvenate dry skin. For acne, it can be effective depending on why you have acne.

Sometimes dry skin types will be confused with oily skin types because dry skin tends to over-produce oils to compensate for dryness. If this is the case, vitamin E 100% aloe might work WONDERS for your skin. If you have acne for another reason, the mixture will probably be less effective at clearing your face up (though it will most likely aide in quick healing of acne scars).

I've found that this mixture plus spot treatments of tea tree oil can be quite effective as an acne treatment for most skin types.

NOTE: it's important to use 100% pure aloe vera. Many times if you cannot find this in the skin section of your health food store, you may be able to find it in the digestive health dept.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Angela (Vancouver Island, Canada) on 05/06/2011

I have tried aloe with vitamin e every night for a month with no real changes. I have not noticed any changes in my skin whatsoever. The aloe vera really helps the skin to absorb the vitamin e. I am in my 30's with some acne and some wrinkles and this did not help either problem.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Harry (Walsenburg, Colorado, USA) on 02/10/2009

Facial Wrinkles: I use enough 100% Aloe-Gel to cover the area that I want to treat then apply enough vitamin E liquid to cover the same area well. (Vitamin E liquid is not an oil and will penetrate the skin well by using the Aloe as the vehicle.) I've been using this combination as an after shave for 18 years and don't have tell-tale wrinkles on my face. I'm 87 years old, and people take me for 20 years younger.

Replied by Ron
(West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

Vitamin E liquid seems to hard to find in Canada. I am wondering if Harry could tell us where he obtains his and what brand of Aloe Vera he uses. I would like to try this as I have very dry skin. Many thanks.

Replied by Bessie
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Ron - In Canada Vitamin E oil (liquid) can be found at health food stores and even mainstream drugstores like Shoppers Drug Mart or London Drugs. If they don't have any in stock, they can order it for you - ask the pharmacist. Good luck!

Replied by Ron
(West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

Thanks Bessie. As you said, I found both items at one of our local health food stores.

Replied by Aune

Angela, also dealt with acne later in life- I find that what's most effective is keeping your pillow case clean enough to be in an operating room every night. After the acne calms down make sure to change it once a week

Replied by Eline
(Brisbane, Australia)

Instead of using Vit E oil try using grapeseed oil or safflower oil. Vit E oil can be too heavy for oily/acne skin.

Oils high in linoleic acid is best for oily/acne skin.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Rob (Riceville,TN) on 02/20/2006

I mix 16oz of organic Aloe Vera gel with 1oz. of Natural Vit E oil. I put this on my skin before lotion or oil after bathing. It improves the appearance of the skin. Makes moles, and all kinds of skin problems improve and go away. This remedy came from a Native American grandfather given to his granddaughter. I have shared it with many people with different ailments.They have all boasted its success.

Replied by Shirley
(Perth, Western Australia)

I have lots of brown scars all over my body because of dermatitis.. I just wanna know if this mixture can help to lessen the darkness of the scars all over me. Its really embarrassing!!!! Please help.. I started to lose my self confidence because of this..

Replied by Holly V
(Greenville, Sc)

I had a question to Rob or anyone else who may know. At home I mixed the aloe vera and vitamin e and put it in a glass jar. Then i read the aloe jar, and it said to refrigerate after opening, so i put my mixture in the refrigerator as well. Is this okay? sometimes when i put the mixture on my face (after washing), my face turns bright red and stings. It's not unbearable and i do already notice a good change in my skin. Just wanted to know if maybe i should keep them separate until i apply, or can i store it at room temp after mixing for future use. or is the refrigerator fine? thanks anyone!

Replied by Mario
(Cambridge, Ma)

like to know if aloe vera gel and vit e helps with dark spots?

Replied by Robert
(Colorado Springs, Co)

Dear Holly from Greenville, I wanted to let you know that I have the same reaction when I apply Aloe to my face. My skin gets red for about an hour or so. It doesn't always happen though, and I wonder if it has to do with how toxic I am because it seems to occur less when I'm staying away from junk food and sugar.

Replied by Cutecat

Hi can this mixture be applied on oily skin?? Any comments?

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa)

Hi Cutecat - I believe the aloe vera would be fine on oily skin, but am not sure on the vitamin E - it may cause a breakout. Maybe do a test area first.

Carly, not a doctor. ;)

Replied by Becca1
(King George, Virginia Usa)

Add lemon and lime juice to the aloe Vera and scrub your face with oatmeal, it will fade the spots, slowly but permanantly, also watch out for open places on your skin it might burn a little but it will heal it... Use rose water for toner :)

Replied by Sangeeta
(Kolkata, West Bengal / India)

Can we use forever living aloe vera juices to detoxify body and can we apply aloe vera jelly of dis company for dark patches on face?

Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Posted by GS (Hull, MA/USA) on 01/08/2009


As I age I've noticed my skin looking very sallow. I'v taken 1200mg of Alpha Lipoic acid daily in the past with good results, however lately it doesn't seem to be working. My skin is very dull and sallow looking. Have tried all sorts of topical creams without any luck. Any home remedy ideas would be greatly appreciated. I feel an internal would work best. luv your website!!

Replied by Sheila

if your skin is dull and sallow it could be lacking moisture and dead cells on the surface may be reason. use papaya to slough off the dead skin = simply pulp the flesh or the fleshy peel and slap it on for 30 mins and wash off as normal. the natural AHA does its thing and takes off the dead cells. To improve moisture eat fruits NOT fruit juice - i dont know how come but it simply works - esp tomatoes, and of course organic if you can find them.

Replied by Suzan
(Cheltenham, U.k.)

I agree about the pawpaw - but instead of using the fruit there is a product which you can buy called 'Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment. It was bought by my daughter from a main shop in London. I am sure you will find suppliers on the internet. Good Luck.

Replied by Tina
(Stokesdale, North Carolina)

Beverly, would you please provide the name of the cream that you are using?

Anti-Aging Remedies

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Posted by Azg (Toronto, On) on 09/22/2009

So I thought I'd make a Turmeric Face Mask as I did some research and discovered it's great for toning oily skin and helping to clear up blemishes.

A little bit of background. I've pretty much had perfect skin my whole life. Then I had my son. He's now 2. Ever since I was pregnant I started having problem skin. It's gone up and down, but about 2 or 3 weeks ago it got really bad. It's mostly on my cheeks and there are a ton of tiny bumps and a few of the deep red puffy ones. It's driving me crazy.

I came across this site two days ago and I've been drinking 2 teaspoons of Raw, Unfiltered Organic ACV in 1 cup of water, three times a day. I feel energized! I read about people having reactions to the bad bacteria dying off, so I thought I'd combat it with some hydrated Bentonite in the morning on an empty stomach. So far, so good. (but I'm pretty healthy and I eat really healthy and have done mini-cleanses in the past on a fairly regular basis, so the "die off reactions" weren't really a concern for me). I'm also adding about 30 drops of an organic liver tonic (that's mostly Milk Thistle based) to a shot of water, 3 times a day. I think I'll start oil pulling next week too.

Anyway, I came across this thread here and thought I'd do a turmeric mask.

So I made my own and I'll give you reasons for each ingredient added:

2 tablespoons Turmeric (it's the active ingredient here right?)
1 teaspoon honey (it's in most Turmeric masks, plus it's a humectant - meaning it pulls moisture out of the air and into your's great for skin health)
1 teaspoon castor oil (it's a deep cleanser and slightly drying)
3 drops Sage Oil (it's great for oily skin)
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice (it's toning and tightening)
1 tablespoon of milk (to make a paste)

I put it on my freshly washed face and let it sit for 15 minutes. It tingled a little. Maybe it was the lemon juice? Maybe it was the copious amounts of turmeric?!?

I'm yellow. My face is yellow. I rinsed it off and everyone in the house had a good laugh at my expense. I'm like an Oompah Loompah...but yellow.

I applied a 50/50 ACV/Water combo to my face with cotton pads, twice. Both pads came away YELLOW. I rinsed with more water. I gently rubbed with a towel (more yellow came off). But I gave up... I don't want to overdo it with the exfoliation. I figure I can try to get some more of it off tomorrow morning.

I moisturized with a little organic jojoba oil and 1 drop of organic sage essential oil.

I did some thinking... I think the reason I turned yellow is because of the oils I added to the mask. The turmeric stains the oils yellow, which penetrate deeply into the skin and leave their yellow tinge behind.

So be warned. If you decide to do this turmeric mask, DON'T ADD OILS.

I will try this mask again in a few days but without the oils... I shall report back then.

In the meantime feel free to laugh at me. LOL. I am...

Anti-Aging Remedies
Posted by Che (Roxas City, Philippines) on 07/26/2008

My skin suffered the tear and wear of using numerous brands of different brands of cosmetics til the combination of these different chemicals being used on these cosmetics, resulted to facial skin damages. Wrinkles, and the worst which made me embarrassed everytime when people got surprised to see the black spots on my face which i knew from prolong used of differrent chemicals. I have tried numerous products to get rid of it. Some will give me an effect of two weeks but afterward the damaged on my face becomes worst. My face dont seem to response to any cosmetic, the more cosmetics i used the worst it becomes so, i thought of experimenting on natural remedies.I have started making my own formula when i came across this site which made my research more valid. Every night, as i watched tv i massage VCO on my legs and arms it made my skin so soft @ flawless. When i wear skirt, people thought i have stockings on my legs.

For my face, 3x a week, i combined
1 tsp of molasses or
1 tsp of turmeric
1/2 tsp of oats

Make to a paste, splash face with warm water and gently massage the paste on your face. Let it stay 10-20minutes. Rinse it with warm water.

Then i toned my face with ACV, Hydrogen peroxide and water and moisturize my face with alternating VCO and grapeseed oil. Amazing it gradually whitened my face naturally, wrinkles free with less expenses. I am 49 yr old grandma with 3 grandchildren mistaken as more years younger than my age. Thanks to this site, it made me more creative combining the natural resources that are abundant in our country Philippines. By the way, i make my own VCO and sell to my friends also. I use VCO externally and internally as it is the cleanest and the cheapest oil on earth. I enjoy the benefit of a monolaurin found in VCO the same benefit found in a mothers milk. I rarely got sick as VCO is a natural antibiotic, that can get rid of viral @ bacterial lepid coated illnesses.Thanks to this heaven sent site and to the people who openly shares thier beneficial testimonies. God Bless Us All as we continue to spread and share the good news. Email me @ let me know how this works with you.

Replied by Della
(Inland Empire, California, USA)

I had read somewhere that licorice was toxic for some persons.Which diseases are allergic to licorice?

Replied by Laurie
(Sudbury, Ontario)

Please tell me what turmeric is. thanks

Replied by Laurie
(Sudbury, Ontario)

Hi , just wondering when you say you "toned your face with ACV, hydrogen proxide and water" now did you mix this together and if so how much of each. Please explain more. Thank you very much

Replied by Nicole

JUST A NOTE: this might be obvious, but the turmeric in this face mask may not be suitable for fair skinned folk. unless you would like a nice summer (yellow) hue!

Replied by Stephanie
(East Grand Forks, Mn Usa)

I also tried putting on a "turmeric face mask" but I didn't add any oils and my face also turned yellow. My fingers were yellow as well as my pillow case. Maybe turmeric is better being ingested rather than applied topically.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

I know the feeling. I had to lie through my teeth after mixing HP with ACV instead of HP with borax......very embarrassing and all you can do is laugh. I have very fair skin with a lot of redness. When I want a tumeric mask I just mix it with VCO and leave it on for 10 min at the most and it always comes off quite easily. Maybe it was the type of oils that you used.

Replied by Bee
(Mo, Usa)

I was worried about turmeric staining as I have fair skin, but I put some turmeric with raw honey and used it as a mask (didn't measure, just threw some together). It washed off just fine, only problem was my fingernails stayed a bit yellow. It seems to tone the skin a bit, I'm hoping it will help reduce my acne.

Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl)

I too have done the turmeric mask with coconut oil and honey and I haven't had any problems taking it off. I am thinking that when I make salads with cilantro I usually put lemon juice because it accentuates the flavor of the cilantro, so maybe the lemon juice had to do with it? Just try it without the lemon juice. Good luck!

Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

I tried this last night on my fair skin using Che's recipe, and it washed off ok. After rinsing I used a microfiber cloth to get the last residue off due to the oil. Then I rubbed in some VCO and blotted off the excess. My skin was very smooth and felt well hydrated. The oil may be a key to preventing staining. I have also read of masks using turmeric mixed with yogurt...will have to look into that.

Replied by Azg
(Toronto, On)

Thank you to Lita209 from Sanford who recommended I try the Turmeric Mask without Lemon Juice... I just did that and it came out great! I changed the mask up a little bit and I'll post that recipe as well... I did turn a tiny bit yellow, but rinsing well and toning with ACV on a cotton pad helped to remove the residual yellow tinge from my skin!

My skin feels taut and supple. My pores appear smaller, my skin is smoother and softer. If only someone had a remedy for helping fade the reddish/brownish spots that the pimples have left behind.

I have been drinking 2 tsp of ACV in 1 cup of water AT LEAST 3 x per day. My water intake has been about 8 cups of water every day. I've just added Vitamin C to my diet and am slowly building up to 3000mg... I want to get it up to 5000mg but don't want to do it suddenly as I've heard that can cause diarrhea. I've done this Turmeric Mask twice now, but plan to do one every day for the next little while to see if it can help my skin. I've also been toning my skin at least once a day with a mild ACV/Water combo on a cotton pad and it's been helping.

I discovered sage essential oil is really really nice for balancing the oils in my skin. You should premix about 3 drops of it in 5-10mL of a carrier oil (try Organic Coconut Oil or Organic Jojoba Oil). Be careful to not overdo it as it can dehydrate your skin... your skin should feel smooth and supple after you've applied the oil combo (as a moisturizer). If it feels rough you've overdone it with the Sage Oil, dilute the combo with some more Coconut/Jojoba Oil for the next time you moisturize..

I've been cooking with Turmeric for a long time now, as a long time ago I read that people in India have the lowest incidences of cancers and Alzheimer's Disease in the world and that a lot of people attribute it to Turmeric. I think I'll try drinking it with milk to see if I can increase Turmeric content in my day-to-day life...

Does anyone have any all natural at home remedies for helping to fade my acne spots (they're not really scars, just spots) internally and/or externally? THANKS!

Replied by Gaynor
(Manaton, Devon Uk)

Hi Azg,

I have been suffering with acne rosacea -red face horrible acne break outs- for 18 months and I have been using a number of remedies to try to clear my skin- My husband said to me yesterday morning "Are you alright? You look pale."-- Yes I do look pale and I could not be happier- my long struggle to rid myself of this debilitating condition has paid off. I take ACV 3 x one tablespoon x three times a day with water. I use ACV topically about three times a day. Sometimes I follow this with a yoghurt face mask- I also use the Turmeric face mask about twice a week. I take turmeric in my breakfast apple with Yogurt ( I always grind a little balck pepper on the tumeric as this helps the body to absorb the it ). I have been using a mixture of a few drops of blackseed oil, neem oil and jojoba oil, triple strenth rosewater, colloidal silver and MSM before bed.

Plus in the last four days I started the Mini beet protocol which I think is responsible for getting rid of the spots on my face- as this was all that was left after all the above treatments- I had controlled the redness almost completly but now the spots have all but faded. The problem is it is hard to say what has done the trick. Using the minibeet protocol needs care because of detox effects - thus far I have had no problems. My skin is glowing, soft and smooth and no spots!!! I hope this helps- best of luck.

Replied by Lita
(Sanford, Fl)

Can you post your recipe for the turmeric mask so we can compare to what we are using? Thanks!

Replied by Gaynor
(Manaton, Devon Uk)

Hi Lita,

The mask I use is based on the Fountain of Youth mask with the following ingredients :-

Tumeric Teaspoon
honey teaspoon
neem oil four drops
acv half teaspoon
rose water half teaspoon
almond oil four drops
jojoba four drops
blackseed oil four drops
yoghut teaspoon

Apply to face and leave for about one hour-I rinse with cold water and then use a mild cream to remove residue. This works well -I try not to make it too runny.

Replied by Jayne
(Pensacola, Florida)

Turmeric for face mask

I've been drinking turmeric milk and am ready to try it for skin. I see some people have turned yellow using the face mask recipes. One thing I notice is that Lita's recipe only calls for a teaspoon of turmeric, while some of the people who turned yellow used as much as 1-2 tablespoons of turmeric--that's 3-6 times more! I plan to start with just 1/2 tsp and to do a test first on my inner arm near the elbow crease. Even natural remedies have to be used responsibly--no one thing works perfectly for every one. And that said, I love this site!

Replied by Pam
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Honey has a heaping amount of Vitamins and minerals, All i do is; 1 tablespoon of honey to a teaspoon of Turmeric. Does not stain, but you know its working because you feel the heat! Keep it cheap and simple! Why waste money on extra stuff, when simple does the job as well! I've tried many other ways, and honey is the only way it does not stain. It takes away that winter dry face and your face does not have that after wash tight dry face feeling, but rather a refreshed one. Maybe you guys should use them oils after the wash, but massage your face with it instead. It works and gives you a youthful look! I've also used Honey on a cut that needed stitches. I didnt want to go to hospital, so i poured honey into it, the wound closed up and no puss or keloids! I do however have a scar, but thats because i gave up soon after! Good luck and keep researching, this is one of the best sights! EVER!

PS: Look into Primrose oil and Rose hip oils or anything in the alpha omegas, they renew skin!

Replied by Joy
(Vancouver, Wa)
1 posts

Where do you put the honey and tumeric? On your face or body. Do you use oil afterwards? I want to try it.
thank you. Joy

Replied by Michelle
(Los Angeles, California)

hi i really like our idea simple and cheap..but for how long do i leave on the mask? and doest it take away black spots..thank u so much for sharing this!!!!!

Replied by Eo Natural Bodycare
(Jackson, Michigan)

Regarding the can try the NON STAINING kind called Kasturi Turmeric. This kind is NOT the ingestable kind, but used only as a topical aid. You can find it online and typically ships from over seas. Hope that helps!! Good luck all...

Replied by Dove

Oh-my, too much turmeric. As soon as I read the amounts, I thought, hoowhee, it should be more like a Tablespoon of honey and a Teaspoon of turmeric. Even with a teaspoon, it takes a bit of effort to get it all off, but a turmeric mask is definitely worth it. Just gotta remember, a little dab'll do Ya' ;)

I can't say whether the additional ingredients make it more inclined to stain the skin, but I will say it isn't necessary to doctor it up like that. Just the two simple ingredients, T/honey and t/turmeric make a wonderfully good mask.

Replied by Diane
(Berkeley, Ca)


Turmeric stains skin. Period. If you are fair, it can last for days. In India where a haldi mask is applied to arms/legs before weddings it gives a golden glow. Here in the US, when I do it it turns this pasty-pale chick yellow for days if applied straight. If I dilute a 1/4 tsp or so with besan and yogurt as a mask it will come off with enough scrubbing and not stain very deeply. But make no mistake, it stains. And the more of it you use, and the less it is diluted with other ingredients the harder it is to get off. Not a bad thing, but do be warned.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

I take it internally as a tincture and notice within a few hours that my skin takes on a warmer, turmeric, tone... Others have noticed as well... similar to juicing with carrots.

Replied by Cayita
(Welland, Ontario)

I went exactly through the same experience. I read that after you are done with your turmeric mask (it doesn't really matter what else you put in it) you need to apply gram flour ((also known as besan flour, chickpea flour and garbanzo flour) on your face. It will take all the turmeric residue away. You can also put it within the turmeric mask, it won't stain that way :)

Replied by Sandy
(Il, Usa)

I will tell you how to use the turmeric. I grew up with this herb, being an Indian.

For mask:

  • 1/2 tsp of turmeric (you will find it any indian store) but you will be better off buying organic from any health food store
  • 2 tsp of milk cream or any heavy milk cream or 1 tsp of sour cream
  • 1 tsp of chik pea flour(you will find it any indian store.

Mix it and leave it for 10 minutes

In India, even the new born is given this scrub everyday before while shower. Do not add any oil to this. Leave it on your face for 10 minutes. First wash with cold water. You will still find your face bit yellow then, make a paste of 1 tsp of chikpea flour and two tsp of any milk and again gently scrub your face and wash with cold water.

Replied by Barbara
(New York)

What is VCO? Thank you

EC: VCO - Virgin Coconut Oil

Replied by Jw

What is VCO?

EC: VCO = Virgin Coconut Oil

Replied by Wendy
(Hemet, Ca)

Thank You so much for sharing your remedy 🙏 I'm 54 always have looked younger, thank God🙏 My face is fine but the skin on my body is horrible😩 I cry everyday, I'm embarrassed, won't wear shorts or a bathing suit. I cover them up all the time. I sufferEd of autoimmune problems, was very ill and close to death.. Recovering was a tremendous experience.😢 it destroyed my skin. My body looks like a spotted leopard. All of this appeared through my sickness and now decided to stay. It has put me in sever depression. I want my beautiful flawless legs back 🙏 I don't know if anyone who is or had experienced the same thing? Please help me, any natural remedies that I can try? Anything Please.

Replied by Anon

Look into serrapeptase, nattokinase, turmeric, vitamin E, vitamin C w/ citrus bioflavonoids, castor oil massage.

(Scroll down to the links for skin issues)

Replied by Moira
(Hemet, Ca)


it cracks me up that I live in Hemet, as do you! Took me by surprise while reading on EC! I would love to know what helps skin in addition to Collagen and avoiding sugar and toxic chemicals.

Replied by Nina

Hi there, this worked for our family. There's this white fungus mushroom that we buy and we add it to our soup or other dishes twice a week. Also make sure to make a stock from beef bones or chicken bones with all the cartilages included. Consume the broth and the mushrooms. They are both high in collagen. Keeps the skin tight and supple.

EC: Hi Nina! Are you referring to common white button mushrooms? Thank you for your great post!

Apricot Scrub, Drink Water

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Posted by Juliet (Bombay India) on 05/16/2006

Scrub your face with apricot scrub and drink a lot of water. Your pores open up and your dead skin is removed thus leaving your skin younger and cleaner.

Replied by Matt
(Columbus, Georgia)

I use an Apricot Scrub for an exfoliant every morning and night. I also wash with soap and HOT water, then a splash of cool water. I am 30 but people mistake me for being under 20.

Avoid Sugar

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Posted by Taleen (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl) on 11/16/2009

One important thing about the skin I have learned over the years is that sugar really affects it. If I have something sweet to eat at night, I wake up the next morning with dark circles under my eyes and dry, cracked skin that looks like it has aged something fierce overnight. I have been diligent lately and cutting back my sugar intake throughout the day and I can see a difference in my skin. You know the saying, you are what you eat? I believe it! What you eat immediately shows through your pores. I am also starting to juice every day too with greens like kale and swiss chard, apples and lemons. It gets expensive buying organic produce to juice, but the weight loss is great and my skin is glowing.

Avoid the Sun, Facial Exercises

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Posted by Kerstin (San Francisco, CA) on 03/02/2007

Rule # 1 is STAY OUT OF THE SUN - it will kill your skin!! I which I would have done this myself years ago and not waited until recent years... AVOID THE SUN!! Instead use "tan without sun lotion.

FACIAL EXCERCISE: This might sound silly but when you really think about it totally makes sense! About 10 years ago I started noticing that God forbid, I too was aging and I did not like the changes I saw every time I looked in to the mirror. What could be done to at least somewhat slow down the collapsing of my face... and I was thinking, to get in shape and tighten up we have various exercises for every part of the body that is...with the exception of the face! At least I had never heard of anybody exercising their face!! So I put in a search on the Internet and after some research I found that it was actually quite popular in the 60ies. Today there is tons of facial exercise programs to choose between etc etc. Anyway, I swear by it, it DEFINITELY helps and people always think I am about 15 years younger than my actual age. If I ever had any doubts about the benefit I am more convinced now then ever. About one month ago I fractured my elbow and totally slacked and didn't really do any exercises and boy....what a difference!! Scary!!!! Thank god it only takes a couple of days to see some visible result. Good luck. Oh and by the way my mum who looks 20 years younger than her age has always been preaching: DRINK a lot of water... and ALWAYS USE LOTION FOR YOUR FACE AND BODY.

Replied by Shirley
(Alexandria, MN)

What kind of facial exercises do you do?

Replied by Shela
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Please tell me what facial exercises you use.

Replied by Ellen
(Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico)

You can do any kind of face exercises. The point is to do some. Look on the web via your browser at videos and you will find info. There are books you can buy, videos etc. I have started doing facial exercise and already in 4 days the changes are evident. I am 54. My husband is 36! I have always had great skin but my muscle tone in my face was not as good as the tone in my body. I am so against all the cutting and pulling that goes on and the fat grafting etc. I knew there had to be a natural way and after researching compulifting, I came upon face exercise. You will see a couple of women who teach this who are amazing examples. One lady is 80 and looks 45 and the other is 62 and also looks in her 30's. Just research on the web and please don't be fooled by those young beautiful girls who try to sell you their exercise tapes. Find the gals who have been doing this for years and see the before and afters. This is also for men. Enjoy! You will feel great!

EC: Ellen, any websites you can recommend? Thanks!

Replied by Deb
(San Francisco, CA)

Regarding facial exercises, just having a facial will give you an idea of how to treat your face. While I have really great skin due to genes (my great aunt was 92+ and you could count the number of facial wrinkles on one hand. I've done facial exercises mimicking a facial for years and I use olay products. I'm 53 and get mistaken for 34 all the time. Even the dermatologist I see for sun damage is amazed by how soft and smooth my skin is.

Replied by Sangeetha
(Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

Hi, A couple weeks or so ago, someone wrote about how by doing a facial exerise some very old woman of 70 yrs old was looking very young. In response EC asked her for any website suggestions. Can you please tell me under which category to find that post and if that person or anyone else provided the website for facial exercies. Thanks. Sangeetha

Replied by Bessie
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

To Sangeetha: Regarding facial exercises, you may want to do a search on the Internet. There are quite a few sites (too numerous to list but here is one: with lots of free information. Also, try YouTube and search for "Jack Lalanne" (face exercises) - he was the original back in the 60s and his exercises are still very effective. You may also want to check out the YouTube video on "How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage" - it will really get your face glowing. Good luck!

Bathing in Purified Water

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Posted by Pablo (Shawnee, KS) on 01/13/2007

I will have to try this Fountain of Youth for sure. I just have one comment to everyone with dry skin, though, and that is you should be bathing in purified water if not already. I have been for ten years and from the get go you could scratch my skin all day and hardly get any dry lines from it, and I don't use lotion either. Just FYI, as it's really worked for me (and chlorinated water definitely has not). plus there are a tone of other health benefits from doing so