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Aloe Vera
Posted by Cryssyhoneylove (Toms River, Nj) on 05/02/2016

Aloe beats expensive moisturizers.....

I have had a noticable difference within three days of washing my face two to three times a day with black soap..then I apply aloe and leave it set for two minutes...then cool rinse...OMG I'm loving the results...I am caucasian... 31 years old... Sun lover...hormonal acne, fine lines from dryness... My acne is speed healing...what would normally take two weeks to taking four days. My fine lines on my lower cheek have diminished greatly. At the same I have added flaxseed oil..chorella.. And collagen ... We are a almost vegan family, gluten free lifestyle, I work out four times a week.... Yoga, body weight exercises... No drinking, a little green smoke....super in love. Super happy.