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Apple Cider Vinegar for Glowing, Youthful Skin!

| Modified on Jan 09, 2024
Apple Cider Vinegar for Beautiful Skin

It is every woman's dream to have smooth, beautiful skin, so we often spend countless hours researching the best products and treatments to use. However, many of those products and treatments that we find are actually more detrimental to our skin than helpful. Apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, is a natural beauty agent that is known to transform the skin (and the rest of the body). If you are looking for a safe, effective skin treatment, try apple cider vinegar -- nature's little beauty secret.

Apple cider vinegar is one of those products that is considered a "cure-all". Applied to the body externally or taken as a supplement internally, the treatment offers a variety of health benefits that range from the elimination of acne to increasing weight loss and treating arthritis. When it comes to the skin, though, the benefits are just as bountiful.

Benefits of Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, organic to be specific, is a natural health agent that is derived from crushed, fermented apples. As such, the vinegar contains a number of natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. The vinegar contains vitamins A, B, and C as well as beta carotene, bioflavonoid, calcium, magnesium, and several other nutrients. It also naturally balances the pH of the skin and body to reveal a younger, healthier looking you. Other benefits of the product include:

1. Acne Elimination

Apple cider vinegar helps treat and eliminate acne.

2. Increased Skin Radiance

The vitamins and minerals in ACV help to restore the natural beauty of the skin.

3. Evened Skin Tone

Used as a toner, apple cider vinegar functions to even skin tone and diminish dark spots.

4. Reduced Oil Production

Apple cider vinegar also helps control oil production in the skin, so you won't have to worry about your T-zone getting shiny or oily.

5. Toned Skin

When used regularly, ACV functions to tighten, tone, and moisturize the skin, so you look your best.

How Do I Use Apple Cider Vinegar?

The most effective treatment for all around skin health is drinking a daily tonic of 2 teaspoons organic apple cider vinegar mixed into 16 ounces of water. However, for spot treatments and additional skin benefits, you can also swab the skin with a cotton ball soaked in ACV as a facial toner and cleanser.

When it comes to your skin, you need something that is safe but effective. Apple cider vinegar is both and offers almost immediate results. Continue reading below for more tips from over 30 readers who have experiences positive results using ACV for the skin!

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Posted by Priscilla (Ca) on 01/20/2017

Apple Cider Vinegar has changed my skin completely. I suffer from adult acne and drinking this daily has transformed my skin. I can't believe I hadnt tried this before

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mishel (New South Wales) on 11/02/2016

ORGANIC apple cider vinegar: for facial toner . 1 part to 2 parts filtered water. works better than any other cleanser/ toner I've bought (even ones up to $120) or mixed myself. clears up acne, hives on skin during allergic reactions.

use to treat warts- apply with soaked cotton wool ball dilated but strong as you can handle. I use the toner or I'm feeling brave, 1:1 with water. warts fall off and don't return after two sessions or a cpl days.

great for digestive Complaints

it also clears infected tonsils within a day if you gargle it doesn't 30 secondsat least three times I day- after Meals. helps with gum disease and bad breath.

too many reasons to love it. tonnes more uses. and zEro side effects!! Natural and affordable.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sara (London) on 04/30/2016 3 posts

I diluted apple cider vinegar with green tea and took ACV capsules for two days. My post menopausal skin never recovered from chemo. Skin was red spotty and sore. Two day later the improvement is amazing. I just wipe the acv/green tea solution overy my face with a cotton wool pad. Takes seconds makes fantastic changes in no time at all. x

Replied by Bassie
(Toronto, Ontario)

Hi all,

Thanks for all the amazing info, so happy to find this site! I'm just wondering if any of you rinse your face with water after applying ACV? And what do you use afterward as moisturizer? I just started my routine today, both drinking and topical use, hopefully I'll have some good results to share later on :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kd (Mumbai, India) on 04/22/2016

Apple cider vinegar is fantastic for the skin...especially internal intake....start with 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar and 4 tsp water...mix and drink before meals....i do it morning and cannot imagine how much it has helped me..

I've had acne problems for years.. I'm 46 now and until 2 months ago I was struggling to control break outs!!! Since I started this regimen....I don't feel the need to worry about my skin anymore. Though the only thing that's left now is pigmentation which I can already feel is lighter...I'm hoping that goes away!!

Replied by Kd

I think thats great for you...I too am following the same regimen and feel like its helping me. I have the exact same problem as you and I am the same age too!! I have lot of pigmentation on my cheek bones and though I "think" its lighter I'm not so sure? Has anyone else had positive results? Do let me know your progress.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Julienne Mark (Uae) on 11/13/2014

I have read that organic apple cider vinegar toner will make your skin at its best if not perfect. It will balance the ph level of our skin, alkaline and no pimples, glowing and other good benefits to skin.

I never had acne in my life but when after weeks of detoxifying my body, cystic acne came out all over my forehead. I read a lot of testimonials online about its good effect on our face and to acne, so I bought a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar. I am supposed to dilute with water but I applied ACV undiluted on my forehead every night. My acne cleared and left me with scars. It was difficult looking at my skin like this. All people would notice my forehead. I thought it will make my skin nicer than it was so I applied ACV toner this time I mixed 50/50 of ACV and water mixture every night.

But to my dismay, all the good things I read about ACV Toner from people who have tried it never happened to me. In my 22 days of using ACV toner and organic coconut oil as moisturizer, my cheeks became red looks like I have mild rashes, uneven skin tone on my chin looked black to me, my pores are still there and it's creating a dot dot red, acne scars didn't fade. My skin on my face looked very, very dry and it looked dehydrated, dull and old.

Now I stopped using the toner. I thought of putting more water to my mixture but I am afraid to use it again. I am trying to heal my face with organic honey as my facial wash and nothing else.

I feel like I am the only one who had these reactions. Maybe I should not use this since I don't have acne. I wanted to use this to balance my ph level on my face since I've used so many chemicals on my face before. Should I really stop using ACV toner?

Replied by Pina

Hello Julienne,

Undiluted ACV is very strong. It could be the strength of the ACV that gave you the problem. The best way to use it is to start with a more diluted mix, perhaps one part ACV to two or three parts "distilled" water.

You want to make sure that your ACV is organic, raw and has the mother to ensure it is alive. And has all the nutrients. Bragg's ACV is the best.

Make sure to mix it with distilled water to ensure the water is pure. You can get distilled water at the grocery store. You don't want any hidden chemicals from tap or even sometimes filtered water effecting your skin.

Give your skin a rest from the ACV. Once your skin is recovered, try using the diluted toner. If your skin still reacts then ACV may not be for you.

I just started the 1 to 3 ratio once a day and it is clearing my skin. After 5 days, I went to twice a day but my skin is getting a little dry so I will either go back to once a day or dilute more and do twice a day.

Brown spots are left behind that take time to clear. Using the ACV is supposed help exfoliate the skin which will work to fade the dark marks. I assume that's what you mean by scarring. It takes time but they will eventually fade.

Go slow and easy with your skin. It damages easily and takes time to recover. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Replied by Julienne
(United Arab Emirates)

Hi, Pina!

Thank you for your reply. I am using Eden brand organic apple cider vinegar because this is the only brand available in our country (UAE). I couldn't find Bragg's here in supermarkets but only online and it is so much more expensive than Eden. I thought brand doesn't matter as long as it is organic. I use organic honey as my facial wash because I noticed all facial wash I used makes my skin so tight and so dry. I was hesitant to continue using this but I saw mild peeling on my face maybe it's the ACV removing the dead skin so I am now again using it. This time I now diluted my apple cider with more water, the water I use is mineral water (bottled water) and not from faucet. The bottled water I use is the same what I drink because of the low sodium content compare to other bottled mineral water in the store. I feel like I just destroyed my skin but I am giving ACV toner another chance. I am just impatient with the scars. It looks like it is either not working with ACV or it works very slow on my skin. I don't know why ACV is not working faster on my skin compare to you and others. Maybe I will give ACV another week and if there is no changes, ACV maybe not for my skin. Thanks.

Replied by Claire
(Buffalo, New York)

Hi, I believe your skin will heal in time. ACV is a very strong toner and needs to be diluted OR only left on the face for a brief time and then washed off since it's basically a skin peel. I don't think brands make much difference at all. Braggs does a good job marketing their products here in the USA, but I've used other organic brands just as successfully.

I would try: increasing the amount of water you drink each day and adding omega 3 oil like flax, borage or fish oil to your diet every day. I find borage oil supplements do wonders for my skin, but I need to take more of it in the winter months for dry, flaking skin. I take 3 capsules a day. Let us know your progress!

Replied by Tulip
(Symrna, Ga)

Please mix Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda to make a paste (not tooo thick) and apply it to your face and neck. wash off after 5-10 min (i keep it for 10 min). its for exfoliation. I follow it up with a vitamin C serum and oil free moisturizer. You can use any kind of night serum (i do it before going to bed).

Do this once a day for 3-4 months. There is no instant solution to marks except makeup. Everything takes time.

i did this for 3 months and it helped with my marks and unevenness around chin.

Replied by Angie

I had a similar experience with apple cider vinegar. I didn't have serious acne, but what I first used it straight, no diluting, all the impurities in my skin came to the surface making it look red and rashlike and feeling too dry. That was after 4 days. After two more days my face looked and felt smooth and even toned. My pores also look smaller. Since you seem to have more intense acne, given it another week or more. Also start drinking a teaspoon or two in water. Good luck!

Replied by Paola
(South Africa)

Hi. I suspect that there is something else going on in your system that a disagreement with ACV & Coconut oil. To develop cystic bumps on your skin from a detox is the big clue. That is not a normal reaction. I think instead of feeling frustrated with home remedies, you should visit a health professional for help. What did you use for your detox? Examine that.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jane (West Palm Beach) on 04/08/2014

I have been drinking ACV in water twice a day for about a month for allergies. The first thing I noticed was that my skin started glowing. Then the acne prone skin near the corner of my mouth went away. I love this stuff!

Replied by Daphne

Was drinking apple cider vinegar really effective on you? Even if a person has acne-prone skin?? Your reply is well appreciated, thanks in advance :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Francoise (Los Angeles) on 04/03/2014

When my skin looks "sad" and needs to be revitalized, I put 3 drops of apple cider vinegar on a clean face and pat it for 30 seconds or so. The next morning, I glow!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 03/19/2013

I found a great ACV toner idea on youtube. Instead of plain water mixed with the ACV, use brewed green tea instead. Most people dilute the ACV 50/50 with the water or green tea, and might use 2 parts water or tea to 1 part ACV if you are sensitive to the vinegar. I use organic ACV and organic green tea.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lightawake (Auckland, New Zealand) on 12/27/2012

hi, i have just been trying out AVC for the dry flaky skin I have been getting around my nose and eyebrows, which has been working wonderfully - I just soak a makeup pad with it and wipe my face all over. Doesnt use much, and I see all the grime it picks up on the pad:) I dont wash my face but then moisturise with a few drops of almond oil infused with lavendar essential oil. The oil scent helps get rid of the vinager smell which is faintly there while the AVC is still moist on the face. for the oil, I use a 25ml dropper bottle.

i tried almond oil after I ran out of the rosehip oil that I had been using previously, which is meant to be really good for skin. But almond oil has been really light and great (i prefer it to the heavier olive oil or coconut oil), and scentless so I can just drop a few drops of whatever essential oil if I want a scent - then use it on my face or legs at night, or as a lovely easy massage oil!

when I asked about moisturising skin, the naturopath at my local health store told me that topical solutions are good, but basically if you want good skin, the best remedy is to have a good diet. She advised me to drink lots more water and make sure my diet was more alkaline. the best but most drastic remedy for beautiful skin was when I stuck to a totally sugarfree raw food diet for about a week (basically salads, pickles, fermented food and nuts; no fruit or sweet veggies such as carrots, beetroot or corn), my skin improved drastically, and everyone commented how fresh and young my skin looked.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kelsie (Pickering, On, Canada) on 05/23/2012

Hi, I started using ACV vinegar about 3-4 weeks ago. I was hoping that it would help with allergies, sinus problems, digestive issues, weight loss and if my skin looked a little clearer that would be great too!

I think its too early to tell if the ACV has helped with the allergies, sinus, weight loss etc. But I can say it has absolutely improved my complexion. I didn't have acne problems before, but always looked a little pale. After about 3 days of ACV, my skin looked like it was glowing. I used to get maybe a pimple a week, maybe more around my period. And now I have only had one or 2 in the last month!

Also, if you are having trouble adjusting to the taste, as I did, try 2 tsp. In boiling water with a bit of honey. The hot water tones down the taste drastically, its actually enjoyable, like a hot apple cider, ok not quite, but pretty close ;-)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Derek (Dublin, Ireland) on 02/24/2012

I mix two tablespoons of _____s apple cider vinegar (ACV) with a dash of boiling water in a small bowl, using cotton wool I dab it all over my face every other day. This is fantastic for your skin and complextion. Excellent for acne or uneven skin tone, blemishes etc. Also if you ever get shingles use ACV on them, works amazinly well, a little bit stingy, but results are incredible! Much better than any prescribed creams.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Twinkleteacher (Oconomowoc, Wi) on 02/21/2012

I am sold! I am 31 and have tried everything for my oily, acne-prone skin for over 15 years, including Retin-A, tetracycline, any and all OTC products, Proactive, even Accutane. The easiest, best, healthiest, least expensive, and happiest thing I've ever used was a simple solution of ACV, 1 part ACV to 4 parts water. I came up with this ratio after trying it full strength... that worked for a couple days but then my poor little face turned red! Didn't hurt, just red.

Not gonna lie, it is quite a strong smell and my hubs doesn't like it. So I only use it in the morning so he doesn't have to smell it in bed at night. I shake up my jar, rub it on with a cotton ball, and hop in the shower. I rinse my face after I shampoo my hair and that seems to work well. I've been rubbing a bit on coconut oil in as a moisturizer after showering and that works well, too.

No joke! My skin looks much more even and smooth. My pores truly look smaller. I am still in disbelief. But the VERY BEST PART is after using this for a couple of weeks, I noticed my face is not consistenly a puddle of oil all day long. It doesn't feel dry at all, but the oil is GONE. And those wrinkles that have just started getting a bit deeper across my forehead look less dramatic for sure.

Try it. It will make your skin look happy! And when your skin looks happy, you are happy! And when you are happy, everything is just plain better. Give it a whirl!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Charamon (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/13/2012

I am soooooooo happy I found this site. I have always known about Apple Cider Vinegar but never knew about the benefits for the skin. I'm 45 yrs old and 3 years ago I started having skin problems and discover a very expensive product $400.00 that worked wonders on my skin!!!! (better had) Many people thought I was 30 yrs old. Due to the price I was no longer able to afford the product and now my skin looks like crap!!! I purchased the natural avc some months ago and after a week my girlfriend noticed my skin but I stopped, bad decision.

I am now starting my Apple Cider Vinegar facial again and I hope my skin gets better. Also I have VERY BAD facial hair on my chin area that I have to pluck daily, I have waxed also and use the medicine product that removes the hair but the hair returns if the product is not in use. Not only do I have the ugly hair issue but the plucking has left scars on my neck and chin. Will the cider remove the dark spot too? Someone please help me with this hair and dark spots on the chin issue. I am African American with brown skin so the scars show. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Angelica

I noticed hair growing on my chin if I eat non-organic meat or dairy product. Now I buy only organic meat and dairy and I have no more this problem

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jaye (Ogema, Sask. Canada) on 08/25/2011

can I get the formula for external application of Apple Cider Vinegar to the face?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mesem (Toulon, France) on 12/20/2010

After just 3 days of cider vinegar and honey drink my complexion had taken on a much healthier glow and I felt brighter. Trying to loose weight and can't see any change there. I find it a really nice warm winter drink.

Replied by Renee
(Hayward, Ca)

I have chronic sinusitis, allergies, asthma will this help the sinus are coming once a month now.... Went doctors and ent...... not getting any better so I'm going to try this. I'm very annoyed now.......

Replied by Hazelnut
(San Francisco, Ca)

I had sinusitis for a long time & I also went to Doctors & ent's but it did not help me - However today I no longer have sinusitis because I found the simple natural cure that cured me in 1 week only -- 1st it's important to raise the head of your bed at least 6 inches up higher when you sleep than you normally would -- I put 1 really large pillow between the mattresses at the head of the bed to raise my head 6 inches higher & wow what a difference it made & 2nd I took 100% natural Olive Leaf extract Standarized capsules and today I am 100% cured & it never came back - Olive leaf is a natural antibiotic that worked a miracle for me & my family!! *Make certain the olive leaf capsules you purchase is top quality olive leaf 100 % pure!! Best Wishes

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