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Make the Best Natural Facial Scrub from Brown Sugar

| Modified on Jan 09, 2024

The best natural facial scrub is easily made at home from brown sugar and works on any skin type, leaving your skin smoother, softer and more even. Whether you are acne prone or have relatively clear skin, you?d probably like to find something that could make your skin beautiful. While you could go to a spa and have a unique blend created just for you (and spend a large sum of money in the process), you really need go no further than your kitchen cabinet or pantry. This simple brown sugar facial scrub is just as rich and luxurious as something you?d get in a spa and costs mere pennies to make.

The Facts about Skin

Our skin is exposed to a number of elements every day. Wind, sun, environmental pollutants? You name it, and our skin faces it. This constant exposure has a number of effects on the skin, causing drying, uneven skin tone, and even premature wrinkles. With all of that exposure, you need to be taking measures to rejuvenate your skin, and this simple scrub can help.

The Basic Brown Sugar Facial Scrub Recipe

The basic combination of this recipe is fairly simple and can easily be tweaked to fit your exact needs. But let's clear something up, right here. Sugar is good for your skin but bad for your intestines. So, avoid snacking on sugary substances while using this facial scrub (even though the yummy scent may encourage you to do so).

To make the scrub, simply use 2 parts of sugar to 1 part oil, and add a teaspoon of honey for additional benefits. Use the scrub on your face or other dry areas of skin 1-2 times a week.

Other Variations

Try adding other recipe combos to mix it up a bit.

Vanilla Brown Sugar

Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla to the basic recipe.

Pumpkin Pie

Add 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice to the basic recipe.

This recipe is as versatile as your imagination and is the perfect way to pamper your skin any day of the week.

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7 User Reviews

Posted by Organic Queen (Chandler, Az) on 11/20/2011

I wanted to share my results of the brown sugar scrub for the face. I almost forgot about how powerful this facial is, I did adjust mine by adding 1 tsp. dark buckwheat honey, 1 tbsp brown sugar, himalayan sea salt or you can use any organic sea salt, & a 1/2 tsp of spring water to form a nice liquid paste. Apply liberally to face & neck. I left it on approx. 20 min, and before washing off completely- gave a gentle scrub all over the face, not too rough.. Then wash w/lukewarm water and pat dry. The end results are stunning, its the best natural exfolialtion to remove dead skin cells. The only other item I put on is grapeseed oil-what a combo! But don't overdo it, exfoliate only 2x a week or even once a week to give your skin time to rejuvenate. I wish all the best and good luck.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Posted by Relish (Mumbai, India) on 07/01/2011

Hi I am looking for Brown Sugar Face mask recipe but unable to find it through the search Engine. Has it been deleted? Can someone share it? Thanks a lot.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Posted by Tavora (Brooklyn, NY) on 06/17/2009

Just wanted to thank the person who created/came up with the brown sugar facial scrub (not the one with glycerin)! I tried it last night and this morning and literally - right after rinsing my skin - I was glowing! I looked ten years younger! No kidding! (I'm 30) Because all my focus has been geared towards resolving all my other health issues - my skin care regimen has taken a back seat. I'm so glad I decided to try this. I also plan to use this scrub as an all over body treatment. It's amazing how a recipe this simple could produce such incredible results! No more overpriced and chemically saturated products for me!!! My skin hasn't looked this good since I was 18!!

Thank you again! :0)

Replied by Samina
(Birmingham, Uk)

hi, i just wanted to know how to make the brown sugar scrub for the facial? i suffer from eczema and have started the oil pulling yesterday, i tried the ACV but that tastes horrible.

Replied by Nina

Dear Travora, Could you please share the brown sugar facial scrub with us? Thanks in advance.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Posted by Cheryl (Denver, CO) on 01/31/2007

Years ago a plastic surgeon friend told me that I should use an exfoliant like the brown sugar shown on this site and then put vegetable lard (Crisco) on my face, hands and feet three times a week. It is an all natural moisturizer. I am 46 and look much younger than my age. It works.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Posted by Alexis (NY) on 11/03/2006

A few years ago my cousin and i were talking about skin care. I always had clear skin and always got compliments on it. A few years ago though, my skin started to change. It wasn't glowing, and i was getting more and more blackheads, on my forehead, around my mouth, and of course, my nose. My cousin had given me the recipe of this great at home exfoliator she got from a friend. Cream facial cleanser, like dove, mixed with a good amount of white household sugar. After you mix these 2 ingredients together wet face and scrub for 3-4 minutes. Pat Dry, and then apply clear tape all over entire face (this will take off all the dead skin cells you just scrubbed off!). Peel tape off, you will see all the dead skin cells, it's amazing...follow this up with a good facial moisturizer. I do this regimen twice a week, it works amazing! This regimen cured my blackhead and brought the glow back to my skin.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Posted by Jen (San Diego) on 10/28/2006

I've had stubborn oily, break out skin issues. I have stopped using expensive creams and cleansers on my skin. I have been using a sugar scrub to exfoliate and salt to banish the acne. Never has my skin looked so fresh.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Posted by M (Cincinnati OH) on 03/02/2006

I tried the one about making your face feel so soft and smooth by using the brown sugar and honey and ACV and it feels so Wonderful. I have a question about what kind of ACV the kind you buy in a bottle at the grocery store for using for energy and weight loss or is there another kind recommended?

Replied by Royce
(Milburn, Oklahoma)

To answer a question for M from cincinnati Oh, I have to name a product name. I have only found one type of apple cider vinegar that matches ted description of the real thing it contains the mother and when it burns it leaves the ash, it looks like dirty water and if you held it uo to the sun light in a clear jar its cloudy, you need to shake it up before each use it is not distilled and pretty and red it is organic and natural. it is called _____ apple cider vinegar. it is very strong so dont use too much make sure to buffer it with the b soda because if your body does not contain enough alkalizing minerals or bicarbonates you may make your symptoms worse.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Posted by Anelisa (Mesa , AZ) on 11/21/2005

Brown Sugar face and body scrub:a brown sugar face scrub gives me a wonderful glow and everything you need to make it is in your kitchen. this first recipe is for the face scrub. one fourth of a cup of brown sugar, one tablespoon of honey, and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mix well apply it to the face and gently scrub in circular motions, my friends say "it's like micro dermabrasion for no cost". Also since the holidays are coming up make a bigger batch and add a tea spoon of "pumpkin pie spice" to the mixture it's all natural and it makes a lovely yummy holiday body scrub and you'll be glowing smelling sweet and ready for all those christmas events you may not even need to apply perfume.

Replied by Hannah
(London, Kent)

Hey thanks for the suggestion. I just used a mix of cane sugar, little of the honey, an added ground almond and acv, and carefully used it on my face. As I was using it, I really felt there was something different here to the typical 'face masks' you buy in the shops. The results were immediate and im amazed! My skins smoother, the large pores on on and around my nose have almost gone and even the dark circles around my eyes have lifted! Thank god I found this recipe!

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Is regular light brown sugar fine, like the kind that you can pack into a measuring cup? or do I need the type with the large granules like turbinado brown sugar?