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Posted by Lori Mchenry (Burbank, CA) on 12/03/2008

After cleansing your face, put egg whites on the face. It may seem gooey and gross but after it dries you take it off by gently patting the face with a damp towel and the skin is dramatically softer.

Replied by Lisa
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

How often can you use the egg white?

Replied by Kc13
(Newtown, Ct)

Egg whites are incredible for your skin! (mind you don't have a food allergy to them)
Apply to your face and neck at night (dries pretty fast) and wash off in the AM. For daytime use, Mix the egg white with a little water. It's clear and dries without flaking. Best beauty tip from grandma EVER! :)

Eliminate Chemicals

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Posted by Linda (York County, Maine) on 06/10/2010

I stopped using fluoride toothpaste and changed to an aluminum-free deoderant last year and my skin problems have improved dramatically!

Eliminate Chemicals
Posted by Jackie (grand rapids, minnesota) on 01/28/2008

Since introduced to this site, i have eliminated chemicals wherever possible. first, i stopped all anti-aging products on face and got rid of fluoride toothpaste. i cleanse with bkg soda and use jaboba oil or vegetable gycerine with drop of essential oil for moisturizer sometimes castor oil around the eyes.use minimal amt of non animal tested pressed powder blush and eyeliner. i indeed look younger and soft and my eyesight has improved. i think the antiaging products might be absorbed into the eye itself or into the blood vessels. any thoughts on this? my skin is much better.

Eliminate Chemicals
Posted by Linda (Fremont, NE) on 10/25/2007

I just had lunch with my best friend who is 65, I am 48 and her skin looks younger than mine!! :( I asked her what her skin care regimen involved, and this is it. She doesn't wear any makeup what so ever, believe me she doesn't need to; she has great skin. She said she'd be embarrassed to tell most people this, but she only washes her face about every 3-4 days. And she does it in the shower. She uses a wash cloth and puts her face under real warm water and gently scrubs in upward motions a few minutes and that's it. No cleansers, no lotions, nothing. She said that the less you mess with your skin, the better it is. If you think about it, it's probably worse having the cosmetics on our skin 16 hours a day, than it is to go 3-4 days without washing a face with NO cosmetics, considering all the toxic stuff in cosmetics and cleansers that we use. When I think back to my younger days on the farm, I only washed my face a few times a week and had beautiful skin. It wasn't until I started wearing cosmetics and over washing it that I started having problems with it. Something to think about!!!

Eliminate Chemicals
Posted by Marie (Cleveland, OH) on 03/21/2007

I would like to share a web site I found VERY interesting. It is the - Environmental Working Group.
I was trying to find a more natural facial moisturizer (our skin is porous) and ran across this site. It is amazing what chemicals cosmetic companies have in their products. I have shared this site with those who are not too sure about going a little bit more in harmony with nature. I thought some of you may like to share too. Also in this site you can read about pesticide levels in your average fruit, vegetables, seafood's, etc. Just a lot of eye opening information in this site. Earth Clinic is the best!

Replied by Jessie
(Columbus, Ohio)

Hi, Marie from Cleveland, OH: I totally agree with you!! This Earthclinic site is awesome... I also have been doing lots of research on natural and organic hair products lately since I noticed that my beautiful long dark hair started falling out little bit. It still looks nice and thick, but I am determined to control the future of hair in my own hand. During the research, I was absolutely shocked to find out what's in our shampoo, skin care and other products...I threw away all my old shampoo and facial cleaner. I started using organic hair products from Morocco Method, Miessence, & Terressentials, and facial products from Organic Pharmacy. I also started taking organic Blackstrap Molasses and apple cider vinegar as mentioned in my last posting...I can't wait to apply more "secrets" that I found in this site to my life! :o) Keep up the good work, Earthclinic!!!!

Emu and Primrose Oil Moisturizers

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Posted by Stella (USA)

I moved to Arizona 6 yrs ago and due to dry, low humidity, I saw after a year my face looked very dry, rough looking. I do not smoke or drink anything but water. But still it looked bad so I went to the health food store and bought Emu Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. I started to use Emu Oil, then tried Evening Primrose Oil. They both work excellently on my face. I use one or the other whatever is in stock at the store. My husband said he could see a big difference right away. My skin looks younger and has a beautiful glow. I'm 44 yrs old and people think I'm in my late 20's. That's something to smile about.

Replied by Matt

Hi Stella, Thanks for the advice. I prefer primrose oil because emus are killed for their oil.

Enlarged Pores

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 11/28/2011


After many years assuming I just had large pores naturally, I decided to surf the web looking for a natural solution.

I found a lot of people looking for a way to close the large pores. Other websites advised to first open the pores by exfoliation, hot water scrub, etc. and later seal them with cold water, lemon or any other trick.

What I have found thru trial and error is both were right and wrong in some way. If you try to close your pores, using cold water, lemon, eggs whites etc what you are doing is contributing to make them larger.

So I started experimenting. I did the traditional boiled water and towel experiment. Afterwards, I scrubbed with Baking soda, which is a wonderful cleanser I discovered here in Earthclinic. It helped the pores seemed clean but still very noticeable. My skin felt irritated. My skin was peeling but still the pores were large like craters.

I read somewhere in the web to massage really strong coconut oil. SO I started to massage it with both hands really hard. Little black hairs started to come out as I kept massaging. Things that no scrub or mask had dealt before.

I had seen in youtube a doctor explaining how the pore gets large cause it's closed and the sebum gets trapped in the skin making the pore large.

The coconut oil massaging irritated my skin but I decided to give it a few days since I was seeing the stuff coming out. It felt weird cause I wasn't feeling any pain or scrubbing but all those little black hairs were coming out.

I did this procedure 3 times a day, massaging around 10 minutes applying more oil when it got dry. But instead of applying cold water at the end I decided to rinse with hot water and leave my pores open. Pat dry with a towel and that's it. The first morning after massaging at night I woke up with the oiliest nose I've had in my life. I touched it and it felt as if I put a teaspoon of olive oil in my face. I went to the bathroom, cleaned with hot water and baking soda and once again used the coconut oil. To my surprise more black hairs were coming out. The night before I stopped massaging when no more stuff was coming out. So I started to realize all the mess that was going on beneath my skin. And I realized most people clean only the visible part of the skin using scrubs, etc.

So I kept washing with baking soda, massaging coconut oil and ending with hot water. Sunday I forgot to do it all together. Monday I went to the bathroom and washed my face with hot water, it was enough to get rid of some dead cells that leave space to a completely new and soft skin in my nose area. I never thought that I could get rid of those large pores and this fast. I got rid of all the large pores in my cheeks and nostrils I only have some in the tip of the nose but definitely smaller.

At noon, cleansed my skin with hot water just rubbing my fingers and at night I have massaged my skin with coconut oil . Again those litttle black hairs or whatever thay are came out. I spent my 10 minutes. I feel amazed to glide my fingers around my nose area and don't feel any pore.

I forgot to mention that I also took about 2 tbspons of coconut oil daily for 2 days. But I think the massaging is what made the difference.

So people don't focus on your outside skin, baking soda can do a good work removing sebum in the outside and cleaning the enlarged pores but if you really want to get rid of the large pores you need the stuff inside the folicle to come out. And I haven't found anything more effective and safer than coconut oil massaging.

I think some people just apply coconut oil as a moisturizer hoping for it to close the pores. Like I said your focus should not be to close the pores. Your focus should be keep them open for as many hours as you can. Always use hot water. When you do that all the stuff will come out in a matter of days and then the pore will naturally wrink. That's the way to go. The other way you will only make them look smaller temporarily but you are closing the pore which makes all that sebum stay inside the follicle and enlarge the pore further.

Replied by Coco
(Too Small Town, Ca)

I discovered this site a couple of months pago and it is changing my life, thank you Earth Clinic! I too have large pores and have spent lots of money in the cosmetic aisle with no positive results. But some negative... See I'm 39 and my face has oily skin, dry skin, large pores, whiteheads, pimples, moles, facial dark hair, occasional herpes, sun spots and white spots, acne scars, redness, a few wrinkles.... Name it, I have it. When I bought a product for a problem it made another problem worse.

Now thanks to EC, I have thrown everything out! I started washing my face with water and borax, scrub with baking soda, moisturize with coconut or castor oil. Huge improvements in the pimple, whitehead, redness area, sunspots are fading. My skin still feels a little dry and my pores still look huge, so I 'm going to use the coconut oil the way you do instead of a moisturizer. I'm so excited! What am I going to do with the $100 a month I am saving on cosmetic products? Thank you!

Replied by Beatrice
(Vancouver, Bc/canada)

Coco, to eliminate the dryness after use of borax and soda, use apple cider vinegar as a toner to counteract the alkalinity of those washing agents. (the smell of ACV will evaporate quickly). I do this only at night time to clean all the makeup, in the morning, just wash your face with water, so you do not disturb the PH of your skin unnecessarily. Helps with acne and blackheads. My ideal moisturizer is a combo of rose water, fresh lemon juice and vegetable glycerine. No need for oils or creams.

Replied by Kellie
(Syracuse, Ny, Us)

I hope to use this method to finally get rid of the blackheads on my nose and chin! I started today and got to about 15 minutes of massaging the coconut oil before I was bored and had to stop. No little black hairs came out of my face but I'm going to keep doing this every day in hopes that they will!

Essential Oils

Posted by Sister Of Wolves (Cork, Ireland) on 01/03/2011

I mixed 5 drops each of Cedarwood, Sandlewood and Vetiver ewssntial oils in 20 mls of carrier oil - I used organic olive oil as I was using the mixture within a couple of days. This closes and heals lesions in the skin. The oils are all high in sesquiterpenes:
Cedarwood 98%
Sandlewood 90%
Vetiver 97%
Mix thoroughly; always use a good quality carrier oil. Make sure the oils are skin quality. Massage in gently. Essential oils are very strong, a little is enough. Happy New Year To All Members Of Earth Clinic Family

God Bless You Always
Sister of Wolves


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Posted by Zoe (Toronto, Canada) on 10/31/2007

Just a fun and amazing way to keep your hands and feet 'berry smooth': combine 4-5 softer strawberries with 1/2 teaspooon of salt, and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Delicately mix the ingredients in a bowl, and then mush the strawberries in your hands or rub them thoroughly onto your feet. Simply rise off the excess mixture (without soap) when you are satisfied with your exfoliation.

Posted by John (Boston) on 02/25/2007

Keeping your skin soft and blemish free: My remedy is simply sea salt, a small bit of oil, and lavender. It keeps my skin very soft and my face free of blemishes, it also has a great smell and it also relaxes my muscles in my face.

Facial Beauty Oils/Moisturizer

Posted by Che (Roxas City, Philippines) on 04/01/2015

Hi everyone, I'm back with my new formulation recipe for beautiful skin. I've tried this for quite a long time and it's actually one from among my beautiful skin secrets. I've tried several combinations in the past but this one seems to be the best. It made the other heavy oils lighter and burning effects of some oils we're eliminated. It's lighter and smoother on the face. It is anti fungal, anti-bacterial, anti microbial. It's a very good moisturizer, it will make your face really glow.

I combined: 150ml castor oil, 150ml sunflower oil, 150ml VCO, 100ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of rosemary and Vitamin E. Try it and let me hear how this works in you.

Facial Exercises

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Posted by Jessica (Bavaria, Germany) on 06/18/2008

I found a really great site here:

EC: Someone sent us this link last week...

Facial Exercises
Posted by Rhonda (Providence, RI) on 06/11/2008 1 posts

Just found a great site with specific details on how to do facial exercises & the improvements you'll see over time.

EC: We were looking for something like this, thanks! Looks like a great site...

Replied by Lampardtroy
(Austin, Texas, United States)

Try some homemade remedies. They have awesome efforts to nourish skin. You can try like mixture of rose water and glycerin is effectual moisturizer. Use it daily. It will give better results.

Facial Exercises
Posted by Trish (Kansas City, MO) on 04/06/2008

Try doing facial exercises on a daily basis. I don't know if there are any good sites with an entire 'program' for free, but I recently purchased a program online for about $20.00 which includes exercises for forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles and bags under the eyes, droopy eyelids, the 'smile' line around the mouth, wrinkles around the lips, and 'turkey neck' sagging. I have done the exercises for two days now and can already notice a very slight difference in the forehead. I only have fine lines as I'm still a few years from turning 30, but I am definitely seeing a slight difference. The exercises, if done properly, work as the muscles in the face become stronger and more defined and start to 'push' the wrinkles out. The more defined muscles will soon start to lift sagging skin, such as over the eyes, giving your face a more youthful appearance. Some 'professionals' in skin care will tell you that the exercises will actually exagerate aging, but that's far from the truth. According to what I've read, if you have deep wrinkles, such as forehead lines, as the muscles becomes stronger it's actually going to sort of stretch out the wrinkles, making them appear wider. But they will eventually get 'pushed' out as the muscle grows and becomes more defined. I have also read that dabbing lemon juice around the eyes can reduce the look of lines and crow's feet. It may take a few weeks for visible results.

EC: Jack LaLane has been doing facial exercises for decades and at 93, he looks amazingly youthful. Check out YouTube for an interview filmed last year on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.


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Posted by Bobbe (NYC)

I get a facial whenever I can afford to. That's my secret to looking younger!

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