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Posted by Dove (Usa) on 01/26/2011

Oh-my, too much turmeric. As soon as I read the amounts, I thought, hoowhee, it should be more like a Tablespoon of honey and a Teaspoon of turmeric. Even with a teaspoon, it takes a bit of effort to get it all off, but a turmeric mask is definitely worth it. Just gotta remember, a little dab'll do Ya' ;)

I can't say whether the additional ingredients make it more inclined to stain the skin, but I will say it isn't necessary to doctor it up like that. Just the two simple ingredients, T/honey and t/turmeric make a wonderfully good mask.

Anti-Aging Remedies
Posted by Gaynor (Manaton, Devon Uk) on 09/28/2009

Hi Azg,

I have been suffering with acne rosacea -red face horrible acne break outs- for 18 months and I have been using a number of remedies to try to clear my skin- My husband said to me yesterday morning "Are you alright? You look pale."-- Yes I do look pale and I could not be happier- my long struggle to rid myself of this debilitating condition has paid off. I take ACV 3 x one tablespoon x three times a day with water. I use ACV topically about three times a day. Sometimes I follow this with a yoghurt face mask- I also use the Turmeric face mask about twice a week. I take turmeric in my breakfast apple with Yogurt ( I always grind a little balck pepper on the tumeric as this helps the body to absorb the it ). I have been using a mixture of a few drops of blackseed oil, neem oil and jojoba oil, triple strenth rosewater, colloidal silver and MSM before bed.

Plus in the last four days I started the Mini beet protocol which I think is responsible for getting rid of the spots on my face- as this was all that was left after all the above treatments- I had controlled the redness almost completly but now the spots have all but faded. The problem is it is hard to say what has done the trick. Using the minibeet protocol needs care because of detox effects - thus far I have had no problems. My skin is glowing, soft and smooth and no spots!!! I hope this helps- best of luck.

Anti-Aging Remedies
Posted by Azg (Toronto, On) on 09/27/2009

Thank you to Lita209 from Sanford who recommended I try the Turmeric Mask without Lemon Juice... I just did that and it came out great! I changed the mask up a little bit and I'll post that recipe as well... I did turn a tiny bit yellow, but rinsing well and toning with ACV on a cotton pad helped to remove the residual yellow tinge from my skin!

My skin feels taut and supple. My pores appear smaller, my skin is smoother and softer. If only someone had a remedy for helping fade the reddish/brownish spots that the pimples have left behind.

I have been drinking 2 tsp of ACV in 1 cup of water AT LEAST 3 x per day. My water intake has been about 8 cups of water every day. I've just added Vitamin C to my diet and am slowly building up to 3000mg... I want to get it up to 5000mg but don't want to do it suddenly as I've heard that can cause diarrhea. I've done this Turmeric Mask twice now, but plan to do one every day for the next little while to see if it can help my skin. I've also been toning my skin at least once a day with a mild ACV/Water combo on a cotton pad and it's been helping.

I discovered sage essential oil is really really nice for balancing the oils in my skin. You should premix about 3 drops of it in 5-10mL of a carrier oil (try Organic Coconut Oil or Organic Jojoba Oil). Be careful to not overdo it as it can dehydrate your skin... your skin should feel smooth and supple after you've applied the oil combo (as a moisturizer). If it feels rough you've overdone it with the Sage Oil, dilute the combo with some more Coconut/Jojoba Oil for the next time you moisturize..

I've been cooking with Turmeric for a long time now, as a long time ago I read that people in India have the lowest incidences of cancers and Alzheimer's Disease in the world and that a lot of people attribute it to Turmeric. I think I'll try drinking it with milk to see if I can increase Turmeric content in my day-to-day life...

Does anyone have any all natural at home remedies for helping to fade my acne spots (they're not really scars, just spots) internally and/or externally? THANKS!

Anti-Aging Remedies
Posted by Che (Roxas City, Philippines) on 07/26/2008

My skin suffered the tear and wear of using numerous brands of different brands of cosmetics til the combination of these different chemicals being used on these cosmetics, resulted to facial skin damages. Wrinkles, and the worst which made me embarrassed everytime when people got surprised to see the black spots on my face which i knew from prolong used of differrent chemicals. I have tried numerous products to get rid of it. Some will give me an effect of two weeks but afterward the damaged on my face becomes worst. My face dont seem to response to any cosmetic, the more cosmetics i used the worst it becomes so, i thought of experimenting on natural remedies.I have started making my own formula when i came across this site which made my research more valid. Every night, as i watched tv i massage VCO on my legs and arms it made my skin so soft @ flawless. When i wear skirt, people thought i have stockings on my legs.

For my face, 3x a week, i combined
1 tsp of molasses or
1 tsp of turmeric
1/2 tsp of oats

Make to a paste, splash face with warm water and gently massage the paste on your face. Let it stay 10-20minutes. Rinse it with warm water.

Then i toned my face with ACV, Hydrogen peroxide and water and moisturize my face with alternating VCO and grapeseed oil. Amazing it gradually whitened my face naturally, wrinkles free with less expenses. I am 49 yr old grandma with 3 grandchildren mistaken as more years younger than my age. Thanks to this site, it made me more creative combining the natural resources that are abundant in our country Philippines. By the way, i make my own VCO and sell to my friends also. I use VCO externally and internally as it is the cleanest and the cheapest oil on earth. I enjoy the benefit of a monolaurin found in VCO the same benefit found in a mothers milk. I rarely got sick as VCO is a natural antibiotic, that can get rid of viral @ bacterial lepid coated illnesses.Thanks to this heaven sent site and to the people who openly shares thier beneficial testimonies. God Bless Us All as we continue to spread and share the good news. Email me @ let me know how this works with you.