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Posted by Azg (Toronto, On) on 09/22/2009

So I thought I'd make a Turmeric Face Mask as I did some research and discovered it's great for toning oily skin and helping to clear up blemishes.

A little bit of background. I've pretty much had perfect skin my whole life. Then I had my son. He's now 2. Ever since I was pregnant I started having problem skin. It's gone up and down, but about 2 or 3 weeks ago it got really bad. It's mostly on my cheeks and there are a ton of tiny bumps and a few of the deep red puffy ones. It's driving me crazy.

I came across this site two days ago and I've been drinking 2 teaspoons of Raw, Unfiltered Organic ACV in 1 cup of water, three times a day. I feel energized! I read about people having reactions to the bad bacteria dying off, so I thought I'd combat it with some hydrated Bentonite in the morning on an empty stomach. So far, so good. (but I'm pretty healthy and I eat really healthy and have done mini-cleanses in the past on a fairly regular basis, so the "die off reactions" weren't really a concern for me). I'm also adding about 30 drops of an organic liver tonic (that's mostly Milk Thistle based) to a shot of water, 3 times a day. I think I'll start oil pulling next week too.

Anyway, I came across this thread here and thought I'd do a turmeric mask.

So I made my own and I'll give you reasons for each ingredient added:

2 tablespoons Turmeric (it's the active ingredient here right?)
1 teaspoon honey (it's in most Turmeric masks, plus it's a humectant - meaning it pulls moisture out of the air and into your's great for skin health)
1 teaspoon castor oil (it's a deep cleanser and slightly drying)
3 drops Sage Oil (it's great for oily skin)
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice (it's toning and tightening)
1 tablespoon of milk (to make a paste)

I put it on my freshly washed face and let it sit for 15 minutes. It tingled a little. Maybe it was the lemon juice? Maybe it was the copious amounts of turmeric?!?

I'm yellow. My face is yellow. I rinsed it off and everyone in the house had a good laugh at my expense. I'm like an Oompah Loompah...but yellow.

I applied a 50/50 ACV/Water combo to my face with cotton pads, twice. Both pads came away YELLOW. I rinsed with more water. I gently rubbed with a towel (more yellow came off). But I gave up... I don't want to overdo it with the exfoliation. I figure I can try to get some more of it off tomorrow morning.

I moisturized with a little organic jojoba oil and 1 drop of organic sage essential oil.

I did some thinking... I think the reason I turned yellow is because of the oils I added to the mask. The turmeric stains the oils yellow, which penetrate deeply into the skin and leave their yellow tinge behind.

So be warned. If you decide to do this turmeric mask, DON'T ADD OILS.

I will try this mask again in a few days but without the oils... I shall report back then.

In the meantime feel free to laugh at me. LOL. I am...

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Posted by Stephanie (East Grand Forks, Mn Usa) on 09/22/2009

I also tried putting on a "turmeric face mask" but I didn't add any oils and my face also turned yellow. My fingers were yellow as well as my pillow case. Maybe turmeric is better being ingested rather than applied topically.