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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Test for Mineral Imbalances

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Posted by Theskinclinician (Montreal, Canada) on 11/22/2016

I have been diagnosed with level 2 rosacea last summer and was devastated and in constant pain ( and itching)

As I am both a skin professional and naturopath, I did lots of research ( first on this site) and also using evidence based info and found a cure!!

I found that Rosacea is due to mineral imbalance in the body. To heal, one must either get a hair mineral analysis or jump straight to heavy metal detoxing ( internally) and helping with demodex mites ( who thrive from mineral imbalance...) on the outside with peroxide and borax.

I preferred using black castor oil as it helped with hyperpigmentation.

Good luck and would love to hear from you!!

Replied by Karen
(North Little Rock, Arkansas)

Asking about post that mentioned black castor oil...wanted to know if to be taken internally or applied on face. Thank you.

Replied by lee

i don't think anyone knows what causes rosacea. It's probably caused by a combination of things. I heard that if your liver is overloaded that it can't flush out toxins can be a cause.

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There is a possibility that one cause of rosacea is Demodex Mites as discussed here :



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Posted by Inasintz (California) on 05/05/2016 1 posts

Please, I need some help! Ok, so I'm 28/female and I ever since I was about, let's say 12, I always had a little bit of rosy cheeks, but NEVER inflamed no matter what I ate, maybe just a little extra red if the foods I ate were spicy, but nothing crazy. Well about 4 months ago, in the beginning of January, one morning I decided to make a smoothie, but this time I thought it would be a good idea to add a tablespoon of the spice turmeric. I drank it up, actually forced it down because it tasted so terrible, and later in the evening my right cheek was inflamed, so hot and red! I thought I was just having maybe an allergic reaction to the turmeric since that was the only thing I did different so I figured in time it would just get better. Well it did, so I thought, until one day I had a cup of coffee and after awhile my face, both cheeks this time, became completely inflamed, so red they were almost purple! I'm so sensitive to all spices now, coffee, tea, lemon even, I don't know what the turmeric did to me?:'( I'm thinking it's my liver, but I'm not sure. Please if you have any advice it would be very much appreciated.

Posted by Patricia (Minnesota) on 05/18/2014

I have had success with controlling the flare-up of Rosacea by taking three capsules of turmeric supplement, three capsules of ginger root, and 2 tsp of black seed cumin oil daily. I also apply the black seed cumin oil topically each night. I started this regime about two months ago and am pleased with the results. I am not sure if just one of these items can be credited with the improvement, but since I started doing these three things, the redness and sores have been reduced significantly, so I am continuing with this natural treatment.

Replied by Jen

Did you not find the black seed oil irritating, topically? I have rosacea and ocular rosacea and have found hot compresses fix the dry irritated eye issue, but not the rash. The only place I have any bumps are around my eyes...from mild to extreme, but they never go away. Everything irritates and inflames, save coconut and hemp oil, though nothing seems to consistently improve them. I just ordered black seed oil but am nervous about irritation, though can't wait to try it. I also need to get serious about the borax treatment...

Replied by Timh
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Jen: Try Cod Liver Oil

Posted by Pat (Athens, Al, Usa) on 05/13/2010

I'm interested in the effects of using turmeric for my skin problems. I have adult rosacea type acne and melesma. The acne seems to be the worst. I am fair skined so a topical use would make me yellow for sure. I bought some capsules but I'm not sure how many to take and how often I should take them to have any effect on my skin and I'm also wondering how long it might be before I might see any results - especially for the acne. Thank You.

Posted by Alexandra (Bay Area, California) on 12/03/2007

I began getting increased trouble with acne rosacea flares (this is quite a different condition from acne vulgaris/teenagers acne). The flares were happening despite my already taking fish oil and an antibiotic ointment from the dermatologist did not help much. Then, I read in the news that acne rosacea is caused by a build up of inflammatory by products in the skin.

At once, I thought of using turmeric. I mixed turmeric spice with water and dabbed it on my flare spots. I had to scrub hard to remove it next day as it stains the skin, but 3 days later, my flare spots were gone. I take 1 teaspoon of turmeric in water each day, internally.

Then, I had to have a dental procedure where they had to do a lot of digging around in the gum to install a temporary crown. I was told my gums would feel sore and to take some ibuprofen. Instead, I swirled turmeric in my mouth after brushing my teeth, letting it reach all my gums, then swallowed it. I did this every night for the next 3 weeks. I had no gum pain at all and when I returned to have the crown installed, the dentist was amazed at how healthy my gums were. I told him I'd used turmeric.

Warning---turmeric stains white cloth and clothing, and it will probably stain artificial dental implants and dentures. But if you have all your teeth and want something extra for healthy gums, turmeric is amazing stuff. may constipate in considerable dosages so if you have to use a lot of it, increase both fluid and fiber intake.

Vitamin A

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Posted by Macky (New Iberia, LA) on 01/20/2008

I had rosacea for about 1-1/2 - 2 years. A health food store worker told me to try 25,000units of Vitamin A. It cleared it up in about 1 week and never returned.

Replied by Jane
(Pawleys Island, Sc)

What type of vitamin A did you use please? I understand that there are two types, one from animal protein and one from plant (beta carotene). Thanks.


Beta carotene is not vitamin A, contrary to what many people think. This is the form in plants. It is the precursor to vitamin A. It is turned into vitamin A when you need it making it safer to take at higher doses, as extremely high doses of vitamin A can be toxic. However, more beta carotene is needed to make the equivalent amount of vitamin A. In addition, what can make vitamin A toxic is taking it without sufficient vitamin D as they work together.

Replied by Loretta
(Snellville, Ga)

Beta carotene is the preferred supplement for long term use. Your body will convert it to vit A. You can overdose on vit A over a period of time. I am presently taking vit A, because I did not know the difference. U take 25,000 IU 2x day. It is working for my rosacea, (along with 10 other things including baking soda in water 2x day), as well as helping my skin become smoother. when I use up this bottle, I will switch to beta carotene.

Replied by Daleh

For what its worth, beta carotene consistently causes major flareups for me with aggravated pustules, redness, etc. Strict avoidance of beta carotene will cause a bad flare to dry in within 3-5 days. Doesn't go away completely, but is much better. I wish it were not so, but for me, carrots, sweet potatoes, and esp carrot juice all start a bad flare within 24 hours. :(

Vitamin C and Lysine

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Posted by Kat (Santa Cruz, Ca) on 01/12/2017

I found this remedy for Rosacea on Earth Clinic and it has worked well for me. L-Lysine 3000 MG per day in divided doses on an empty stomach. Along with each divided dose take 1000 MG of vitamin C. I like Sodium Ascorbate. It's buffered and supposedly is absorbed easily, but any buffered form of C should be fine. My red bumps started to clear within 3 days. My cheeks have remained red, but the bumps were 95% gone after 1 week. I am also aware of food trigers. Mine seems to be eggs if I eat them for several days in a row.

Vitamin C and Lysine
Posted by George (Laguna Hills, Ca) on 01/04/2009

I have had a red rash on my face (rosea) that comes and goes for the past 25 or 30 years. Recently, it's become worse and even appeared to be infected. I had been using medicated creams, but that was not working anymore. I found a rosea cure on this site only last week using vitamin C and L-Lysine. It worked and my rash was gone in a few days. Rather than 4000 mg. of each a day, the dose i used was 1500 mg. vitamin C and 1500 mg. L-Lysine three times a day.

Replied by Nicky
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hi Are you still taking the Vit C and Lysine? Or did you stop after the Rocasea cleared? Thanks

Replied by Onyx
(Doha, Qatar)

Vitimin C worked wonders for my mild rosacea, sensitive skin and allergies. It was cleared in about a week or so. I can also confirm the amount I took was about 4000mg a day. After clearing it up I haven't been consistent in taking the vitamin C as regulary and only take about 2000mg when I remember to, overall it's kept the condition at bay but if I feel my skin getting sensitive again, I go back onto 4000 mg a day and it clears things up again.

Vitamin C and Lysine
Posted by Karen (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) on 12/26/2008

Lysine and Vitamin C cured rosacea in 2 days. I've had Rosacea for years. Whenever I quit drinking coffee my Rosacea will disappear in 7 days. However I have had a hard time quitting coffee. My face was sore and continually red.I don't have any noticable enlarged veins from Rosacea. I tried 4 grams each of Lysine and Vitamin C in one dose. Nothing happened. The next day I tried it in divided doses. It worked within 12 hours..Try it. Try a higher dose if this amount doesn't work. Vitamin C alone won't work.

Replied by Emily
(Martintown, Ontario)

I have Rosasea. Your treatment is not clear to me. How exactly do you apply the treatment with lysine and Vitamin C. (on the top of the face?)

EC: Taken internally, not applied to the skin...

Vitamin C and Lysine
Posted by Louise (Ocean Grove, Australia) on 09/18/2007

I have had broken capillaries on my face and neck since I was in my teens. Recently I read that broken capillaries anywhere on the body could be a sign of heart disease as they show that smaller capillaries in the body are under stress and possibly blocked with plaque. Since I have a family history of heart disease (mother, grandmother, grandfather and two great aunts) I started taking 6 grams of vitamin c and 3 grams of lysine daily. This is the basic Pauling protocol for the prevention of arteriosclerosis. It has been three weeks since I started taking this and the thread veins on my face and down near my ankles have nearly disappeared. Also my feet are warmer. Both of these supplements can be bought cheaply in bulk powder form, so for anyone who has a family history of heart disease or broken capillaries this may well be worth trying. For the record, I have taken large doses of vitamin c, complete with biovflavanoids and rutin, for years. The vitamin c by itself has never helped. It was only after I added the lysine that they virtually disappeared.

Replied by Julie
(Arlington, Ma)

Thanks so much for this information about Lysine and Vitamin C. I have alot of red facial flushing and broken capillaries. The laser treatments have not helped. I'm trying the vitamin C and Lysine now but curious about what form of Vitamin C and Lysine you take. I'm wondering if the Chewable Vitamin C tablets are irritating my skin. Are you taking chewable or a tablet? The Lysine I gound has garlic and other ingredients as well. I may return it and buy a tablet with just Lysine. At 49 I am wondering if the change in hormones is effecting the roscaea? I have also added Evening Primrose oil..

Replied by Karen
(Alpharetta, Ga.)

Sometimes I have taken quality tablets of estrogen when I had a flare-up of rosacea. The estrogen greatly reduces the flushing soon after I take it. Cutting coffee out altogether, also has nearly eradicted my rosacea and I before it started. Vitamin C and Lysine work too.

Vitamin D

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Posted by Pam (Santa Fe, New Mexico) on 05/16/2009

Rosacea and Vitamin D

Have had mild rosacea for a year with broken capillaries on checks. Condition worsened considerably this past winter with pustules within red swellings appearing on face and neck in new places almost daily. I wondered why my skin was calm, with no redness, when I got up in the morning. I read a blog about Vit. D helping rosacea. Hmmm, I took my 1000 IU of Vit. D at night; perhaps that was why my skin was calm in the a.m., I reasoned. I started taking 1000 IU Vit. D when I got up in the morning as well as before bed. I noticed significant positive results immediately. My skin is almost entirely cleared up in one week, even the broken capillaries and redness in the cheeks has subsided. But the best thing is that the oozing pores and pustules have almost completely ceased. I still have maybe one pustule appearing per day, but it's isolated, and not like before where a 1/4" round area of my skin became very red with numerous oozing pores and one pustule within that area that took several days to calm down. I can't believe how easy this was. I'd read that rosacea is worsened by sunlight, so during this past winter I wouldn't go outside without sunscreen and a hat. My rosacea got much worse during this time period. I think I just got low in Vit. D. I'm 58 so that lower ability to absorb Vit. D may be part of it, too.

Witch Hazel

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Posted by Karen (Alpharetta, Ga. USA) on 04/05/2009

If the skin on your face peels from Rosacea try dabbing the spots with witch hazel. It worked for me.


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Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, USA) on 01/30/2013 21 posts

Male, age 67. Rosacea, had red potmarks, red vessels on cheeks, other red marks and it was not good. Read in here about remedies and other places. Was reading what some women had done and they used diaper rash ointment. So I go and buy diaper rash ointment, the walmart brand and smear it on lightly on cheeks and forehead. Yes you will look silly, but hey, its just me. I suggest you put a towel on your pillow. So off to bed I go with this white paste on my face. I wake up the next morning in hopes Santa brought me a new face......... Wow, was I surprised....... A lot of the redness was gone, so for 3 more nights I did this and I am a happy camper and I still use it 2 times a week. Yes it did work for me and Im not trying to sell diaper rash ointment, lol. Note: I had tried some expensive stuff at another store and it makes my face more red, but not the diaper rash ointment which is mostly ZINC. I wash it off with a face soap.

I hope someone has the success I did.

Zinc Oxide

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Posted by Rob (Cape Hatteras, Nc) on 12/23/2018

I have been struggling for many years with rosacea or candidia on my face. I have been diagnosed by a dermatologists with rosacea. I struggle to keep it under control. I use a lot of my wife's foundation makeup to hide the redness. Two days ago we were at a Christmas gathering with friends and I ate and drank a few items off my normal diet. I know I have triggers that cause flare ups so I try to be aware of what I eat. At this party, I had some homemade salsa, white wine and homemade Chirstmas cookies( cooked with white sugar) . Everything else I consumed was on my normal diet. When I woke up the next morning and saw my face in the mirror, what I saw was unbelievable. It was the worst breakout I have ever had in the 10 plus years of managing this condition. I was devestated and did not leave the house.

My first thought was to get on earth clinic and look for new information that might help. After reading for a while, I got the courage to go buy a few items that people said had worked for them. When I got back home, I put ACV, diluted 50% with water on one side of my face, Tea Tree oil on my forehead and Diaper rash ointment with 13% zinc oxide on the other side of my face. I saw no change or maybe even worse with ACV and TTO. But the Diaper rash ointment seemed to be calming down the redness.

After about 6 hours with absolutley no change from the ACV and TTO, I coated my entire face with the diaper rash ointment. By the evening I coated my face again. I was actually seeing results! Before I went to bed, I coated my face again. When I woke up, I had amazing results! My face was better than before my breakout. For the second day of treatment, I applied very thin coats to my face. I even got my wife to apply it to my back which is very dry and has redness. Its too early to tell how my back will respond but I have a new face!!!

Please try Diaper rash white ointment with 13% zinc oxide. I am also going to start taking a zinc supplement.

Replied by joi

try the target brand diaper rash paste with 40% zinc oxide. very smooth and soft on the skin

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Dina (Forest Hills, New York) on 09/04/2011

I wanted to write in to thank Carol who posted about the Zinc Oxide. I recently started using this (actually it's my baby's diaper rash cream from Aveeno with 13% zinc oxide) and it's substantially helped with the rosacea. Thank you for finally helping me when the doctors couldn't! What a relief to get my face back. Anyone who thinks that their rosacea was caused by sun damage should try it.

Replied by Olddude
(Chattanooga, Tn, Usa)
21 posts

Ok, I was in Wal Mart and was reading different ingredients in Equate Diaper Rash Ointment, and it contains `13 percent Zinc Oxide. I tried olive oil, Vaseline mixture, but to no avail. Today I applied the zinc oxide product( diaper rash ointment ). In 8 hrs my face showed signs of healing and redness disappearing. I will continue using it for my rosacea. ( I have also used the homemade yogurt and honey mix and I will still use it, love the cold yogurt and honey mix, a real feel good feeling and it also clears redness, but the zinc was faster and it is healing my face.

I have read a lot on here on remedies for face skin problems and this site has me reading ingredients and learning the definitions of chemicals in our shampoos, face creams and so called factory made meds. Its a continuing education to say the least.

Inactive ingredients in Equate diaper rash ointment: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice( wow, now thats a mouth full, lol, beeswax, dimethicone, fragrance, magnesium sulfate, methylparaden, microcrystaline wax, ( another mouth full), plus 8 more 10 dollar words. I will not give a spelling test on the ingredients, because I can't spell them. I will google them and probably scare myself to death, but at least the rosacea will be gone, yea.

Replied by Frederick
(Hot Springs, Ar)

Ms Dina how long did you leave on thee diaper rash ointment and how many times a day did you apply it? Thank you kindly