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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Test for Mineral Imbalances
Posted by Theskinclinician (Montreal, Canada) on 11/22/2016
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I have been diagnosed with level 2 rosacea last summer and was devastated and in constant pain ( and itching)

As I am both a skin professional and naturopath, I did lots of research ( first on this site) and also using evidence based info and found a cure!!

I found that Rosacea is due to mineral imbalance in the body. To heal, one must either get a hair mineral analysis or jump straight to heavy metal detoxing ( internally) and helping with demodex mites ( who thrive from mineral imbalance...) on the outside with peroxide and borax.

I preferred using black castor oil as it helped with hyperpigmentation.

Good luck and would love to hear from you!!