Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Fren (London, UK) on 11/19/2008

I have been using 100%TTO with cotton bud [burns] or directly with hand massage, for 31days now, on my mild pustular ROSACEA-face and 50/50with olive oil on eye scrub for swallen eyelid and cappilaries on ezelids and in both eyes[I had demodex dandruffs between eyelashes now just swallen eyelids and cappilaries] and on my tiny pound big ECZEMA on my left trunk site [which appeared now and then since I was putting LOCACID on my face[cont. bit corticoid]year ago].

My face has improved a bit, but red pustular pimples still keep coming [NOT SURE IF PIMPLES EQUAL DEATH of DEMODEX or the fact the TTO IS NOT WORKING!????], just smaller and not so painfull, as well as redness still comes now and then.

But what weird thing ECZEMA got bigger{big red patch after shower, otherwise several brownish marks/dry eczema-rush] and keeps spreading in a form of red underskin sometimes very itchy rush, visible especially after shower, travelling from side to middle where it stays, and also little rush on the right side.

I keep putting 100%TTO all over it after shower, before bedtime, in the morning it is invisible apart of brownish ekzema patches on left or it is itchy until I put is not getting any better, but I am afraid to put any oil or cream so I am not feeding the DEMODEX???? or some other parazite. ...was spending past year mostly in the bed writing on something could develop around my lower back, I quess...and now visible thanks to TTO???

I would like to know if anyone has similar experience or if TED from B. would know what it could be and how to cure it...?
Also if there is anything else what I could take internally to kill DEMODEX -PARAYITES OF ALL SORTS[flaxseed oil I know, does not do anything for me unfortunatelly...]

Many thanks for any info and thanks for reading.