Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Posted by Patricia (Minnesota) on 05/18/2014

I have had success with controlling the flare-up of Rosacea by taking three capsules of turmeric supplement, three capsules of ginger root, and 2 tsp of black seed cumin oil daily. I also apply the black seed cumin oil topically each night. I started this regime about two months ago and am pleased with the results. I am not sure if just one of these items can be credited with the improvement, but since I started doing these three things, the redness and sores have been reduced significantly, so I am continuing with this natural treatment.

Posted by Alexandra (Bay Area, California) on 12/03/2007

I began getting increased trouble with acne rosacea flares (this is quite a different condition from acne vulgaris/teenagers acne). The flares were happening despite my already taking fish oil and an antibiotic ointment from the dermatologist did not help much. Then, I read in the news that acne rosacea is caused by a build up of inflammatory by products in the skin.

At once, I thought of using turmeric. I mixed turmeric spice with water and dabbed it on my flare spots. I had to scrub hard to remove it next day as it stains the skin, but 3 days later, my flare spots were gone. I take 1 teaspoon of turmeric in water each day, internally.

Then, I had to have a dental procedure where they had to do a lot of digging around in the gum to install a temporary crown. I was told my gums would feel sore and to take some ibuprofen. Instead, I swirled turmeric in my mouth after brushing my teeth, letting it reach all my gums, then swallowed it. I did this every night for the next 3 weeks. I had no gum pain at all and when I returned to have the crown installed, the dentist was amazed at how healthy my gums were. I told him I'd used turmeric.

Warning---turmeric stains white cloth and clothing, and it will probably stain artificial dental implants and dentures. But if you have all your teeth and want something extra for healthy gums, turmeric is amazing stuff. may constipate in considerable dosages so if you have to use a lot of it, increase both fluid and fiber intake.