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Posted by Sunsong (Mission, Canada) on 06/09/2009
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I would like to share with you my cure for Psoriasis. I had never had psoriasis until a few years ago when it broke out on the back of my scalp and quite severely on my left hand area inside the thumb and the palm of the hand. Anyone who has had psoriasis knows this is an extremely bad place to havce it!! I am also left handed so it became difficult to even write with a pen or do basic tasks.

I believe in natural medicines and it became an almost two year long journey to find the natural cure (for myself) and I'm hoping and praying it will work for others as well. I tried different natural topical treatments to no avail. And in a moment of clarity, realized that skin eruptions happen because of an imbalance 'within' the body.

First of all, i must stress that i was diligent about having my Vitamin D levels tested by my physician. I followed Dr. Mercolas advice on getting the correct vitamin D test and getting myself within the optimum range for good health. This took a few months. During that time i used a homemade cream with vitamin D drops on my hand. This helped, but did not cure the problem.

What truly made the difference was when i added in a very high quality omega 3 fish oil supplement. I vary between the capsules and the liquid high quality grade. Also, I use the recommended dose of 2 capsules daily or 1 tsp. liquid daily. If i take more than the recommended dose i feel imbalanced. Needless to say, one has to experiment with the correct dose as each person is unique biochemically.

The improvement in the psoriasis was startling. Within two months it was 98% gone, and it looks like it is never coming back. Since psorisis is a skin inflammation, and Vit D and omega fish oils are powerful anti-inflammatories, one can see why the remedy worked. I had used fish oils (omegas 3's) in the past, but had lapsed in taking them (stressful time in my life). I can see now how very important these two simple things are.

Also, I had a cat with a very serious allergy and skin problem. I started putting the Vit D drops (very tiny amounts) and fish oil in his food, and he cleared up almost completely. His condition was so serious that he would lose his hair and have bleeding crusty patches all over his body. Also, his nose would plug up so much he couldn't breathe. Now he is all clear and his dandruff is gone, he can breathe, and his fur feels like absolute SILK. All this with no pharma medicines.

So i gave it to my 3 elderly dogs....two german shepherds and a wolf hound. Huge improvement in their arthritis symptoms! Also, their fur and skin feel like absolute SILK.

Regarding the psoriasis and skin: i must mention that i use all natural soaps, dish soap and skin lotions. I also have a chemical free home (clean with baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils) Also, i wash my animals in a solution of borax and rinse them in clear water thoroughly. No chemical soaps or junk on their bodies!

I recently started adding a little Apple Cider Vinegar (the good organic kind with the mother in it) to my pets food. I only use tiny amounts, but they all seem to like it. I am trying this to see if it helps repel fleas, as I heard from elsewhere on Earth Clinic that his helps. We don't have a flea problem at all, but i'm hoping the ACV will keep it that way. (I also put garlic in their bone broth that they get).

I must mention again: the ACV i've been taking for a week dropped my blood pressure. I don't know if it has helped me lose weight because i don't use a scale. But i feel less bloated and more mentally perky. As with all things, i believe in consistency and in not overdoing. I only use the Earth Clinic recommendation of 2 tsp in 16 oz. water drank throughout the day. On some days i have ane extra glass because my body/mind is asking for it. I can hardly wait to see my doctor and give her the news that i lowered my blood pressure with such a simple thing.

May mother earth bless everyone who contributes their cures to this site!

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