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Dietary Changes
Posted by Bradshad (Rhode Island, US) on 04/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

After struggling with psoriasis for 35 years and also psoriatic arthritis for 10 years, I started out 4 years ago with the natural route. I went to 5 or 6 natural doctors. First was give up wheat and dairy. Did nothing to fix it. Next was acid/alkaline diet. Helped but not much. I did an allergy test and only ate acceptable foods I was not allergic to. Helped but not enough. I chased down Candida, leaky gut etc..etc.. I did the blood type diet. That helped a lot but I lost so much weight I was really limited on what I could eat.

So recently I went to a new naturopath. She said that Candida was just a symptom just like my other afflictions of a root problem. Made sense. Then I stumbled across Low stomach acid or hypochorydia. I went back to the best diet I believe which is proper food combining. I eat fruits for breakfast, carbs and veggies for lunch and the same for dinner or sometimes flesh and veggies. When I eat carbs or protein I take upwards of 8 to 10 hcl capsules to break the food down. I believe genetics had a play in this for I am a blood type a+ which they are born with low stomach acid.

It has been 2 to 3 weeks and my skin is drastically better. 90% of americans have low stomach acid. It causes just about every condition on this website. Follow the proper food combining, take hcl, vitamin u which is cabbage juice pills and stop chasing symptoms down. When food does not break down, it sits there and rots, causing all these problems. The liver and kidneys become taxed causing autointoxification, I believe is the term, which is like drinking booze all day. No good. I hope I helped someone today. It took me four long terrible years to get where I am at. I hope and pray and continue to eat right and get healthier day by day. Brad

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mikek (Cleveland, Ohio) on 12/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Yes I agree with complete dietary changes. I read the book psoriasis free in 30 days and it didn't take that long, but I didn't eat any meat either and that could have sped up the process even more. I hade relief in days and clear skin 95% in two weeks. Also many ailments that I had for 20 years disapeared also and my energy level was through the roof!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kay Ramos (Louisville, KY) on 04/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had Psoriasis for YEARS. The long and short of it was that I discovered that it is indeed (1) your body's inability to metabolize ANIMAL fat; and (2) processed/refined foods "gunking" up your system. If you are serious about getting rid of your Psoriasis, you can do what I did:

Stay away from red meats. I tested this. After eliminating red meats, dark meat (chicken/turkey legs and thighs) and processed and refined foods from my diet, it took about 2 months but my Psoriasis totally cleared up... totally. Anytime I would eat a nice big steak, I would have a flare up on either my legs or my arms. It wasn't a large flare up, but enough for me to realize that the red meat was not reacting well with my body. Now, having said this, we also have a better understanding now that what our cows and chickens are eating affects the constitution of their meat. Cows that are "grain fed", their meat contains certain compounds that makes their fat very unhealthy. That's why today we are seeing labels that say "grass fed". Somehow the grass affects the quality of the fat and the way that we are able to metabolize it. I have NOT tested this theory yet to see if the meat from cows that are ONLY GRASS FED will give my skin the same reaction. The same would go for chickens and turkeys. The way these animals are jam packed together like sardines and all the antibiotics they are fed and their horrible diets, I really think this also changes the composition of the fat in their meat. Just food for thought. However, to be safe, avoid red meat and dark meat or meats that are high in fat.

Stay away from pork! Pigs are the garbage collectors of the animal kingdom. Pigs will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING -- and do. They clean up the dead things. You truly ARE what you eat in this sense. Most people are not aware that pigs do not excrete toxins which means whatever they eat gets stored in their fat and then gets consumed by you. You will never look at bacon quite the same way again when you realize what is REALLY in that fat you're eating.

Next is to eliminate ALL dairy from your diet. This was very hard for me as I was raised on a farm and love dairy! However, what a change I noticed when I did. No butter, ice cream, milk, etc. I noticed STRONGLY that eggs are one of the WORST offenders. Almost as soon as I eat eggs I get a breakout.

Next eliminate processed, refined and "pre-fab" foods from your diet. No "white" anything. No white flour, sugar, rice. These foods are "empty" and do nothing but gunk up your system and cause things like yeast overgrowths and just all kinds of trouble, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.

No fried foods, no refined oils. This will also make your psoriasis go crazy. Any oil that you buy off your store shelves that does not say "cold pressed" has been processed and refined and is full of partially hydrogenated oils. Notice the labeling... they all say "0 grams of trans fat PER SERVING" and then notice what the serving size is. That means that the amount of trans fat is "negligible" to where they can list "0 grams of trans fats" so long as you don't exceed their serving size. States all around the country have banned and are in the process of banning partially hydrogenated oils from being served in restaurants, etc. There is a reason for this... they are toxic and poisonous... and will make you fat. The last thing I will say on this topic is this... they say '0 grams of trans fat per serving' and claim that they are following labeling laws and they are very misleading because the regular consumer is not aware of how they are being less than forthright. My question to the manufacturers is this... I have this batch of brownies that I have baked. I have ONLY added a little bit of dog crap in the mix... just enough that, if I use the guidelines of our labeling laws, I can put on my label "no dog crap" but then on the backside of my label, I will say "no dog crap PER SERVING". I would like to ask the manufacturers if they would like to eat my brownies?! Ha! I doubt they would.

I have said the above to make a point... if you do not look out for yourself, the FDA and the food manufacturers are NOT going to do it for you. Right now, as I am typing this, there are literally dozens of names for monosodium glutamate (MSG) another one of those nasty little ingredients that will make your psoriasis go off like the 4th of July and it can be found in nearly ALL pre-fab (pre-made) food, which is why you need to either avoid all pre-fab foods or educate yourself about what you're eating and become an avid label reader. :) There are websites that if you put in "names for MSG" they will tell you all the different names and what to look out for.

Also orange juice and tomatoes. Any overly acidic foods should be avoided. There are places on the web that list out which foods are acidic and you can avoid those.

I had Psoriasis for nearly 20 years and when I got really serious about finding out what was going on with my body, I was able to TOTALLY eradicate this "incurable disease". :)

Good Luck!