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Castor Oil
Posted by Paloma (Ithaca, Ny) on 12/14/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've had a small case of psoriasis for over fourteen years on one of my elbows. I tried various topical applications recommended by doctors, like OTC cortisone cream and another cream called Elocon which you can get only by prescription. Cortisone cream did nothing for me whatsoever; Elocon cleared up the legion temporarily but it would come right back when I stopped putting it on. I stopped using both creams because I did not like the chemical ingredients in them.

This winter I decided to change my face-washing method from regular facial cleanser to natural Oil Cleaning method using the mixture of castor oil and olive oil. The oil cleaning worked very nicely... But it turned out that there was an unexpected bonus effect on my psoriasis! Without giving much thought, I rubbed the oil mixture (with greater concentration of castor oil) on my elbow. The next day, when I looked at the elbow -- I was surprised to see the thing actually clearing up just as good as Elocon! Since then, I've only tried this for about a week and I haven't been very persistent in my application, just randomly putting things on whenever I remembered.. But I'm guessing if I continue this everyday perhaps it will really be gone completely. I read that castor oil is naturally antibacterial so I wonder if it played some role to clear up my small psoriasis. If anybody else share the same experience I'd like to know. I am posting this because I noticed there was no section for castor oil under the category of psoriasis.