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Posted by Mike (Plant City, Florida) on 12/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have used Diatomacious Earth in the yard to get rid of fleas. Tics and red ant. I have also fed it to my dog, a teaspoon a day for a few days, in his food, to get rid of worms. People eat this, although much more expensive from health food stores, for worm and parasite prevention. The pool DE will/can cause cancer. I buy DE also known as FFP at feed stores.

Replied by Stacy
Mulberry, Fl

Hi Mike I am from plant city and also use DE for parasites in my pets but I recently had a litter of puppies and was giving them a tsp daily for a month and then gave them a 3 day dose of panacea from vet because they still had hookworms and roundworms and 2 weeks after that 2 puppies died from hookworm infestation so I am not sure how that happened but just have fecal tests done to ensure they don't have worms.

Also they had coccidia which did not show up the first time and 2 weeks later it was really bad so I would not solely depend on DE anymore with puppies for sure.

Replied by Tarayani
Michigan, USA

Hi Stacy, I'm very sorry to hear about your puppies.

I tried DE with my cats, and it seemed to help temporarily for fleas (externally) but it didn't seem to have much of an effect on their worms when I put it in their food. What worked for me was CLOVES. I bought them whole, organic, and ground them up with a mortar and pestle, and mixed it in with their wet food. Not too much, because the taste is strong. It worked with both what I believe were roundworms and tapeworms. After a few days of feeding them cloves their bodies stopped twitching and they stopped looking underweight. My one kitten had barely grown for a few months, and now she's looking fuller and growing again. Don't know if cloves are okay for dogs, but if it works, you should be able to tell the difference in a few days.

Posted by Palma (Navarre, Florida, Usa) on 08/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

To ALL who have problems, and posted here for help.

I have purchased FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH for internal parasites (husband, myself, and two cats). And we also use it to "dust our carpets, beds, and even plants. It works by dehydrating the parasites, and works on most all types, including tapeworm. Besides killing parasites, it has good health benefits for humans & pets, and is safe for children. For adults: At bedtime take one heaping Teaspoon in 8oz warm water, then follow with another half glass water. For children and also for small pets dosage is 1/2 teaspoon in 8oz warm water followed by additional half glass of water. I would do this for 30-45 days. Tapeworms will often come out in pieces. Can sprinkle directly on pet's food and mix it up if they won't drink the water. The website I purchased from also sells a duster container which the DE can be poured into to easily dust beds (also kills bed bugs) and carpets. Dust lightly on carpets, as it can clog vacum if sprinkled too heavilyI would suggest a GOOD QUALITY intestinal/colon cleanse after 45 days, though not necessary. We purchased Dr Natura colon cleanse. A bit expensive, but very good.

As for the Diametrous Earth, we bought from Wolf Creek Ranch website. They also give detailed information on dosage and other uses. It has stopped my itching in areas of my body. Avoid getting it in eyes. Can also be lightly sprinkled on pets fur to kill fleas etc. I offer the two brand names as I know their quality, but there are other good ones out there, I am certain. DE MUST BE PURE FOOD GRADE.

Posted by Shawn (San Jose, Ca) on 11/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Tommy, a little known pest miracle is food grade Diatomaceous Earth you can buy it online, it's a natural supplement. My father has delt with parasites for years and has tried every remedy in the book and then some!! We are so excited for him, he started taking DE about 2 weeks ago and this is the first time he has had relief! DE flour is also excellent for your hair, skin, nails, bones, energy level, etc. It couldn't hurt, not to mention, it's cheap!!

Posted by Indianapolis (Indianapolis, In) on 11/29/2010
0 out of 5 stars

I tried diatomaceous earth for parasites and it made my feet swell.

Replied by Debra

I had the same problem with DE. I think it could be related, at least in my case, to not drinking enough water. When using DE you must drink plenty of water and avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks. Another thing is the DE must be good quality. I am a bit leery of the DE sold at the vet even though it says it's food grade I have read there are impurities in some of them.

Posted by Mhunt13104 (Carrollton, Tx ) on 08/26/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I use food grade diatomaceous earth to deworm all of my farm animals. It does a great job and yes you can see dead worms in the stool. The worms do not evacuate to other parts of the body, that information is false. The worms are killed on contact with the diatomaceous earth.

Posted by Robert (Martinez, Calif) on 03/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I treated candida with Monarda tea & frequency generator backed with infrared:ranges from 2.5-12.o cps.The person was medically confirmed to have extensive candida overgrowth.They were medically confirmed to be free of infection the next day.Regarding parasites: I occasionally use diatomaceous earth powder 1 tbsp. which acts as fine razor like blades & shreds the buggers. It will not harm the host. blessings.

Replied by Bennet
Philadelphia, Pa

Anyone used diatomaceous earth from this site with some significant improvement? If I don't get a response then I guess I'l be the guinea pig. I'll post improvements. I hope it shreds thread worms or whatever it is that I passed out like whole thread or black strand of hair. Thank you EC

Replied by Linda
Orange City, Florida
120 posts

Did you use the ditomaceous earth that you can get at the garden shop or did you order another kind,,,I have considered taking it but haven't ordered any,,I wanted to know can we use the one from the garden shop?? I hope you have good results

Replied by Dennie59
Stillwater, Oklahoma

I use diatomaceous earth for many things. You must use FOOD GRADE ONLY. You could make yourself sick using the wrong kind. Go to earth works. They have it. I sell it, or you can go to some horse tack shops that also sell feed, and buy it there. It will worm your animals and you. There are many testimonials out there for this amazing stuff. I use it on dogs, cats, horses, and myself, for many different things.

Replied by Fra
Mineral Wells, Texas, Usa

Dennie from Stillwater, OK. Wanted to find out how much DE you take and how long you have been taking it? What changes have you noticed?

Replied by Doomed
Washington, Dc

Please use food grade Diatomaceous Earth. I have used this substance and this is what happens:

(1) It will give you serious constipation if you don't consume an equal ratio of soluble fiber and drink lots of water with it.

(2) It will definitely scare the worms right out of your gut and into your other organs. Claims of one pooping tons of shredded worms are false. You probably won't see anything pass out of your bowels. It will simply eliminate the sensation of the worms slithering around in your colon because the worms will evacuate to other parts of your body.

(3) It's best to use this in conjunction with a proper diet ...vegan or vegetarian is best...and a diet free of sugar and lard.

(4) This will not cure anyone of parasites but it will manage the condition in your gut (only).

(5) A good holistic approach to managing round worm infection would be to ingest:

-Drink teas containing distilled water and avoid tap water altogether

-Drink original Green Tea daily

- Drink raw garlic tea daily....let a few pieces of raw garlic steep in hot water for about 15 minutes then drink it

-ingest Odorless Aged Garlic tablets daily

-ingest Black Walnut and Wormwood tincture daily

-Eat lots of green leafy raw vegetables (that have been properly washed!)

-ingest Goldenseal tea periodically

-ingest Fenugreek tea periodically

-Eat lots of plain yogurt daily

-DO NOT consume ANYTHING which contains sugar or sugar bi-products...This would include High Fructose items (Worms ADORE sugar and so does cancer)

-Step up your personal hygiene and make sure that you are not reinfecting yourself.... If you infect a housemate, your problem is compounded and they may or may not seek treatment too and your recovery will take that much longer

-Continue to educate yourself about legitimate treatments out there and follow them if you feel it will benefit you

Foremost and above all, please seek help from a physician. If you think your physician is an idiot, seek out the opinion of other physicians... Just don't stop trying to get your health needs met simply because some ass tells you that he or she cannot find anything wrong with you.

Good Luck!

Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I just wonder where I can get food grade diatomaceous earth in Canada? Thank you very much.

Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm still looking for the food grade diatomaceous earth for internal use. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I couldn't find by myself a store that sells it. I will appreciate the help of anybody. Thank you very much.

Replied by Robin
Huntington, Ny, Usa
4 out of 5 stars

Do a search on the internet-it is the only way I could find it. Buy a giant bag, because it stays and it is a fortune for shipping. We got it from a vendor through There are vendors that sell through and Amazon guarantees the authenticity (I think). Anyway, be sure to get FOOD GRADE-it is not the stuff at the pool store. Oh, and people say to put it on floors then vacuum it up in a few days. I had some nightmare trying to get it off of my floors! It broke our vacuum-don't bother. I have been taking it for the parasite problem (mystery) 3x a day in water w/crystal light and I feel much better. My problem, however, is nowhere near done. I am going to try a raw coconut cleanse and using coconut oil (not hydrogenated??) Make sure it is pure and unprocessed. Let me know how you do. Good Luck.

Replied by Lita209
Sanford, Fl, Usa

I bought my DE at a pets health food store. You may want to try that.

Replied by Spirit Bear
Minto, N.b Canada

I have had similiar results to diatomaceous earth with bentonite clay if anyone is unable to find it. The bentonite clay gives stomach relief not long after using it, but as was pointed out this only causes the parasites to move to other organs and they must be attacked relentlessly by using such things as green tea, garlic, cayenne, cloves, black walnut, nutrient rich food (especially greens), and anything else that has anti-parasitic properties... Apple cider vinegar and baking soda can help with detoxification, as well as vitamin c and magnesium. If candida is suspected to be present (oftentimes is) the mineral boron (borax) can be taken periodically. heavy metals are often present as well (causing low immune response to such critters), in which case citric acid (found in lemons/limes), soy lecithin, oil pulling, and cilantro work well.

Replied by Kay

Robin, How did the raw coconut cleanse work for you? How often and how much did you need to take? Did you also have to take something that makes you go to the bathroom a few hours afterward to flush everything out?

Replied by Feeling Better

Feeling much better after using diatomaceous earth only 3 days drinking 1tblsp w/water once at night. Haven't seen dead worms in my stools but have seen pet's dead critters in their feces. Why do some people say worms just move to other organs?? Doesn't DE kill parasites on contact? I bought my food grade DE at feed store locally. De food codex grade comes from PermaGuard mfg. At a small cost in 50 lb bags use it for myself, pets(topically as flea dust and mixed in food) great around house to prevent ants too. It is a white shell flour made from fossilized fresh water plant. Great natural product. Really want to know and am now worried do human and/or pet parasites just move to other organs in body?? Anyone really know?? Please post.

Replied by Terence
San Diego

They have it at most any good pet store or feed and grain that has horse supplies. You can order it online as well. If it's in the pet/feed/grain it's def food grade

Replied by Ashley
Bexhill, East Sussex

I've just seen a post in a group from a lady who is going blind from toxoplasmosis. She has had it for 60 years - untreated - and just found out it has eaten through to her lungs. Her daughter is also infected and losing her sight as well.

I came here to see if there is anything she can do!

Replied by Art
296 posts

In reply to Ashley (Bexhill, East Sussex),

Common things used to treat parasites are silver nanoparticles, diatomaceous earth and serrapeptase which have a fairly good safety profile for most people. There are others, but these three are fairly common and easy to get.I can't really phathom how some one goes 60 years without even attempting to treat a parasite like this. In any case she should discuss these three supplements with her doctor to see which ones, if any, the doctor would recommend for her Toxoplasmosis.

Given the length of this parasite infection, she may likely have some severe die off symptoms once she decideds to start killing it, so her doctor's supervision is a must!


Diatomaceous Earth, Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Nicole (Louisiana) on 08/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, at the end of May first of June I woke up one morning with horrible gas, diarrhea and bloating. Very embarrassing at work. I started, at that point, going to the bathroom 10-12 times a day for about a week (yes, I know it can cause severe dehydration, however, I made sure to compensate my loss with extra intake of fluids, I do not enjoy going to the doctor unless I have to, like I did as you read on), then it lessened to about 8 times and kept going down until about 4 weeks ago its between 3-5 times a day.

I did a lot of research on here and at my local health food store, talking to people and getting their feedback. Not really my favorite topic to chit chat about especially when we're talking about me.

6 weeks ago I started the ACV, Aloe Vera Juice, Papaya Juice, Grapefruit seed extract (the grape seed extract did not seem to help me with this issue, but I heard it was great for other things), trace minerals and OJ all mixed together and drank it every afternoon. I added to that mix, digestive enzymes and probiotics in the morning and evening. 2 weeks ago, I came down with what the doctors diagnosed as Colitis. My husband told me that there was a really bad stomach parasite going around, but it had'nt been linked to Louisiana yet. I looked it up and sure enough the time frame and symptoms were all the same. The doctors antibiotics helped with the pain after 4 days, but didn't help the diarrhea at all. So, I ordered DE from my healthfood store and started taking it last week when I was finished with my meds. I have noticed a huge difference in everything. Today was my first almost normal bowel movement. The bloating, the cramps and the need to go to the bathroom are not as bad. Now I am down to 3-4 times a day and feeling a whole lot better.

I started taking (FOOD GRADE) DE: 1/2 tsp. for 2 days, then 1 tsp for 2 days, then 2 tsp. for 2 days, next I will move up to 3 tsp for 2 days, then on to 1 tblsp. I will probably stay at 1 tblsp daily and increase if needed. I read on here that taking it all at once could cause issues so I decided to take it slowly to give my body time to adjust.

It's working for me. So, I will know later, but I think I may have had the parasite and not Colitis. Or maybe the parasite caused the Colitis? Not 100% sure, however, Time will tell me more and I will try and post an update in a couple of weeks.

I still take my other stuff too. I take my probiotic in the morning and the enzymes at night. I take my ACV, Grapefruit seed extract, trace minerals and DE with Sweet tea and honey for my drink at lunch. I take my aloe vera and papaya drink as a shot before bed at night every now and then. All in all, my energy level has increased substantially, I sleep great, my body does not hurt or feel as stiff as it usually does and I feel more comfortable.

I really hope that this post helps a lot of people and I hope that I was detailed enough for direction purposes. Again, I will try to do updates. Good Luck to ALL and many blessings :)

Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Marianne (Miami, Fl) on 03/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have dealt with parasites a large portion of my life. I am now fifty and for at least 30 years I remember having parasites. It has given me symptoms such as extreme itching of the body, headaches, night crawling, itching of the rectum, arthritis, flu like symptoms, allergies to foods and dust, etc..., a feeling of short circuit in the brain and so on.

I have tried many of the remedies mentioned above, except the zapper, and i want to share my experience that perhaps it will help someone. Dr.Hulda's remedy works, but be sure to buy more than one kit, because if you are very infested one kit may not make it and by the time you receive the next order the parasites have reproduced so fast that you will have to start all over again and wasted your time. Apple cider vinegar works only temporarily, when you take it, it produces a paralysis to the parasites so it will make you rest at night, but it will not get rid of parasites

FPP from freshwater organics does not work I took it for over 1 1/2 months

Garlic by itself does not work, I have taken up to 5 fresh cloves a day for up to a month and it does not work by itself,

Ginger by itself does not work, it does not work either as a combination with garlic, olive oil, orange juice, lemon juice and cayenne pepper which is a detox drink taken from Dr. Shultz book. This drink does not work for getting rid of parasites, but it is a great detoxifier otherwise, especially while your getting rid of parasites to remove all the toxins left over.

Vermix, a conventional medicine for parasitic treatment worked while on it, but as soon as I finished the medication they came back, so after a few weeks I tried again this time I bought 2 doses and did the cure for double the time, the parasites still came back at the end of the medicine.

What I have found to eliminate parasites is a totally organic diet, full of whole grains, beans, lots of vegetable, very little animal product. No dairies, no cooking with oils, no canned foods, no sugars, no refined products, no pork as you cannot kill the parasite found in pork, even by cooking the meat very well, no sodas, no alcohol...No products stored in plastics

In other words you need to eat alkaline, live foods, and very important water that has been filtered with a very good filter, the idea is to create a totally alkaline environment inside of you where parasite cannot live.

My education on this diet came from a book i read for the purpose of curing my husband of diabetes and it worked, it lowered his diabetes 10 to 20 points consistently every day until we took it from 330 to 120. This diet taught me that as long as your system is toxic and acidic it will cause an array of illnesses. Keeping a detoxified alkaline environment will keep most illnesses if not all at a distance.

The book i found to be helpful is Death To Diabetes, but even though it was written primarily for curing diabetes following the diet prescribed on it, is the most sensible thing for anyone tired of suffering with any ailment.

Hope this is helpful!

Replied by Patty
Houston, TX USA

To Marianne from Florida: What kind of parasites did you have? Just curious..abdominal, intestinal, what?

Replied by Changeswillcom7
Dallas, Texas, Usa

Read "the PH MIRACLE" by young & young. Balancing &maintaining proper PH levels in the body where parasites "may not" survive
& 100% personally - I would Never drink any form of vinegar. Highly acidic & will clean GROUT OFF YOUR TILE" and take surface off your floor tiles and wreck your granite clear surface! So why would I drink it? I worked for granite & tile shop for 2 yrs. Just saying - to me there is a better solution vs drinking Vinegar. After years of kidney stones, being under weight & other issues this year - I started reading. Kidney stone from May 2013 kicked my butt into reading reading reading. I changed my diet to alkaline. Drink Garden of Life RAW daily 2scoops. Drink 8.5 ph water from healthfood store from a very expensive water machine they have at store that truly cleans the water ( No more bottled water - I drink 1 gallon a day. I weigh 107 #s 5'4" today. May 2013 - 92#s I got down to due to years of kidney stones, caffeine, eating the sad American standard way. - no more

Magnesium citrate calm- helps me Now everyday since May. Chlorella SUN - metal -mercury Pills - on mnth#3 as well. Fresh -frozen organic peas & carrots & green beans & special magnesium soy tofu organic I eat. I eat lemons now raw-organic & I love cayenne pepper & I quit SUGAR & CAFFEINE 100% no no no junk food. & now after 3 months of healing (I am ready to do PARASITE CLEANSES PROPERLY to avoid more issues & been doing 3 mnths, now = reflexology on my feet, soaking is salt baths, taking cold showers & hot baths. Threw away ALL chemicals, makeup, shampoos, lotions, yes yes yes. Don't run lights in my apartment & I unplug appliances & only plug in when I need. Breakers off in my apartment. I have a Rabbit Air puffier. Water Water Water. Yet no water with meal. I wait an hour to drink after I eat food. Tart cherry juice for me good- yet I drink tiny amount after I wake. I cut fruit & sugars out of my grocery LIST! Be alert & clear thinking at grocery store. I do this because I am sick of being sick of being sick. Kidney stones forced me to work hard now & live & eat & think properly & good vs living miserable & in pain & depressed & weak & low energy FOR YEARS!!!! 1986-2013. Peace & best wishes to all P.S. I recommend as well AYURVEDIC FOR COMPLETE HEALING OF BODY&MIND - will change anyones life who is willing. Thank you & I truly wish all Peace in their lives.

Replied by Ali

You are right that most vinegar is not great, but that's because generally it's Acetic acid. Cider vinegar as mentioned above is predominantly Malic acid which, unlike Acetic acid, becomes alkaline in the body.

Dietary Changes, Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Om (Hope, B.c. Canada) on 03/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For years I was sure to harbour parasites but no doctor visit or pharma meds produced a cure. So, I purchased Hulda's zapper and used it furiously to discover that on feeling kind of odd, I had removed also the good bacteria with that treatment. Since I knew that replenishing the gut with healthy flora it would take weeks if not months, I did not feel this was the solution at all. I have not used the zapper since.

Now I am working at removal of heavy metals as Ted advises and alkalizing the entire system with baking soda. I became vegan overnight after a scary experience with a dairy product and even previously being a strict vegetarian, by today's conditions and everything of questionable value what food and living is concerned, vegan diet is sofar the safest way to go. Still a lot of vigilance is required as we live in the age of disinformation. Everybody's input is highly appreciated and it is good to know how people help each other.

Years ago I used colloidal silver water which I still find very effective in addition to other things. I had an incredible experience where on drinking about four ounces of cs, a parasite in my gut below the liver straightened itself into a stiff stick across the gut till the gut seemed to rupture. They also seem to panic on contact with cs. I told this to a doctor who ignored me and said it could be a transferred pain, let's do a test. He must have thought I was loony. I am off doctors and doctor myself. Period. That's only part of the story. Good luck to everybody and empower yourself, trust yourself and be free. Om

Dr. Hulda Clark's Formula for Pinworms  

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Posted by Gabriela (Pahoa, Hawaii) on 02/24/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I believe, that many people might not be aware that they are suffering from parasites. I had terrible gas for about 1 year and treated myself with all kinds of stuff. It took me long, it was very expensive. It finally took one worm to be actually seen for me to become aware. It seems people with the urge to constantly eat ( I had that and thought it psychological - but it seems the parasites are doing this to you) and with digestion problems should start the parasite program. There is nothing loose and everything to win.

I have copied the link of a book. I don't have time right now to copy the remedy. It is from Hulda Clark's book: "The cure of all diseases". People can look up this book on the net here:

And there they have to go to the chapter: "Herbal parasite killing program"

It consists of 3 medicines: Wormood, Black Walnut Hull tincture and cloves powder (made fresh from whole cloves in your coffee grinder, this is crucial as this is killing the eggs). Don't buy powder. It's never fresh enough. You need to put the powder in capsules.

You can put this on your site. I feel really comfortable now with it. I can say, it works, as since I am taking this, I am symptom free, as well as my husband. I can sleep again, our appetite is strongly reduced. We have our life back. With these parasites, you get so exhausted just trying to disinfect your whole house and have to wash everything constantly (ridiculous and impossible anyway!).

She also advises to keep a maintenance program in killing parasites as they are bound to reinfect you. (I can agree to that, all my drugs didn't work at all.)

So, as I said, I hope this helps and you might increase awareness about parasites this way. You could put this post under "pinworms" and "parasites".

The items can be bought online at the DrClarkstore. This is crucial as the black Walnut Hull tincture must be from fresh green hulls and the liquid therefore should be green. If it is from old hulls and black, then it doesn't have the strength to fight the parasites.

Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi everybody, I just wonder if the zapper is really dangerous for health? Does anybody have evidence of the side effects of the zapper to the health? I'm asking this question because I want to give it a try. Thank you very much.

Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Still no answers about the side effect from the zapper? My grandfather who is 98 years old now was tortured by The French army using a high electric current on his both ears during the Algerian revolution in 1954 when he was 22 years old and he never had any problems after that except the pain during the torture. He is healthy like a young guy. So if a huge electric current used in the torture rooms had no side effect in my grandfather's health, I don't think a small zapper will be dangerous. I appreciate any information regarding the side effect of the zapper. Thank you very much.

Replied by Tee
Chicago, Il

Well I'll tell a little about my experience with the zapper. I bought the terminator II from Don Croft, it uses a low current. I bought it for, I guess a quick fix because it said while using it candida symptoms quickly disappear. I have been using it for almost two months and the only thing I really noticed was better sleep and waking up more refreshed. Then again I'm only 21 with no real serious health concerns so that's all I can say. I don't really have anything bad to say about it.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I have read about Hulda Clark and the zapper on Amazon but I don't know much about it. No idea whether it is worth buying or making one? Maybe someone might give us more information! I consider buying the book.

Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk

You're in luck! You can read the book for free, at your own pace, right on here. No need to sign in:

Use the Next Page Down black arrow at the bottom to go to Page i, where there's the Chapter starting Page 19 about the Zapper & how to build. Further on it lists every condition, disease, and malady it's used for, dozens of them!

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny

Hulda Clark did die of cancer, so I would put my energy into other more sound remedies.

Replied by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca Usa

Hello! I am going to put my 2 cents into this: whomever wants to get a zapper should go on youtube to check on Bob Beck protocol and listen carefully to his presentation. The first time, I met Bob Beck in the late 70 for a presentation of a very simple device that was the size of a walkman: it was a bio feedback who worked perfectly well for years until somebody stole it from me to my great regret. At the time Dr (yes he had that title but not in medicine and I didn't hear him using it) Bob Beck told us that after successful tests done in Berkeley or San Francisco with Dr Kamiya. They decided to GIVE the blue print to the public. And for those who were not mechanically savvy, he built a few on his kitchen table to sell for a ridiculously reasonable price. That's the one I bought, I think it was like 50 bucks. All the devices that he invented he tested on himself. Later, I met him for other presentations several other times when he was working on his other inventions including his zapper. Now I have to tell you, he was a big man, overweight at the beginning and for several years because of bad knees he used an electrical wheel chair to move around. Well, when he presented his "zapper", blood electrifier and protocol he had lost most of his excess weight and was walking! He still had problem with his cartilage in his knees but his hair was less gray and he was looking younger than 20 years earlier: he did use his invention on himself! True to himself he GAVE the blueprint for all to copy and use. In the U. S and in Germany there are manufacturers of his inventions. I plan to get the German one because of it small size and convenience of use but, it is really pricey, around 400 in dollars. Hoping that this long post didn't try your patience and gave you the incentive to check for yourself. Peace!

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa

Hi Rob, I don't know what to make of some of your comments on here, but I would just like to say that if you research, you will find that there are MEDICAL DOCTORS that die from what they treat also. Like heart medical doctors that die from heart disease and cancer doctors that die of cancer. One thing that is for sure, we will all die someday of something. What it is will be determined. Anything you read you will find conflicting information on. Maybe Ms. Clark did die of cancer. So now she is labeled a Quack. So are the cancer doctors that have died of cancer, also quacks?

My belief is that if cancer is genetic, you are doomed anyway, But and this is a big but, if it is from toxic overload as alot of todays cancer are, then there are natural remedies that may cure these cancers. I am not trying to be ugly to you, I am just stating my opinion as I am sure you are.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

Point taken... Though I will refer you to wiki, so you can evaluate for yourself:

Time is of essence when one is battling cancer, & for one to sell/profit from unsound claims is beyond objectionable. Having lost a loved one recently to cancer where certain natural therapies had no effect at all, I am of the opinion that one needs not close themselves off to possibilities but research them with much more vigor... & in doing so if the evidence is still shaky and unsound then one should put this energy elsewhere. BOTH the medical establishment & natural medicine field are filled with self profiteers. Still if you feel her evidence is sound please point me to some REAL studies of REAL people who were properly diagnosed and cured from her Zapper. I am always open to proper reason.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny

I would also like to add that the cancer doctors you mentioned that died of cancer didn't make claims such as: "The Cure For All Advanced Cancers". Think about this for a moment... She profited greatly from these claims... Did she have the cure for all advanced cancers? If you make these claims and they are not true then are you deserving of the title "Quack"?

Is there any truth to what she says... Maybe.. Perhaps some parasites can cause cancer.. Perhaps some voltage applied to the body can kill viruses.... A cure for all? Definitely not... She profited from false hopes & that is objectionable!

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa

Fair enough Rob, I can see where you are coming from. I was never trying to be mean about it, but the quack watch people say that chiropractors are quacks also and I know for a fact, that I have seen people crippled with pain get up and walk out straight. My dad was one of them, this after he went to a medical doctor that just gave him pain pills and antibiotics, because he thought it was his kidneys. This is why we have super bugs floating around now, medical doctors over prescribing antibiotics.

Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi Rob, You are right about the false claims. I just gave a look about how much money did Dr Hulda Clark make is incredible. There is also alot of AIDS patients almost died from her remedies and false claims. The other reason I believe that Dr Hulda Clark was a charlatan because of the zapper which was invented by Dr Bob Beck and gained success with Hulda Clark marketing. Me I'm in the middle, I believe that some pharmaceutical drugs are extremely important as well as some holistic approach. However, just recently I read a scientific article from a Polish University where it says that Zapping kills Candida in vitro. And that's why I asked if any body used the Zapper against Fungus infection. As I did mention before Candida doesn't have any cellulose membrane and yet a lot of companies are selling enzymes claimed to destroy the cellulose of Candida. Also, I'm very skeptical about the Alkaline theory because there is 0 proof that the blood can become alkaline. It's just a myth but people do believe in those myths. The Blood PH can not change more that 7. 4. Any change means death ( Alkaline or acidic).

Replied by Septemberamyx
Marysville, California, USA

Labes from Toronto you don't know what you are talking about. I'm a former Neonatal ICU RN and I've seem some incredible blood pH values, 7.1 to 7.8, and the kids are still alive. It's not an automatic death.

Also, when people are referring to pH, they are referring to urine pH which they catch on their second urine of the day. There's a posting above that reports when they first checked their urine it was 5.5pH. They track urine pH while they take Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda to normalize their urine pH, which seems to be effective for the purpose.

Replied by Clare
Los Angeles

I made a zapper from Hulda Clark's directions in her book. I don't know if it ever worked, but eventually I bought one from Clark, and I could actually FEEL the current. I have "chronic fatigue syndrome" (who knows what's really wrong with me! ) and it has helped enormously. Every time I feel myself getting a cold (they last for months for me), I Zap. I am much better now. I haven't had a respiratory infection for over a year! That zapper died (I used it for probably 5 years or so) and got a new different one that someone on this site mentioned. It was only $100, but I can not feel the current, so I often wonder if it works or not. Anyway.... I swear by zappers. Only trouble is some of them only work on organs, some on the bloodstream.. Do your research. They also have zappers that can take preprogrammed flashdrive like things for specific ailments. I gize zappers a thumbs up! Just google zappers.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskchewan,

Did you see physical proof that it killed the worms? Sorry, don't mean to be gross but I have been really interested in zappers for quite some time but have yet to buy one. Thanks

Replied by Oregano
On, Canada

Dear Mary, Ppinworms can be controled easily by fresh garlic. The problem with pinworms is that they can be a vector to Dientamoeba. fragilis that can causes Dientaoebiasis which is a very bad disease, usually mistaken for Crohn's disease or IBS or Colitis.

2 g of secnidazol or 1500 mg of humatin can work better.

If the above doesn't work, contact me for more stubborn cases at: [email protected] All the best.

Replied by Rnzme

I have the Hulda Clark Zapper. I also followed the HC parasite protocol, but it was too strong for me and I had to decrease the amount of pills I was taking. Here's what I know about the zapper. I had radiation for cancer eight years ago. My stomach was so bloated after that, and my doctor said I had yeast. She gave me Diflucan one tab every week for seven years. It helped a little but I kept getting more and more bloated. I found that Not only did I have yeast but I had all kinds of parasites . When I went in search of a cure I found Hulda Clark among others. If you zap daily as in her book your bloating will go away after three or four days. That was all the proof I needed. If I feel better that's good enough for me. I am on a 4 drop per hour MMS protocol for COPD. The MMS doesn't kill the parasites. Only a few types. The HC routine with Walnut Hull, Wormwood and Clove works and is the ingredients in most other brand parasite cleanses. I guess you have all forgotten that we use electric shock therapy on psychiatric patients that are depressed in this country. Google it and you will see yet. Using the zapper is no more than sticking your tongue to a 9 V battery as we all did as children. It is safe. Blessings to all in our joint crusade for health!!

Replied by Carolyn

As to your copd. My husband has it, and last year was using the nebulizer more than once a day, plus the puffers. Couldn't do much of anything. Convinced him to have his silver fillings out: He is almost 100%. He takes his long term inhalers, and 5mg pred./day, but is outworking me.

Essential Oils  

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Posted by Anonymous (Byron Bay, NSW) on 07/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Fatigue, pain, digestive difficulties, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for about 14 years. Many alternative practitioners provided kind support & symptom relief but did not resolve the core problem. Recently I have worked up to and utilised mega and combo doses of homeopathy, larger doses of classic herbal remedy taken before bed so body can work on it while I am resting, GSE, organic coconut oil and above all doses internal and external of organic essential oils: cloves, cedarwood, peppermint, various citrus and ginger. Treated extensive brain infection with many bottles of essential oils applied externally, ginger will heal toxo plasmosis but I observed extreme reaction initially to lemon and sweet orange essential oils. Next morning large number of long worms passed. Regular, up to daily colon cleansing is essential or eggs will pass out and reinfect. Change sheets and towels and vacuum every couple of days, daily if possible to reduce reinfection risks. I had parasites coming out everywhere, including my eyes, I will spare you the details. Low zinc levels will hugely increase parasite load so you may want to get checked for deficiencies. Listen to the wisdom of your body and take charge of your situation, persevere and brace yourself, you can be free & well, best wishes and good health.

Replied by Olea Z.

Hi, I am happy to hear your results on this protocol, I am curious as to how much EO you were taking and which herbs too if you don't mind sharing, thanks

Replied by Elise
Victoria, Australia
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This stuff made me sicker than the giardia!!!


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Posted by James (Orlando, Fl) on 03/20/2009
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Urticaria and internal parasites:

After a trip into Mexico I developed a severe outbreak of measle like red spots on my body. A fecal examination revealed I was infested with 3 different amoebas: Coli, Hystolytica, and Blastocystis Hominis.

See descriptions here:

Three separate treatments with Flagyl cured the infestation. I do not know if it was one or a combination of the parasites which caused the outbreak but the red spots disappeared after treatment and have never returned.

Replied by Florie
San Francisco, California
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Flagyl is very very very bad stuff and should be avoided.

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
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Replied by Kristi
Nanaimo, Bc

Flagyl's other name is Metrondiazole. The chemical compound is not the same as flouride. Many drugs have multiple names, however you can't read into all of their names and assume that just because the beginning of the name is similar to an element that that is what it contain.

Replied by Someone In Nyc
Somewhere In Ny, Ny
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Flagyl saved my life. I had Giardia. After 3 courses of medication, Flagyl combined with Albendazole finally cleared it. I thank God for this medication. Yes, it was awful to take, should not be taken lightly and always under a doctor's supervision, alcohol definitely needs to be avoided while taking, and it does have nasty side effects. For me, the side effects passed and I was able to finally recover from the horrible nightmare of Giardia.

Replied by Me
Pdx, US

My friend suffered from, "chronic fatigue" (I believe that all illness have a cause and cure) for years . And new doctor found it was amoeba. They did an IV flagel for 10 days and was cured and I always lean towards a natural so if they had a natural equivalent what would it be?

Replied by Xan Adams
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There is also a chemical in goldenseal that functions much the same as Flagyl, for those who hate western medicine (a lot of which is based on pursuing the benefits of traditional effectiveness of such things as goldenseal and garlic.

Replied by E. Hystolitica

Do not mess around with E. Hystolytica as it is a very serious infection. I contracted this a year ago and was only put on Metronidazole by an intern who failed to prescribe luminal agents following a 10 day treatment to kill the cysts and they incubated and a year later I had a re-infestation and this time much more serious. I use all kinds of herbs in leaf and tincture form and have a very clean diet and take DE but these will not/do not kill amoebas.

If left untreated you can develop cirhosis of the liver and the amoeba can be active in the blood and penetrate the brain and lungs. Go to your Doctor and follow treatment with probiotics.

Replied by Art
296 posts

According to the following PubMed abstract, colloidal silver may be active against the E. Holistica parasite.


J Egypt Soc Parasitol. 2015 Dec;45(3):593-602.


Saad HA, Soliman MI, Azzam AM, Mostafa B.


Nanoparticles (NPs) have received more attention as antiparasitic agents. In the present study, silver and copper nanoparticles were synthesized and characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The antiparasitic activity of Ag and CuO nanoparticles were tested against two of the most environmentally spread parasites in Egypt (Entamoeba histolytica and Cryptosporidium parvum). The average sizes of synthesized Ag NPs and CuO NPs were 9 & 29 nm respectively and a significant reduction for cysts viability (p > 0.05) was observed for CuO NPs against E. histolytica cysts and Ag NPs against C. parvum oocysts. Moreover, LC50-3h of CuO NPs for E. histolytica and C. parvum were 0.13 and 0.72 mg/l, while Ag NPs recorded 0.34 and 0.54 mg/l respectively. Accordingly, these NPs could be suggested as a new nanoform agent for safe and effective treatment of E. histolytica and C. parvum parasites.



General Feedback  

Posted by Kt (The Usa) on 05/18/2013

Dead Parasites? Maybe this should be posted under IBS and BV because of complaints about odor. Is it possible that dead parasites produce such a horrible odor that it is misunderstood where it is really coming from? Once in awhile I would get an odor like something crawled up inside me and died. Maybe something did! Sometimes I'd have such inflammation that I would have to use two ointments for two areas. Odor and inflammation not always at the same time. I have very limited income and have to try to make due with what I have here. I'm still experimenting but read that creating an uninhabitable environment is best and with the proliferation of GMO's it is becoming more difficult but not impossible.

Just trying to share as I learn.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Kt: Have you done any type parasite cleansing ie medications??? If so, that would explain a "die off" odor from them. If not, you might need to do a colon cleanse as well as gallbladder cleanse. Increase fiber and maybe take some clay or activated charcoal to assist in removing the bad stuff.

Another possible culprit is tissue damage. Are you taking any type of high toxicity medications like acetaminophen or cholesterol lowering drugs (statins)??? Also, exposure to heavy metals can also cause necrosis. The main organ in the above situation would be the Liver. I have, upon several occasions, experienced liver necrosis after a chemical assault (as noted by that terrible odor).

Replied by Kt
The Usa

No, no type of cleansing. I haven't had a problem with odor for quite awhile but thought I'd mention it because of recently reading so many complaints about it here (EC). Just one of my brainstorms... wondering if decomposing creatures could be the cause.

Replied by Kt
The Usa

CORRECTION Timh... I used to take antibiotics for UTI prevention (after intimacy w/hubby) but since I had been taking dry mustard, turmeric, ginger, garlic and onions I seemed to have less flare-ups. I thought I had read that turmeric was a good liver cleanse. I was using it so much I tried to find out if there could be any toxic effects but did not.

Posted by Donna (Pleasant Shade, Tennessee, USA) on 01/29/2013

My husband is a vietnam vet who we have taken to a VA Dermatologist. His official medical exam papers list bilateral epididymitis. I am taking this document to ask for the appropriate World Health Organization drugs listed in this article medication for this particular filarial affliction. We will see what they say. The official US gov health officers vs the W. H. O. who have cleansed Sri Lanka of this affliction in 5 years. It is cured and clean.

Here is the link to the documentation. Http://

I have been appropriating many herbs since 1976 for my family. We were using Black Walnut Leaf tea in our coffee before the Derm stopped all uses of anything but water on his skin. So be it. She precribed a double dose of prednisone to cut the rampant inflammation which it did but the strands of fibers are driving him crazy, coming out of his head and face and nose. He has put olive oil on his head. The Eucerin lotion she allowed him did nothing. Today will be the acid test on who will win for truth and justice; The W. H. O. Procedure or the 'lobsters crawling out of your ears' treatment of the american medical community. Forget the CDC. They are funded by the same people who gave us the World Trade insects. Take heart southern states, the book of Revelation says "the earth helped the woman" meaning, all believers, and the bible belt believers where the brunt of the now tropical environments for these world trade insects are trying to take us. We must enjoy the plants of the Creator it seems, and reckon them as "help". Love and prayers to you all who are in affliction and those who are to help us.

Replied by Phil

You might find some skin relief from the little "fibers" on your skin just by rolling a pet-hair lint roller all over your face, neck, and body. Just keep rolling your body over and over with new roller sheets until the roller doesn't pick anything else up. Keep it by your bed and roll your pillow and sheets off before you climb into bed. You might sleep better!

Replied by Jenna

I have been studying EC for a couple of years now and although I've found relief from several issues by using suggestions found on the site I have never felt compelled to post a comment until now. Donna from TN. What in the world are you talking about " World Trade Bugs"? and WHO vs VA vs CDC, Southern women live a sub tropic zone infected by world trade bugs. I'm curious as to what zone you live in?

Posted by Singapore87 (Singapore, Singapore ) on 04/25/2012

HI I'm from singapore. I've order some things online from iherb. Anyone has tried parastroy before- any successful stories about it? I took it with meal and without meal it make me super bloated. I'm so full. I am also into my 2nd week of husk... But husk I didn't take anything. But if i'm taking parstroy. It says to take it with meals. :( so can husk consider a meal? with lots of water.. Hm. First time I took it make me heartburn and my urine seems to be lesser? and I have green discharge or should I say mucus plaque from the poop? I seriously dun know about the green discharge. I dun know.. But not with husk. Husk i've great improvment on it. Without side effects. ( if I take both pills separate I dun have much side effect. But still bloated! It make me poop poop alot. Most super long one. Should I tried colon cleansing for 2 weeks first den 3rd tried de parastroy again? or can do both together? but maybe I tried it again on the 3rd week without any meals den. Will see how it goes. :?)