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Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/10/2010

Parasites can be ridden of with a pinch of borax 3 or 4 times a day, but I can soup up the borax remedy to make it far stronger by adding 6 drops of 3% food grade H2O2 in 1 glass of drinking water. I would likely take this for about 4 days out of a week.


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Posted by Lorica (Louisville, Kentucky) on 07/28/2009

Cayenne pepper for parasites - YEA

I kept hearing on the net that everyone has parasites. I hadn't seen a reason to be concerned. I even got a lab test to see if I had any parasites when I had a health scare, just to cover all bases, and they said I had none. (Third time, third area, I found out those lab tests are not rocket science!)

When I heard how good cayenne pepper was for people, I started adding about 1 tsp per day to my Kombucha, not even thinking about parasites. In less than a week I saw these hard white rice-looking things in my stools. They were tapeworm parts!

Since then I have found out, thru taking a parasite cleansing program, and using psyllium husks, that there were other nasty creatures to be killed!

I think Hulda Clark's protocol is good, but one can get the same ingredients more cheaply elsewhere. If you try to cleanse from parasites, expect to possibly feel not so hot at all at times, due to "die off." For some reason die off problems are not bad with tapeworms and/or cayenne only, though.

Replied by Markell
(Provo, Ut)

Cayenne can't be taken long term. It can cause stomach cancer.

Replied by Amysuek
(Kane, Pa)

No, Cayenne does not cause stomach cancer. Please do not post wrong information on conjecture only.

Replied by Mark
(Las Vegas)

Cayenne pepper can not and will not cause stomach cancer. That is total ignorance.

Cayenne kills cancer cells, viruses, heals ulcers and can stop a heart attack in minutes and protect the heart from damage. It's one of the best herbs you can take daily.

Replied by Blanche

That's quite a large statement. Has anyone proven that cayenne cures cancer and stops a heart attack? Not sure that I would waste time experimenting.

Replied by Somegirlontheinternet
(Sacramento, CA)

It has been proven. Dr. Christopher used cayenne for not only stopping heart attacks but stopping hemorrhaging (including those from gunshot wounds). There is science to it. You should check it out.

Replied by Tony
(Taunton, Uk)

Re your daft comments that Cayenne causes stomach cancer. Please get your facts straight before posting any further daft comments on here.

Replied by Nita

This is the best advice and rebuttal I have heard from many n a nice while. Just looking to further my cleanse and came across this conversation and offering it f true knowledge! Many Thanks and Kudos🙏🏾

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Kat (NC, US) on 08/27/2014

Right now, I am doing no other detox for parasites except that I take 1 or 2 TBS. of organic coconut oil nearly every day (that I can remember to do it). The parasites hate that caprylic acid and they begin to vacate the premises!

I also give a tsp. or so to my 35 lb. dog and have done so since I got him 10 months ago. At his recent vet visit, he did not have worms. He loves coconut oil!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Soneeta (Santa Cruz, California) on 04/04/2013

I grew up on an island in the South Pacific where coconut grows pretty much anywhere so I was used to eating the meat, drinking the water, cooking in the oil, my mom massaged it on our bodies and hair. Since we came to the States in the 70's until few years back we switched to EVOO and Canola for cooking and salad dressings, mostly eating American diet. Both my parents died young, one older sibling died of prostrate cancer, sister is dying of cancer so I began paying attention. My grandparents lived into the 90's and my parents younger siblings are still living in UK, Australia and NZ but the ones who lived here are all dead. Well found out several months ago that I have parasites so got back cooking with coconut oil, drinking milk/juice and massaging my head and body with it etc. At first I had violent reactions even diherrea, some cramping, fever like sysmptoms but now am doing better. Skin feels softer, hair is darker, no more headaches, gut is doing good so far. Scary things have been dropping out of my body. We also used to take Castor oil once a month to cleanse our guts, haven't tried that yet but am going to.

I am learning a lot from this site, Thanks everyone.

Replied by S

Shortly began with a stye in my eye. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar and c oil with a q tip. It was gone by the end of the day. I also saw infection was coming from my eye. So, I continued with c oil a day or so after. It pulled the infection little by little out of my eye along with parasites. I live in the Pacific and eat plenty of fish. I noticed lots of strings in my l eye 6 months ago and was never able to get them out. This did it. I am continuing to do C oil once or twice a day and I am still cleansing-amazing how it collects far behind the eye and is bringing out large particles of debris. I detox regularly, am fit, eat healthy, and still this stuff was lurking in me. There is not a lot out there on parasites in the eyes, but this finally made a huge difference. No more itchy eyes and the allergies are down. I am also doing vinegar twice daily as I noticed something wasn't right. Going to try the c oil in the mouth -oil pulling as well.

Replied by Brenda

I was just wondering for pulling infection and parasites out of eye; how and where did you apply the Coconut Oil?

Replied by Dena

I read your post here & wondered if coconut oil is good for children with parasites? Also watch Forks Over Knives and look up His early work with people in Hawaii helped his understanding of a whole food plant based diet and the American diet! His book, The Starch Solution could be very helpful! Thanks for your post!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cindy (Woodland, PA) on 02/24/2009

I have been taking coconut oil for the last 2 weeks 1 teaspoon every morning and also cooking with it. Today, (this may sound gross)I had a pain in my back just around the rectum and after using the toilet I looked and found a dead worm in the toilet. YUK! I can't believe that came from me. So it must be killing off the parasites I have. Hopefully it gets them all.

Replied by dennis
(Orlando, Fl)

Recommend finding a doctor that will order this parasite check and prescribe a treatment program for elimination.

Replied by Grace
(Des Plaines, Il)

evco is an axcellent cleanser to purge parasites. there are 2 ways to cleanse. the first one takes about 3 days but you have to be close to the toilet all the have to take about 10-14 tbs a day (2 tbs every 2-3 hours)and do not eat anything but the oil for the 3 days.

the second cleanse takes about a the afternoon eat 2 1/2 cup dried coconut. you can eat it at once or half as your lunch and half as your dinner.after you start eating the coconut do not eat any other food. drink a lot of water. about 2 hours after your evening meal drink 1 tbs of epsom salt with 3/4 cup of water. before going to bed have another drink of epsom salt.( you might add some lemon juice to the drink). in the morning you will have a few runs to the washroom and you will see all those parasites.

good luck to all!

Replied by Babs

Sure it is not all the coconut that was not processed?

Replied by Anon

I read a coconut oil book and I decided to do the 3 day coconut cleanse. I was taking a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil and I thought I was ready to do the 3 day cleanse. Well..... Beware!!!!! I couldn't manage 12 tbls and took about 9 or 10 and on the evening of second day I got violently ill. I was sitting on the toilet with explosive stools and at the same time vomiting into a bucket. I have never been so sick and it seemed like it went on for hours. It scared the hell out of me!!!! I have had a colonoscopy prep with the chemicals and the coconut oil was so much worse, I was so sick.

Please be careful with taking a lot of coconut oil if you have not built up to it. It can make you very sick if you overdo it. I am now trying to incorporate more shredded coconut into my diet and so far that is not giving me any adverse effects.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Hi Anon, did you do the lime in the coconut treatment /cleanse? Did you see any parasites floating? I give you KUDOS for bravery.

When I read my book, it said to eat the coconut meat to push out the parasites from the tract. I haven't got the courgage up to try that but I would like to eradicate candida from my system. I eat 3 - 7 tsp. a day and almost a cup of shredded dried coconut meat from the bulk bin in my yogurt.

Replied by Donna

Does it KILL them or do they come out alive?

Replied by Debra

It may not have been the coconut oil but a HERX Reaction from the die off.

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water

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Posted by Evelyn (Nv) on 03/11/2015 22 posts

Re: Human intestinal parasites, not worms

I started having some type of mites (bugs) back in Aug 2011. I've used everything I can read about to get rid of them to avail and minus about 4K dollars trying to find a cure. I have had several kinds of parasites. Took some samples into the State's head Entomologist and one sample was on scotch tape that I had used to pull from my face. He said due to the way I collected it he could only tell me that it was from the spider family. I've experienced eyelash mites and still using TTO for that.

NOW, I'm sure that they (some kind) are in my intestines. My feces look like it has glitter in it plus very grainy and when I take a laxative the liquid I expel is cloudy and looks like hundreds of tiny tiny particles in the expelled fluid. just had a heart attack in early Dec and a stint and on statins and blood thinner. I have lost from 137 lbs from last Aug to 108 as of today's date Mar 11. and still losing. Very low energy level, lack of sleep 3-4 hours per nite. On top of the intestinal problem in trying to discover the loss of weight the gastro dr discovered that I have a stricture in my Sigmoid colon, mid way.

What kind of essential oil(s) can I use to destroy the parasites or what other remedy would you suggest. Now that I'm on blood thinner its not suggested to use garlic. I was taking 2-3 TBSP of coconut oil a day plus coconut water before the heart attack so am afraid that the coconut oil could have caused the heart attack. Now, with the stint, would coconut water still be beneicial plus essential oils of some kind?

I feel like a walking time bomb; can have another heart attack and so far the only cure bthe gastro doc says is surgery and since I'm 88 he is afraid of anesthetics . Say a prayer and some good advise. (Talked to all pest control people in my town and they won't come out, scared they might contact the mites) and the other docs either call you Delusional or del-inflecting.

Replied by KT

Dear Evelyn, I was going to give you what my nutrition almanac recommends for destroying parasites but I feel it is important that you first know what it says about your nutritional needs: "When a person is afflicted with parasites, the body's supply of all nutrients is depleted to the point that supplementation is necessary to restore normal health. Nutrients of special importance are vitamin A; the B complex, especially thiamin. riboflavin, B 6, B 12, and pantothenic acid; vitamins C, D, and K; and calcium, iron, and protein. Acidophilus is especially helpful for amebic dysentery and possibly for all intestinal infestations. Sufficient stomach acid destroys parasites contained in food."

I take Blackstrap Molasses to get my B vitamins and minerals. I eat apricots, carrots, spinach and broccoli to get my A, C, and K. I try to get my D from the sun but sometimes use a supplement...I have to bite the capsule, ingest the contents and spit the capsule out.

I would ask your MD about using garlic and turmeric as your blood thinners instead of whatever he has you on because these will kill parasites as well. Although most physicians don't get this in their training. I didn't ask mine, I just changed the way I eat. I am not suggesting you do this...I'm just advising what I did.

Ginger is also a blood thinner, kills salmonella and staph infections. I am in my late sixties and have been using food and these herbs to treat myself and have had to see my PCP less. Ground cloves and oregano are also listed as herbs that destroy parasites. Apple Cider Vinegar may also help you make your body uninhabitable for those critters because our food is being engineered to last longer. I use yellow onions, not the sweet ones, in just about everything. I've only reduced my meat, milk and egg consumption because we need some animal protein. Those animals are being fed genetically modified grasses and grains.

I have given you this information because you asked for help. The medical profession is not keeping up with what is happening to our food supply, including medications, vitamins and supplements. I hope this gives you some ideas of how you could change your diet and trust it helps. ~Kt~

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Evelyn, read up on parasites right here on EC, esp. the Borax remedies (drinking and bath) and alkalinizing.

One more mild thing you might start with right away, is pumpkin seeds (hmm they might be more for worms, I don't know) chewed VERY well, or ground in a coffee grinder.

Replied by Eve
22 posts

Thankyou for your suggestions. I tried the Borax/HP spray in the house, I also have a small dog so very concerned about her well being. What has helped inside the house has been 100% Hydrogen Peroxide spray (Thank God for Dollar Stores) and household ammonia diluted to 1/2 -1/3 with wtr. used as a spray. Whatever type of bug I have lives close to the floors, I can feel them jump in to my eyes when I'm bending over so really spray these areas well with the 2 solutions. I get these bugs at nite in my nose, mouth and my eyes, especially one eye that I have had the eyelash mites in for so long, I think they have tried to devour that eye, even the Drs comment on how small the mites are in my eyes compared to others they see on a daily basis so my bug is what? they don't know, they can't even id a bug so everything is called Demodex mites.

I'm not familiar with alkalinizing, how does that work. I'm open to suggestion. thank you again for your thoughtfulness and time, much apreciated. Evelyn


For the eye mites, try coating your eyes in coconut oil before bed. And getting an old mascara wand cleaning it thoroughly and applying co to your eyelashes as you would mascara. Just a thought. It would make it hard for them to hand on, I would think. Like oil/mayonnaise in the hair helps get rid of head lice.

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

Look up papaya seeds, they are brilliant at removing intestinal parasites of all kinds

Replied by KT

You could try sprinkling plain baking soda in your carpet and rub it into your dog's coat. It kept fleas off my little dog.

You could get the linen scented disinfectant spray from the dollar store and spray your mattress. After it dries, vacuum and place a dryer sheet between the mattress and box springs at all four corners.

Try wiping your baseboard and spray corners with 50/50 white vinegar and water.

Replied by Myway
(Delaware, Usa)

Time to get with the Food Grade Diatomaceous earth program (DE). If there are parasites in your body, they don't stand a chance with DE. You just have to taper into the program starting with 1/2 tsp a day for a couple days then work your way up to a tablespoon in the AM on an empty stomach in 8 oz of water. This is how I take it. There is a thread on this site discussing this wonderful basic but effective treatment. You can purchase it on Amazon. Just type in food grade diatomaceous earth. If you have parasites, this will work....MyWay, :D

Replied by Laryl
(Carrollton, Tx)

I have read that oil of cloves works well. I plan to try it when I finish the DE. Can't find where I read that now, but if I find it will respond again. I have a kindle book on parasites, but can't look right now.

Replied by Vivere


It sounds like what you are dealing with are sprintails...clinical name is Collembolla. They affect certain people and leave others alone. They can also effect your pets. They spring hard into your eyes, nose , even evenyually your skin. You will feel a pin prick sensation when they enter your skn. If enough enter you start getting open lesions that dont heal. This is a sign of Morgellons.

Replied by Kay

I have heard that Diatomaceous Earth just causes the parasites to go into the other organs...can you possibly give me any feedback on if this is true or not?....Did it work for you?

Replied by Joseph
(Collegeville, Pa)

Hello, by chance read your post. Any brand. Organic is a must, cold pressed (also a must) coconut oil. Not sure where you live or what grocery stores are around you but, whole foods or wegmans will have coconut oil. Also whole fresh coconuts. You want the fiber in the coconut meat. Freeze the coconut, it will crack naturally around the "equator" and then you can strike with a small hammer or crack it against something. But eat as much as your body can tolerate of the oil and fresh meat. I PROMISE you your health issues will slowly fade.

Replied by Eve
22 posts

Gee, tried about 6 times to reply and my Shock Wave keeps failing. I use Tropical Tradition for my coconut oil, they have a very good source and highly recommended... they have all you have mentioned. I'll try back again to tell you more, my pc is reacting to my worms? lol

Replied by Malu
(Houston, Tx)

Hi, Evelyn, how are you doing nowadays? Do you still have issues with the skin mites? I went in a trip by bus, and at my destination started having itching in my head. I though parasites, then a doctor said it was an allergic reaction to a new shampoo. Nothing worked. Until an older doctor told me I got mites from the bus seat-Ugghh! He gave a mixture of coconul oil and sulphur. I applied twice and they died. In my skin I did the same, left the coconut oil/sulphur mixture for two hours, then applied a water mix of zinc and copper sulfate, left it for a few hours and took a shower. No recurrences, no bugs, no nothing. I washed all the clothes I used in my trip with hot water and lots of soap. Problem solved. Hope it helps.

Replied by Evelyn
22 posts

hi Malu, thank you for sharing your experience with the horrible mites and hope you are still clear of them. I'm still bothered with them, not as much as when I wrote this post. If you can would you share the brand name of the sulfur and the other meds you used. I have sulfur from Humco but it may be a not so good coconut oil that I have because it doesn't seem to pull the mites out as I expected, so still rely on Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, it sure tears up your skin if used a lot but it will certainly pop the little buggers out. My feet are still swollen and my other med problem is that in 2014 I had a heart attack and stint and blood pressure too high. My Cardiologist put me on Laxis and Potassium for the swelling but that's not working either so I feel it's back to the mites. You are so fortunate to have found a Dr that understands these things, not so out here, they think you are insane. Some days I have wished I could pour a gallon of these little critters on them and see them suffer like we do. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and hope to hear from you soon and hope your suggestions will do someone else good.

Replied by Evelyn
(Victoria, Australia)

greetings, dear one (i happen to have the same name as you:-),

your post really touched my heart and yes, as you asked further down, I did a prayer for you and decided to see you healthy.

what I suggest as I do it every day, is to thank for your healing. even as it may not yet sound convincing to you, already thanking the divine (however you perceive it) for your healing will bring about a positive inner change, a change in your attitude and create a reference point in the future, so to speak. your cells, your system, will respond, especially when you say your thanks aloud.

lots of love and blessings to you and all who read this,

evelyn from australia

Replied by Eve

Evelyn: You certainly touched my heart this morning when I read the email from Earth Clinic with your reply. And, yes I agree with you all the way. there is no better Doctor than our Savior, and even though we think we are forgotten or overlooked we forget the tiny bits of improvement we might see on a daily basis and not realize that it actually comes from our Lord. We complain about not getting results quicker and maybe the reason is He has something else in mind for us so we keep trying. Yes, I am a firm believer in prayer and your suggestion to pray out loud is helpful, indeed! I thank you so much for your concern and thoughtfulness. If everyone could learn how much a few kind words help, makes you strive harder and lessens the stress so very much.

You did not mention if you are suffering from these blasted things but my prayers are forthcoming for you if you are and if you aren't you will be blessed for your concerns of other people and your kindness and concern.

I have started a treatment of Turmeric, Neem oil, carrier oil and lemon juice. This is applied to my skin along with Cloves oil and Neem oil. For each application, you certainly feel the drawing effect that takes place. Each day I am noticing a little less swelling in my feet and ankles. I still spray HP 3% on my body before and after the shower, leaving the last spray on. If there are still unwanted visitors on my body, the HP will make them sting and it feels like you are hooked up to an electric current which stops in a few minutes after the HP more or less blows them up.

Thank you again for your concerns. May you be Blessed.

Replied by Eve
(N Nv)
22 posts

Hi D thank you for your post on what will help eyes guess I forgot that I use Petro jelly in my eyes which does relieve the horrible itching when they really get the whole family in your eyes. I have Macular Degeneration in both eyes and lost my sight in the right eye due to and for some reason I seldom feel them working in that eye, bright young Otphomologist put in the wrong lens when he did that eye, Thank God, I had the first one done in Dallas, TX and it's ok but the mites love to visit. I use an artificial tear gel at night, for dry eyes plus the petro jelly. For some reason when I used the co it seemed to irritate my good eye but using a wand is an excellent way of allying what you use. About 2 months ago I started using Neem leaf extract on my body along with Turmeric powder .and a carrier oil and of all things a little lemon juice. The mites were so bad in my feet and ankles and my feet were so swollen and in a couple weeks, the swelling has gone down 80% and when all this is mixed together I bearly have the itching I had before. My little trick, I found a hard plastic card like credit card and scraped my legs and feet with it, after applying the mixture of Neem, etc. You can use this all over your body except your eyes and it stains what you are wearing and your bed linens unless you apply, leave on for about 30 mins, then wash off really good. I lowered the amount of each from original to about 1 Tsp each, it called for 2 oz of all the stuff and that gets expensive! I have begun to feel like a human again and have a little more energy and when I researched Turmeric it is amazing what you can use it for. Thanks again and hope you are feeling much better.

Coconut, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Carrie (Canada) on 11/20/2013

In response to:

06/12/2013: Hb from Lowermainland, Bc, Canada replies: "To those who've done natural parasite clenses, specifically with Apple Cider Vinegar, are the parasites alive when you evacuate them? Is there anyone thing that one can take that will definately kill them? Is there anything that by some methid disguises or breaks them apart so you don't see the evidence of them?...

Look up coconut oil and parasites. Also dried coconut followed by epsom salts and water is said to work wonders. I eat a handful of unsweetened dried coconut. Haven't done the salts yet.These methods are working for me. I also use 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar at least once durnig the day and I also drink a coconut water everyday. I have been expelling tapeworm segments for days. It's completely disgusting but it has to be done. I may have had another type also. I am not sure what it was. It's so hard to face this but it's reality unfortunately.

Replied by Nancy

Black walnut supplements kill parasites and wormwood kills off the eggs. No use killing only parasites. They constantly multiply.

Cod Liver Oil

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Posted by Divine Light (Waterville, Maine) on 01/10/2016

Dear Readers

To kill parasites, I went to health food store & purchased Cod Liver Oil Capsules. I took them out of the bottle & put them into a freezer bag & threw them into freezer. It takes them about a week or so to freeze. Then I took 2 capsules a day. Taking the capsules this way prevents bowel disruptions. What actually happens is the frozen cod liver oil capsules do not unthaw until they hit the small intestines where most parasites hide. I did this for a couple of weeks just to make sure I got them all.

Replied by Timh
2064 posts

DL: I am not familiar with C.L.O. ability to kill parasites, although it is a fact that natural preform Vit-A found in C.L.O. protects and heals epithelial tissues like those of the skin, gut, and lungs. C.L.O. may therefor help by reducing the bad side effects of parasite infestations.

Replied by Beamer
(Brissy, Australia)

I have heard the same for castor oil capsules - may be a mix-up.

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Laura (TX) on 02/04/2021

The city I live in is downstream from a county that has a quarter of a million milk cows. I was having stomach issues for a few days when they announced on the radio that there was an outbreak of Cryptosporidium in our city. But they were saying that it was caused by unwashed lettuce and hamburger! I knew that was a lie; because of my food allergies I would have had to eat them outside of my home as they were things I ate infrequently. It took the city several weeks to tell the public that the infection was caused by the water they provide. I had already started taking colloidal silver (I make my own as I use it often for gut candida), and although it took a lot of CS and about 3 weeks I beat it without going to the doctor. The bulletins the city was putting out said that there are few, if any, prescribed medications that are effective against that particular pathogen.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Mermaid (Netherlands) on 07/10/2013

Hi! I was diagnosed for dientamoeba and his friend blastcystes. I took als silverwater, but it did not work out. I took a spoon/ hour. Do u have any suggestions?

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Colloidal Silver is not always the best choice for parasites. You may want to try a blend of the following: wormwood, clove, pumpkin seed, black walnut and olive leaf. If you can find an antiparasitic herbal formula with any of these you should be able to heal the infection within a week or two.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 08/15/2012 2064 posts

A couple months ago I nebulized some Colloidal Silver and got an immediate and strong ammonia odor off my body (for about 5 minutes). This did not occur approx. one yr prior w/ my first C.S. Nebulize. Day-before-yesterday I nebed again and got the ammonia odor but not as strong, and none yesterday or today. I am quite positive I have at least two types parasite infestation (fluke & tapeworm) that's been going on for over a decade and as of last 3 yrs progressively worsened. Could this ammonia odor be the killing of some stage of the parasite? Hulda Clark says they travel all over the body and especially the organs.

Any info or comments much appreciated in advance.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Timh, Well, that ammonia odor is the by-product of waste products being eliminated by the body. I would imagine that the colloidal silver hastened the die-off of the parasites thus a heavy elimination took place. I would take that as a good sign! Blessings on you, Lisa

Replied by Lisa
(Jax, Fl)

Have you tried Diatomaceous earth? I would think it would get them to pass. I'm sure you have tried a lot of things. Thought I would check.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Excessive ammonia in the blood is a strong indicator of cirhossis liver damage. That is NOT an opinion of mine. You can learn about that here if you wish to at wikipedia:

This colloidal silver treatment was/is only approved as a topical treatment and not intended to be taken internally. Also, one of the websites promoting this treatment showed a toxicology report that indicated liver discoloration in the rats examined after only one week of these colloidal silver treatments....Oscar

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2064 posts

Oscar, thanx for the reply. I suppose that using Liver Support herbs and nutrients keeps my Liver in the "normal" range as far as blood test go, so I never get recommended for further test. I cannot drink 4oz of beer without getting very ill, but that is no fact for conventional medicine or concern by my Dr. I cannot properly detoxify most pharmaceutical medications, but that is not an issue either.

Whatever remaining healthy liver I have is under constant stress from heavy metals, fungus, and parasites. The last time my health (or liver) improved to any degree (about 2 mo ago), the ammonia odor was very common, particularly after meals (this is nothing to do w/ colloidal silver). During the ammonia I will take either Arginine, Ornithine, or Aspartic Acid w/ good results.

To my knowledge, I have no negative side effects to report from using Colloidal Silver orally or topically. Nubulizing is obviously causing the death of some type pathogen in the lungs (I assume is tape worm cyst or lung flukes). A few treatments once a month seems to keep my lungs clear.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2064 posts

Lisa, I have recently purchased D. E. But have stupidly neglected to have begun using it. When I do begin, if I experience any notable positive changes I will post. At this point I am taking sooo many supplements and natural remedies that it's literally an all day all night affair.

Your concern is very much appreciated.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2064 posts

Lisa, thanx for your reply and positive concern. I am resolved to nubulize once monthly and monitor results. As for now, i'm not coughing and hacking near as much as before treatment. H2O2 seems to be more abrasive compared to Colloidal Silver so i've just been keeping w/ C. S. , as I experience no obstruction or labor in breathing.

Replied by Lisa
(Jax, Fl)

Well, definitely get started on the DE! When I started the DE I also started using ______ probiotics with homeostatic soil organisms (they are amazing) and good garlic to help with infection and killing any eggs. I have chronic diarrhea - no idea if I did have parasites - also have a chronic yeast issue. Seems it all goes together, right? The next day I was pretty sick like a major detox (but also started using ______ - not good to start two new things). But I did pass a strange looking garlic shaped bulb, a long "string, " another the next day and another small gray cyst-like tube 10 days later. I've never seen these things before. I am still using it all and have half of the BMS I did before. One must use it for 30 to 60 days. I'll do 60 at least. Be prepared for a detox when you start. Praying for you!

Replied by Darla
(Ft Lauderdale, Fl)


There are people who have had things they ate at 3y/o come out of them 30 years later (i.e. crayons, plastic army men, etc) through cleansing/detox.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Lalita (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/15/2009

I recently dicovered i was riddled with parasites. They were in my stomach, intestines, blood even my lymph glands. I started taking colloidal silver 3 glasses a day a month ago. I now no longer have any parasites! Colloidal silver is also the only antibiotic known reportedly to kill all types of viruses, funguses and bacteria. The uses for Colloidal silver are endless!

Replied by Sandra
(Sudbury, Ontario)

How did you know you had parasites? How can you be sure?

Replied by Fiona
(Tustin, Ca)

I drank colloidal silver 2 or 3 bottles per day for 3 months and msm together. It killed almost candida and parasites and I have lost 10 pounds. Colloidal silver never made me blue and will never do. Now I am making my silver and it costs nothing really. I use it for cleaning and pets also. It is the best thing that I have ever found.


Posted by Clare (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/05/2013

I have contracted cyclospora parasites from eating raw vegetables that were not properly cleaned (my fault! ). Does Ted know any nice simple drug-free cures? Thank you!!

Replied by Fred

I was really hoping to see some responses for this question. I'm sorry to say that I don't have any remedies to offer, but I can tell you something that has not worked for me. I tried grapefruit seed extract in water (7 drops, three times a day). I tried this routine twice, each for about a week at a time, and I did not see any difference.

Replied by Inannalives
(Middletown, Delaware)

Diatomaceous Earth is really effective for parasite cleansing. Be sure to use food grade DE.

Replied by Clare

Does anyone have any cures for cyclospora? It is a parasite contracted from raw vegetables.

EC: Hi Clare, please see the 2 responses to your post from 8/5/13.

Replied by Clare
(Los Angeles)

Thanks so much for recommending DE. Now if I can only find it!!

Replied by Lisa
(Mn, Us)

You can buy DE on Amazon. Just make sure it is FOOD GRADE.

Replied by Katrina
(North Vancouver, Bc)

Try natural pet food stores. That's where I get mine.

Replied by Clare
(Los Angeles)

For those of you suffering PARASITES, I found a lab withh an at-home test (you don't need a doctor, just mail the samples to them) that will do a microbial DNA analysis for parasitic protozoans, blastocystis hominis, cryptosporidium species, dientamoeba fragilis, endomilax nana, entamoeba coli, entamoeba dispar, entamoeba hartmanni, entamoeba histolytica, giardia lamblia, iodamoeba butschlii, trichomonas hominis, and Parasitic Worms (Ascaris lumbricoides, Charot leyden, Clonorchis sinensis, Enterobius vermicularis, Necator americanus, Schistosoma mansoni, Strogyloides species, Taenia solium, Trichuris speciesa). It's forresthealth dot com and the test is currently $227. I haven't used them yet, but am about to. It certainly beats going to doctors who don't seem to want to acknowledge parasites. I'm on Medicare now, so it's always less expensive to do it myself! To quote John Lennon, "Power to the people! " :--)

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

Hello Clare, as a parasitologist, I know that DE doesn't work against prolist ( protozoa). It works mostly against worms or helminths. My best therapy for worms is as follow: Pomegranate peel powder, Garlic fresh. Neem powder. If the above doesn't work contact me at: pollopollop[at]live(dot)ca. Best regards

(Stans, Switzerland)

Hello Oregano, what would then kill of the parasites protozoans, blastocystis hominis if DE doesn't work?

Replied by Mrs. Hill
(Fayetteville, Ar)

Oregano, do you think DE helps with internal parasites? I recently read that it won't work when it is wet (therefore won't work for internal worms) but have read so many places that it DOES work for internal worms. Thanks! Mrs. Hill

Replied by Clare
(Los Angeles)

Thanks, "Oregano". Will try your recommendations... If I can find pomegranate peel. I suppose I just peel a pomegranate, right? After thoroughly scrubbing the bejesus out of it....... Can you tell me just how one ingests them? And how often? Thanks!

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

DE works only against Helminths. Protist which are mainly protozoa needs something else. The second thing is that DE works only against Gastrointestinal worms. Best regards

Replied by Kimbo

Hi, I've just seen your post I lost all hope of the doctors doing anything to help as I'm sure they think its all in my head. I've been suffering with these now for months I have no idea how they first entered my body but managed to rid them the last four times I had them I caught them this time of my ex partner and am unable to rid myself of them im a clean person as I suffer ocd I have no animals and I bath in bleach due to my ocd. I have thrown out my old sofa and bought a new one and purchased new mattress I have tried ovex many times no joy.

I am now 5 and a half months pregnant and am needing to rid myself of them completly before he is here. I also have a 7 year old. I'm petrified of infecting her with the dreaded things... is there anything you can suggest any help you could offer would be amazing. I don't have a bad diet but cannot fully cut out sugar as I am diabetic. I do consume coconut oil... any thing you could help with would be amazing.

Replied by Lisa

Hey, if you haven't found relief yet, try a homeopathic remedy called Cina 200. I suffered for quite awhile until I found a site that recommended it. Any good health food store should carry it, but if not, you can order on line. Best of luck.

Cysticercosis Remedies

Posted by J. (Wisconsin) on 12/24/2013

I'm hoping Ted or who ever else has advice would be so kind to give their input....

Our highly functioning autistic child had what we thought may have been an aura hemiplegic migraine. His left side seemed somewhat paralyzed and he had splitting headache. He recovered in 2 days. At the hospital his EEG showed slowing on the right side of his brain. Three weeks later a repeat EEG is now also showing 'spiking'. Any idea what it could be? Might it be cysticercosis?

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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J. Is there high risk factors for Pork Tapeworm like the possibility of undercooked pork, exposure to swine about a farm or possibly a petting zoo? Pets in the house? Ask for different type diagnostics for better picture.

Autism has been proven linked to heavy metal exposure especially w/ vaccines. Do a very careful history of the child's behavior prior and post vaccination.

It may be advised to do a gentle heavy metal detox using the herbs Cilantro & Chlorella for about one month then do herbal parasite cleanses for one month. Continue this rotation if there is positive results.

Applying a strong music speaker magnet directly over the affected area for at least 15-30 minutes daily will significantly reduce the inflammation.

Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by A (Pa) on 04/05/2017

I agree that diatomaceous earth (food grade) works the best so far for parasites. I take it in pill form and it works great. If you haven't used a detox before be prepared to feel kinda bad for a few days though. The worse you feel (like cold or fluish) a few days afterwards.. the more it's working. It's the dead organisms polluting your body causing the symptoms. As soon as your body expels them you'll feel great!

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