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Effective Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

| Modified on Oct 29, 2023
Multiple Remedies
Posted by jeff (idaho) on 09/24/2023

Hello world!

Today we will discuss natural ways to get rid of nasty parasites using parabroom and its ingredients, but before we do we need to talk about how to minimize the side effects of detoxing and minimize die off (herxheimer reaction)

Here is some of my research as we learn how to ge rid of regret and concerns of heavy metals connected to candida overgrowth using humic-fulvic, chlorella and zeolite nanospray from touchstone essentials.

Getting the mind body and soul healthy before doing a detox of any type is recomended. consider these as helpful supplements to reguvinate the mind body and soul


PARABROOM – BY DR HOLLY LUCILLE 90 day treatment plan



Treat all animals 4 times a year for all worms roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms


  • Giardia = beaver fever, may last for years but can be treated in a few weeks
  • Flat worms
  • Round worms ( SEATWORM) > can be found in meats fish pork
  • Tapeworms

ARE YOU ITCHY? consider washing with borax + soap

Pinworms (eggs) come from soil and can hide in finger nails or at the anus. So quit chewing your finger nails. Itchy anus at night, that's when they lay eggs, scratching skin eggs get in fingernails.

Tricky little creatures. Do you feel a sharp pinch like something bit you?

Ivermectin will kill the adults but not the eggs ( 5-7 weeks kills the instars cycle) ivermectin is tumor reducer because most tumors are parasites or Candida overgrowth.

Good thing is there are amazing over the counter, doctor prescription medications that treat all worms quickly. Kids especially need to be treated every 90 days (turp drops, zeolite, parabroom)


changes to your sight, such as seeing small dots or lines (floaters) or flashes of light albendazole or mebendazole ORAL

Toxoplasma gondii FOUND IN CAT POOP NOT ON THE FUR Eating undercooked, contaminated meat (especially pork, lamb, and venison) or shellfish (for example, oysters, clams or mussels).




GREEN FAIRY = ANCIENT PRE DINNER ELIXOR HIPPOCRATES MADE IT INTO WINE: here are the 10 compounds in green fairy tea: wormwood bush take for only 2-4 weeks ( no if you are pregnant or breast feeding) absinth wormwood thujone may be psychoactive.

  • Artemisia absinthium L, sesquiterpene lactone weakens the membrane of parasites chamazulene (azule is the blue terpene in the distiller catch can). It acts as an and is most concentrated in the essential oils of the plant's pre-flowering stage.. 500-mg wormwood supplement 3 times daily had fewer symptoms and a reduced need for steroids after 8 weeks will irritate or damage the kidneys, less is better in tea. Large dose's have been fatal or seizures, ** Tansy Tanacetum vulgare L. bitter buttons (contains thujone but not the favorite malaria derived from wormwood) ** make a tea 3 teaspoons of whole plant to 3 cups of water boil steep for 15minute and strain drink all 3 cups before dinner. Tincture 10 drops 1 cup of water 10 minutes before dinner.
  • CURCUMIN AND TUMERIC boosts ampk levels ( energy, heat, weight loss)
  • MASLINIC ACID = PENTACYCLIC TRITERPENE ACID IS IN MANY PLANTS, OLIVES, SPINICH, EGGPLANT, CHICK PEAS PALMAGRANATE. Maslinic acid fights malaria! It kills the parasite that carries the malaria in as little as 3 days.
  • PAPAIN = PAPAYA, literally melts the parasites out of its shell (cryptotoxin)


  • BLACK WALNUT HUSK best English walnut works too = JUGLONE IS THE KILLER OF NASTY PARASITES, FUNGAS AND BACTERIA. NATIVE AMERICANS HAVE LONG KNOWN ABOUT BLACK WALNUT SHELL POWDER (NoT SO MUCH IN THE LEAVES). PROMOTES HEALTHY BILE FLOW, DIGESTION HEALTH … best to get black walnut hull preparations derived from young, green hulls instead of brown, mature hulls. The green hulls have a higher concentration of juglone over brown hulls, thus better antiparasitic effects.cold and cough lung parasites, 10 hulls 1 qt of water boil for 30 minutes, strain, start slow and drink sparingly before dinner.
  • Onion extract kills parasites
  • Clover buds Eugenol known to melt crack the egg shell of parasite eggs
  • Golden rod for candida issues urinary infections kidney liver health, bladder health, mouth sores, guns, vaginal yeast infections Goldenrod for everything from kidney, bladder, and gallbladder problems, and jaundice to skin problems like ulcers and burns treat UTIs and kidney stones in particular.

Microbe Formula
Posted by Scott (US) on 09/09/2023

Thank you Cindy for this in-depth observation of parasites as I didn't know what was wrong with me for over 8 months had horrible headaches and was losing weight and I was very agitated and irritable.

I agree with everything you're saying and I'm trying most of it I found a drug called fembendazole.... on a video from a man who used it for a cancer's to remove parasites and worms from dogs and so I am on my second day of the 3-day program I've been doing diatomaceous earth the last week and have noticed a huge Improvement.

Ivermectin is also used to deworm horses I bought a little bit of that as it was very cheap only $10 where this fembendazole is $18 for one treatment as it got expensive when this man carried his stage 4 cancer.

I'm using a dose that's for an 80 lb dog and so I add a little bit of ivermectin with it and I finally feel better it did knock me out for several days I laid in bed but I'm also taking magnesium with ozone in it to try to get my bowels moving.

My protocol has been to take a large scoop of Diatomaceous Earth in 8 oz of water and then drink another 8 oz of water in the morning wait 2 hours then I take bentonite clay a quarter tablespoon and 4 to 6 coconut shell charcoal tablets with the huge glass of fulvic acid and drink that down and wait another 2 hours.

Then I get some food and electrolytes and then I start the papaya seeds and pumpkin seeds carrots and I just bought some papaya enzymes.

I made a soup with organic chicken bone broth a Purple Onion, chopped a bunch of garlic, pumpkin seeds added some coconut flakes and it did a number on me.

Thank you for your post and your help. I appreciate it. God bless you and take care

Papaya Leaf
Posted by Suzy (The Netherlands) on 08/31/2023

You can use the black seeds of a papaya. Works awesome. The people in South America use this instead of pharmaceuticals. Just a teaspoon on an empty stomach. Chew very very well. Taste is nasty, but hey, it works :) At least 7 days in a row. You can eat the seeds fresh, or dried. When I buy a papaya, I always save these seeds.

Parasite Symptoms
Posted by india (California) on 08/29/2023

Hi Patricia,

I'm so sorry you were suffering I am praying you found a cure and are now healed? I have similar. Please can you tell me what you did?

thank you

Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves
Posted by Sherri (Seattle) on 08/13/2023


ONLY GREEN black walnut hull tincture works effectively. If the tincture is not green most or all of the active ingredient, juglone & a few others, are gone. The tincture must be green. And, it must not be mixed with any other ingredient. This important detail is emphasized many times in Dr Hulda Clarke's books. Wishing you the best in your parasite cleanses!

Mimosa Pudica
Posted by Teresa (NC) on 08/10/2023

Zeolite Pure taken alone for kidneys. Then, once kidneys are healed take it as your binder 1tsp. 3x day with your detox. If detox symptoms become unbearable, you can take extra doses up to 6 a day.

Tapeworm Remedies
Posted by Sky (Europe) on 07/27/2023

I hope Shoronda found a resolution to this issue from 2009. I have exactly the same and only realised it was tape worms in last few months but had symptoms for years and had no real help except migraine medication and all tests normal kind of reports. Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 06/02/2023

Hi Shelly

To kill parasites, I use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, it has a great review for getting the job done. Best way to use it is 1/2 tea spoon in glass of warm water near bedtime for 3 month and that will kill all parasites and their eggs. Children can do this also. But 1/4 tea spoon for them. Even pets same as adults. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth even takes heavay metals out. I would not take Hydrogen Peroxide with any detox. It is very strong - no one under 20 years old. I feel you should not do Proxcide detox.You could take Bentonite Clay after 90 days of the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. I take 1/2 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt in a glass of warm water once a week, every Tuesday morning for me, even children could.


Posted by Shelly (Greenwood USA) on 06/01/2023

I just bought borax, bentonite clay and Celtic sea salt. Can I use them internally to do a parasite and heavy metal detox? This will be my first time doing this sort of cleanse and I'm not sure of the dosage. Also I have a 4yo and a 6yo is this safe for them to also cleanse and if so what would be the dosage?

Thank you so much. I did also get pure hydrogen peroxide should I incorporate this with it?

Methylene Blue
Posted by MARIE (TX) on 02/17/2023

Methylene Blue for Parasites

Methylene Blue works good. I have been fighting parasites for 2 years now. Gone in 3-4 days. I take half a glass of water with 4 blue drops 2 times a day.

You are right very few know about this wonderful simple cure, . It can pass through their tough skin that can even protect themselves the most toxic products.

Posted by LeeAnne (Chgo) on 05/10/2023

I'm wondering if anyone else has used spirits of turpentine for parasite infestation? I've got all the symptoms and no doctors will help. They say it's not so.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Alberta) on 05/02/2023

I know this is an older post, but I wanted to point out that parasites can't have the chance to move into organs because they're dead after coming into contact with the d.e. It shreds them. I use d.e. on big bugs (roaches, and other bugs I find in my home) and they don't survive it either. D.E. on a molecular level looks like glass shards. These shards ruin the exoskeletons of big bugs, so its entirely believable that parasites find themselves a little bit dead after running into it.

Papaya Leaf
Posted by Linda (Asheville ) on 04/11/2023

Please tell me which papaya you took? I have been fighting these for years. Thanks

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Meghan (Atlanta, GA) on 03/12/2023

I realize it's an old post, but I came across it, and just in case you were to receive it, I would like to offer a suggestion. Itchy anus is most often associated with yeast in the gut. This will require something other than DE; what it requires is undecylenic acid. Thorne makes a nice product that has helped me tremendously. If you find another brand, that's reputable, then you can go with that one you. Hope this helps. There's also a lot of great YouTube videos by Dr. Cohen on this issue.

Thyme Tincture
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/23/2023

@ mari.ana

Add 4 tablespoons of Rosemary leaves (dried) to your formula and you have made the original formula "Hungary Water" used by the Queen of Hungary, Isabella in 1370 A.D.

The water/tincture was given to the Queen to help her headaches and is a cure for rheumatism or gout, which the queen suffered in her old age and as a rejuvenation treatment. It was taken internally as a tincture and rubbed into the skin as a liniment.

It was a popular formula for over 500 years up until the 1800s when herbalists started adding more herbs to this decoction. I have used this formula on many ailments with great results.

Thyme Tincture
Posted by mari.ana (Sydney ) on 02/23/2023

Thyme tincture. Adults who have internal parasites can carry out a treatment to combat them based on the antiparasitic properties of thyme.

Because it has a compound called thymol, which inhibits the growth of mites, ringworm, and other parasites, according to experts - For this reason, it fights bacteria, amoebas, fungi, etc.

You can make a remedy that works for all these conditions and can store for several months. These are the instructions:


  • Fresh or dried thyme
  • Vodka
  1. In a small jar, place 4 tablespoons of thyme and pour vodka up to the rim.
  2. Cover tightly and let it stand for 3 weeks in a dark, cool place.
  3. Shake it every day.
  4. After 3 weeks filter and put it in an amber dropper bottle.

Put one full dropper in a glass with some water and drink it twice daily for 3 weeks.

Posted by Paula (NZ) on 02/10/2023

Hi Phyllis I hope you see this question, I'm really interested in how you worm your dogs and defies them are you able to tell me how. Thankyou

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Alice (Lutz, Florida ) on 02/02/2023

How much ACV, Baking soda and water?

Posted by clov (ny) on 01/31/2023

Sound amazing in order to avoid the taste! How many times a week should we put it in navel? and for how long?

Thank you!

Giardia Remedies
Posted by Jane (Alexandria, VA) on 01/06/2023

Eat pumpkin seeds.

Parasite Symptoms
Posted by Patricia (Vero Beach, FL) on 12/30/2022

Yes to all symptoms. Have known it was a parasite infection 4 years now. Hyper infection now affecting whole body. Help has not come after many different type doctor visits. I strongly suspect it has been in my body decades because of past health problems and stronger location concentration of them in my body. Suffering is great. Have found that Borax brings them out of skin, but they are endless.

Mimosa Pudica
Posted by Lila (Las Vegas) on 12/19/2022

L-Ornithine helps when you are experiencing detox symptoms. I have used it successfully during parasite die-off. I have used the Now brand. If I am feeling yuck, I take just one and 45min later, I usually feel better! Hope you read up on it first, but it has helped me so much.

Posted by Gigi (Florida) on 12/13/2022

I always buy borax at Walmart. It's in the laundry soap isle.

Posted by Greg (WA) on 11/30/2022

You may wish to look into the teachings of Dr. Edward Group and Brother Sage regarding Urotherapy. On Bing or YouTube.

Mimosa Pudica
Posted by Holly (Boston, MA) on 11/20/2022

I found that mimosa pudica is extremely effective to kill parasites. More effective than anything I have ever taken. I highly recommend it to those with strong detox capacity, and I have recommended it to many of my friends.

I found that it killed so much parasite for me that I couldn't take it without getting symptoms of kidney stress, even with tiny doses like 1/10 capsule. The more I took, the more severe the symptoms. Intense skin itching and prickling, fatigue and disorientation, and if I take more, foot and ankle swelling.

My question is, is there a remedy for this detox reaction? Something that would mop up the toxins before they hit my kidneys? I need to use the mimosa pudica, but I can't due to my weakness to detox.

My detox is impaired, and I do a lot of mechanical detoxing. I know my kidneys are weakened, in addition to my liver. I take an herbal formula to support my kidneys called Renaven. I can't tolerate saunas, coffee enemas or wheatgrass juice anymore- the detox is so strong I get very sick and have actually fainted. I cannot tolerate apple cider vinegar due to allergies.

I take a lot of binders, but this detox seems to be a kidney detox, which binders don't help. I can't tolerate the fulvic acid Cellcore uses, though I do normally take humic acid. I drink quite a bit of water but it doesn't seem to flush me well. I did quite a bit of intestinal cleansing a long time ago, so they shouldn't be too bad (except for the parasites- ha).

Any recommendations for a hack that would enable me to tolerate taking the mimosa pudica, I would really appreciate. I know that my system would be a lot healthier without all those parasites. I have successfully taken very small doses of diatomaceous earth.

Mimosa Pudica
Posted by Shar (USA) on 10/07/2022

Cellcore or Microbe Formulas has it. I hope it is ok to mention their names. If not, please know deleting because of name branding won't bother me. Just trying to help. Hate to see an unanswered question.

Posted by Janet (FL) on 08/18/2022


Can your post about borax and parasites be confirmed? I have tried getting it but no one has it. How many times did they have to use it to get results? Will it help scabies? I have been trying to rid myself of them for over 5 months. I've tried so many different things. I feel so hopeless. If anyone knows how to get rid of scabies please get back to me. Thanks

Posted by Ronnie (Abingdon, MD) on 08/07/2022

Hey Jenn! I live in Harford Co, MD. I just recently saw something on the local news about a possible Parasitosis infection. Of course they didn't mention too much but I am concerned. Thanks for the link -- I'll read more about it!

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 07/28/2022

I've been told that soldiers in Special Forces will take a bath using 1-4 tablespoons 20 mules borax to rid their bodies of parasites after a long recon in jungles. They say you can use a black UV-light and see the parasites in the bath water.

Parasite Testing
Posted by Molly M (Central Texas) on 06/07/2022 7 posts

Bioman, I am pretty sure you accidentally typed "Try" Labs instead of the actual name, "Fry" Labs in Arizona. Here's the website,, and yes, they do detailed, comprehensive testing, and are known for their Lyme disease testing.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/10/2010

Parasites can be ridden of with a pinch of borax 3 or 4 times a day, but I can soup up the borax remedy to make it far stronger by adding 6 drops of 3% food grade H2O2 in 1 glass of drinking water. I would likely take this for about 4 days out of a week.

Parasite Symptoms
Posted by Wendy (New Zealand ) on 05/16/2022

Hi Darlene, what do you suggest for this condition?

Myself and a couple of family members have schistosomiasis (undiagnosed) as I lived in Peruvian jungle for a couple of years and was exposed to several.

The symptoms are very similar to mite infestation, candida, morgellons, many different parasite infections. it's so varied that it's difficult to target.

You mention other posts you've made.. can you please be specific?

Pyrantel Pamoate Parasite Killer
Posted by Wild Bill (St. Louis, Missouri) on 03/25/2022

Pyrantel Paomoate kills things that turpentine won't. Kills Numerous Parasites. Is Extremely Safe. Should Be Used On ALL Pet Dogs And Cats. Used Worldwide To Kill Pin Worms And Other Nasty Things In Humans.


Pyrantel pamoate is an oral medication used for the treatment of infections caused by intestinal parasites like roundworm, hookworm, and pinworm.

It has been included in the Model List of Essential Medicines by the World Health Organization, though this listing is meant only for human use.

May Treat: Ascariasis · Enterobiasis · Mixed intestinal helminthiasis Dosage is by weight.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Betty (CA) on 02/20/2022

For Mebendazole I take 1433mg per day split up in 3 doses. Two 336mg caps am, 336mg cap afternoon, 336mg cap pm. I take it with grapefruit juice. So, this is not a minimum SOC "band-aid" dose.

For some things to work you need warm (room temp) grapefruit juice as it slows down digestion process in the gut to let more of the supplement absorb before it goes into purge.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 02/20/2022

Hi Jenn,

I used Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth ..

It really worked for me, thank you for the great list of sites to check. I look forward to reading them.

Here is a great site you might want to check-outL:

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jenn (Bel Air, MD) on 02/20/2022

I found this website with a lot of info about parasites. With links & treatment protocols. There are suggested meds & natural cures posted.

I have been through tremendous research and trying different meds as well as just about everything that each one has shared on & on here. I'm still having a lot of challenges! I'm not sure if all of the different parasites I have been exposed to, not by anything I've done. But by things that were done to me over the past several months.

This is the site:

This is the article I found:

MEBENDAZOLE (VERMOX) PROTOCOL: Intestinal Pinworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, & Ascaris
Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

ICU Views: 73,060
Published: 12 years ago

This is a reply to # 1,564,695
MEBENDAZOLE (VERMOX) PROTOCOL: Intestinal Pinworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, & Ascaris
Hey Parasite Warriors ~~ (Updated 10-22-10)

This is an older post - but still informative.
The list of info is quite long with all the different parasites listed & links to obtain more info on them.
I believe that you do have to join the site, but there isn't a charge.

As for me, I've tried just about everything with some results, but also with a lot of disappointments because others were having success (which I am very happy for them that they are either freed from their parasites or on their way to getting free! Good for you guys! I wish you all the best! )

One day I'll post some of the things I have tried & hopefully by then I'll be able to post that I'm on my total recovery free all of this! I am really looking forward to finding out what will work for my situation. Until then I'll just have to keep trying different things.

I thank each and everyone of you for your great posts & for sharing all that you learned & what has worked for you to complete journey to your recovery from the evils of parasites!!! Blessings!

Posted by Jenn (Bel Air, MD) on 02/20/2022

NIH documentation of this parasite - called Intestinal Parasitosis. You can get some info in the following link to the National Institution of Health shown below. If you look up parasitosis you will get a lot of info on different sites.


Papaya Seeds + Oregano Oil
Posted by Melba Streiff, N.D. (USA) on 01/04/2022

Parasites are in the body feeding off the toxic chemicals already in it. If you kill them off too quickly before doing a cleanse first, you will get very sick and nauseated from the toxins they are not digesting, as well as the toxicity from the parasites' excrement as well.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Hannah (Texas) on 12/19/2021

@Yam E.

Not sure if you're still struggling with this, but I would use water, not juice. The sugar feeds the parasites. Oregano helps kill the yeast/sugar cravings.

Raw Garlic
Posted by Rob (Somewhere in Europe) on 10/14/2021

Re: the idea of this garlic spring roll bomb

This idea sounds great.

However, speaking from my own experience, chewing the food is not optional. You need to thoroughly masticate your food before you can digest it. If you don't masticate your garlic, your body won't be able to digest it. Speaking from my own experience, if there is undigested garlic, then the body will generate a garlic-smelling gas that is a lot more offensive than garlic breath.

Black Walnut
Posted by DB (PNW usa) on 09/24/2021

One possibility for accessing black walnut extract....MAKE IT!

IF trees are in YOUR area: gather green hulled nuts from black walnut tree now, in the fall. Fill canning jar with washed/rinsed green hulls (wear gloves to peel!! Stains skin very dark!! ) Cover hulls with clear alcohol absolut or vodka till covered. Tighten lid. Turn and agitate liquid daily for several weeks to extract black walnut / various recommendations for the time found at various pages online or in herbal books. Take according to instructions you can find for various uses. good for all (person/pet) if used safely.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Fran (Tennessee) on 09/15/2021

where is the site for the DE?

Hibiscus Flower Tea
Posted by Joel (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/15/2021 16 posts

Traveled to Africa and got some type of infection that matched the symptoms of one type of schistosomiasis which causes painful bloody urination (blood mainly at the end) along with fevers intermittently.

Tried papaya seeds but no help. Tried vitamin C, vinegar, garlic, Immune Defense pills with black seed oil, beta glucans, zinc, and various other herbs I can't recall but nothing helped.

Finally, I read a study showing that hibiscus and tamarind had very high antiparasite activity, especially for schistosomiasis. Now it makes sense why people here drink so much hibiscus juice. So I started drinking only hibiscus tea, nothing else, and from the first drink, I felt much better. I added some tamarind sometimes which may have helped but the hibiscus was the main thing. I drank that exclusively for two weeks or so and was cured. Tastes good as well, with a bit of stevia and something sour like lemon or tamarind.

I used red flowers.

Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves
Posted by Angela (OR) on 08/16/2021

Hello. GREEN black walnut hulls?

I am dealing with worms/parasites for the first time in my life and it's quite honestly horrifying. I have organic black walnut hulls, crushed.. but green? Is that even available on the market? Surely the normal black will work as well? Thank you for sharing your story! I am so glad you are doing well. Are you still doing well these days? I know you wrote this in 2013.. How are you doing today in 2021? Brightest blessings to you in these difficult times..

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by SARA (THE BEACHES) on 08/16/2021

it is said that the metal will nullify its negative charge in the DE.

Papaya Seeds
Posted by Angela (OR) on 08/15/2021

I'm not sure I can go with the claim "If wormwood, black walnut, and cloves aren't fresh, they won't work". Tons of people all over this site have used those ingredients dried and had very good results.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Angela (OR) on 08/15/2021

Do you know why it has to be a non-metal utensil?

Posted by Nita (US) on 07/22/2021

This is the best advice and rebuttal I have heard from many n a nice while. Just looking to further my cleanse and came across this conversation and offering it f true knowledge! Many Thanks and Kudos🙏🏾

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Deana (GA) on 05/29/2021 2 posts

This is inaccurate. DE dissects parasites in the gut and intestinal tracts and you do expel them in your stool if used correctly. You should take DE as soon as you are finished eating breakfast and dinner bc that is when the parasites come out to feed. If you take DE on an empty stomach, they will try and burrow deeper bc they are not feeding.

Parasite Symptoms
Posted by Darlene (Parkland, FL) on 04/20/2021

Filariasis/ Schitosmias:

See if your symptoms match.

1- did you start with just feeling exhausted all the time?
2- heavy feeling in chest but no cold?

3- panic attack feeling like heart racing

4- rashes started to appear

5- started to feel things on you like no seeums or fleas?
6- progresses into crawling?

7- loss of appetite or uncontrollable carb craving?

8- intermittent constipation / diarrhea?

9- insomnia

10- single line lesions? Looks like a scratch

11- bladder, urinary or kidney, genital issues

12- every test is negative?

13- any nodules?

14- you can feel where they are and collect them?
15- they prefer hair follicles- anywhere on the body?

16- you sometimes get a jabbing pain?

17- you get brown marks where you know they are. (hyperpigmentation)

18 you also get red dots

19-all kinds of things come out of your skin and they all look different? Black, white, Sand like?

If you said yes to most of these, investigate 2 parasites. Filariasis and Schitosmias.
Then the different species. Some go intestinal, some bladder and some cutaneous (skin)

both have zootonic species.

In dogs, it's called H Americana.

look up life cycle of Schitosmias and symptoms

life cycle of filariasis and symptoms.

think back - way back - to any places you traveled when looking at the region of each species. Did you swim in a lake? Eat local food abroad? Are you all of sudden remembering a bout of food poisoning?

these things can lay dormant for years.

Step 1 - get the best parasite cleanse you can afford!

look for my other post on Earth Clinic's morgellons page - morgellons =parasite for more details.

best of luck to everyone for a diagnosis and speedy recovery!


Posted by Shonni (Stans, Switzerland) on 03/20/2021

Hello Oregano, what would then kill of the parasites protozoans, blastocystis hominis if DE doesn't work?

Papaya Seeds + Oregano Oil
Posted by Sharon (Nebraska) on 11/16/2019

What is the dosage for the mimosa pudica capsules for eradicating parasites? Thanks for the information.

Papaya Seeds + Oregano Oil
Posted by Carolyn (Tn) on 07/19/2019 has a whole parasite protocol. They use mimosa pudica seed caps to encapsulate the parasites. Dr. Klinghardt ( says old methods for parasite control don't work well anymore--not strong enough, and that they also harbor heavy metals in their biofilm. He says if you become ill on a parasite cleanse, you are just making them give off more toxins.

Papaya Seeds + Oregano Oil
Posted by Aurelia (UK) on 06/21/2019

I didn't realise I had parasites until I bought and ate a large papaya and the seeds over the course of 2 days.

Papaya seeds have been used for centuries to cure digestive problems (as I learnt in Thailand many years ago) as well as papaya leaf and the fruit itself. I was also taking (and topically applying) oregano oil to cure a skin infection.

The combination of both of these unknowingly killed and expelled a couple of worms. I'm now doing a 7 day fast, only drinking herbal teas (peppermint and green tea) as well as ingesting essential oils diluted with olive oil - clove, ginger, oregano and taking apple cider vinegar twice a day. I passed a few more yesterday and the day before and can feel more of the blighters moving. I am desperately hoping this may cure my severe food intolerances but the combination is definitely working.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by rmd (az) on 06/18/2019

Parasite Combo Ingredients:

Gentian, Irish Moss, Oregon Grape, Fenugreek, Cascara Sagrada, Myrrh, Yellow Dock, Echinacea, Black Walnut, Barberry, Dandelion, St. John's Wort, Chickweed, Wormwood I use w/ the parasite combo: sym (calmyourgut) combo, pain/arthritis combo and st johns wort w/ ACV, mixed with water first thing in morning, then light food & coffee. it very effective and strong, just lay down for a little while. detox tea is good thru the day, and a couple spoons of DE before sleep...

H2O is a necessity, plus spiritual practice and gratitude because you'll go thru some trauma lol!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by rmd (Az) on 06/18/2019

Been trying a powdered combo from linda sunshine herbs in show low, az.

First I tried using gel tabs throughout the day it took a long time for results but I did see worms and egg sacs, plus alot of other unknowns. so I added Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and after a few hours I would see worms and more things even flukes, I have dumpster dived, sushi, luved water crestnuts, etc so I have been troubled for a long time. Oo seeing this result I been experimenting, snorting the parasite powder, and also ACV. I been just using powdered combos w ACV in the morning just a wicked elixir shot w water sometimes in a smoothie, a light breakfast and coffee. It's been good on my hunger attacks even candida which I'm now seeing is another culprit.

I try to take DE at night before bed if I remember, but the latter is working the best morning elixir, detox teas during day, snd DE at night all while keeping a watch on my food intake occasionally ill have fast food or ice cream, suffering the die off isn't nice try to be nice to yourself and others and take water thru it because it distributes the medicine and moves the scum out. pets are another big problem too.

Essential Oils
Posted by Mandandi (Gaborone) on 10/26/2019

Essential Oils for Killing Parasites: I think these can be way more potent and quick for some systemic parasite infections: Oregano, blackseed cumin, thyme, clove, cinnamon, lemongrass, pine (turpentine), cinnamon. Take 1/4 cup of blackseed oil and add 10-30 drops of each of the other oils. Take that orally once or twice a day until your tongue is pink. Take 1 teaspoon of charcoal in warm or cool water each night before going to bed, but don't take anything else since charcoal prevents the absorption of anything else in its presence. The charcoal kills some parasites but also absorbs toxins released by dying parasites.

Posted by Antonia Blue Star (United States) on 03/23/2020

Turpentine 100% Pure Gum Spirits Organic Turpentine is an ageless remedy for ridding the body of parasites. There is no barrier in the body that turpentine cannot cross. Research the protocol on this site. Thank you.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Laura (TX) on 02/04/2021

The city I live in is downstream from a county that has a quarter of a million milk cows. I was having stomach issues for a few days when they announced on the radio that there was an outbreak of Cryptosporidium in our city. But they were saying that it was caused by unwashed lettuce and hamburger! I knew that was a lie; because of my food allergies I would have had to eat them outside of my home as they were things I ate infrequently. It took the city several weeks to tell the public that the infection was caused by the water they provide. I had already started taking colloidal silver (I make my own as I use it often for gut candida), and although it took a lot of CS and about 3 weeks I beat it without going to the doctor. The bulletins the city was putting out said that there are few, if any, prescribed medications that are effective against that particular pathogen.