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Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Essential Oils

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Posted by Anonymous (Byron Bay, NSW) on 07/17/2013

Fatigue, pain, digestive difficulties, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for about 14 years. Many alternative practitioners provided kind support & symptom relief but did not resolve the core problem. Recently I have worked up to and utilised mega and combo doses of homeopathy, larger doses of classic herbal remedy taken before bed so body can work on it while I am resting, GSE, organic coconut oil and above all doses internal and external of organic essential oils: cloves, cedarwood, peppermint, various citrus and ginger. Treated extensive brain infection with many bottles of essential oils applied externally, ginger will heal toxo plasmosis but I observed extreme reaction initially to lemon and sweet orange essential oils. Next morning large number of long worms passed. Regular, up to daily colon cleansing is essential or eggs will pass out and reinfect. Change sheets and towels and vacuum every couple of days, daily if possible to reduce reinfection risks. I had parasites coming out everywhere, including my eyes, I will spare you the details. Low zinc levels will hugely increase parasite load so you may want to get checked for deficiencies. Listen to the wisdom of your body and take charge of your situation, persevere and brace yourself, you can be free & well, best wishes and good health.

Replied by Olea Z.

Hi, I am happy to hear your results on this protocol, I am curious as to how much EO you were taking and which herbs too if you don't mind sharing, thanks

Replied by Elise
(Victoria, Australia)

This stuff made me sicker than the giardia!!!


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Posted by James (Orlando, Fl) on 03/20/2009

Urticaria and internal parasites:

After a trip into Mexico I developed a severe outbreak of measle like red spots on my body. A fecal examination revealed I was infested with 3 different amoebas: Coli, Hystolytica, and Blastocystis Hominis.

See descriptions here:

Three separate treatments with Flagyl cured the infestation. I do not know if it was one or a combination of the parasites which caused the outbreak but the red spots disappeared after treatment and have never returned.

Replied by Florie
(San Francisco, California)

Flagyl is very very very bad stuff and should be avoided.

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)



Replied by Kristi
(Nanaimo, Bc)

Flagyl's other name is Metrondiazole. The chemical compound is not the same as flouride. Many drugs have multiple names, however you can't read into all of their names and assume that just because the beginning of the name is similar to an element that that is what it contain.

Replied by Someone In Nyc
(Somewhere In Ny, Ny)

Flagyl saved my life. I had Giardia. After 3 courses of medication, Flagyl combined with Albendazole finally cleared it. I thank God for this medication. Yes, it was awful to take, should not be taken lightly and always under a doctor's supervision, alcohol definitely needs to be avoided while taking, and it does have nasty side effects. For me, the side effects passed and I was able to finally recover from the horrible nightmare of Giardia.

Replied by Me
(Pdx, US)

My friend suffered from, "chronic fatigue" (I believe that all illness have a cause and cure) for years . And new doctor found it was amoeba. They did an IV flagel for 10 days and was cured and I always lean towards a natural so if they had a natural equivalent what would it be?

Replied by Xan Adams
(Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

There is also a chemical in goldenseal that functions much the same as Flagyl, for those who hate western medicine (a lot of which is based on pursuing the benefits of traditional effectiveness of such things as goldenseal and garlic.

Replied by E. Hystolitica

Do not mess around with E. Hystolytica as it is a very serious infection. I contracted this a year ago and was only put on Metronidazole by an intern who failed to prescribe luminal agents following a 10 day treatment to kill the cysts and they incubated and a year later I had a re-infestation and this time much more serious. I use all kinds of herbs in leaf and tincture form and have a very clean diet and take DE but these will not/do not kill amoebas.

If left untreated you can develop cirhosis of the liver and the amoeba can be active in the blood and penetrate the brain and lungs. Go to your Doctor and follow treatment with probiotics.

Replied by Art
2137 posts

According to the following PubMed abstract, colloidal silver may be active against the E. Holistica parasite.


J Egypt Soc Parasitol. 2015 Dec;45(3):593-602.


Saad HA, Soliman MI, Azzam AM, Mostafa B.


Nanoparticles (NPs) have received more attention as antiparasitic agents. In the present study, silver and copper nanoparticles were synthesized and characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The antiparasitic activity of Ag and CuO nanoparticles were tested against two of the most environmentally spread parasites in Egypt (Entamoeba histolytica and Cryptosporidium parvum). The average sizes of synthesized Ag NPs and CuO NPs were 9 & 29 nm respectively and a significant reduction for cysts viability (p > 0.05) was observed for CuO NPs against E. histolytica cysts and Ag NPs against C. parvum oocysts. Moreover, LC50-3h of CuO NPs for E. histolytica and C. parvum were 0.13 and 0.72 mg/l, while Ag NPs recorded 0.34 and 0.54 mg/l respectively. Accordingly, these NPs could be suggested as a new nanoform agent for safe and effective treatment of E. histolytica and C. parvum parasites.




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Posted by Gloria (Midland, On) on 09/27/2020

I would like to identify the type of parasite. It was a single worm inside the rectum biting me. I used raw garlic on my feet at night for another reason and I could feel the parasite getting into a frenzy. It went on a biting spree and finally died. Unable to locate any info on what I had.

Garlic can burn skin and should be diluted with oil.

Posted by Sacha (Panama) on 04/29/2018

Hello... I started feeling parasites climbing up my feet and took me some time after trying many other alternative to find the power of GARLIC oh delicious garlic the one thing that has stopped then for longer time from climbing up on me. What I do is chew the garlic very small and put it on the entire floor of my feet including my toes and inside my toe nails. I am in the process to use it in my scalp to eliminate them from my scalp. I swallow garlic as well 3 times a day is important to know that garlic burns fat.. so in my case it goes against me because I am thin... I am planning on keeping this process goin on for a month or 2 after I get them out of my system.

General Feedback

Posted by KT (The Usa) on 05/18/2013

Dead Parasites? Maybe this should be posted under IBS and BV because of complaints about odor. Is it possible that dead parasites produce such a horrible odor that it is misunderstood where it is really coming from? Once in awhile I would get an odor like something crawled up inside me and died. Maybe something did! Sometimes I'd have such inflammation that I would have to use two ointments for two areas. Odor and inflammation not always at the same time. I have very limited income and have to try to make due with what I have here. I'm still experimenting but read that creating an uninhabitable environment is best and with the proliferation of GMO's it is becoming more difficult but not impossible.

Just trying to share as I learn.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Kt: Have you done any type parasite cleansing ie medications??? If so, that would explain a "die off" odor from them. If not, you might need to do a colon cleanse as well as gallbladder cleanse. Increase fiber and maybe take some clay or activated charcoal to assist in removing the bad stuff.

Another possible culprit is tissue damage. Are you taking any type of high toxicity medications like acetaminophen or cholesterol lowering drugs (statins)??? Also, exposure to heavy metals can also cause necrosis. The main organ in the above situation would be the Liver. I have, upon several occasions, experienced liver necrosis after a chemical assault (as noted by that terrible odor).

Replied by KT
(The Usa)

No, no type of cleansing. I haven't had a problem with odor for quite awhile but thought I'd mention it because of recently reading so many complaints about it here (EC). Just one of my brainstorms... wondering if decomposing creatures could be the cause.

Replied by KT
(The Usa)

CORRECTION Timh... I used to take antibiotics for UTI prevention (after intimacy w/hubby) but since I had been taking dry mustard, turmeric, ginger, garlic and onions I seemed to have less flare-ups. I thought I had read that turmeric was a good liver cleanse. I was using it so much I tried to find out if there could be any toxic effects but did not.

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Posted by Donna (Pleasant Shade, Tennessee, USA) on 01/29/2013

My husband is a vietnam vet who we have taken to a VA Dermatologist. His official medical exam papers list bilateral epididymitis. I am taking this document to ask for the appropriate World Health Organization drugs listed in this article medication for this particular filarial affliction. We will see what they say. The official US gov health officers vs the W. H. O. who have cleansed Sri Lanka of this affliction in 5 years. It is cured and clean.

Here is the link to the documentation. Http://

I have been appropriating many herbs since 1976 for my family. We were using Black Walnut Leaf tea in our coffee before the Derm stopped all uses of anything but water on his skin. So be it. She precribed a double dose of prednisone to cut the rampant inflammation which it did but the strands of fibers are driving him crazy, coming out of his head and face and nose. He has put olive oil on his head. The Eucerin lotion she allowed him did nothing. Today will be the acid test on who will win for truth and justice; The W. H. O. Procedure or the 'lobsters crawling out of your ears' treatment of the american medical community. Forget the CDC. They are funded by the same people who gave us the World Trade insects. Take heart southern states, the book of Revelation says "the earth helped the woman" meaning, all believers, and the bible belt believers where the brunt of the now tropical environments for these world trade insects are trying to take us. We must enjoy the plants of the Creator it seems, and reckon them as "help". Love and prayers to you all who are in affliction and those who are to help us.

Replied by Phil

You might find some skin relief from the little "fibers" on your skin just by rolling a pet-hair lint roller all over your face, neck, and body. Just keep rolling your body over and over with new roller sheets until the roller doesn't pick anything else up. Keep it by your bed and roll your pillow and sheets off before you climb into bed. You might sleep better!

Replied by Jenna

I have been studying EC for a couple of years now and although I've found relief from several issues by using suggestions found on the site I have never felt compelled to post a comment until now. Donna from TN. What in the world are you talking about " World Trade Bugs"? and WHO vs VA vs CDC, Southern women live a sub tropic zone infected by world trade bugs. I'm curious as to what zone you live in?

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Posted by Singapore87 (Singapore, Singapore ) on 04/25/2012

HI I'm from singapore. I've order some things online from iherb. Anyone has tried parastroy before- any successful stories about it? I took it with meal and without meal it make me super bloated. I'm so full. I am also into my 2nd week of husk... But husk I didn't take anything. But if i'm taking parstroy. It says to take it with meals. :( so can husk consider a meal? with lots of water.. Hm. First time I took it make me heartburn and my urine seems to be lesser? and I have green discharge or should I say mucus plaque from the poop? I seriously dun know about the green discharge. I dun know.. But not with husk. Husk i've great improvment on it. Without side effects. ( if I take both pills separate I dun have much side effect. But still bloated! It make me poop poop alot. Most super long one. Should I tried colon cleansing for 2 weeks first den 3rd tried de parastroy again? or can do both together? but maybe I tried it again on the 3rd week without any meals den. Will see how it goes. :?)

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa ) on 11/15/2011

Hi U Good People Doin, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The CEDSA test revealed that I am loaded with parasites. It even told the tester that I had take an immunization shot for Shingles after my wife almost lost her sight because of the outbreak. People that is spooky. We are just now getting into this area and will keep you posted.

As most of you know, I's about half smart, but I am buying into what Hulda Clark said in her book. Every bacteria, virus, and organism gives off an energy frequency that you can acknowedge and kill.

I just met a 50 year old man that had a permanent port installed into his jugular so the traditional doctors can put their poison into. He was a wrestler for the U of Nebraska and one hellava man. He now knows that his life is in the hands of alternative Drs. The traditional doctors can no longer help him.

I gave him this site to follow, especially the Bill Munro story. He was pumped.

You people help more floks than you know.

=======ROBERT HENRY=========

General Feedback
Posted by Leigh (Washington, Dc/usa) on 11/14/2011

Hi.... I've Never done a Post. I'm not much of a computer person - my profession did not call for it. However, Now I am..... I am not 100% sure When this problem exactly started, or how it came about. I can tell you that it is very subtle to the person who isn't a Breeding Ground to Whatever is On/ & In My Skin, in my Ears, up My Nose - my crotch area shows some signs of this Thing or Things, but thank God is not itchy Like my *Scalp*, or we would have some Serious problems....! I Am a Hyper-Clean person, but it has also gone you know where. Once again, not even close to how ITCHY & ALIVE my scalp is. And, my arms/legs & BACK (especially) will go through periods of 'Being Attached' - random spots where I feel like they take a chunk out of my skin, Especially when I am in the bathroom, before/during/ & after a shower (Maybe it's some kind of Life Cycle of the Bug/Parasite?), Also when I don't have long pants, & if I don't do the 'Peg Leg' @ the bottom of my jeans or pants (Fold over, & roll up only the minimum amount necessary - 1 1/2 - 2 Times, in order to make a seal - so all of the above cannot fly up, crawl up, or jump up my pant legs). And, I have to Tuck my Shirts into my Pants, because if my lower back is exposed it seems to be the spot that the Parasite/s prefer..... Oh yes, & my hands - front & back & partially up my arm - it feels like I have two casts on my hands/forearm - Soooo dry & stiff - almost blistered. In some areas - little cuts with dried blood.

*Treatments that I have tried: Before, when I thought that I just had Dry, Itchy Skin: 1. ) All kinds of Lotions/Creams/ & Ointments - & 1 Prescribed Solution (forget the name, but did nothing! ).... The Winner of That Category: the original NIVEA Creme (in a Blue Jar), I actually chose that creme because I was told, by my Homeopathic Doctor, that I needed to be religious about taking oral Magnesium *Glycinate* Supplements (As many as my stomach could tolerate), along with L-Theanine, & Tyrosine - Every Day - 2 X's per day.... ) Anyway, the Nivea Cream had (has) a good amount of Magnesium, which through a little accidental research, I learned that Topical Magnesium Applications (Oil, Baths, Lotions) are Better Absorbed by the Body, than taken orally. So, I spent 3 Hours in the Bathroom that evening: Shower, Shave, Exfoliate, and I used the entire container of the NIVEA CREAM - Everywhere on my Body & Face - During application, it sloffed off (spelling?) / Surfaced/& Extracted these tiny pimple like bumps that I had going up both sides of my torso - up to my shoulders - & slightly on my upper back. Once applied, my skin was SMILING (A Subtle type of Orgasmic) (Sorry if I offended anyone! ) - My skin felt pampered, for once, in a long time....! Anyway, I think I may have tried an Epsom Soak (Bath) - But could only lay there for 5-10 min! And, one of my fav's - another temporary fix - I Actually Shaved my ENTIRE BODY - Felt Great on my BACK! ..... Fast Forward to the past 3-4 Weeks or so, my scalp seemed to feel noticably itchier - My immune system was pretty low - 3 sinus infections in a row!! Treated, but never cured, with Antibiotics/ & a Steroid Pack - MethylPrednisolne. More and More Dust started appearing in my Home - I felt like I couldn't get anything 'Clean'. And, then one day, I cleaned out a brush of mine - used for Blowdrying my Hair, & there were a Ton of blackish FUZZBALLS - Freaked me Out! Also, I WAXED my Face, like I Always Do (Once, Every 4-7 weeks) - & after I pulled the wax off - I looked @ the strip of wax, to see how much hair came off, & I saw a noticable amount of black spots - IN The WAX! ?!! ? I'm going to continue in a little while, I HAVE TO RUN To WALMART to Purchase this BLUE OINTMENT (in a small box) - My SCALP is *A L I V E* & Even My HAIR (Which Feels like IT'S ATTACKING My EARS & FACE & NECK - I have hair that goes down my back - almost to my Bra Strap. But, it is UP off my neck& out of my Face - Except for a Few Fly Aways & Becoming More & More DISTRACTING!!!!!!!!!!!! I put a Paul Mitchell Essential Oil (Tea Tre & Lavendar) on my SCALP (massaged it in) & My SCALP is Having an AFTER-PARTY FIESTA, & 'THEY're Are Starting to RELOCATE (Or are WAKING UP Their 'NEIGHBORS' Down My UPPER BACK!!!!!! Alost UnBEARABLE!!!! This is the 2nd or 3rd Time that IT has Been THIS BAD (I think the Common Denominator is LATE Night - Early, EARLY A. M. , & TEA TREE Essential OIl - THEY LUV IT----NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------I'll Be Back to FINISH My Description - Sorry So Lenghty & Boring - I'm EXHAUSTED! And, please excuse any Spelling Mistakes - Don't have it in me to proof read Right NOW!!!!! Coming Up: Doctors/ER Visits, Sleepless Nights/Break Downs, Boyfriend thinks I'm 'C r a z y', Until I have a LICE LADY/s Come to My Apartment, & CONFIRM LICE/Knits/ But, Mostly Babies - but EVERYWHERE! Ringworm? Scabies? An OverFlowing Toilet, X's 2 - Saturate Hallway/Bedroom Carpets - DRIED, *But* NOT SANATIZED!! Playing with ELVIS (my Dog / But, also my Dad's Dog) in a Large Field - Sometimes wearing Flip-Flops During Mudy/Wet Conditions! An, my Apartment Backs Up Into an OverGROWN CREAK, where during the Summer - Covered the Water! And, Finally (maybe ?) - this past Saturday Night - CLEANING With BLEACH & using Ointment on my SCALP an on my Legs (I Ran Out) - Gave my SCALP A LOT of RELIEF (*&* Most IMPORTANTLY - SEA-SALT LIKE Things WERE Coming OUT of my HAIR & *SCALP*! ????),

Until a few hours ago - & then a major Build-Up Of ITCHINESS - And, Ringworms swimming around in a still cup w/ room temp water???? NOW, I'm definitely noticing It ON ELVIS, I saw one, with-in a minute Almost Make It Through A Heavy uty Zip- Lock plastic FREEZER Bag (I wiped a few frow Elvis's Ear - I used a Paper Towel with Apple Cider Vinegar :-( !!!!! *Help US, Please - It Really feels like it Has/Is Taking Over MY LIFE & ELVIS'S LIFE - I AM Close to Being HOMELESS, & I WILL/WOULD Have TO GIVE ELVIS AWAY, & He's My *ONLY TRUE FRIEND*, Recently (The Past Year) - He Kept Me Going Through a Few Very DIFFICULT TIMES - I Call Him My ANGEL PUPPY..... I'll be back from the store in a bit.... THANKS FOR READING/HELPING.........!!!!!

Replied by Joyce
(Carol Stream, Il)

This is to Leigh of Washington, DC--- You have Morgellons. Look it up on the Internet. Read from the Morgellons Research Foundation first. It was originally thought to be a parasite. Now, that may be an incorrect theory. There are a lot of CRAZY theories out there about what it is and how to get rid of it. DO NOT let those theories and descriptions scare you. Victims have determined through testing that often there are several bacteria and other things in victims that are found only in plants and animals. Water (you say you are near a creek), dirt, synthetically manipulated seeds, genes, molds, mildews, fungus, fertilizers, toluene, and other chemicals that have no business being in your body, have all been implicated. Read a website from Mr. Common Sense. It tells how to build up your body so that most of the symptoms disappear. Some people claim to have cured themselves. Some claim to go into huge remissions. Some are able to reduce the symptoms to a bearable level. Check it out.

Replied by Mary
(San Francisco, California)

to Leigh from Washington, Dc.:

Search here on earthclinic for : Cure Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange Read Ted's cure. this cure works to kill all kinds of parasites like mites, fleas, morgellons etc. (from your description, it sounds like you have mites. It worked to help me and my dog friends.

You can obtain quick acting relief (within a day) by taking a warm or hot bath in a full tub of water to which you have added 3 quarts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1/3 box of 20 mule team borax and soaking for 30min. Also putting your scalp into the water to be thoroughly saturated. (plug your ears before submerging your head because this treatment can stop up your ears for awhile. (if you have dark hair, your hair may lighten a bit. )

There is a lot of information here on earthclinic in different places from Ted and others using his remedy. Read as much as you can and read it over because it can seem confusing at times, but essentially the solution recipe is 1 pint of 3% hydrogen peroxide added to 2 pints of hot water plus 3 heaping tablespoons of borax (20 muleteam borax is fine. ) 3 heaping tablespoons is about the same as 1/4 cup. Mix this up to dissolve the borax and them pour off the dissolved liquid into a container and discard the undisolved solid crystals. It is good to wash your dog first with his normal shampoo and after rinsing him, towel dry out most of the moisture leaving him damp. Then apply the borax solution to your dog with a sponge in the bathtub and let him dry naturally or with a blow dryer. You can swab his ears with q-tips dipped in the solution. (the solution may lighten his fur. )The solution will dry up and kill the parasites. If he isn't damp when you apply the solution, sometimes a dog will vomit from the stabilizers in the hydrogen peroxide. Also sometimes the solution is too drying for the dog's skin, in which case, vinegar instead of hydrogen peroxide can be used.The solution with vinegar and borax can be used around the house too.

For the laundry, I microwave the wet laundry in small amounts for 10 minutes in a microwave that I have downstairs, before drying it in the dryer. It seems to be effective and I don't have to wash everything in hot water. I roll up any metal parts of clothing so that they don't arc. Also stay away from the microwave when operating, it is a hazard and not good to use for heating food either. I only have this one for treating laundry.

Oil of oregano capsules and powdered clove capsules are also worth researching for killing parasites.


Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Just to be sure--are you sure it isn't scabies??? Look up scabies cure on Earth Clinic.

Replied by Jen
(London , Uk)

It sounds like Morgellons. Use MMS as directed. It's the only thing that really works - just be careful to use only as directed. There are some good videos on youtube that show how to mix it. Get informed about Morgellons. Eat fresh carica papaya (yellow flesh papaya) -the skin is especially good for killing parasites. Chinese medicine -they put the papaya skin into apple cider vinegar in the fridge for two days to pickle -and eat this to kill parasites. For your skin -use an organic sunflower oil on your skin. Do not use anything with petroleum in it (generally most body creams etc will have petroleum). You may find that you itch more when you wear cotton. If so wear synthetic and sleep on synthetic sheets.

Replied by Janet
(San Diego Ca Usa)

Do you mean MSM? There is a big difference. I have found if you get rid of all sweets and carbs in your diet and use lots of hand sanitizer on your scalp and skin, when you itch it helps a great deal...see will find tons of info there that match your symptoms.

Replied by Telah

no MMS- its an actual protocol for hard to get infections.

Replied by Telah
(Brooklyn, Ny)

yes sounds like morgellons- you have to treat it like a parasite- I've heard far infared sauna is great for it - diet change, and most especially not GMOs-

General Feedback
Posted by Twanna (Stafford, Va) on 10/19/2011

I am told by many "Vegans" that ALL meat give you parasites no matter what! It dose not matter if you cook it well done or freeze it for a long period of time the fact remains that meat have parasites. So, with this being said what part of this info is true or false? Does eating any type of meat leave parasites behind in your system regardless if it's cooked or not?

Replied by Danielle
(Memphis, Tn)

I am also a vegan and I must be honest..... Parasites can be gotten just as readily from fruits and veggies as they can from meats. The key is preparation! It is true that you can get a parasite from any meat but storing meats at the right temperature and cooking them thoroughly can kill the parasite. With fruits and veggies you must be sure to thoroughly wash them. Remember the life of the flesh is in the blood. Most of the animals slaughtered and sold are sickly creatures and all disease and sickness is carried in the blood. If we eat these creatures we are also consuming their disease, no matter how you cook it! Vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains are best for our bodies and provide all the protein, calcium and nutrients we need. Eat and be in good health!

General Feedback
Posted by Lily (Corpus Christi, Tx) on 10/16/2011

I see them coming out when I lie down and when I'm on the pc I see them out of the corner of my eye. Again the drs say I don't see anything that's because parasites hide when u try to see them. I'm using bentonite clay food grade internally and green bentonite externally. I have been suffering 4 yrs now and I do hope this works. One tbls with water or lemonade koolaid with lemon juice added to it and sugar. I know the sugar is bad but it's what I like. It crawls down my body at night and it was terrifyiing at first but now I'm used to it , if u can be this is horrible to live with it consumes all my thoughts and time- it's like being in prison for 4 yrs. I've given up on so called Drs!

Replied by Pahlee
(Phila, Pa)

Just a question, , if sugar is bad for parasites, what about the substitute for sugar such as equal or other non sugar products, are they just as bad? I have not gotten into the habit of drinking just black coffee, what do you suggest? desperate!!

Replied by Scooter
(Revelstoke, Bc)

Refined sugar is bad, fake sugar is even worse. try whole grain sugar or pure maple syrop, a little pricey but they even have health benefits.

Giardia Remedies

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Posted by Alice (Solola, Guatemala) on 02/22/2013

Hi, Since several years, since I live in Guatemala, I have problems with Giardia. The first time I nearly died. I did a lot of research and know it has to do with the Candida I have since my childhood. In the last year I did a lot of detox, and I think my Candida is nearly gone. I changed my died, no more gluten, no sugar, no milk, meat, other animal products. The main problem I have now is, I am pregnant... And have Giardia again. I am doing garlic and MSM, ACV, and other things, it is helping but not really curing the Giardia. I still feel weak, sick and so on. I am in the 8th months now and I know I cannot take the really powerful herbs like wormwood. So I wanted to ask you, for recommendation. I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot! Alice.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Alice, you can start with a handful of pumpkin seeds daily.

Replied by Jane
(Alexandria, VA)

Eat pumpkin seeds.

Helpful Parasites

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 02/17/2015

I am watching Nat Geo Wild at this moment 7.00PM eastern time. The show is called World Weirdest. Creepy Cures is what it is about. They are talking about parasites as cures. That's right Parasites... This is what we all on here are trying to avoid. Maggots to clean out diabetic wounds. And some kind of pig parasite for Crohn's ( I think they said Whip Worms ) help cure or at least make it better.

So Ted, Bill, Dave, Bill, Robert Henry, Mama to Many, Timh and anyone I may have left out, if you get a chance to watch this, Please do. My tv ( direct tv) says it comes on again WED Feb 18th 2015 at 2.00AM and again on Tues Feb 24th at 12.00PM.

Really want to know your opinion on this. The guy said we didn't have much Crohn's until we got cleaner in farming practice and hygiene. They say we may actually benefit from some parasites.

I may not have everything accurate as I am typing this while it is on tv...

Replied by Michelle

It's called Helminthic Therapy. I heard a radio show about it and found a couple groups on Facebook and have been following them. I was thinking about doing it but it is expensive and I am leery about any possible negative long term side effects.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Rebel,

Wow, I have read this post a couple of times and it makes me think, "Ugh! " I am not able to watch this, though, as we do not have tv.

So, I have not seen this and have not studied it. And I am not even a beginner yet when it comes to dealing with parasites.

But my 2 cents (maybe it isn't even worth a penny) is that there was a time when doctors used leeches to try to help people with diseases, and the theory was wrong and the results not good.

I know that if I had Chrohn's disease or diabetic ulcers, there are lots of other things I would try before I would be considering the use of parasites as a cure.

Somehow the idea that we did not see any Chrohn's disease before cleaner farming practices and hygiene came into practice does not quite fit to me. I think it is more likely related to other changes (i.e. increased processing of food, more chemicals on the plants, etc.) of foods that have caused an increase in Chrohn's.

Pasteurization of milk was considered to be a great thing because it made the milk safer. But it turns out that in addition to killing off bad bacteria, you end up killing off good living things in the milk. I have used raw milk (from cows and goats) for many years and the only time I ever got sick from it was when I had some milk from a different source. Maybe the hygiene practices there were worse. Maybe they were the same, and my body was just used to the germs on my farm. I know that milk that has not been as cleanly handled goes bad more quickly.

But I am doing a lot of speculating and rambling. There was a time when I thought that the only way you could cure strep throat was with an anti-biotic. I have since seen that it can be cured with natural medicine. So, I won't say, "No way, " and will be interested to see if anyone else watches this and has any thoughts on it.

Thanks for bringing up an interesting, albeit rather yucky topic! It is good to think about and research different treatments!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jill
(New Mexico)

I used to sell ostomy supplies. All day long talked to sufferers of chrons, IBS, and other bowel issues. It seems as if chrons could be caused by vaccines.

Hibiscus Flower Tea

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Posted by Joel (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/15/2021 16 posts

Traveled to Africa and got some type of infection that matched the symptoms of one type of schistosomiasis which causes painful bloody urination (blood mainly at the end) along with fevers intermittently.

Tried papaya seeds but no help. Tried vitamin C, vinegar, garlic, Immune Defense pills with black seed oil, beta glucans, zinc, and various other herbs I can't recall but nothing helped.

Finally, I read a study showing that hibiscus and tamarind had very high antiparasite activity, especially for schistosomiasis. Now it makes sense why people here drink so much hibiscus juice. So I started drinking only hibiscus tea, nothing else, and from the first drink, I felt much better. I added some tamarind sometimes which may have helped but the hibiscus was the main thing. I drank that exclusively for two weeks or so and was cured. Tastes good as well, with a bit of stevia and something sour like lemon or tamarind.

I used red flowers.


Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 09/08/2009

fascinating story on WNYC, RadioLab (do a google search) about Parasites.. about one positive case, where a man cured his allergies & asthma by deliberately infecting himself with a hookworm. The theory is that hookworms evolved in harmony with humans having a modulatory effect on the immune system in exchange for food. He went to Africa solely for this purpose, to walk around in feces until he was infected...Upon returning no longer has asthma or allergies....too many hookworms will cause anemia however.. have a listen....

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

ROB, thank you for this site concerning parasites. I had no idea that a cat's parasite can get into your brain and cause such mischief. Also, did not know of John D Rockerfeller's discovering the reason for the anemia problem in the South. This is truly one of the most fascinating sites I have been on. Here is the URL.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Dr. Oz did a segment on hookworms and how they can help some people.

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