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Effective Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Black Walnut, Wormwood, Garlic
Posted by Cloud17 (Massachusetts) on 10/03/2015
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Hi, for about a year now I've been having some weird health problem. I did some research and discovered all my stomach, sleep and fatigue issues were probably cause my a parasite infestation.

So for about a month I've been doing a cleanse using black walnut, wormwood and garlic. Was thinking of adding cloves cause it been maybe a little over a month and some of my issues have gone away but I randomly keep getting like flu sick with stomach pain and diarrhea. When this happens I see a lot of them coming out. I was just curious if this is normal and I still keeps seeing eggs and my girlfriend who has been doing it with me hasn't really noticed anything except eggs and about every two weeks I see a ton of eggs coming out. Been getting really thirsty, drinking about a gallon of water a day.

Am I making good progress and should just keep going or try a new combo? I have been doing the capsule supplement 500 mg each. Just looking for some advice.

Vitamin C for Rat Lungworm Disease
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/16/2015 2073 posts

If the Rat lungworm is a type of Roundworm or Ascaris like is common over-the-globe, the adult in the gut will release eggs, which migrate via the blood, to the lungs where they gestate for some time.

Well, I had no idea I had acquired ascaris from my pets until I tried Nebulizing Colloidal Silver for improved lung function, and boom, I immediately experienced a major ammonia smell coming off my body. The next c.s. neb was less, and by 3 or 4 was no more ammonia smell. The ammonia is released from the dying parasite as is commonly called herx or die-off reaction.

Vitamin C for Rat Lungworm Disease
Posted by Dan (Seattle, Wa) on 08/15/2015

My wife has been suffering from Rat Lungworm for the past 3.5 years after contracting it in Thailand on a trip. I was pretty startled to see anyone use the terms cured and rat lungworm at the same time!

I'd love to know more about what you're symptoms were, and how you are doing a few years later. Were you taking anything besides Vitamin C? What brand?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Darla (Ft Lauderdale, Fl) on 06/23/2015


There are people who have had things they ate at 3y/o come out of them 30 years later (i.e. crayons, plastic army men, etc) through cleansing/detox.

Raw Garlic
Posted by Adrienne (Hamilton, Ontario) on 06/19/2015

This is for Tommy in North York, but anyone free to jump in. I have Blastocystis, not sure how bad. Would the concoction you recommend also work for that? Where did you come across the information that this parasite is particularly damaging? Thank you.

I am currently only using DE, but have more ideas from these pages about what to add in. My symptoms are lots of gas, fatigue, achy muscles and joints. And sometimes itchy anus. I guess there are other parasites too then?

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Debra (Tulsa) on 05/28/2015

I had the same problem with DE. I think it could be related, at least in my case, to not drinking enough water. When using DE you must drink plenty of water and avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks. Another thing is the DE must be good quality. I am a bit leery of the DE sold at the vet even though it says it's food grade I have read there are impurities in some of them.

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Vivere (Calif) on 05/16/2015


It sounds like what you are dealing with are sprintails...clinical name is Collembolla. They affect certain people and leave others alone. They can also effect your pets. They spring hard into your eyes, nose , even evenyually your skin. You will feel a pin prick sensation when they enter your skn. If enough enter you start getting open lesions that dont heal. This is a sign of Morgellons.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Donna ( Jamaica) on 04/23/2015

Does it KILL them or do they come out alive?

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Laryl (Carrollton, Tx ) on 04/23/2015

I have read that oil of cloves works well. I plan to try it when I finish the DE. Can't find where I read that now, but if I find it will respond again. I have a kindle book on parasites, but can't look right now.

Tapeworm Remedies
Posted by Meagem (Ridgway, Pa) on 03/25/2015

I'm doing the Diatomaceous Earth=DE and coconut oil. Heard of the other ways mentioned in here. Definitely not going to sit while a worm comes climbing out of my mouth or butt ....DE will kill them before you expel them or so I was told. Also have done the purging with 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice ....gla maybe not here but did read where people have trouble finding DE its been around forever used it back 40 years ago on the farm animals and also in the garden ...But remember there are 2 kinds the animals food kinds (humans too) and the stuff for swimming pools which is dangerous. I bought this 40 lbs bag for around $12 at tractor supply ... probably can find it on the internet too but not expensive at all.

Posted by Mariam (Brooklyn, New York) on 03/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Used wormwood tea for mite infestation. Did not cure, but alleviated symptoms so that I could walk outside for a few hours without feeling crazy! Found fresh garlic worked for the healing.

Posted by Phyllis (Tuscumbia, Alabama) on 03/21/2015

Wormwood itself is effective against many parasites as is black walnut husks. I must again suggest Artemisia Combination from Nature's Sunshine Products. I use it myself as part of my cleansing program. I also give it to my dogs once a month in winter and once a week during the warm seasons. They never get fleas and never get positive results when check for parasites at the vet.

Posted by Mike (Southern Cal) on 03/21/2015

Ask your pharmacist for pin-x or an otc with pyrantal in it.

Posted by Sara (The Beach, Canada) on 03/21/2015

Read this article it may be the answer for you: Good luck, Sara

Posted by Bev Lloyd (Bournemouth, UK) on 03/21/2015

Wormwood had no effect on my son's threadworms whatsoever, nor raw garlic or anything else!!!!

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 03/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Suzy,

Regarding wormwood...I have only used it as an anti-parasitic for my goats. But the place where I used to get the wormwood combination for my goats used it on people in her family, too.

Here is a link for that:

Link to Molly's Herbals

Herbalist Humbart Santillo, in his book, "Natural Healing with Herbs" has the following recommendations for using wormwood tops and leaves.

Infusion: Steep 5-15 minutes. 3 oz, as needed, up to 2 cups daily.

Tincture: 10-30 drops three to four times daily.

Powder - 2-4 #0 capsules three to four times daily.

These dosages are for an adult.

Wormwood should not be used during pregnancy and can be toxic in high amounts.

If you try it, let us know if you find it helpful. I am glad the Black Walnut is working for you.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Suzy (Eugene) on 03/17/2015

I have been taking powdered black walnut husk as a general parasite cleanse and was thinking about adding in wormwood and then fresh ground cloves. Has anyone used this combo and did you use whole herb wormwood or the tincture? No need to be graphic on what it killed off. Just details about dosage and general how-to 's and any contra-indicators.

You know that experience of not knowing you were not feeling well until suddenly you notice you feel great? I have that feeling from doing the black walnut husk. My thoughts are clearer and I am even more cheerful. ( I am pretty sharp and almost a perpetual Pollyanna anyway)

I have also been oil pulling and had a recent visit to the dentist, who remarked I must have using that fancy electric toothbrush they sold me 6 months ago as my teeth were a breeze to clean. ( I was not using the brush as often as directed-- I felt it was going to grind the enamel off my teeth).

Love Earthclinic and hope someone has some input on the Wormwood.

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Myway (Delaware, Usa) on 03/13/2015

Time to get with the Food Grade Diatomaceous earth program (DE). If there are parasites in your body, they don't stand a chance with DE. You just have to taper into the program starting with 1/2 tsp a day for a couple days then work your way up to a tablespoon in the AM on an empty stomach in 8 oz of water. This is how I take it. There is a thread on this site discussing this wonderful basic but effective treatment. You can purchase it on Amazon. Just type in food grade diatomaceous earth. If you have parasites, this will work....MyWay, :D

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by KT (Usa) on 03/13/2015

You could try sprinkling plain baking soda in your carpet and rub it into your dog's coat. It kept fleas off my little dog.

You could get the linen scented disinfectant spray from the dollar store and spray your mattress. After it dries, vacuum and place a dryer sheet between the mattress and box springs at all four corners.

Try wiping your baseboard and spray corners with 50/50 white vinegar and water.

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Sara (The Beach, Canada) on 03/13/2015

Look up papaya seeds, they are brilliant at removing intestinal parasites of all kinds

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Eve (Nv) on 03/12/2015 22 posts

Thankyou for your suggestions. I tried the Borax/HP spray in the house, I also have a small dog so very concerned about her well being. What has helped inside the house has been 100% Hydrogen Peroxide spray (Thank God for Dollar Stores) and household ammonia diluted to 1/2 -1/3 with wtr. used as a spray. Whatever type of bug I have lives close to the floors, I can feel them jump in to my eyes when I'm bending over so really spray these areas well with the 2 solutions. I get these bugs at nite in my nose, mouth and my eyes, especially one eye that I have had the eyelash mites in for so long, I think they have tried to devour that eye, even the Drs comment on how small the mites are in my eyes compared to others they see on a daily basis so my bug is what? they don't know, they can't even id a bug so everything is called Demodex mites.

I'm not familiar with alkalinizing, how does that work. I'm open to suggestion. thank you again for your thoughtfulness and time, much apreciated. Evelyn

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 03/12/2015

Evelyn, read up on parasites right here on EC, esp. the Borax remedies (drinking and bath) and alkalinizing.

One more mild thing you might start with right away, is pumpkin seeds (hmm they might be more for worms, I don't know) chewed VERY well, or ground in a coffee grinder.

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by KT (Usa) on 03/11/2015

Dear Evelyn, I was going to give you what my nutrition almanac recommends for destroying parasites but I feel it is important that you first know what it says about your nutritional needs: "When a person is afflicted with parasites, the body's supply of all nutrients is depleted to the point that supplementation is necessary to restore normal health. Nutrients of special importance are vitamin A; the B complex, especially thiamin. riboflavin, B 6, B 12, and pantothenic acid; vitamins C, D, and K; and calcium, iron, and protein. Acidophilus is especially helpful for amebic dysentery and possibly for all intestinal infestations. Sufficient stomach acid destroys parasites contained in food."

I take Blackstrap Molasses to get my B vitamins and minerals. I eat apricots, carrots, spinach and broccoli to get my A, C, and K. I try to get my D from the sun but sometimes use a supplement...I have to bite the capsule, ingest the contents and spit the capsule out.

I would ask your MD about using garlic and turmeric as your blood thinners instead of whatever he has you on because these will kill parasites as well. Although most physicians don't get this in their training. I didn't ask mine, I just changed the way I eat. I am not suggesting you do this...I'm just advising what I did.

Ginger is also a blood thinner, kills salmonella and staph infections. I am in my late sixties and have been using food and these herbs to treat myself and have had to see my PCP less. Ground cloves and oregano are also listed as herbs that destroy parasites. Apple Cider Vinegar may also help you make your body uninhabitable for those critters because our food is being engineered to last longer. I use yellow onions, not the sweet ones, in just about everything. I've only reduced my meat, milk and egg consumption because we need some animal protein. Those animals are being fed genetically modified grasses and grains.

I have given you this information because you asked for help. The medical profession is not keeping up with what is happening to our food supply, including medications, vitamins and supplements. I hope this gives you some ideas of how you could change your diet and trust it helps. ~Kt~

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Evelyn (Nv) on 03/11/2015 22 posts
0 out of 5 stars

Re: Human intestinal parasites, not worms

I started having some type of mites (bugs) back in Aug 2011. I've used everything I can read about to get rid of them to avail and minus about 4K dollars trying to find a cure. I have had several kinds of parasites. Took some samples into the State's head Entomologist and one sample was on scotch tape that I had used to pull from my face. He said due to the way I collected it he could only tell me that it was from the spider family. I've experienced eyelash mites and still using TTO for that.

NOW, I'm sure that they (some kind) are in my intestines. My feces look like it has glitter in it plus very grainy and when I take a laxative the liquid I expel is cloudy and looks like hundreds of tiny tiny particles in the expelled fluid. just had a heart attack in early Dec and a stint and on statins and blood thinner. I have lost from 137 lbs from last Aug to 108 as of today's date Mar 11. and still losing. Very low energy level, lack of sleep 3-4 hours per nite. On top of the intestinal problem in trying to discover the loss of weight the gastro dr discovered that I have a stricture in my Sigmoid colon, mid way.

What kind of essential oil(s) can I use to destroy the parasites or what other remedy would you suggest. Now that I'm on blood thinner its not suggested to use garlic. I was taking 2-3 TBSP of coconut oil a day plus coconut water before the heart attack so am afraid that the coconut oil could have caused the heart attack. Now, with the stint, would coconut water still be beneicial plus essential oils of some kind?

I feel like a walking time bomb; can have another heart attack and so far the only cure bthe gastro doc says is surgery and since I'm 88 he is afraid of anesthetics . Say a prayer and some good advise. (Talked to all pest control people in my town and they won't come out, scared they might contact the mites) and the other docs either call you Delusional or del-inflecting.

Helpful Parasites
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 02/19/2015

Dear Rebel,

Wow, I have read this post a couple of times and it makes me think, "Ugh! " I am not able to watch this, though, as we do not have tv.

So, I have not seen this and have not studied it. And I am not even a beginner yet when it comes to dealing with parasites.

But my 2 cents (maybe it isn't even worth a penny) is that there was a time when doctors used leeches to try to help people with diseases, and the theory was wrong and the results not good.

I know that if I had Chrohn's disease or diabetic ulcers, there are lots of other things I would try before I would be considering the use of parasites as a cure.

Somehow the idea that we did not see any Chrohn's disease before cleaner farming practices and hygiene came into practice does not quite fit to me. I think it is more likely related to other changes (i.e. increased processing of food, more chemicals on the plants, etc.) of foods that have caused an increase in Chrohn's.

Pasteurization of milk was considered to be a great thing because it made the milk safer. But it turns out that in addition to killing off bad bacteria, you end up killing off good living things in the milk. I have used raw milk (from cows and goats) for many years and the only time I ever got sick from it was when I had some milk from a different source. Maybe the hygiene practices there were worse. Maybe they were the same, and my body was just used to the germs on my farm. I know that milk that has not been as cleanly handled goes bad more quickly.

But I am doing a lot of speculating and rambling. There was a time when I thought that the only way you could cure strep throat was with an anti-biotic. I have since seen that it can be cured with natural medicine. So, I won't say, "No way, " and will be interested to see if anyone else watches this and has any thoughts on it.

Thanks for bringing up an interesting, albeit rather yucky topic! It is good to think about and research different treatments!

~Mama to Many~

Helpful Parasites
Posted by Michelle (Mn) on 02/18/2015

It's called Helminthic Therapy. I heard a radio show about it and found a couple groups on Facebook and have been following them. I was thinking about doing it but it is expensive and I am leery about any possible negative long term side effects.

Helpful Parasites
Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 02/17/2015

I am watching Nat Geo Wild at this moment 7.00PM eastern time. The show is called World Weirdest. Creepy Cures is what it is about. They are talking about parasites as cures. That's right Parasites... This is what we all on here are trying to avoid. Maggots to clean out diabetic wounds. And some kind of pig parasite for Crohn's ( I think they said Whip Worms ) help cure or at least make it better.

So Ted, Bill, Dave, Bill, Robert Henry, Mama to Many, Timh and anyone I may have left out, if you get a chance to watch this, Please do. My tv ( direct tv) says it comes on again WED Feb 18th 2015 at 2.00AM and again on Tues Feb 24th at 12.00PM.

Really want to know your opinion on this. The guy said we didn't have much Crohn's until we got cleaner in farming practice and hygiene. They say we may actually benefit from some parasites.

I may not have everything accurate as I am typing this while it is on tv...

Essential Oils
Posted by Olea Z. (Spain) on 02/14/2015

Hi, I am happy to hear your results on this protocol, I am curious as to how much EO you were taking and which herbs too if you don't mind sharing, thanks

Raw Garlic
Posted by Sue (Montana, US) on 01/13/2015

This may be late news, but to Vasiisa: giardia lives in cool/cold running water like streams. It is not found in Florida in a pool. It needs high oxygen. Try another approach to find the cause of your illness.

Good luck! Gut problems are miserable and frustrating. I had giardia from my city's water supply, from a creek, in 1983. I have had decades of misery from the damage.

Posted by Joes (Calgary, Alberta) on 01/11/2015

I am using turpentine to kill parasites in the colon and microbes in body. I have started with a few drops 2x/week. I am interested in knowing what is the limit that a person should work up to? Some use turp with sugar, honey, oil. How would the difference in a carrier affect the use of turp on the body? Is there anything that needs to be considered as far as diet etc that would be helpful? Thanks

Mimosa Pudica
Posted by Savemyfamily (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/05/2014

Hi. Can you tell me where you purchased Mimosa Pudica Powder please. Thanks.

General Feedback
Posted by Jenna (Florida) on 10/05/2014

I have been studying EC for a couple of years now and although I've found relief from several issues by using suggestions found on the site I have never felt compelled to post a comment until now. Donna from TN. What in the world are you talking about " World Trade Bugs"? and WHO vs VA vs CDC, Southern women live a sub tropic zone infected by world trade bugs. I'm curious as to what zone you live in?

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Helda (Dayton, US) on 09/18/2014

Hi -- I too have issues with fiber which makes my digestive problems worse. I have used diatomaceous earth with no problems. I suggest starting out with a teaspoon and see how you like it. It is super inexpensive so it's worth a try!

Mimosa Pudica
Posted by Scaredycat (Lax, US) on 08/28/2014

According to the foremost authority on chronic illness, the strongest natural parasite killer is an herb used in ayurvedic medicine. MIMOSA PUDICA (the Sensitive Plant) is 30x stronger than anything an MD can give you to kill parasites. We took mimosa pudica first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We also took oregano, clove and fresh garlic three times a day and we drank water with ACV. Take mimosa pudica 1/2 tsp twice daily for three months

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anonymousmind (Louisiana, US) on 08/28/2014

One night I was listening to Coast to Coast show on the radio and a guest came on and it was a guy that cures Morgellons. He was interviewed on Coast to Coast; find the archives and he may be your answer. I think I read that the way you know you have it is by using a black light in a dark room - you will see the fibers on you.

Posted by Me (Pdx, US) on 08/28/2014

My friend suffered from, "chronic fatigue" (I believe that all illness have a cause and cure) for years . And new doctor found it was amoeba. They did an IV flagel for 10 days and was cured and I always lean towards a natural so if they had a natural equivalent what would it be?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kat (NC, US) on 08/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Right now, I am doing no other detox for parasites except that I take 1 or 2 TBS. of organic coconut oil nearly every day (that I can remember to do it). The parasites hate that caprylic acid and they begin to vacate the premises!

I also give a tsp. or so to my 35 lb. dog and have done so since I got him 10 months ago. At his recent vet visit, he did not have worms. He loves coconut oil!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Ali (Uk) on 08/18/2014

You are right that most vinegar is not great, but that's because generally it's Acetic acid. Cider vinegar as mentioned above is predominantly Malic acid which, unlike Acetic acid, becomes alkaline in the body.

Posted by Somegirlontheinternet (Sacramento, CA) on 07/24/2014

It has been proven. Dr. Christopher used cayenne for not only stopping heart attacks but stopping hemorrhaging (including those from gunshot wounds). There is science to it. You should check it out.

Posted by Blanche (Louisiana) on 07/02/2014

That's quite a large statement. Has anyone proven that cayenne cures cancer and stops a heart attack? Not sure that I would waste time experimenting.

Posted by Mark (Las Vegas) on 07/01/2014

Cayenne pepper can not and will not cause stomach cancer. That is total ignorance.

Cayenne kills cancer cells, viruses, heals ulcers and can stop a heart attack in minutes and protect the heart from damage. It's one of the best herbs you can take daily.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Brenda (Ontario) on 06/04/2014

I was just wondering for pulling infection and parasites out of eye; how and where did you apply the Coconut Oil?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lostineurope (Charlotte) on 05/02/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hallelulah!!!! After 4+ Years of Living Hell... Success.

Symptoms: All of the Worse explained in article below.

Primary: Parasite Infection (WormsEggs in Colon, Lungs and Stomach)
Secondary: Infection of Blood, assorted YeastCandida, Gardia in Colon:
Third: Stomach Ulcer with remaining Candida Romaval - One feeds the other.


- Fenugreek Tea w Honey: 2 kettles per day. 5-7Cups.
- Add ColloidalSovereign SILVER Drops- ADDED PER CUP TEA.
- L-Glutamine Powder 4500mg (Cabbage Extract) - ADDED PER CUP TEA. Quickly soothes the Ulcer and drank the tea all day. Could feel lining of stomach had signifigantly improved in a week.
- 1/4tsp Baking Soda - - ADDED PER CUP TEA. Acid from throwing up was chemically burning my Mouth and Lips. Badly. Instant relief.

Tablets - Propolos 1000 (Bee Polen) - Appears to have a very quick affect of healing, not simply soothing. - A tree resin gathered by bees to keep beehive sterile. Feels like it is changing the terrain inside.

Hydration: CytoSport Fast Twitch
Because these infections majorly screw up your hydration. A runners Electrolyte Supplement seems to have kicked my body over to the health levels instead of trying to ease it there.

Ulcers cause Anemia (B12) and severe low Folic Acid levels, reestablish Minerals and Vitamins to normal healthy Physical Levels:

From the Earth Tablets or Natural Greens drink.
Ultimate Flora Probiotic - 15 Billion
Raw Probiotics - 85 Billion
2 Glasses LemonLime w Honey Drinks per day.

No Alcohol - YeastCandida - Hardest 'longterm' to cure which other infections use as a BASE for other Bacteria Production.
No Sugur (to ANY form of Parasite, WormBacteria, the Sugar is like steroids to them.
No Milk - Seriously, what looks like it wouldn't use Milk to aide its growing.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Nh Gardener (NH, US) on 04/03/2014

Re. distilled water possibly carrying the amoeba parasite, please note that taking food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) kills all kinds of parasites. Though gentle and effective in cleansing our intestines, DE is said to have microscopically sharp particles that puncture the shell of parasites -- it would be effective even on the shell of this amoeba cyst. Twice a day, every day, just take a rounded Tbsp. of DE in 8 oz. any liquid. Use non-metal spoon and cup, and drink extra water. Many sites on the internet sell food grade DE. One site in particular has over 100 impressive testimonials, including many for difficult-to-eliminate parasites in humans & pets. Also read the Health Benefits page on that site. DE works well!

Tapeworm Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 03/15/2014 2073 posts

Mary: My apologies for not responding to your earlier post as I have found it takes me at least one day of musing to make an appropriate response.

My case is certainly an exception to the majority of infestation cases, due to a severe and chronic environmental illness. These type conditions are perfect environment for systemic and hyperinfestations including eggs & cyst.

If you have taken herbal cleanses w/ little or no progress you will also need to do some whole body detox. Zapping will also be necessary. Garlic and Oregano concentrates will help w/ the traditional herbal de-wormers. Turpentine will prove effective mostly in the gut (in my experience). Turpentine whole body hot bath may be best for systemic infestations.

As for tapeworm in particular, I got lucky using vegie oil infused w/ grapefruitseed concentrate administerd rectally by fleet enema. I used this remedy once or twice daily for several months until one day, immediately fallowing administration my lower back tightened and pulled (which was usually normal for a minuet or two) for several minutes until I felt & heard a "pop". Less than 10 minutes later I passed 2-3 ft beef tapeworm. This was in 2011, and whether or not I removed the entire worm I don't know, as they can burry their heads/suckers deep into the intestinal wall. Fast forward to 2014 and I still have a swollen jaw from the tapeworm cyst. I can tactilely identify 2 cyst in each jaw. I have made this case to two dr's and was ignored and neglected. My best conclusion is the beef tapeworm or Cysticercus bovis also called beef measles. Beef Tapeworm (Taenia saginata). I am somewhat certain that this exposure was from eating a fast-food burger of which I can distinctly recall as undercooked. The beef carcass are supposed to be frozen for a number of days so as to kill these parasites, but these standards are subjected to local unrule.

The standard and only proven med for these cyst is Albendazole (which you can purchase for your pet). I have also been zapping directly over the affected area and it seems I am finally beginning to see a shrinkage from the swell. These cyst are rarely painful but sometimes and only briefly cause some discomfort. The big detriment of these cyst is they produce toxic Malonic Acid and pathogens which lead to nutritional deficiencies, cellular degradation, and chronic fatigue.

If you are inconclusive as to whether or not you have tapeworm cyst, try taking recommended amounts of Succinic Acid (as it neutralizes the Malonic Acid) in which you should notice improved energy or lessened fatigue. Methy donors like B-12, Folic Acid, DMG or TMG are also recommended. Also, as mostly a current hypothesis, the use of Nattozymes or Serrazimes may help remove the protective barriers of any stage parasite or pathogen. I have recently doubled my dose and am experiencing very good results.

Please post back with updates or particulars as to your condition.

Tapeworm Remedies
Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 03/14/2014

Hi Timh from Louisville, In your post about re-mineralizing teeth you mentioned a tapeworm cyst. How did you clear your body of the tapeworm and other? parasites? Thanks

Master Cleanse
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 01/27/2014

Yasmin: The master cleanse, according to their website, does not get rid of parasites. Search parasite cleanses on Amazon. The first one is a 2oz. 3 blend extract that has 166 reviews. You can take that while doing the master cleanse.

Master Cleanse
Posted by Yasmin (Merrit Island, Fl) on 01/26/2014

Hello! I just wanted to know if doing the master cleanse would help me rid of parasites. I've done the master cleanse twice years back just to cleanse and the results were amazing. I lost weight my energy level went up a lot, and for me to have energy levels up it's very difficult to achieve since I have Hypothyroidism. My skin clear up. I felt very good overall.

Since the master cleanse use grade B maple syrup I don't know if it's a good idea to use the cleanse for parasites. Please help! Have anyone used the master cleanse with positives results for parasites?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tg (Summit) on 01/23/2014

I would think that any raw, unpasturized, natural vinegar with the mother would be fine and interchangable with apple cider vinegar. The point is to have it raw and unpasturized.

Cysticercosis Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 12/24/2013 2073 posts

J. Is there high risk factors for Pork Tapeworm like the possibility of undercooked pork, exposure to swine about a farm or possibly a petting zoo? Pets in the house? Ask for different type diagnostics for better picture.

Autism has been proven linked to heavy metal exposure especially w/ vaccines. Do a very careful history of the child's behavior prior and post vaccination.

It may be advised to do a gentle heavy metal detox using the herbs Cilantro & Chlorella for about one month then do herbal parasite cleanses for one month. Continue this rotation if there is positive results.

Applying a strong music speaker magnet directly over the affected area for at least 15-30 minutes daily will significantly reduce the inflammation.

Cysticercosis Remedies
Posted by J. (Wisconsin) on 12/24/2013

I'm hoping Ted or who ever else has advice would be so kind to give their input....

Our highly functioning autistic child had what we thought may have been an aura hemiplegic migraine. His left side seemed somewhat paralyzed and he had splitting headache. He recovered in 2 days. At the hospital his EEG showed slowing on the right side of his brain. Three weeks later a repeat EEG is now also showing 'spiking'. Any idea what it could be? Might it be cysticercosis?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Legna (Secret, ) on 12/21/2013

What was the timing of the h2o2 doses? When you took it in relation to other supplements and food and vitamin C? I hear you need to drink it 2 hours away from any supplements and food because it could react....

Coconut Oil
Posted by S (World) on 11/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Shortly began with a stye in my eye. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar and c oil with a q tip. It was gone by the end of the day. I also saw infection was coming from my eye. So, I continued with c oil a day or so after. It pulled the infection little by little out of my eye along with parasites. I live in the Pacific and eat plenty of fish. I noticed lots of strings in my l eye 6 months ago and was never able to get them out. This did it. I am continuing to do C oil once or twice a day and I am still cleansing-amazing how it collects far behind the eye and is bringing out large particles of debris. I detox regularly, am fit, eat healthy, and still this stuff was lurking in me. There is not a lot out there on parasites in the eyes, but this finally made a huge difference. No more itchy eyes and the allergies are down. I am also doing vinegar twice daily as I noticed something wasn't right. Going to try the c oil in the mouth -oil pulling as well.

Coconut, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Carrie (Canada) on 11/20/2013
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06/12/2013: Hb from Lowermainland, Bc, Canada replies: "To those who've done natural parasite clenses, specifically with Apple Cider Vinegar, are the parasites alive when you evacuate them? Is there anyone thing that one can take that will definately kill them? Is there anything that by some methid disguises or breaks them apart so you don't see the evidence of them?...

Look up coconut oil and parasites. Also dried coconut followed by epsom salts and water is said to work wonders. I eat a handful of unsweetened dried coconut. Haven't done the salts yet.These methods are working for me. I also use 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar at least once durnig the day and I also drink a coconut water everyday. I have been expelling tapeworm segments for days. It's completely disgusting but it has to be done. I may have had another type also. I am not sure what it was. It's so hard to face this but it's reality unfortunately.

Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves
Posted by Ilovelife (Tucson, Az) on 11/15/2013
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Regarding parasites, this combination is the one that I KNOW will work for killing all parasites. This is my journey, but if you have an ailment that isn't responding to anything then maybe try this first...

In 1995 I was 27 and living in NYC when one day I had an itchy circular patch on my upper arm.

I ignored it for months (as I didn't have health insurance) until that itchy patch spread...covering my upper left arm and my right leg up to my thigh. It looked like a massive sore. Finally I went to one of the best dermatologists in NYC... and he said, "you have Eczema with a secondary fungal infection. Take "..." for the fungal infection, but your ECZEMA IS INCURABLE. Take these topical steroids. You will have this for the rest of your life!

I took the fungal treatment, but after doing research on the side effects of topical steroids, I decided the side effects were not worth it, especially considering the steroids were really expensive and I would need many tubes of them as my eczema covered a large portion of my body.

I ended up quitting my job because of my discomfort-both legs were so swollen from edema it was hard to put on my shoes, the itching was so unbearable I could not ignore it, my sores weeped and oozed. I was embarassed to be out in public.

So I dedicated 100% of my time to finding a cure.

I read, researched, and tried every "natural" and "herbal" cure I could find...without an income I was exhausting my credit card. I was juicing daily and was on a 100% raw food diet. My credit card went from $0.00 to maxed out in 9 months. Nothing helped.

Then I ended up volunteering at a "natural health colonic clinic" on Sundays, so I could get free colonics. They helped a little, but after the first few the results stopped. Then, after about a month I 'found' a tape of Dr. Hulda Clark speaking about parasites, and wondered if this was my solution.

1 week later, going to a health seminar, I met someone who I spoke to about my issues and they thought I had parasites, and gave me a cloves, walnut hull and wormwood tincture.

I took it and WITHIN 1 WEEK MY SYMPTOMS WERE REDUCED BY ~75%! It was then I did further research and found that PARASITES ARE AN UNRECOGNIZED EPIDEMIC; (salads are the main culprit-Normally your stomach acid protects you (up to a point) from many parasites, but with age, your acid decreases and your barrier of protection diminishes...)

I read that "native" tribes knew of parasites and "de-wormed" themselves every 6 months, that our ancestors put cloves in ham not for the taste, but to drive out the parasites...

I went to a holistic Dr. and he confirmed that I had parasites, and prescribed the same formulation I was taking!


Once you do that for 2 weeks and eliminate the possibility of parasites, then you can move on to filling nutritional deficiencies.

Raw Garlic
Posted by Reesi (New Orleans, La) on 10/20/2013

Have u tried Diatomaceous Earth... Ingesting it daily for as many as 30-90 days is supposed to rid u of parasites internally. Giardia have a hard outer shell & that's the requirement for Diatomaceous Earth to work cuz its microscopic jagged edges pierce the exoskeletons of insects & parasite & gradually tears them up, causing them to dehydrate & die. When they (& intestinal worms) ingest the DE, it does the same thing internally. It's worth a try & the health benefits of this natural, organic product could pay off in additional ways as it is a natural source of sillica to help your collagen development &does so much for hair/skin/nails & even cleans your colon! Look it up..... But mind u, all natural remedies involve longer processes to healing.... But who cares if it actually works & isn't harmful? :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Soneeta (Santa Cruz) on 10/13/2013

I have been giving my grand-daughhter 1/2 teaspoon Organic ACV with Mother in glass of apple juice 1-2 times a week since she was 4 yrs old to help her go potty, works wonders. Good to know it kills parasites too.

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