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Effective Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water
Posted by Evelyn (Nv) on 03/11/2015 22 posts
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Re: Human intestinal parasites, not worms

I started having some type of mites (bugs) back in Aug 2011. I've used everything I can read about to get rid of them to avail and minus about 4K dollars trying to find a cure. I have had several kinds of parasites. Took some samples into the State's head Entomologist and one sample was on scotch tape that I had used to pull from my face. He said due to the way I collected it he could only tell me that it was from the spider family. I've experienced eyelash mites and still using TTO for that.

NOW, I'm sure that they (some kind) are in my intestines. My feces look like it has glitter in it plus very grainy and when I take a laxative the liquid I expel is cloudy and looks like hundreds of tiny tiny particles in the expelled fluid. just had a heart attack in early Dec and a stint and on statins and blood thinner. I have lost from 137 lbs from last Aug to 108 as of today's date Mar 11. and still losing. Very low energy level, lack of sleep 3-4 hours per nite. On top of the intestinal problem in trying to discover the loss of weight the gastro dr discovered that I have a stricture in my Sigmoid colon, mid way.

What kind of essential oil(s) can I use to destroy the parasites or what other remedy would you suggest. Now that I'm on blood thinner its not suggested to use garlic. I was taking 2-3 TBSP of coconut oil a day plus coconut water before the heart attack so am afraid that the coconut oil could have caused the heart attack. Now, with the stint, would coconut water still be beneicial plus essential oils of some kind?

I feel like a walking time bomb; can have another heart attack and so far the only cure bthe gastro doc says is surgery and since I'm 88 he is afraid of anesthetics . Say a prayer and some good advise. (Talked to all pest control people in my town and they won't come out, scared they might contact the mites) and the other docs either call you Delusional or del-inflecting.