Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Dietary Changes, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Om (Hope, B.c. Canada) on 03/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For years I was sure to harbour parasites but no doctor visit or pharma meds produced a cure. So, I purchased Hulda's zapper and used it furiously to discover that on feeling kind of odd, I had removed also the good bacteria with that treatment. Since I knew that replenishing the gut with healthy flora it would take weeks if not months, I did not feel this was the solution at all. I have not used the zapper since.

Now I am working at removal of heavy metals as Ted advises and alkalizing the entire system with baking soda. I became vegan overnight after a scary experience with a dairy product and even previously being a strict vegetarian, by today's conditions and everything of questionable value what food and living is concerned, vegan diet is sofar the safest way to go. Still a lot of vigilance is required as we live in the age of disinformation. Everybody's input is highly appreciated and it is good to know how people help each other.

Years ago I used colloidal silver water which I still find very effective in addition to other things. I had an incredible experience where on drinking about four ounces of cs, a parasite in my gut below the liver straightened itself into a stiff stick across the gut till the gut seemed to rupture. They also seem to panic on contact with cs. I told this to a doctor who ignored me and said it could be a transferred pain, let's do a test. He must have thought I was loony. I am off doctors and doctor myself. Period. That's only part of the story. Good luck to everybody and empower yourself, trust yourself and be free. Om