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Effective Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Dietary Changes
Posted by Marianne (Miami, Fl) on 03/20/2009
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I have dealt with parasites a large portion of my life. I am now fifty and for at least 30 years I remember having parasites. It has given me symptoms such as extreme itching of the body, headaches, night crawling, itching of the rectum, arthritis, flu like symptoms, allergies to foods and dust, etc..., a feeling of short circuit in the brain and so on.

I have tried many of the remedies mentioned above, except the zapper, and i want to share my experience that perhaps it will help someone. Dr.Hulda's remedy works, but be sure to buy more than one kit, because if you are very infested one kit may not make it and by the time you receive the next order the parasites have reproduced so fast that you will have to start all over again and wasted your time. Apple cider vinegar works only temporarily, when you take it, it produces a paralysis to the parasites so it will make you rest at night, but it will not get rid of parasites

FPP from freshwater organics does not work I took it for over 1 1/2 months

Garlic by itself does not work, I have taken up to 5 fresh cloves a day for up to a month and it does not work by itself,

Ginger by itself does not work, it does not work either as a combination with garlic, olive oil, orange juice, lemon juice and cayenne pepper which is a detox drink taken from Dr. Shultz book. This drink does not work for getting rid of parasites, but it is a great detoxifier otherwise, especially while your getting rid of parasites to remove all the toxins left over.

Vermix, a conventional medicine for parasitic treatment worked while on it, but as soon as I finished the medication they came back, so after a few weeks I tried again this time I bought 2 doses and did the cure for double the time, the parasites still came back at the end of the medicine.

What I have found to eliminate parasites is a totally organic diet, full of whole grains, beans, lots of vegetable, very little animal product. No dairies, no cooking with oils, no canned foods, no sugars, no refined products, no pork as you cannot kill the parasite found in pork, even by cooking the meat very well, no sodas, no alcohol...No products stored in plastics

In other words you need to eat alkaline, live foods, and very important water that has been filtered with a very good filter, the idea is to create a totally alkaline environment inside of you where parasite cannot live.

My education on this diet came from a book i read for the purpose of curing my husband of diabetes and it worked, it lowered his diabetes 10 to 20 points consistently every day until we took it from 330 to 120. This diet taught me that as long as your system is toxic and acidic it will cause an array of illnesses. Keeping a detoxified alkaline environment will keep most illnesses if not all at a distance.

The book i found to be helpful is Death To Diabetes, but even though it was written primarily for curing diabetes following the diet prescribed on it, is the most sensible thing for anyone tired of suffering with any ailment.

Hope this is helpful!