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Diatomaceous Earth, Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nicole (Louisiana) on 08/05/2013
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Hi, at the end of May first of June I woke up one morning with horrible gas, diarrhea and bloating. Very embarrassing at work. I started, at that point, going to the bathroom 10-12 times a day for about a week (yes, I know it can cause severe dehydration, however, I made sure to compensate my loss with extra intake of fluids, I do not enjoy going to the doctor unless I have to, like I did as you read on), then it lessened to about 8 times and kept going down until about 4 weeks ago its between 3-5 times a day.

I did a lot of research on here and at my local health food store, talking to people and getting their feedback. Not really my favorite topic to chit chat about especially when we're talking about me.

6 weeks ago I started the ACV, Aloe Vera Juice, Papaya Juice, Grapefruit seed extract (the grape seed extract did not seem to help me with this issue, but I heard it was great for other things), trace minerals and OJ all mixed together and drank it every afternoon. I added to that mix, digestive enzymes and probiotics in the morning and evening. 2 weeks ago, I came down with what the doctors diagnosed as Colitis. My husband told me that there was a really bad stomach parasite going around, but it had'nt been linked to Louisiana yet. I looked it up and sure enough the time frame and symptoms were all the same. The doctors antibiotics helped with the pain after 4 days, but didn't help the diarrhea at all. So, I ordered DE from my healthfood store and started taking it last week when I was finished with my meds. I have noticed a huge difference in everything. Today was my first almost normal bowel movement. The bloating, the cramps and the need to go to the bathroom are not as bad. Now I am down to 3-4 times a day and feeling a whole lot better.

I started taking (FOOD GRADE) DE: 1/2 tsp. for 2 days, then 1 tsp for 2 days, then 2 tsp. for 2 days, next I will move up to 3 tsp for 2 days, then on to 1 tblsp. I will probably stay at 1 tblsp daily and increase if needed. I read on here that taking it all at once could cause issues so I decided to take it slowly to give my body time to adjust.

It's working for me. So, I will know later, but I think I may have had the parasite and not Colitis. Or maybe the parasite caused the Colitis? Not 100% sure, however, Time will tell me more and I will try and post an update in a couple of weeks.

I still take my other stuff too. I take my probiotic in the morning and the enzymes at night. I take my ACV, Grapefruit seed extract, trace minerals and DE with Sweet tea and honey for my drink at lunch. I take my aloe vera and papaya drink as a shot before bed at night every now and then. All in all, my energy level has increased substantially, I sleep great, my body does not hurt or feel as stiff as it usually does and I feel more comfortable.

I really hope that this post helps a lot of people and I hope that I was detailed enough for direction purposes. Again, I will try to do updates. Good Luck to ALL and many blessings :)