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Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Rose Hips

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Posted by Natalie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/02/2014
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Rose Hips powder has been the answer to my chronic sinusitis. If you take the powder, make sure to get an organic brand and start slow - like 1/4 teaspoon. Build up to a higher dose you are comfortable. Keeps me up if I take too much, but that could just be me. I have an extremely sensitive system. Anyway, rose hips has totally cured the wretched sinusitis I've had for years already! I did get a little more stuffy the first few days - I guess it was a detox reaction. For me, I took pure Rose Hip powder alone - no added vitamin C or anything else. Rose hips powder is must try for sinus problems!! I can't emphasize that enough!

Replied by Jane S.
(St. Louis, Mo)

Hi Natalie,

I realize your post is from over a year ago, but, , , you mention rose hip powder and using 1/4 tsp. What did you mix it in? And how did you take it; orally? need more specifics. Thanks!

Salt and Baking Soda Rinse

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Posted by Marie (Reading, England) on 07/27/2008
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I recently have suffered from PND [POST NASAL DRIP], which came from sinus and housemite dust. I have had a lot of health horrors over the years but this PND tok some beating. It has been absolutely terrible with horrible throat clearing and cough.

I tried drinking ACV and honey (have to watch the honey coz of diabetes), breathing olbas oil (childrens one) from an inahler, malt vinegar and paprika, small amount knocking it straight back, make no mistake -- it takes some bottle to knock that all back in one go.... Finally, I made my own rinse spray with ordinary table salt and a pinch of bicarb [baking soda]. Can't say it's totally cleared as yet, still got a bit of a cough, and very occasional tickle, but is much better and bearable, able to live with it.

I tried Nasonex and that worked for all of 3 days which cleared the waful hacking cough up which was persistent. I might try it again, as I read somewhere just today is best to wash the nostrils out with spray solution first then that gives the Nasonex chance to get right up into the cleaned out nostrils.

Salt Rinse

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Posted by Bob (Melbourne, Florida) on 07/06/2008
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Salt rinse cures my sinus flare ups: I never had problems with sinus until recently when I was diagnosed with allergies from all outdoor things. I was taking shots but, had no luck. I moved and they wanted to start the damn shots over again from the weakest dosage. What a scam!!! So, I decided to do as I was always told. Spray the nose pathage with salt water. I first bought the solution from the drugstore and now, make my own and place in the bottle I bought. I spray up my nostrils in the shower, pinch my nose, shake and blow the crap out. Boy, the next few days I felt great. Now, I only use it as a monthly or so routine. If I sense I have an allergic affect or sinus flare up then, a spray or two a few days or a week or so will solve the problem. I've been sinus ache free and medicine free for a four years now. Darn glad I found your site to tell others and to learn how to take care of myself without a prescription (otherwise known as a low dosage poison). Thanks for the time,

Replied by Carmen
(Melbourne, Fl)

What kind of salt did the person use for the salt rinse? Thank you.

Replied by Danceaholik
(Miami, Florida)

Hey Bob, what is the solution you used to mix the salt rinse. I have tried the store bought rinse but it does not work at all. Thx in advance.


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Posted by Jessica (New York, Ny) on 02/06/2017
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Raw, unpasteurized, organic sauerkraut cleared up my sinuses -finally!! After many, many years of stuffiness and suffering. You buy this kind of sauerkraut at a health food store or a farm - NOT at a supermarket - that's the processed kind and you don't want that! Start out just taking a teaspoon, then a few days later add another teaspoon, keep going until you find the right dose that clears you. If you take too much all of a sudden, you may get stuffy - that's a detox reaction. Try and gauge what the right amount is for you and stay on that amount for a while before you raise it. Raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut kills yeast and fungus, which is usually the culprit in long term sinus issues.

Smelling Salts

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Posted by Waqar (Islamabad, Pakistan) on 04/14/2009
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I had eight years old sinus which was a real chronic problem for me. Even a slightest breez put me into headache. Every morning I had to get up earlier than my sleep was enough to clean my nose. Headache and nose and cheek bone pain was an almost daily problem.

But one day it so happened that my chronic sinus disappeared for ever. Now I never have to even clean my nose even after going through snow breez. I dont have any headache now. Let me tell you what happened.

We brought a couple of goats from the cattle market "IN OUR CAR" to slaughter on Eid (we the muslims slaughter some cattle on this festival). Although the two goats did not do any spoiling in the car but their extremly abnoxious smell remained in the car later for many days. As it was winter we could not travel in the car with the car windows open. It so happened that we had to travel in the same car to another city some 100 miles and back on the very next day. The smell in the car although it had subsided to some extent caused me severe headache when I reached back home. Anyway I took a pain killer and went to sleep. In the morning again I had to take another pill of the pain killer.

BUT... aroung in the afternoon I realised that some thing had happened. My SINUS HAD GONE FOR EVER.... AND ITS OVER FOUR MONTHS NOW. No nose cleaning, no headache no cheek bone or nose pain no secretion.

CAN SOME PHYSICIAN EXPLAIN IT??? I would love to have your comments and wish somebody to investigate it further and keep me updated. Let me tell you I am a natural scientist myself.

EC: As goats frequently urinate on themselves for various reasons, most likely the odor Waqar is talking about is that of ammonia. Thus smelling salts (ammonia salts) are worth consideration as a possible remedy. Any thoughts or experience with this home remedy as one potentially for sinus infections?

Strengthen Digestive System

Posted by Sam (Miami, FL) on 09/06/2014

Many of the sinus problems experienced today have their root in the digestive system, especially the stomach and upper small intestine which directly receives partially-digested food from the stomach.This digestive problem is described more specifically as a weakness in the digestive fire; in Ayurvedic terminology (3), the problem is manda agni: dampened ability to transform and metabolize. Why is this a problem in relation to the sinuses? Because the food is not as quickly and as thoroughly digested as it should be, leading to production of byproducts that affect the sinuses. An important step in remedying the chronic sinus disorder is external oeliation, or, more simply, oil massage.

A key to ultimately eliminating the problem of sinus congestion is to invigorate the jathar agni. The total treatment for the sinus problem is to increase the digestive fire.
Full article:

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Sam ---- thank you very much for the information you have so graciously provided. Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan medicines are the systems of the future. Human consciousness has to rise a bit for the capacity to understand fascinating facts of universal laws that govern life. Life with quality.

How uplifting and elegant treatment can be.

Thanks again. Namaste Om

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Jerry (Montana) on 12/09/2022
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I'm at the end of my rope with this chronic sinus and polyps. Can't smell. Can't taste. Constantly blowing my nose and or sneezing. I've been trying the TTO in my sinus rinses twice a day and doing the TTO and castor oil drops. I've started throwing in rinses with a couple teaspoons of ACV. Been 3 weeks now, and I'm not feeling much progress.

Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

Jerry, half a glass of hot water with a good squirt of h2o2 in it, breathe in the vapors. 2-3 times a day of this (new hot water and h2o2 each time) does wonders.

Replied by Rob

This is what I've been doing for my sinus issues... I've tried alot of different remedies listed here on EC but this one has worked the best so far...

An 80+ year old retired nurse told me that inhaling warm/hot moist steam has long been used as a remedy to sooth clogged sinuses. It can help relieve nasal irritation and swollen blood vessels, allowing you to breathe normally for a short period of time.

I started using a Vicks Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler I bought at wal-mart and pull 1 drop thieves oil blend into the water reservoir and it has made a big different. You have to do a steam treatment for 15-20 minutes 2-3x/daily and stick with it.

Use the TTO nose drops at night before bed. Plus, rubbing the diluted TTO or Eucalyptus or Rosemary mixed with castor oil over your face over the sinus membranes before bed will help alot too.


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Posted by Dewillac (Graham, Wa, Usa) on 01/10/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Hello and thank you for having your web site available when I needed to find you. I detest going to the dentist because of the pain they inflict on my already sore teeth and gums. However, about five years ago, I had no choice but to visit one. Glad I did because he was very, very good and fixed my problem. Unfortunately, I've since developed what I believe is a sinus problem I've never had in the past and I don't if it's related to the dental work. I'll do my best to describe my symptoms - a constant liquid drip down the back of my throat which sometimes feels like it either coats my throat and I can't swallow, or it stops at the top of the back of my throat and feels like there is a blockage and I can't swallow. I have to inhale and snort hard to try to dislodge everything and get the liquid moving again just to swallow. Lately, I've begun drooling while sleeping and awake. While awake, I'm aware of the drool when I feel it on my face. When sleeping, I've begun keeping Kleenx under my pillow to absorb the liquid. I either drool like a normal person or, lately, wake myself up when I discharge a fair amount of liquid (it literally pours out of my mouth). I don't know how else to describe what's happening.

Two days ago, I had some vinegar potato chips for the first time in my life. For the first time in five years, I did not snort and no liquid was going down my throat or out of my mouth. My sister mentioned ACV to me and, while researching it, found your website. Can you help me? What do I have and is it related to my sinuses? I've never had allergies before and don't know what to do. If ACV will help me, what kind would you recommend I take? I've been reading about regular, diluted, undiluted, organic, and filtered. If this will work for me, can you narrow it down? Thank you so much for your patience while I vent and try to describe something that.....well, how do you describe the sound of trying to clear your nose and throat? Kind of difficult. Thanks for any help you can provide. If this posting goes out to the public, then thank you ahead of time to the public for any help.

Replied by Indigo
(Sacramento, Ca)

Hi Dewillac, I think it's best to take ACV that is , unfiltered, raw, organic if possible. The "mother" is the stringy stuff you see in unfiltered ACV. You should be able to find some easily at your local health food store. There's well-known brand - not expensive - that is available all over the US and I don't think you'll have any trouble finding it in Washington. As far as how much to take, I would advise reading postings here and experimenting and observing what seems to work best for you. Other readers may have better advice for your specific condition. Best of luck!

Replied by Katie
(Edison, Nj)

I started apple cider vinegar when I found this site, my allergies are gone...can't believe after all these years- I can wake up with a clear head..I was also taking iodine for my thyroid..but these are the only two things that I I am crediting both.

Replied by Lynn
(St. Petersburg, Florida)

I have the same thing down the back of my throat, and have had it for years. It's "post nasal drip," just a title that describes the symptoms. You have mucus from your sinuses running down the back of your throat. This is your sinuses cleaning themselves, but over a lifetime it is not good for you because it carries bacteria into your stomach and your system, and is known to cause bacterial infections elsewhere in the body, such as the urinary tract. It's a reaction to something you ate due to allergy or food intolerance, such as dairy. Sometimes it can get so thick you feel you will suffocate. Gargle with warm salt water to clear it out, or just warm water period. Hot tea is good, too. Then treat with other things such as diluted vinegar or grapefruit seed extract or other remedy. You may have a sinus infection if you have yellow discharge from your nose when you blow.

Replied by Karen
(Sequim, Wa)

I just read, with interest, the problem you are experiencing with your sinuses. I don't exactly have a cure but am trying the Turmeric (1 heaping spoonful in a glass of water twice a day) and will report my progress - or not - after I've done it a few days. I wanted, mainly, to let you know that I have been experiencing a very similar problem for about 5 years now, and yes it is very annoying. My problem is that I have a lot of phlegm in my throat. Sometimes I have difficulty swallowing as well. I am constantly attempting to clear my throat of this bothersome "stuff", and it's very annoying (and embarrassing), especially when it comes to the surface and I have to spit it out. I keep Kleenex with me for when this happens. Yes, it is a very "ugly" subject to write home about, or even approach it on the internet. You have my utmost appreciation for your bravery in writing about your symptoms, and I felt compelled to reply, mainly, to let you know there are others out there suffering from the same thing. Let's hope we can get to the bottom of what causes this very uncomfortable problem (I have been told the name of it is post nasal drip - but hey, what's in a name?). I just know it's very uncomfortable in a lot of way.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

You could all be writing my story - I call it tonsil mucous. I don't always feel the "postnasal drip" only sometimes. Because I work with people on a one-to-one basis I end up having to swallow this awful stuff. It sits in the airway and I have to cough it up later so that it does'nt get into my lungs. My lungs are always clear when I get them checked yet I can have the most awful wheeze which I can feel in my throat.

3 years ago I went to a specialist whe put the camera through me. He could see nothing wrong with my sinus or tonsils but could see the build up of mucus and a bubbly fluid at the tonsils, just no reason for it. So as a long shot he prescribed an ant-acid as excesssive acid can cause mucus in the body. When I finished the course - which made no difference to the mucus - I then started to suffer heartburn. Desperatly looking for a cure for this new painful ailment I found this site.

To the person who said it is probobly a food allergy. Mine certainly isn't because I do an elimination/detox diet which takes me a total of 2 1/2 months every two years for health reasons and it never makes an ounce of difference to the mucous

I have tried the 1 tablespoon ACV and 1 teaspoon baking soda in 8 oz water which worked wonderfully for the heartburn but not the mucus.

Tried 2 tablesppons of ACV in 8 oz water (no Baking soda) slight difference but not enough to continue.

Next I purchased a Neti pot and added
- a) sea salt
- b) grapefruit seed extract 1 drop
- c) peroxide.
Not all together obviously. But I did conclude that it wouldn't work for me cos it makes me gag too much.

I tried gargling with a 50/50 peroxide/water - useless

Tonight, at about 7 o'clock, I bit into a wild oreagno capsule(tried but couldn't get the liquid form) and "oh boy". It's about three hours now and I feel a big difference. Now I must say I felt like this with the ACV and water and it didn't last. So I'll talk to you again in a couple of days. If this doesn't work my next try will be peroxide inhalation.

By the way, just cos some of the above didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. I have had great results from this site on heartburn, rosacea, broken capillaries and hubby's fungal feet.

The answers are out there - we have to look for them.

Replied by Jean From Mallorca
(Cala D'or, Balears 07660)

This is to Tricia from Ireland.

Ref. your problem with mucous [if you still have it]. It sounds to me as though you had a bad sinus infection. I was advised by an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist to simply sniff pure menthol crystals. These can be bought quite cheaply and all you need to do is inhale them whenever you think about it. I suffered an infection for three months before I got this information and the Menthol crystals really worked for me. I am never without them now and if I feel my sinuses are becoming a bit clogged I sniff them often during the day and pretty soon the problem goes away.

Hope this suggestion helps. PS be careful not to get any crystals up your nose, they really sting and taste nasty.

Replied by Dr. L
(Payson, Utah)

Having treated many sinus conditions for many years I will say from experience that the vast majority of sinus problems come from infected teeth. It takes a well trained dentist to find the bad tooth. Diagnostic X-ray is generally ineffective unless the condition is more than significant. Many times it's under a crown or a failed root canal or multiple metals in the mouth (galvanism). An additional complication comes after a tooth is too aggressively extracted and the sinus drops and fills in the new space as the bone resorbs and sometimes results in a fistula (CT scan will show it) The fistula has to be lifted and closed. Bacteria from the mouth communicating with the sinus will cause severe infection/inflammation until it is corrected. If these problems are not effectively addressed the sinus treatment is generally only palliative and the condition will continue to return.

Warning on Levofloxacin

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Posted by Lori (Sacramento, Ca) on 07/26/2011
1 out of 5 stars


Ok here is my story: I have had chronic sinusitis for years due to a rare blood disorder in short I do not have any gamuglobulin and am susceptible to upper respiratory problems. I rarely have problems with anything else except the sinusitis. I took 18 days of Amoxicilin about 3 wks ago and still have the infection.

I had read about Apple Cider Vinegar with garlic a long time ago and even had a jar full but did not use it because I could not get the lid off. I finally got the lid off, started taking it once a day for about two weeks and then stopped a week ago Sat. I saw my specialist last Fri and still have the infection she decided to give me a different antibiotic Levofloxacin. She did say that I should not do any extreme exercise while taking it because it could cause tendon problems. I let her know I was increasing my walking and had a hike planned on Sunday so she agreed to let me start today.

I picked up the Levofloxacin and consulted with the pharmacist which was useless then read the WARNING when I left. Levofloxacin is associated with a breakage of tendons! The list goes on........... I then looked it up on the internet and saw many blogs that some people had this problem from day one to several months after taking it. To their credit some people did not have any side effects and think it is great. There are many law suits taking place and the FDA place a black box WARNING (that is what I read) on the medicine (AKA: poison).

I am letting my Dr. know that it is not worth the risk. I have other chronic health problems and I do not need to add another that can effect my entire life. So I just drank my first cup of ACV with raw organic honey while I wrote this and plan on doing more during the day along with nasal salt washes, olive oil eucalyptus massage on nose and sinuses (only at night), acupressure and what ever else natural may find it's way to my limited knowledge. I will see what takes place in 2 weeks when I have a CT scan of my sinuses (I found out that this in controversial because the imaging can give false negative results). Oh well, who knows? Here's to sipping ACV! Good luck to all.

Replied by Dani
(Miami, Florida)

Is Levoflaxin the same as Levaquin? I took Levaquin for a sinus infection and it almost killed me! I could not move my arms for months because of the pain! If anyone here has taken Levaquin, you must detoxify it! Glutathione drips have been found to get it out and they helped eliminate my pain along with other natural homeopathic remedies. Levaquin and Fluoroquinolones can cause tendon rupture and pain that never goes away along with other terrible problems! These medications do have black box warnings! If your doctor prescribes a Flouroquinoline drug to you, he/she is irresponsible and risking your life! These drugs are poisons that can be lethal and need to be taken off the market ASAP before they do more irrepairable damage to people! There are tons of message boards online filled with people who have lost their health and are incapacitated because of drugs like Levaquin in the Flouroquinoline family.

Replied by Dan
(Houston, Texas)
1 out of 5 stars


I agree - do not EVER take Levaquin or any Flouroquinoline antibiotic - ever!! I had a terrifying reaction and a holistic doctor cured me, but I was in agonizing pain in my arms and legs. Glutahione drips will definitely help it get out of your system, as the above poster stated. But do not ever take it to begin with and LEAVE your doctor ASAP if he/she is stupid enough to put your life in danger and give you this drug!


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Posted by Ted (Chicago, IL) on 08/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've been drinking wheatgrass (the dry, powdered form that you keep in the refrigerator) and it's completely cleared my sinuses. I take about a teaspoon a day. I have had major issues with chronic congested sinuses but the wheatgrass gives me complete relief. A must try if you have this problem!!

Replied by Jane
(St. Louis, Mo)


1 tsp of wheatgrass in water? How much water?



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Posted by Diane J. (Los Angeles, California) on 06/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from chronic sinusitis since 2001. I have found little relief from the medical community. Surprisingly over the counter benadryl has worked better for me than prescriptions doctors have written for me as does Tussin/Robitussin for mucus. It is a must that I don't allow my head to become cold! Cold temperatures will cause a sinus attack on me so I use a warm cap on my head during cold days.

My husband recently came down with a sore throat so bad that he bought some Whiskey to drink for the pain. (we are non-drinkers) He told me that a small amount of the Whiskey helped his throat and asked me to try it. Well I'm glad I did as just a few drops down my throat caused a slight burning sensation and to my surprise the warmth of the Whiskey traveled up my ear canals-- soothing and slightly burning them--and the sinus problem stopped bothering me! A nurse friend thinks the Whiskey killed bacteria! I have felt back to normal for 4 days now! I only use about 6 drops of the Whiskey or half a cap-ful. Slowly allow the drops to go down the throat. I thought I would share this with people that suffer from Sinusitis. I hope it helps them like it did me. Mind you the sinusitis is not gone but I feel normal again.

Xylitol Nasal Spray

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Posted by James (Moorpark, Ca) on 09/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a 29 year old male who has suffered with recurrent bouts of acute sinusitis for years. In the past two years, it's gotten really bad (about 6-8 bad infections per year, with more time spent sick than not). I've tried just about every do it yourself, home remedy sort of deal, and what I've found is that -- by far and away -- the most effective measure I can take in addition to taking certain potent antibiotics as prescribed, along with standard stuff (guafnesin, keeping well hydrated, good sleep & diet, occasional psuedoephedrine) is a daily nasal lavage and a "flooding" treatment with a 5% solution of Xylitol.

After trying numerous different biocidal agents, from hydrogen peroxide to diluted Listerine, to clorhexidine mouthwash to colloidal silver, Xylitol stands out as the best one for the job. For not only does it have outstanding biocidal activity against pathogenic colonizations of the bacterial flora that typically reside in the human oronasal cavity, as confirmed by numerous studies to date. It also is, unlike all the other biocides mentioned (besides perhaps colloidal silver), not harmful to the mucosa in any way. Not only that: its application also actually helps to moisturize and thus lubricate the mucosa over and above saline solution. If my hunch is correct, this peculiar property of Xylitol helps to restore, during times of infection, the normal action of the cilia, those microhair-structures that push secreted mucus out and away from the site of the infection. What's more, Xylitol is readily soluble in water, and is thus a natural osmolyte, meaning that it alters the osmotic pressure water places upon the cells of your mucus membranes. A 5% solution contains the exact ratio of Xylitol to water that is needed to keep the solution isotonic to your body's cells, meaning that the solution will exert no untoward pressure on the cell membranes, and thus cause no further irritation of the mucosa. Whereas a hypotonic solution (5%) WILL cause irritation - something that must be avoided in order for the mucosa to effectively heal.

Unfortunately for the consumer, most commercial Xylitol products marketed for sinus health carry a hefty price tag - which is ridiculous, given how cheap the chemical itself is to manufacture, and how much Xylitol you're actually getting in a premade solution. Good thing that Xylitol is available in bulk form as a sweetener -- I purchased a 3 lb. Bag of Xylosweet bran from a local healthfood store for 20 dollars. Also, it's good news, I've discovered, that after over 10 years of having taken it in High School, I've just brushed up on my Chemistry by studying for and taking the Chemistry CLEP exam, which has really come in handy as of today.

For the past few weeks, I'd been making my own Xylitol solutions using store bought Xylitol crystals. I have not been exacting about the ratio of Xylitol to water until today, when it dawned upon me that trial and error wasn't really cutting it. My mucus membranes, reason being, were still feeling agitated by the act irrigating them; something, I reasoned, needed to change in my approach. So, taking an example from the studies and abstracts I'd read online, I set about trying to make a solution that was exactly 5% in my nasal irrigator, whose capacity is 240 ml.

Now, the specific gravity of Xylitol is 1.52 grams/ml, whereas water's is 1. What this means for our purposes as sinus sufferers, is that per every volume of water to be mixed, 0.075 of the same in Xylitol must be utilized to provide a 5% solution. For 240 ml of solution, this amounts to about 20 ml of Xylitol and 240 ml of water. Of course, I'm using crystalline Xylitol, which has air gaps etc. That makes for an imperfect conversion from volume to weight, but from the results I've experienced, I do believe that there is such a thing in this case as close enough. 20 ml amounts to about the same as a heaping tablespoon (roughly 4 teaspoons).

I have tried this amount and found that it makes for a very pleasant washing experience -- even smoother and more comfortable than what I've felt utilizing pre-mixed, store bought, buffered Neilmed sinus rinse packets. I use a pulsatile irrigator that can be purchased at most drugstores -- the NeilMed "Sinugator" -- and as a rule, I irrigate in multiple iterations per session, until all the purulent gunk has been pushed from the sinus cavity, and the discharge out of the exit nostril and into the sink runs completely clear.

After irrigating in this way today, I took an empty squeeze bottle of about 450 ml. In volume, and added 35 ml. of Xylitol to it, filling the rest with water, again attempting to recreate as close to a 5% solution as is practicable/necessary. I then squirted this solution into either nostril, while laying in bed, per a "sinus flooding" protocol originally developed by an ENT on the East coast for use with Mesosilver brand colloidal silver. To put it simply, I filled my sinuses up until solution was overflowing from the nostrils, and laid down in bed for about 5 minutes, my head flat on the bed with no pillow underneath it. Then, I pinched my nose and, while holding it, turned belly down, with my head leaning over the edge of the bed. I held the solution there for about a minute, discharged it into the sink, and irrigated one more time.

It's been about an hour since all this has transpired, and I am already feeling the positive effects. My right maxillary sinus cavity has been severely compromised by this disease over the years, with discharge often being bloody, and a practically permanent sensation of swelling and pain in the tissues that surround it, even when it's not acutely infected. The relief I'm currently experiencing from this is nothing short of remarkable, and I believe it has everything to do with keeping the ratio of Xylitol to water as exact as I can, with my methods being a little haphazard/inaccurate.

When I am able to purchase one in a few days, I am next going to try using a 5% Xylitol solution with a Vick's personal steam inhaler, which many sinus sufferers have rated highly on I will report back with my findings. Until then, I cannot say how encouraged I am by my findings today. I have lost so much health and hope owing to this disease, which prevents me from exerting myself at work, and also exercising routinely and vigorously -- something that someone wired like me needs to do to keep sane and healthy. As of now, it seems like this method, in combination with continuing to take care of my overall health, limiting dairy/lactose consumption, limiting/eliminating alcohol consumption, and refusing any kind of smoke inhalation, may just let me hit the gym and bang out some heavy squats and deadlifts very soon, without having to worry about getting yet another full blown sinus infection afterwards. I'm ecstatic about this, and hope it can help anyone else save some money and relieve themselves from suffering.

Replied by Lisa
(Lafayette, La)

What an awesome post! Your information is amazing. Thanks for all the trial and error, and sharing the results of your experiment with us. I hope it helps many people, for I know that chronic sinus infections are something many, many americans suffer with.

Replied by Barbara

I've spent much of today reading all your problems and potential cures. I suffer. Chronic sinusitis from time to time. I have tried acupuncture, bought herbal tabs from same person. Tried cider vinegar, fluxonase nasal spay from the Dr.I believe this dose started with a combination of things: mainly the cold air & constantly changing climate including the damp. I was given a course of antibiotics called Clarithromycin dose 500 mg which can certainly help, but as I saw the clinician she was clearly being careful and just gave me a 5 day course. Unfortunately this isn't enough. Two days later I saw the doctor and prescribed a further course of the same 7dys. I believe they help if given soon enough, which in this case they weren't. I kept going but my upper body ached and I did spring cleaning which involved scrubbing several things that has accumulated damp throughout the winter.

After reading your letters I now realise mine is also caused by fungus as well as allergy to cold air. In this case I also had a tooth out which had a small abscess by it- clearly this hasn't helped. So after dentist I went shopping, someone has to do it! I started to feel pretty unwell, eg no strength, ears blocked, couldn't breathe properly, latter been going on for several weeks. I had to go to bed, keep warm. No point phoning dr as she would only refer me to ENT( ear, nose, throat) at hospital, already been down that route incl camera down nose- which if you are worried doesn't hurt at all, as nostrils numbed with a spray, also had a scan previously. So to treat myself. I shop ( asda) own version of Vick.

Put small, eg., quarter teaspoon, into inhaler I bought, added hot water and inhaled. This inhaler has a piece that covers mouth and nose. I covered my eyes with a cloth as they smarted the first time.

ALSO I'd forgotten I had a homeopathic remedy from a previous episode. These are called nat. mur. 30c by nelsons available from health shop eg in England Holland and Barratt. Ask in shop for how to use as writing on side of container is very small, also ask them to open them as this isn't always easy either. Press the bottom of the container fairly hard until 2 pills drop into the lid. Do not touch them with your hand but pop straight into your mouth. Chew or suck. Follow instructions, which say adult dose is 2 pills every 2 hrs for first 6 doses then 4 times daily for 5 days or until symptoms improve. They cost around £6 for a tube of approx 84 pills.I have inhaled now for 3 days, you can use a bowl+Vick+hot water and head over bowl method with a towel covering so you inhale the steam if you haven't an inhaler unit. I have drunk plenty of hot drinks, mainly weak fruit juice.

After 4 days I'm starting to feel a lot better. I aim to have a bath as the steam will help. Thank you all for all your encouragement. I look forward to your feedback.

Replied by Nick
(Australia Gc)

I am reading these treads and not sure where to jump in. I have a chronic sinusitis, now for over 2 years everything I have tried just does not stop it. All I am doing it trying everything I that I read as I am running out of ideas, even trying to reduce inflammation in the body hoping it will all settle down [with supps], it has consumed my life as my whole day revolves around flushing and taking supplements. Now I am not sure if everyone gets the same symptoms or not but I will ask, does everyone get bad brain fog sometimes to the extent when I can hardly function, eg I was at the ENT surgeon the other week and I was in a mental daze not sure what happened. This mental daze is a big concern.

The infection is Antibiotic resistant and each day is a struggle to do things

Has anyone know how effective a BSD treatment verses a FESS treatment is?? I know the FESS leaves scar tissue and is not effective in all cases, because of the infection and scarring can be problematic??

Can you long time sufferers please help me as I am researching and researching trying to find a solution .

Replied by Lucy

Hi Nick, I heard this trick recently and thought you might want to give it a try.

Take some liquid out of a jar of real fermented sauerkraut, which is packed full of beneficial bacteria. Sauerkraut is easy to make yourself if you cannot find it at your local grocery (in the refrigerated section). Dip a cotton swab into the liquid and swab the inside of your nose. Since you have had this infection for some time it may take longer to get under control. Natural remedies can take longer to work.

You may want to add some fermented foods to your diet, as well, to boost your immunity. Kefir is a good one.

There is a great liquid probiotic made by livingstreamsmission that can be nebulized if the sauerkraut liquid swab does not work for you.

Good luck!

(Australia Gc)

Hi Lucy thanks for the tip, as some have said I have also thrown the kitchen sink at it! I am taking probiotic, but have amped it up last month with some from iherb 150 billion .But have not used it in the flush yet. I have tried most things in the flush [most of what everyone says they use ]it is crazy as I can flush about a dozen times a day. I am working on my gut as it is the main part of the immune system and also, last week I started taking supps to reduce inflammation.

(Australia Gc)

Hi Lucy what does the probiotic do when you swab in the nasal cavity? As I thought I could add a cap in the colloidal silver nasal spray? or should it be done separate?

Also I will throw a question out, now is ACV still effective when you mix it with baking soda?

Replied by Shelly

Do some research on taking Serrapeptase enzyme. Just placed an order for myself and it sounds like it could really help with my acute sinus and ear problems along with inflammation. Reviews are good. Here is hoping.

(Australia Gc)

Hi Shelly, thanks for the feedback, I have just started that this week a combo of Serrapeptase + Nattokinase . It is to break down the biofilm of the bacteria, I am taking other supps as well to break down this biofilm which the bacteria have and then become resistant to treatment . I am rotating supps so I do no build up resistance, As I said I am throwing everything at this.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Xylitol Nasal Spray
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 08/23/2011
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I made the Xylitol Nose Spray as advised here to try to stop my nose from running. At the time I didn't manage to open the spray bottle I had bought so I left the solution in a dark colored bottle, not in the frige for a few days. When I was pouring it into the spray bottle I noticed a lot of dark bits a bit like little mosquitos and a lot of clouds floating around in the dark, glass bottle so something went wrong. I used grapefruit seed extract as directed but the ones you buy here don't state any precentage. Once I read that in order to use it as a preservative it should be 60%. Could that be what went wrong or the fact that I didn't keep it in the frige? As I have a lot of allergies or whatever that make me sneeze a lot and my nose run, often during the night or first thing in the morning I was interested in trying. Xylitol nose spray is not sold here in Europe!

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Francisca - I have a recipe (probably the same as yours) for xylitol nose spray but I haven't made any yet. I use the neti pot every night and it seems to have resolved any sinus problems. I also use a Q-Tip and put a few drops of oil in my nostrils to prevent them from drying out (it's very dry here). I use sesame oil but I'm sure any good oil would do.

Xylitol Nasal Spray
>1/2 cup distilled water
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1-1/2 teaspoons Xylitol
2 drops GSE
Pinch baking soda
Do AM and PM
Tilt head forward (bend over slightly). Spray twice in each nostril - keep head tilted forward for 15 to 30 seconds to allow spray to penetrate. Lay down for a few minutes to allow solution to enter sinus.

If your mixture is cloudy, I wouldn't use it. Actually, I wonder if you would need the GSE at all if you keep the mixture in the fridge to preserve it. Personally, I think the GSE would sting. Try making the recipe without the GSE, keep it in the fridge for preservation and see how that works.

I was wondering, since you sneeze during the night and first thing in the morning, could it be your pillows? My husband got a new pillow (I don't sleep with pillows) and he has been very stuffed up every morning lately although he's fine after a hot shower. Maybe there is something in your pillows that doesn't agree with you. I know there are special "anti-allergy" pillows, pillowcases, etc. you can buy.

Hope you find something that works for you. Take care, Bess

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Francisca: I've had a lot of success with those millions of sneezes and runny nose, by just rinsing with diluted HP (the regular stuff from the store) and breathing thru my mouth while the stuff is still there, oh, maybe for 1/2 minute. I do this a few times a day when I have anything going on with nose/throat/lungs.

I bet you can do that with Xylitol and whatever else you want, melted in water, and just breathe thru it while it is in your mouth.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks Msgm but how do you do it? Do you put the solution on the palm of your hand? Or do you mean that you put it in your mouth and then breath it to your nose? Do you use HP 3% and then dilute it further?

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks Bess, I can't find the recipe I used for the nose spray but I think that it is the same you have. Of course I can try again and keep it in the fridge! Only two drops of GSE shouldn't make a lot of difference other than preservation. You came up with the right idea saying that my nose problems could come from the pillow but somehow I don't think so as we travel a lot and I have this everywhere. Sometimes also during the day. And on the top of the pillow case I put a satine pillow case (seems to be good against wrinkles and for the hair). And my pillow is anti-allergic. I think that all my allergy like nose problems come from an over sensitivity to temperature changes, therefore I have them during the night as somehow my body temperature seems to go down (have had this since I was a child, sometimes better, sometimes worse) and I go to the bathroom meaning that I get cooler when I get up. The same happens in the morning. Even if I read in bed I tend to sit up so I am colder than while I was sleeping. Anti-histamines stop all this but I try to avoid them. My hope was that the xylitol spray would quiten all the sneezing and nose running.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

No, Francisca, no need to get complicated. I just dilute the regular Hydrogen Peroxide 3% further in water in the cover of the HP container, put it in my mouth (NO SWALLOWING) and swish it around in my mouth and then just breathe some breaths while it is still in my mouth. I got the idea from Bill Monroe's inhalation system. I thought: if he squirts it in there, maybe just breathing while it's in my mouth, will help too, and for me, it does!

Xylitol Nasal Spray
Posted by Linda (Elgin, Moray Scotland) on 02/05/2009

xylitol nasal spray: Has anyone tried this for sinusitis or allergy relief?

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, TX)

oh wow. i love xylitol. i am diabetic and have not been able to eat sugar for years. since i found xylitol i have occasionally used it for mouth rinses and also on foods when i want a sweetener. you know that it is poisonous for dogs?

well, i just want to say that i ate a tablespoon of xylitol (hahaha) mixed with VCO and cocoa powder and peanuts.... you probably know what happened...

i had very bad cramps and diaharreah (sp?) the next day... be careful with the amount of xylitol you use - i don't know if snorting it into your sinuses can have this effect - but it is a crazy side effect IMO.

i also use a home-made version of a neti pot. what i do is put sea-salt (and occasionally a little baking soda too) in a glass of warm water and hold one nostril closed and stick the other one in the solution and inhale it. it comes out my mouth and washes down my throat. i can't get it to come out my other nostril using this method - but it does seem to wash allergins, etc. from my sinuses.


Replied by Sonia
(North Port, FL)

I am inquiring to the last paragrafh of your e-mail. I have been suffering with sinusitis for 5 days now I went to the doctor two days ago and she put me on 500mg Amoxicillin which sorry to say doesn't seem to be helping I tried the baking soda, sea salt with the water this morning and immediately noticed a difference in my being able to breathe better. After you tried this did you have any further complications that I should be aware of?

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