Sinusitis, Chronic
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Posted by Diane J. (Los Angeles, California) on 06/09/2015

I have suffered from chronic sinusitis since 2001. I have found little relief from the medical community. Surprisingly over the counter benadryl has worked better for me than prescriptions doctors have written for me as does Tussin/Robitussin for mucus. It is a must that I don't allow my head to become cold! Cold temperatures will cause a sinus attack on me so I use a warm cap on my head during cold days.

My husband recently came down with a sore throat so bad that he bought some Whiskey to drink for the pain. (we are non-drinkers) He told me that a small amount of the Whiskey helped his throat and asked me to try it. Well I'm glad I did as just a few drops down my throat caused a slight burning sensation and to my surprise the warmth of the Whiskey traveled up my ear canals-- soothing and slightly burning them--and the sinus problem stopped bothering me! A nurse friend thinks the Whiskey killed bacteria! I have felt back to normal for 4 days now! I only use about 6 drops of the Whiskey or half a cap-ful. Slowly allow the drops to go down the throat. I thought I would share this with people that suffer from Sinusitis. I hope it helps them like it did me. Mind you the sinusitis is not gone but I feel normal again.