Sinusitis, Chronic
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Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Smelling Salts
Posted by Waqar (Islamabad, Pakistan) on 04/14/2009
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I had eight years old sinus which was a real chronic problem for me. Even a slightest breez put me into headache. Every morning I had to get up earlier than my sleep was enough to clean my nose. Headache and nose and cheek bone pain was an almost daily problem.

But one day it so happened that my chronic sinus disappeared for ever. Now I never have to even clean my nose even after going through snow breez. I dont have any headache now. Let me tell you what happened.

We brought a couple of goats from the cattle market "IN OUR CAR" to slaughter on Eid (we the muslims slaughter some cattle on this festival). Although the two goats did not do any spoiling in the car but their extremly abnoxious smell remained in the car later for many days. As it was winter we could not travel in the car with the car windows open. It so happened that we had to travel in the same car to another city some 100 miles and back on the very next day. The smell in the car although it had subsided to some extent caused me severe headache when I reached back home. Anyway I took a pain killer and went to sleep. In the morning again I had to take another pill of the pain killer.

BUT... aroung in the afternoon I realised that some thing had happened. My SINUS HAD GONE FOR EVER.... AND ITS OVER FOUR MONTHS NOW. No nose cleaning, no headache no cheek bone or nose pain no secretion.

CAN SOME PHYSICIAN EXPLAIN IT??? I would love to have your comments and wish somebody to investigate it further and keep me updated. Let me tell you I am a natural scientist myself.

EC: As goats frequently urinate on themselves for various reasons, most likely the odor Waqar is talking about is that of ammonia. Thus smelling salts (ammonia salts) are worth consideration as a possible remedy. Any thoughts or experience with this home remedy as one potentially for sinus infections?