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Natural Remedies for MRSA: Effective Solutions for Infection Control

Dentures and MRSA Connection

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Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 06/18/2021

Hello everyone,

Was doing and bit of research and came across this review on Amazon. I thought it might be very was very helpful for our EC audience. Has anyone heard of this before?

On September 18, 2020 Bruce Evans wrote:

"Most people with partial and full dentures do not realize that there is a film that grows on them, a bio mass, that is a perfect medium for harmful germs etcetera. Five doctors recently discovered this bio mass and found it supported the growth of MRSA, and fungi, along with some other lesser known germs, that if inhaled could cause the wearer a potentially deadly pneumonia. Regular brushing, soaking, even denture cleaners do NOTHING to kill and remove the bio remains.

This antibiotic, chlorhexidine is one of the things proven to kill and remove the bio mass after a soaking of at least 15 minutes. We remove the denture glue with warm soapy water and then place the dentures in a denture cup filled with chlorhexidine to soak over night. There may be some blue spots remaining which will brush off or be removed with a denture tablet.

Why people are not being told this I cannot say, the papers have been published in medical journals so the data is out there. Where is there a higher incidence of denture use? Where is there a high incidence of pneumonia? Same answer: Elderly population. People are giving themselves MRSA from their dentures..."

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Cindy (Crystal, Minn) on 04/05/2012

Had mrsa f/5 yrs!!!! Boils like giant eggs!!! Prayed f/answer, tried everything, then the answer... On the internet!!! They r now finding mrsa in cheap cuts of pork!!! I was eating 1 type of pork, bar s sausages f/walmart!!!! Quit eating the pork, n disappeared overnite!!!! Lev 11 says NOT to eat pork, QUIT eating pork or shellfish n ur problem will be kaput!!!!

DMSO, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Enid (California) on 11/19/2016

Mrsa cure:

Dmso and coconut oil completely heals Mrsa within 3 days.

EC: Hi Enid,

Can you please send us more info.. dosage and application instructions? Thank you!

Replied by Jeff

I agree. Please describe the mixture and method!

Don't Use Soap

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Posted by Kglaser (Lincoln, Nebraska) on 02/16/2016

Try not using soap, and put nothing else on your skin, unless you have to use a natural lotion to stop itching due to shaving. I've had mild, recurrent, MRSA for years. I started taking probiotics and that helped a lot. But my skin didn't completely clear up until I stopped washing my skin with soap. Any kind of soap. A research article I found goes more into depth about the skin's natural antimicrobial lipids. When you wash away those oils, you wash away your skin's natural antimicrobial defense system. Once or twice a week, take a warm ( not hot) bath or shower. I would recommend just washing your "peri-area" and your armpits with a natural soap, and just let water wash the rest, and then pat dry.

I will post the article link below.

Drawing Salve

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Posted by Valkyrie (Denver, Co) on 08/20/2011

I thought I'd provide details of my experience, mainly because this wasn't available when I got MRSA and this resulted in several trips to the emergency room when I got an infection instead of an occasional inconvenience that sucks but I can handle myself.

Going to a Dr. can be a valuable step in dealing with MRSA, but even if you do this, you may still get boils. It's an anti-biotic resistant bacteria the medical establishment doesn't know how to treat. They have had some luck with sulfa antibiotics with some strains, go ahead and try - I'm allergic to sulfates, so I have had to find prevention and maintenance regimes.

Other pieces of advise my Dr's have recommended are:

Scrub with Hibiclense in bath and apply around nose frequently (bacteria can live a long time inside your nose and if you have face infections this is a sign this will especially help), bathe with bleach if you have an infection. I've tried tea-tree oil too, and have found little difference with the effectiveness of Hibiclense, but I think you do need something stronger - unfortunately Bleach is the best I found - if you have active infections to prevent spreading.

As far as how to handle existing infections, I've really had to do this on my own. Here's what I found:

Immediately bandage any suspected infection with a fabric bandage and ichthammol ointment - about 20% strength usually petroleum jelly or lanolin filler, often labeled "drawing cream", sometimes with some other sulfates added, at rite-aid, online, or can be ordered from most pharmacies. This drawing cream was used on staph infections and boils prior to the advent of antibiotics, and is still effective after the use of antibiotics stopped working with MRSA.

It's important infections are constantly covered, as soon as you notice a pimple that starts to feel sore - if it was just a pimple it will go away quicker too. It does stain fabric and is messy and somewhat musty smelling. But this treatment will allow boils to swell to a head and drain much quicker, so they do not get as large and painful and risk infecting lymph nodes, etc.

Once an infection has started to drain, you should squeeze the infection. In the emergency room this is done by placing one hand in a circle around infection while squeezing from the outside to the inside with the other hand. This is gross, but will eliminate the infection quicker. Usually a hard pus 'seed' needs removed or the sore will reinfect. Sometimes tweezers are necessary for this. Occasionally, if a infection grows too large - lets say 2 inches of swelling- , or is close to a lymph node or other sensitive area, like a spine or throat - this should probably be done by a Doctor in the emergency room. They will have to treat you even with no insurance, mention MRSA you will get a room very quick, say you're homeless and have no ID if you have to but do go to the emergency room. Although how to lance is somewhat self-explanatory, sterilization is nearly impossible and it's extremely painful and would be really hard for a person to do to themselves. If you are able to drain your own infection, immediately wash with a lot of bleach. Now wash the sink, floor around you and entire area with bleach. Now go shower and scrub with bleach. This will help prevent other infection on yourself - or worse, infecting your family.

After you think your infection has drained, it still needs to stay under a ichthammol fabric bandage. Otherwise reinfection of the sore is common. Leave a bandage on for one more week, change daily and squeeze opening for any remaining discharge, if you get more pus restart your week.

I have started taking Turmeric in addition to my other supplements after looking through this site which has further decreased infection frequency I think.


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Posted by Shirley (Uk) on 12/12/2017

Re: MRSA Boils in the Uterus

To the woman who has MRSA in her vagina, Echinacea drops apply directly on the affected parts & also take 15 drops in a little water internally once or twice daily depending on how bad the infection is. This product is an alcohol tincture which you can buy or order on line or at your health food store. Keep taking & applying till all symptoms have gone & take natural vitamin c & raw garlic in your food.

Elecampane Extract

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Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa.) on 08/24/2017

Hi, I've had Mrsa for years in my kidney. very painfull. recently I stumbled apon a website with an article about elecampane extract being 100% effective against mrsa colonies in tests. So I bought some. I think it's only the extract that works, not the tea. My first dose was a triple dose. I felt a very significant pain relief in my kidney. I knew right then this was going to work. I've since uped my dose to about 24 times the recommended dose. Elecampane is pretty safe. The worst that can happen is nausea and vomiting if you take too much.

I'm taking it 3 times a day. I'm no longer sweating out at night and feel totally strong and healthy. the pain in my kidney is gone. going to keep taking it for a while to be sure. what a relief. Hope this helps people. I read on a forum that elecampane cured someone else too, so it's not just me.

Replied by Seth
(Morton, Wa)

I wanted to update. I jumped the gun. My kidney was still hurting. I was feeling so much better I just wasn't paying attention. I increased the dose a number of times. Once I took about 8 oz, equivelant to the Hawaii pharm elecampane extract, ive been making my own though. it drained a lot of pus when I took this much. I could feel pus release and move. also I got nasea, so this is the max I can take. this is a lot of alcohol but the extract was only sitting for 2 weeks. if you let it sit longer it gets stronger. I thought it would be over with soon at this dose but I suspect the mrsa might have become a bit resistant.

Then my fingers started getting numb which im pretty sure was hypoglycemia so I stopped taking it and switched to food grade h2o2. Elecampane has insulin in it so at high doses it's bad for you. I also gained a lot of weight and was hungry all the time. I still think elecampane could work for some people. due to the pus I had built up the infection just keeps coming back. I cant even think about being cured until its all drained. so, bummer but the h202 is working for me.

(North Carolina)

Elecampane has inulin, not insulin. Inulin is a prebiotic.

Eliminate Sugar, Take Acidophilus

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Posted by Kristi (San Diego, Ca) on 04/10/2010

I have had 2 cases of a MRSA infection where the doctors didnt know anything, gave me antiobiotics, and then cut and drained them. I haven't had one in 1.5 years after cutting out the majority of sugar from my diet. I take acidophilus in the morning, try to eat limited processed foods and as little as preservatives and sugars as possible. No soda, candy, chips, ect. I havent another infection and feel alot healthier.

Replied by Worried
(Columbus, Usa)

Do you drink acidophilus as a probiotic capsule or drink as milk?

Epsom Salt Baths and Oregano Oil

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Posted by Sherie (NC, US) on 11/29/2014

I have found with MRSA the most important thing to eliminate pain and to promote healing is to get the boil opened up as soon as possible. The best, fastest and cheapest way to do this is by taking regular soaking baths in epsom salt. Also, take oil of oregano 2 or 3 times a day. I usually take 3 to 5 drops in a half a glass of orange juice. The juice masks the taste of the oil. I prefer to use DoTerra Essential oils as my trusted brand of oils. They have many other oils that you can use as well but Oregano has always done the trick for me.


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Posted by Aftermath431 (Mountain View, Mo) on 08/04/2012

Hi. I have a MRSA infection just above my elbow. I have been on antibotics for about 2 months and its just about gone. Its a closed wound but doesnt seem to want to go completely away. The area is also pretty much flat just light red in color. Ive been applying silver gel to it for about 1 month, but dont know if its doing any good since the MRSA wound is closed up. So last night I applyed garlic I crushed and apllyed it to the Mrsa wound for about 8 hours. When I woke up and removed the garic the wound had indentation on it where the garlic was applyed and now the Mrsa wound is bright red almost like a burn, and slightly raised. Can someone please tell me what happened?

Replied by Naomi
(Chicago, Il)

Hi Aftermath, you've probably figured this out by now but it looks like a burn because it is a burn-(that is it's a type of chemical burn. I think that's the right term, I'm not exactly sure). I did something similar a few weeks ago, I've been on antibiotics for a month trying to cure a staph infection and tried some garlic topically on the infection for about two hours. Decided it didn't feel right and took it off, it was raised and red but within a few days scabbed up pretty regularly. Garlic burns can be bad, and after I did it (put fresh, crushed garlic on the site) I looked up how to make a proper poultice and they said no longer than ninety seconds of application to avoid burns. However, I did it for 30 minutes in a second application, and did not receive any burns. Tried it again for 50 minutes, and it was iffy so now 20-30min is my limit. Also, the garlic seemed to help the first and second time but not the third for whatever reason. I should try it again but am going to try colloidal silver first. Also, I'm not sure what kind of silver solution you are using but there is apparently a difference between colloidal silver (silver particles suspended in a colloid) and some other silver products- I have one that contains silver chloride, but it didn't do anything for me and I've found out it's not as effective as the other. Hope this helps. Thank you all for the wonderful website! My appreciation is beyond words.

Replied by Aftermath431

Update- after using garlic I crushed and applied with a bandage Several times a day. The MRSA sore went completely away after doing this for a few days or so. It did leave a burn mark but the MRSA went away. I can't say I'm a 100% sure that the garlic got rid of it but that's what seems to be the case.

Replied by Jennifer
(Forked River, New Jersey)

I'm suffering, yet again, from mrsa. I thought if was a bug bit but went to the doctors and they told me it was staph. Yesterday, 10-2-2015, she drained it. Today it was much worse so I went back and she switched me to clindamyacin, from doxy. I heard garlic and turmeric are great to get rid of mrsa. How do I use these though? Can I take a garlic supplement or use fresh garlic in a smoothie? Also, if these do not work when should and how do I apply garlic to the wound? It's still very sore and open. Picture attached. I would really appreciate anyone's stories and help!

Posted by Prosperity (Tampa, Fl) on 08/29/2011

I went to the hospital last week for something that I thought was an insect bite. My result came back MRSA. Strong garlic pill crushed in coconut oil is working for me. I'm on a pillician also. I prayed to God for His help and He has answered. Thank you Lord

Replied by Bea

Did you take it internally or topically?

Posted by Mommy V (Washington, D.C., Usa) on 08/12/2011

My family (self, hubby, children, father, mother-in-law, sister, niece, nephew... ) suffered from recurrent MRSA skin infections for several years. At the worst of it, my husband had multiple boils the size of baseballs over his legs and backside. My sister and her 2-yr-old daughter went through half a dozen types of antibiotics over the course of a year, and even after resistance tests the MRSA would recur a month or two later. We saw infectious disease doctors, pediatriciants, naturopaths... We disinfected everything over and over. We eliminated sugar, white flour, preservatives, dyes, and MSG from our diets. (We lost a lot of weight and my allergies cleared up, but the MRSA kept returning.)

One night, after hours of prayer, I stumbled across a page by Bob Anderson (garlic farmer) on the MRSA Forum USA. He explained that while the allicin in garlic is potent enough to destroy MRSA on contact, it does not survive in stomach acid and therefore doesn't reach the skin when injested. He recommended bathing in garlic water. Sure enough, within a week my husband and both of my boys had clear skin!! In the 4 months since we tried garlic baths, my husband has had only one recurrence (which happened after we stayed a week in the home of someone else who had MRSA) and one garlic bath cleared up the boil overnight. WOW! What a relief! Praise God, whose "medicine" is so brilliantly complex (and free from side-effects).


1. Crush 4-6 cloves of non-irradiated garlic (look for white/green sprout in middle of each clove)

2. Let stand 30-90 minutes to allow allicin to develop.

3. Add garlic to warm bath. Submerge as much of the body as possible.

4. Soak for an hour or two, two or three times a week.

Replied by Mommy V
(Washington, D.C., Usa)

Important note: It is likely that the first garlic bath will bring existing boils to a head. (This may make boils/rashes appear worse after the first bath. ) But, keep going... things should improve rapidly with subsequent baths.

Also, trust your intuition. If you sense skin irritation, take a couple days off. If you are bathing children, use less garlic and shorter baths.

Replied by Mei
(Texas, US)

Hi MommyV! I was wondering how you guys are doing? Have you had any reoccuring boils since doing the baths several years ago? We just started and I'm praying it works. I would love to hear you and your family are doing now. Thanks so much!!! =)

Replied by Macha

I'm curious to know how it's going too- and any further observations and info...TIA :-)

Replied by Karina

Hi has anyone tried this? And how long did it take to work? I tried it for a week and didn't work for me, maybe I need to do it for longer?

Posted by Ana (North Lauderdale, Florida) on 03/14/2011

Garlic sliced in half with some criss cross cuts or pounded on once or twice placed directly on the boil worked for me. I have colonized MRSA and my less-than-willing-to-try-anything-other-than-lancing-and-antibiotics husband has it as well.

I have been suffering with back to back boils for 3 months. I tried ACV; drinking it and placing it on the boil. It did help burst it but it did not help keep them at bay. Tumeric applied to and taken helped to alleviate the pain and swelling somewhat, but it did not burst them or stop them. Campho-Phenique did not work for me, and Ichthamol Ointment helped to drain them after they burst but I cannot say it actually helped burst them.

I put garlic directly on my latest boil at the first sign of it and it made it go away before it got very painful. For the first 10-15 mins the burning was intense. it did subside and I actually felt a kind of "let down" in the boil. I left it on for an hour. The pain was greatly diminished. I did it again the next day and there wasn't any real burning or anything. I left it on overnight. The third day, I could no longer see or even feel where the boil was.

I started taking one clove of crushed garlic with water today and plan to take it every day to see if this helps to prevent the boils as I see it works to stop it once one starts.

I have been taking echinacea in white tea with unprocessed honey throughout.

I cannot stress enough how careful you have to be about your hygiene when you're having an outbreak . Wash your sheets in hot water, change them often, do not use your towel more than once, bathe at least twice a day, wear gloves when handling the boil and wash your hands often.

I used silver bandages on another boil that had drained and it healed much quicker than others I had before. These bandages don't stick to the skin as harshly as others do so I had less irratation to the surrounding skin as well. I found them online.

Thanks to all that contribute to this site.

Replied by Ana
(North Lauderdale, Florida)


I have been boil free for 2 months now. I was taking raw garlic everyday for about 2 weeks after my original post and cut that down to 3 times a week since. I also take echinacea in white tea with unprocessed honey for one week before my period and this combination has worked to keep me boil free for the last 2 months. Nothing else had worked before.


Hi how much raw garlic did you eat every day? I tried raw garlic before and it gave me fast heartbeat. But I think I should try it again. I do eat toasted garlic with turmeric powder and olive oil, but that has way less Allicin.

Posted by Naturalhealthmom (Miami, Fl, USA) on 12/27/2009

Raw Garlic for MRSA

I have been fighting recurring MRSA infections (boils) for over 18 months now...I tried Allicin, Colloidal Silver, Turmeric, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Oil, Oive Leaf Extract, Rife Machines, name it, I have probably tried it. Last week, I started to get another boil- it was spreading and I started a fever of 100.5...I had nothing to lose and so I crushed 2-3 garlic cloves in my garlic press, let it sit for 14 minutes, mixed the garlic then THOROUGHLY with honey and gulped it down in one swallow. Make sure NOT to do this on an empty stomach!!!! Within 4 hours, my fever broke and the redness started to retreat. After all the other things I tried and all the frustrating months, amazing that the raw garlic took care of it! I proceeded to do the garlic 2x a day for 10 days and and am now going to take it 1x a day for the next two weeks to make sure it has killed all the MRSA staph. I am also drinking Phenomenal Water. I hope this helps many people. I also want to note that I used organic garlic and raw honey.

Replied by Alex
(Long Beach, Ca,united States)

I'm also taking pHenomenal!! So glad to see someone else out there who has found that amazing product! I've also been taking goldenseal, have you tried that one before? Also what kind of honey are you using with the garlic? And have you tried tea tree oils before? I'm wanting to try tea tree oil in my nose but I'm kind of hesitant on how thats going to go, let me know if you have any opinions on that! Thanks!

Replied by Vanislegirl
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

I have tried antibiotics and it definitely made things worse. I've been using baking soda/seasalt/aloe pastes and that seems to be working, but still 3 small boils I'm dealing with. I've recently added ground flaxseed to the paste and hope that helps. I'm going to do the crushed garlic both internal and external with manuka honey starting today. Hopefully I'll repost and let you know I'm cured! Its been 3 years (I was misdiagnosed with hormonal acne until 4 months ago when I got extremely ill from the mrsa).

Posted by Sunny (Carlisle, PA) on 12/15/2008

Garlic (actually Allicin from ____) cured my MRSA. My husband got the first, he was tested by his doctor and was found to have it. He took antibiotics. It went away and came back a second time. Again he treated it with antibiotics from the doctor. Shortly after he got it. I got a painful boil just like the one he had. I did not go to the doctor to be tested. I was sure that it was the same MRSA that my husband had.

I took the strong garlic ___ orally, six a day. I also used the cream. My MRSA when away. I never had to go to the doctor. It has not come back. It was expensive but it was worth it.

Replied by Shelby
(Newburgh, Indiana)

I was wondering about non-MRSA staph infections and allicin - does it take a lower dosage or the same? I see predominantly MRSA cures, however I was wondering if the same can be applied across the board to any staph infection.

Currently I am taking a clove of garlic a day, 2 spoonfuls of manuka honey, 1,000mg of turmeric plus whatever I drink or eat with it in it mixed with cayenne pepper. The cephalexin I tried scared me, 500mg 4x a day for 10 days - I made it one day before my head felt as though it was going to explode and I couldn't breathe. I was just curious to know if I should be tested for the MRSA or what or if I should give the allicin a whirl. I am tired of feeling crummy.

Replied by Shelby
(Newburgh, In)

Thought I would give update - I actually completed the entire antibiotic round given to me and the infection seemed to be under control. Once the keflex ran out, I went to the doctor for more, but he told me I was fine and to just use cortisone for the itching. I get the sneaking suspicion he was blowing me off, though the rash is still on my face but doesn't burn like before. I have a feeling it is almost gone and I don't want it to flare up again worse than before. Turmeric had gotten it under control, I will try crushed garlic to kill the rest of it off and see what happens. Quite the bugger to kill...

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