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Elecampane Extract
Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa) on 12/11/2017
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I wanted to update. I jumped the gun. My kidney was still hurting. I was feeling so much better I just wasn't paying attention. I increased the dose a number of times. Once I took about 8 oz, equivelant to the Hawaii pharm elecampane extract, ive been making my own though. it drained a lot of pus when I took this much. I could feel pus release and move. also I got nasea, so this is the max I can take. this is a lot of alcohol but the extract was only sitting for 2 weeks. if you let it sit longer it gets stronger. I thought it would be over with soon at this dose but I suspect the mrsa might have become a bit resistant.

Then my fingers started getting numb which im pretty sure was hypoglycemia so I stopped taking it and switched to food grade h2o2. Elecampane has insulin in it so at high doses it's bad for you. I also gained a lot of weight and was hungry all the time. I still think elecampane could work for some people. due to the pus I had built up the infection just keeps coming back. I cant even think about being cured until its all drained. so, bummer but the h202 is working for me.