Knee Pain Remedies


Posted by Sunny (Sequim, Washington) on 03/28/2018
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Turmeric for Arthritic Knee Pain

Turmeric is amazing! I have been dealing with a swollen side of my knee because I don't have cartridge there for 2 years. I toss and turn at night if I don't have a pillow between my legs because its sore. I finally made a Dr appt with my orthopedic Dr. After doing that I remembered hearing about Turmeric and how it helps inflammation. So I shopped around to get the purest kind with pepper and found one with 1,000 mg. I took 2 pills, the suggested dose on the bottle. This was the middle of the day. By night time the swelling was reduced and I had no problem sleeping on my side without a pillow. My knee was not sore at all!!! Amazing! I'm cancelling my Dr appt.

It has been a week and the swelling has not returned!

Posted by Sonja (Swanley, UK) on 09/03/2008
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I had knee pain for years. My knees were so swollen I could not even see them. The doctor prescribed NSAIDS, but I am not sure how much difference it made. I bought various things for arthritis, but nothing really helped. It did no harm. Then I started to read up on it, and most things i took contained Ginger, tumeric and others. I started taking Tumeric on its own 3 capsules a day and within 7 days my knees were almost pain free!!! i would recommend tumeric to anyone..

Replied by Elyn
Oklahoma City, Ok, Usa
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I bought some turmeric pills from Walmart and used the whole bottle. No relief for this girl. I was so hoping it would do the trick for my joints and knees. Had my husband on it also until I reread the bottle and it would have interfered with one of his meds. Oh well-- it was worth the try.

Replied by Pam
Tallahassee, Fl

You need to take the turmeric for about a month before you see any improvement. It took me 3 months to get all the effects of the herb. I would suggest it to everyone it is so better than taking drugs that the doctors want you to take. Do research on the internet there are more herbs out there that can help with whatever you may have. ACV is also another one I take 2 times daily.

Posted by cathy (richland, washington) on 09/17/2007
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I have had terrible pain in my knees for' the last 2 years and have had to give up most activity. Just paid for more' xrays from MD and got same response.. its arthritis degenerative.. take lots of ibuprofen every day and reduce exercise.. like I could reduce from nothing! I ahve been taking turmeric and fish oil/flax oil combination oil for 4 days and I worked a 14 hour shift all on my feet and my knees don't hurt!!!!!!!

Replied by Nina


can someone please tell me the exact dosage I should take and for long do we have to continue taking it. Thanks so much, Nina

Posted by Reem (Karachi, Pakistan)
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I have used turmeric as a joint pain remedy and it has always worked for me. I usually take 1 tsp in hot milk and it relieves all forms of body pains, joint pains.

Posted by Bill (Califon, NJ)
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I have had severe knee and lower leg pain for over one year. All the doctors say my knees have normal wear and tear but they always hurt and especially at night. I took 1600 mg of turmeric (800 x2 day) and after about six weeks the pain almost all gone and flexibility is returning.

Vitamin C

Posted by Barbara (Portland, OR) on 12/06/2006
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I started taking high doses of Vitamin C to help ward off a cold virus. For the past several weeks I took 5-10 grams of Vitamin C. I noticed my knee pain disappeared. I am a runner/cross country skier who has virtually stopped these activities due to pain in my right knee. For 7 years I have tried glucosamine, calcium, MSM, and NSAIDs. I don't like taking NSAIDS. However, the other remedies did not relieve the pain and inflammation. Therefore, I have been tolerating the pain and have discontinued using NSAIDS. I was very surprised to find that the Vitamin C use correlated with complete pain relief and reduction of inflammation. So I stopped the C for a week and the pain returned. I have resumed the C and the pain is gone again.

Vitamin K and Calcium

Posted by james (logandale, nv) on 12/31/2007
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I am a runner and was restricted due to pain in my knees. Calcium and glucosimine suppliments were not effective, until I learned that Vitamin K is crucial for calcium absorption. In Japan Vitamin K is prescribed for osteoporosis. I am now able to run without pain. I take about 5 times the RDA daily of vitamin K with my calcium.


Posted by Renee (El Dorado, Kansas) on 06/03/2007
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I've suffered from a bad knee most of my life. If it isn't bone on bone, it sure feels like it. While nothing really helps, when I do not drink plenty of water, the pain and swelling get real bad when I stand or walk for any duration. Have been taking ACV/bs for 2 weeks now and so far no relief. But it is working on my Blood Pressure so I'll keep taking that. I just need a new knee.

Weight Loss

Posted by Susan (Tampa, FL)
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I started to have knee issues after gaining about 10 lbs. I had been about the same weight my whole life until I turned 34. Then, after being on anti-anxiety medication for a year, I started to put on the pounds! I figured out the extra weight was putting pressure on my meniscus when I worked out and spent the next few months losing the weight. Oh yes, I went off the medication too! I also massaged my thigh muscles (front and back) daily as I learned from my doctor that too much muscle tension causes stress on the knee as well. Long story short -- I went back to my original weight and haven't had any knee problems since then.