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Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 10/21/2017
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Good day there Posters!

My knee pain has been a real trial for most of the year. Tried all sorts of treatments. My Gurus seem to think it is either Tendonitis OR Ligament trouble. These would seem to be the main issues I have to deal with.

The young doc told me it was old age but that's all rot because the other one is the same age and is fine - what do they know?!

I have recently been taking six Alfalfa tablets and six Joint Formula tablets divided into three lots per day taken with eats.

Also, I have been faithfully drinking copious amounts of water with some Magnesium Chloride diluted into it at the rate of somewhat less than a teaspoon per 300 mls glass of water. If I drink any more I might as well be a fish.

I did try the Borax treatment but I have difficulty tolerating it, so have taken a break. I like to think it would help Arthritis sufferers, for those who could cope with it, as I am a great "Boron Believer". Maybe the tablets might be better for me?!

One is supposed to rest a damaged tendon but that is tricky when you need the knee to walk about on! If you don't walk - you get fat and this puts more pressure on the knee and before you know it you are on a downward spiral.

My favourite cream for night time would have to be the Bronson Soothe Cream. I know one is not supposed to..... but this is sooo good I have to share it with you. Don't get it anywhere your eyes on any account or it will sting heaps! Believe me- I have tried lots of creams for this type of affliction and this one deserves an Oscar.

The latest trick I have tried is the "Old Russian Remedy for Arthritis, Inflammation & Rheumatism". You take 1 tablespoon of Honey, 1 tablespoon spicy Mustard, 1 tablespoon of Water and 1 teaspoon of fine Salt (I used Himalayan salt). Mix this lot in a bowl to get a smooth paste (I used too much water) and plonk it into a sealed container and put it in the fridge with a "KEEP OFF" or "Skull and Crossbones" label on it.

I am old-fashioned enough to believe in poultices, so this one appeals to me. I don't mind the mess-many aspects of my life are messy already anyway. Paste/smear the gunk onto the affected area (in my case the right knee) and cover with some plastic (mm! ). Then cover that again with a stretchy bandage that tightly encases the knee (available from a Pharmacy near you) and leave on for say 2 hours. Better still, leave overnight and then rinse the area with warm water. Ideally, one would repeat this for four consecutive nights. I like the thought of it beavering away whilst I am asleep.

Anyway, the knee seems to have benefited somewhat, as last night was my fourth night. I will try to keep you posted. One lives in hope. Thank you Mr Putin.