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Gelatin Powder
Posted by Ken (Henderson, Nv, Usa) on 12/21/2010

My experience.. Back around 1985 my knees had to be replaced. The cartiledge had worn away, and jagged bone was scraping on bone. Best known Dr. in Boston, Ma took xrays. (BRUINS & CELTICS DR. ) both I and my wife saw the xrays. Got a 2nd opinion from specialist in Lowell, Ma. Same diagnosis same xrays. Looked very bad. I COULD HARDLY WALK UP STAIRS AT all, Knees hurt so bad. No tennis, racketball, waterskiing, skating, no nothing. Bone against bone in both knees. Went home and on line found a study being done at harvard univ. They gave ground up chicken cartiledge to patients about to get knee replacments. They reported amazing reversal of knee problems.

It took about 2 months for some pain to go away... So I started taking 4 packets of KNOX GELATIN in orange juice every day. After 60 days I saw improvement starting. At six months I could climb stairs and run around with a frisbee with my kids. At one year I felt back to normal. About ten years ago I fell on my shoulder and it was xrayed in winchester, Ma. I told the doctor about my knee problem, he asked if he could xray my knees, and he did. HE POINTED OUT TO ME ALL THE WHITE CARTILEDGE IN MY KNEE JOINTS. He stated emphatically that I never had a knee problem in my knees.

I am now almost 70 and my knees are perfect. I know people who suffered with knee pain and knox gelatin made their pain go away. I still take one packet every week or two. I actually told Knox about how it effected my knees, but they wern't interested. (I know there is a lot of money made with knee surgery today. ) So basic it's hard to beleive. If I can help anyone who has a knee problem, explain what I did, email me at kenpratt1(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm not looking for anything. If I can help one person I'll be very happy..... Please try it. It is practically free(the knox is so cheap at the food store) email me. I am no doctor, but I have great knees. Also if you have used knox let me know how it worked for you. MAYBE WE CAN HELP SOME OTHERS........... KEN

Castor Oil
Posted by Presouzz (Sunny CA) on 12/23/2022

Castor Oil pads for knee swelling / arthritis

I was a retail meat cutter for over 30 years. Standing on cold concrete, and lifting for a living, I suffered at an older age, now retired. I did hit my right knee on my banister corner in 2006 and caused a BAD KNEE for ever. I favored my left knee only to have that knee to get bad after a few years too. So, I have one or both bad knees since 2006 by 2009 I was on heavy drugs and I was taking cortisone shots in my knees. I hated it.

SO I stopped living an active life and stayed home most times and babied both knees. Lots of Magnesium did help too. I can deal with the pain most days but if I have a busy day I cant avoid, I do take OTC meds or tramadol at bed time with aspirin. I HATE taking Excedrin, Motrin or Tylenol. They seem to work ok, but I have been taking those so much after I stopped Vicodin. I fear damage to my organs.

Recently I read here on earth clinic about a gentleman who used castor oil for his knee swelling. NOW I have heard of this over the years. I did in fact save my gallbladder in 2005 by doing heated castor oil packs over my gallbladder for an hour nightly for 2 weeks and maintain weekly for months. Happy to say 2022 I still have my gallbladder!! I did start eating more FAT in my diet to keep my gallbladder working pushing out the sludge. CUTTING OUT all sugars and bad carbs including gluten.

I wish I could find the post the man did on earth clinic to tell him THANK YOU!! For pushing me to try castor oil. I did as he did, I used panty liners and poured organic castor oil on the absorbent side, put them on my knees. I made some knee covers by cutting an old pair of Capri leggings to fit over my knees only. works great!!

I was amazed at how much it helped the swelling. I have not seen my knees so low in swelling in YEARS! I recommend trying this. I use organic by NOW since I am MTHFR challenged and cant detox well. I try to use organic on anything I can.

I usually have to use my cane to get up from my morning computer hour, the 2 day I tried the castor oil knee packs I got up with out knees locking due to swelling. That night I did not wear them to bed. When I did get up to use the bathroom or do an early feed up for my 2 kitties, I forgot I even had painful knees. IM AMAZED!! I do use a saturation in my pad. Enough to make it a wet application. It does seem to absorb into the skin… hence why I use organic.

Years ago, I even changed up my diet to Gluten Free, sugar free, even low oxalate and recently low histamine foods. All did help but no where near enough. I do not want surgery, I have Fibro and my Dr and I both worry about healing bone and flesh.

I hope this castor oil on my knees continues!! I just orders more bottles of organic castor oil. BEST external medicine money can buy! BETTER than any voltaren gel, or salon pas!!

TRY IT!! You will not be sorry. HELPED me pretty fast, but only got better as the day went on. I did pour a little more on late afternoon to the already liners on my knees.


Castor Oil
Posted by Al (Collinsville, IL) on 06/13/2008

Having recently torn the cartilage in my left knee, simultaneously diagnosed "with a little arthritis" in the same, and swelling behind the knee. My Sport's Ortho said that the swelling was common with the torn cartilage but should go down in time. I began searching on the Web for a magical pain relief remedy (other than my already supplementation of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondrotin, Taurine, Collagen, HA, Cats Claw, Bromelain, MSM, etc., etc., etc - .all of which I have been taking for years due to 27 yrs of cycling but at almost 68yo, something had to give). One subject that kept surfacing on the Searches was an old time remedy of Castor Oil. I'm not in terrible pain, but it is a 24/7 aggravation, as anyone who has similar discomforts can attest to.

I decided to give it a try; purchased a package of ladies' cosmetic, cleansing pads (~3"x4") and a small bottle of Castor Oil (CO),

I placed a pad on a saucer, saturated the pad with CO (not dripping) and popped it into the microwave for about 35 secs. I, then placed the (105F) warm pad on my knee; wrapped my knee-pad with plastic wrap (to keep the CO from staining the heating pad) and then applied a heating pad, set to Med. heat. I left it on for about 1 hour and when I removed everything, I did a "test walk" -not only was my knee not stiff, and the swelling was 95% GONE!! I could walk with 100% less discomfort and this was 10x more effective than the Cortisone or three Hydraluronic Acid injections I had received in a two months period. The other nice thing, is that you don't have to throw the saturated pad away; place in a Ziploc bag for the next application and just add a little more CO.

I generally apply this treatment daily, each time the knee feels better - I know it's not going to remedy the situation 100%, but has made my life much better.

Castor Oil
Posted by Flyingscot (Mexico City, Df, Mexico) on 08/15/2012

With you guys 100%. I did something to my knee. To this day I have no idea what caused it but one day it started hurting like crazy. 2 days later I was driving and when I hit the brakes the pain was excruciating. I hobbled to my doc and he gave me a very expensive anti-inflammatory and pain killer prescription. On my way to the pharmacy I decided to go to a naturopath. He prescribed a $5 bottle of pure Castor Oil and told me to go home, elevate my leg, rub the Castor Oil on my knee 3 times a day and wrap with a tensor bandage so the oil wouldn't get on my clothes or sheets. I woke up the next morning and the swelling was down about 95%. Followed the same procedure on day 2. Day 3 I woke up and my leg felt great. Still a tiny bit of tenderness but I could walk up and down stairs with 0 pain. Day 4... Gone. I've since recommended this treatment many times. With two people I recommended this to whenever I see them in a pub they always buy me a beer in thanks. My $5 investment has paid off dozens of times... Pain free and a lower bar tab. Can't argue with that.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jan (Willowick, OH) on 07/24/2007

I have been using ACV in a tonic called Jogging in a Jug and literally within 24 hrs my knee, hip and shoulder pain have completely disappeared! I have been struggling with my shoulder pain for 12 yrs due to a car accident and my knee and hip pain for the last 2 yrs. What a miracle. I have told everyone I know about this tonic and they are all giving it a try!

Here is the recipe:

1 c organic ACV
1 c organic white grape juice
2 c organic apple juice

Mix all together. Take 1-2 oz daily before a meal. Keep refrigerated.

I didn't care for the tast at first, but now I love it. I had to plug my nose for the few days but now I can drink it just fine. My energy levels are back and I am sleeping more soundly at night. I love this stuff!!

Good Luck!

Castor Oil
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 08/07/2016

I Woke Up This Morning, In pain, but... I woke up this morning.

Thank you Jesus, I woke up this morning. I was very aware of my aching right knee. A pained knee is one of the after effects of a years of kneeology (praying while on your knees). But I was happy for another day to encourage some one to choose life, and choose to be happy come what may.

There was a small bottle of Castor oil near me. So I poured some on my hand and gave my knee a good massage all around. And within minutes the pain was gone.

So those with knee pain might want to try Castor Oil. Leave it right there on the night stand, in case the knees start talking, before you start walking.

TimH, me too, is with the Amen Crew, the thousands praying for you and your nephew.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mommy2 (Atlanta, Ga, USA) on 08/25/2009

My husband has been bothered with a nagging knee pain for years now. He knows he needs to have surgery, but keeps putting it off. He had the worst flare up, I've seen him have and we've been married for 12 yrs. The pain was so tremendous he could hardly walk and you could see the pain all over his face. I've been a believer in ACV for years now, but it takes more convincing for him. After he'd fallen asleep, I took a hand towel and saturated it in ACV, wrapped it around his knee and wrapped saran wrap around it to hold in place. He slept with it on all night and could not believe his knee was 99% better when he woke up. That's been about a month ago now and he hasn't had anymore flare ups!!!

I love this site and always refer to it for cures. I also make sure to tell friends and family too!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mike C. (Zephyrhills, Florida) on 02/04/2017

I just wanted to add my name to the list of apple cider vinegar users that have had remarkable results. I've been using ACV for the past 3 months twice a day. Within 5 days the swelling in both my knees went down. My only set back was when I walked too much. I was feeling so good I over did it. After three or four days rest ( no long walks) I have been able to increase my every other day distance to 3 miles with no swelling! This is helping me to lose a few pounds and should further reduce the pressure on my knees. I have two words of advice, #1 try it as if it was a prescribed medicine. Some people I spoke with were concerned of the taste, not me. #2 buy the organic mother type at the grocery store it's half the price of supplement stores. Best wishes to all!

Ankle Weights
Posted by Ketomagic (Minnesota) on 07/24/2018

I just injured my knee and watched videos online about knee injuries. A holistic chiropractor said cortisone and NSAIDs destroy cartilage. He also said if you really had bone on bone, you can't walk and that cartilage can be regrown. He said to put 5 to 8 pound ankle weights on and swing your feet back and forth gently. Pulling the knee joint apart helps improve circulation and this better gets nutrients to the joint.

Castor Oil
Posted by Helen (Houston, Texas) on 03/07/2018

Aleve, like advil, is a non-sterile anti-inflammatory drug. (NSAID). All NSAIDs will destroy your joints. Slowly, but they are destructive. They are fine to take occasionally, as long as you know they block healing.

Cartilage, bone broth, rebuild whatever is messed up in your joint.

My massage gal wrapped my knees in a "bandage" of castor oil, me thinking "Edgar Cayce?" but to my surprise when the massage was ending and she took of the bandages, the knees didn't hurt as much! (Knees were in a car crash). Used castor oil at home sometimes.

It's messy, castor oil stains, but amazing pain reduction, possibly permanent? I wont guarantee but then have never hurt as much and the pain has gone down a bit with every or almost every use

Castor Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 04/19/2017

I had a knee injury at 16. Every once in a while my knees give me trouble, maybe or maybe not related to the injury. Anyway, last week my knee was really bothering me. I had pain under the kneecap and it was making me limp somewhat. I had not even done anything that I knew of to bother my knee.

I soaked a cloth (not dripping) with castor oil oil and wrapped my knee with it. I covered that with plastic wrap and covered that with an ace bandage. I slept with it that way with a heating pad. It was somewhat improved the next day and now my other knee was a little "twingy" too.

So for the next couple of nights I just massaged castor oil into each knee and loosely put a thin flannel baby blanket on my knees to protect bedclothes. I used a heating pad one night. But in a couple of days, all knee pain was gone in both knees. I have continued to do this each night anyway, just in case. The skin on my knees is very soft now, too!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/02/2020

Dear Sandy,

Well I say, “Boo, ” to those who say you look older having lost weight. They are probably just jealous. Weight loss, unless it's too much, should help your knees to have less stress.
some things to try for your knee pain...

You can get a special knee pillow to keep the knees aligned while you sleep, which should reduce stress on them.
you could try “Stoppain” a roll on menthol pain reliever. I love it and use it on my neck with much relief. Don't buy generic. It has much less menthol.

You could try rubbing castor oil into you knee at bedtime.

Finally. Beware of sugar. I find that sugar really aggravates pain for me.

Hope you find something to help so you can walk. It's so good for you when you can do it!


~Mama to Many~

Cabbage Poultice
Posted by Helen G (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/28/2018

Oh My Goodness! Cabbage is fabulous in keeping arthritis out of your knee!! Just pile the leaves on your knee - front and back - after you have taken the spines out of the cabbage and used a rolling pin to release some of the juices. Then wrap it up with saran wrap - you might need two sheets of about 15" long. After you do that, wrap the whole knee up in a scarf and go about your business or go to bed. In the morning you take it all off - your cabbage will be wet which is a good sign - and your knee will not be swollen nor will it hurt and you can walk without any pain!!! Try it for about 10 days straight and you will be saying "Oh My Goodness!"

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 10/21/2017

Good day there Posters!

My knee pain has been a real trial for most of the year. Tried all sorts of treatments. My Gurus seem to think it is either Tendonitis OR Ligament trouble. These would seem to be the main issues I have to deal with.

The young doc told me it was old age but that's all rot because the other one is the same age and is fine - what do they know?!

I have recently been taking six Alfalfa tablets and six Joint Formula tablets divided into three lots per day taken with eats.

Also, I have been faithfully drinking copious amounts of water with some Magnesium Chloride diluted into it at the rate of somewhat less than a teaspoon per 300 mls glass of water. If I drink any more I might as well be a fish.

I did try the Borax treatment but I have difficulty tolerating it, so have taken a break. I like to think it would help Arthritis sufferers, for those who could cope with it, as I am a great "Boron Believer". Maybe the tablets might be better for me?!

One is supposed to rest a damaged tendon but that is tricky when you need the knee to walk about on! If you don't walk - you get fat and this puts more pressure on the knee and before you know it you are on a downward spiral.

My favourite cream for night time would have to be the Bronson Soothe Cream. I know one is not supposed to..... but this is sooo good I have to share it with you. Don't get it anywhere your eyes on any account or it will sting heaps! Believe me- I have tried lots of creams for this type of affliction and this one deserves an Oscar.

The latest trick I have tried is the "Old Russian Remedy for Arthritis, Inflammation & Rheumatism". You take 1 tablespoon of Honey, 1 tablespoon spicy Mustard, 1 tablespoon of Water and 1 teaspoon of fine Salt (I used Himalayan salt). Mix this lot in a bowl to get a smooth paste (I used too much water) and plonk it into a sealed container and put it in the fridge with a "KEEP OFF" or "Skull and Crossbones" label on it.

I am old-fashioned enough to believe in poultices, so this one appeals to me. I don't mind the mess-many aspects of my life are messy already anyway. Paste/smear the gunk onto the affected area (in my case the right knee) and cover with some plastic (mm! ). Then cover that again with a stretchy bandage that tightly encases the knee (available from a Pharmacy near you) and leave on for say 2 hours. Better still, leave overnight and then rinse the area with warm water. Ideally, one would repeat this for four consecutive nights. I like the thought of it beavering away whilst I am asleep.

Anyway, the knee seems to have benefited somewhat, as last night was my fourth night. I will try to keep you posted. One lives in hope. Thank you Mr Putin.



Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Annon (Annon) on 02/08/2017

My co worker has been rubbing the apple cider on his knees a couple time a day and has had wonderful results. Doctor actually wanted to do surgery, because his knees hurt him so bad. He swears by this rubbing it on his knees.

Prolozone Therapy
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 09/22/2021

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and my bad knee is acting up so I did an ozone shot in it today. Started that some 14 years ago when my Orthopedic doc said I have to have a new metal knee... you are bone on bone. What these Godly people don't tell you is that ozone will regenerate new joint cartilage. When I get a certain pain about every 3 or 4 years, I go get an ozone shot. This one cost me $150. Thus, I got lots of Meigs County roadside beer cans to pick-up. We discussed Ozone dentist in Tn. He said there are now two and that works when most root canals end up with women having breast cancer if it is certain teeth. He said you can avoid that if you just pull the tooth and implant a new tooth or treat the infection with ozone. Ozone gas gets everywhere. Each tooth goes to a certain meridian and effects different parts of the body. Our old doctors knew this and saved our ancestors lots of grief. I get a kick our some of our clever posters that have the answer for all ails. I only have the answer to the ones that got me out of the ditch.====ORH====

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Virgina (Highland Ranch, Colorado) on 09/29/2007

I had chronic cough for 6 years. I have been in Jewish Medical Center in Denver for many tests but the conclusion is nothing wrong with me. Every time I catch cold and it make me cough for three or four months. In August 17, 2007, I search for chronic cough remedy and stumble in to this site. I start taking ACV and honey the same day. The cough stopped the third days. I had surgery for my both knees, and the pain is constant. The ACV stop knee pain after the fourth day I take ACV. It's unbelievable. The cough does not go away completely. The ACV cure my cough about ninety percent. After suffer so many years, I am happy with the result. I still have to take ACV every day. Thank you for all of you who post your experience at the site.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ken (Rocheport, Mo)

Yes, I have a story that will amaze you and your readers... I have had 2 knee operations on my right knee within the last 7 years. The last was in December of last year, and without any success, I might add. My knee hurt terribly "every" day. It hurt so bad. It literally felt like I had been walking on a 4x4 strapped to my knee, and it felt like the 2 outside bones in my leg were going to shoot out of my leg with any step....Well, a good friend told me to get unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and to drink a teaspoon in about 4 ounces of water every day. I didn't really believe that it would work. Not as good as he said, but I've been drinking it now for 2 weeks, and oh my god,......"it works" really works. The last three days was so hard on my knee, & i was forced to use a crutch, but I woke up this morning, & I had very little pain,.....I was able to walk without pain, & I have no limp.....i haven't walked without a limp in over 2 years....I am definitely a firm believer in apple cider vinegar, and I will drink it every day from now on. I feel so energetic now, & I'm cheerful. The apple cider vinegar really helps with so many things.

Cabbage Poultice
Posted by Talea (Oregon) on 08/19/2020


What a wonder you are. I read what you said and thought it was the craziest thing. I tried it and my knee, which had been horribly swollen for months, had immediate pain relief and within a week, all of the swelling went down. I forgot to write a thank you (this was about a year ago).

Well, this week, I hurt my ankle. I did the usual (ice, elevation, immobilization, etc.) then I remembered Cabbage leaves. Put one on there, wrapped it up, and Bingo! The pain subsided in 20 minutes and I was pain-free all night. I don't know why it works, but it does!

Thank you for sharing. I DID say, "Oh my Goodness!!! "

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 05/06/2017

So, you might well remember me from such blockbusters as "The Crook Kiwi with the Knackered Knee" or maybe you have been following my sad tale on Twitter, then again maybe knot. Whatever, I got exasperated with this knee that had "Never complained before" (unlike the other one that I had injured a couple of times but was not playing up). As we get older, things take forever to heal (if at all). Weird. Wot to do?

Well I pondered on this Potassium / Sodium imbalance theory and cos it was the right knee I increased my Magnesium and Potassium levels by taking a supplement.

Still not a happy chappy so I phoned my "Guru on the Hill" down the road:-

Ring, ring:

Guru "Yes my son."

Me "It's me Don."

Guru "Indeed, I know this to be true"

Me "How so?"

Guru "You called me eighteen months ago and anyway I recognized your voice. It is, shall we say, distinctive"

Me "Small community".

Guru "Indeed so - I am already feeling the pinch: my client base is tottering"

Me "Well maybe I can help you with that, I wish to prevail upon your services oh wise and expensive one - are you by some fortuitous chance any good with knees?"

Guru "Argh, I'll give anything a crack eh."

(Not being encouraged by said response, nevertheless, I prevailed)

Me "I need to take the car (auto mobile) to the garage in the morning to have its "Warrant of Fitness" checked and I wondered if I could attend upon you afterwards?"

Guru "At eleven suit you?"

Me "Surely, but I will have to leave the car at the garage and walk up the hill. Will I be able to walk down after you have finished the treatment?"

Guru "Well, I can always ROLL you down if all else fails"

Me "Thanks a bundle mate - see ya then then"

Working his magic, he poked and he prodded, lifted and lowered, grabbed my ankle and twisted the leg, spun me around the room a couple of times like the proverbial cat and spent a LONG time rotating the whole leg in various configurations of loops and circles.

Finally he gave the whole leg a sudden, alarming pull just when I was about to tell him that both legs were (almost) the same length. No "longer" (sorry) perhaps?

It's a foreign language he speaks at times but the rough jist of it was to the effect that he had found that a ligament connecting the femur to the tibia had stretched (or torn) allowing the meniscus to protrude and he had "Poked it back"!! Whoa. Way to go!!

He recommended more Vitamin C.

And there I was remembering that the Good Doctor had said that I "Probably had Tendonitis"!

Anyway, feels a bit better to-day.

I am on the "Pirate's Blood Tonic" (Tart Cherry Juice) as of yesterday, so will keep you kind folks posted. This Site has given me so much HOPE. Cheers to all you fellow sufferers: together we shall get there one day!!


P.S. I think he must have done this before: he was just pulling my leg eh?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 01/21/2021

GWEN,,,,,, ORH here, look up on the internet. Tn will not allow MD's to use, thus you will have to go to Ga. I was told 12 years ago that right knee was bone on bone and I needed a new knee. Instead, I got an ozone an ozone shot in Atlanta. Now I get one every 3 or 4 years from Dr. Adams in Ringgold, Ga. I have my own medical Ozone generator and can give my own shots now. I would not try in the spine nor neck because of nerves.

I breath ozone bubbled through olive oil . You cannot breath ozone alone, least it will kill you. I do put it in my ears and nose. I put it up my fanny and drink ozonated water. I have an ozone suit that I wear in my sauna to get it in my body transdermally. Medical folks lie when they say you can not regrow joint cartilage, but they lie about lots of stuff to make $$$$.