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Interstitial Cystitis Remedies

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water

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Posted by Kelly (Chicago, Il) on 03/29/2010
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I only found out about virgin coconut oil Dec 2009. I had bladder pain for 15 years - eventually diagnosed with interstitial cystitis but was always convinced it was a bladder infection since Bactrim (sulfa antibiotic) would always make me feel better with flare ups even though cultures were negative. I had a flare for months that would no longer go away with Bactrim. I started with coconut water and it helped my urethral pain. Now, I take coconut oil and coconut water. I no longer have urethral or bladder pain!!!!

I am beginning to believe that interstitial cystitis is a bogus diagnosis that thousands of MDs have earned a pretty penny off of - in fact - entire medical fields have opened due to this diagnosis. I think all women with this should try coconuts before they spend another dime! I know the frustrations - I have been to the best urogynes and urologists - Northwestern in Chicago since I was a teenager and in California. I have had my urethra widened twice, - I have been tortured like so many other women; missed life events, canceled trips, spent many days in the ER with flares - not too mention the $$$ spent! AND ALL THIS TIME -- COCONUTS WOULD HAVE SOLVED MY PAIN. I MUST TELL EVERY WOMAN!!!!

Replied by Lucy
(Chicago, Il)
1 out of 5 stars

I'm wondering if the coconut oil is still helping and how long it took to see results. I have been taking both the water and oil for nearly 1 week, with no decrease in symptoms. Thank you.

Replied by Aron1947
(Sarasota, Florida, Usa)

Hello Kelly from Chicago,
Could you, please, let me know how much coconut oil you were taking and who is the manufacturer. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards. Aron.

Replied by Shampoo
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Your absolutely right, its must be some kind of money making conspiracy, cuz I just cured my 6 month long, unrelenting battle with interstitial cystitus with Macrobid, basically. Coconut oil, and coconut water didnt help my interstitial cystitus, altho I have cured standard, garden variety UTI's, with coconut water.

Long term antibiotic therapy was the cure for me and my interstitial cystitus. The key is, you need to stay on a high enough dose, for a long enough time to get rid of the infection, and you have to get the right antibiotic for it, as antibiotic resistance is becoming an increasing problem. I was on Macrobid for almost a month (about three weeks, at 100mg, every six hours, (about 3 times a day) thats high, but normal, and prescribed to cure a persistant and severe infection which is what I had. I was rendered completely disabled by this bladder pain, I considered my life over, as I was told there is no cure. The problem is. Doctors are becoming incresingly reluctant to prescribe antibiotics nowadays. But in the old days, they understood, (as Ive talked to older people, my moms age, baby boomers) that sometimes, infections require antibiotic treatment, for longer than a week or two. These days, if you cant cure an infection in 14 days, at the lowest possible dose, your screwed, and there is "no cure".


I cant tell you how many times Ive taken my daughter to the emergency room, with 103 degree fevers, throwing up, sick as a dog, and they made me walk out of there empty handed, and told she had a viral infection, therefore doesnt require antibitoics. I now use homeopathic remedies (for kids) and thats helping her now.

Interstitial cystitus, (in my case) required hardcore antibiotics to eradicate the infection.

I tried EVERY, I mean every natural remedy known to man to try to fix the problem, and they didnt even touch it. What kills me, as I had to fight my doctors, and tell them what was wrong with me, cuz they didnt care, and they just do things by the book. I kept saying"how could this not ba a UTI", and "How can there be no cure??" They just put me on one or two rounds of antibiotics for a few weeks and when BACTERIA DIDNT SHOW UP IN THE URINE TEST, and I was still complaining of extreme pain and frequency, they dianosed me with interstitial cystitus. It didnt even occur to them to try me on different antibiotics and maybe for longer or higher, I had to FIGHT for that, and I became such a pain in the ass, they just wanted me out of the office.

Replied by Kara

Amen sister! I agree with you on the bogus diagnosis. Coconut oil reduces yeast. I'm on the yeast diet and progesterone. No more docs screwing up my lady parts! :D

Replied by Sophie

Please make sure the coconut water and coconut oil is made from FRESH coconuts not dried coconut because dried coconuts have mycotoxins which will make you sicker! I believe interstitial cystitis is caused from fungal overgrowth, ureaplasma, food allergy or some other type of microscopic germ that goes undetected under the usual tests.

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Rs (San Francisco, Ca) on 06/30/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have been battling interstitial cystitis since February 2010 and have been on several rounds of Levaquin thinking it was a UTI. After reading this site I know its cystitis. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought ultra colloidal silver and took 2 tsp. yesterday right when I got home and 2 tsp. this morning on an empty stomach, as directed. As of this moment I have no urinary pain at all and no urgency to pee. This is a miracle. It worked fast and it took all the symptoms away in about 24 hours or less. I took my first dose yesterday at about 3:0pm and my second dose this morning before work at about 4:40am. Im pain free and peeing like a normal human being. I did get up last night about 3 times to pee but I expect tonight to be very different. I can feel a difference already. I will give another update in a week. Good luck ladies!! Give this a try if you are at your wits end like I was.

Replied by Hot Diva
(Lexington, Sc)
5 out of 5 stars

I have to agree. I suffer from IC as well and been dealing with it for 2 years now. I was just introduced to this site last week. After reading some of the rememdies on here, I decided to buy some Colloidal Silver and Cinnamon tabs. My symptoms tapered off in a matter of 2 days. BIG relief! Thanks to all!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Katie (Atlantic, Pa, Usa) on 06/28/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking a teaspoon of colloidal silver daily for 6 months and its been amazing for my IC along w/ a little baking soda now and then. I feel human again, no more peeing razor blades.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Trudy (Netherlands) on 10/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I tried everything for bladder disease. The regular doctor prescribed Nitrofurantoin... so bad.. it causes even bladder disease... so I became very very ill ONLY COLLOIDAL SILVERWATER was THE REMEDY( for E-coli). Bladder disease was gone. Afterwords I took DMannose...very pain anymore...also good for interstitial cystitis...really true. I have to tell this for the doctor did not know that Nitrofurantoin causes bladder disease. read: Natural Medicine Encyclopedia C.Norman Shealy.

Replied by Shaelyn
(San Diego, CA)

Hi There, you give the what type of Colloidal silverwater you took and where you purchased it? I found some CSV spray at the health food store, but I am not sure if it's the same. Also, how much did yo take and how often.

Colloidal Silver, Garlic

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Posted by Anne (USA) on 02/16/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal Silver

After 9 months of antibiotics and Doctors visits for interstitial cystitis and biofilms, I drank one quart of colloidal silver 10-15 ppm and ate 9-12 cloves of garlic which I chopped and swallowed each day. I spaced the silver and garlic out for three or four doses a day not exceeding a quart of colloidal silver a day. I was advised to use this protocol for three months. After one month, I am symptom free unless I start missing doses. I will complete the 3 months.

Online I found a video on how to make a colloidal silver generator cheaply using three 9 volt batteries, two .9999 silver wires, distilled water and two dual ended alligator clips. It costs me about .37 cents a guart to make a quart in 45 minutes using two 10 gage silver wires. I started out slow and increased my dose of garlic and silver until I was at the full dose.


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Posted by Mcc (Miami, Fl) on 10/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Organic Colostrum works well for IC. It is all natural but does take several months for the pain to subside completely. Iherb is the company that carries it and one bottle last for 30 days.

Cornsilk Tea

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Posted by Kaylap (Abbotsford, Bc) on 02/03/2018 5 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Cornsilk tea for IC

This tea, along with marshmallow tea, really helped! Several cups per day (at least 3). I would try and let it steep for as long as possible so that it is nice and potent. I forget as I have been IC free (and so have not used this tea) for about 3 years, but I believe my naturopath said to put very warm but NOT boiling water over the tea so that it does not over heat the tea and destroy the healing nutrients.

Cornsilk Tea
Posted by Sd (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 01/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with Interstitial Cystitis since I was four years old. My older sister had it to and went to countless doctors and physicians, who didn't help her at all. I also tried a number of things that never cured it. When I was about ten years old, a woman that we knew who was knowledgable about health suggested a few things for me. The biggest thing was CORNSILK tea. You can buy this in any health store, or you could make it yourself. They dry the silk from corn and then you brew it to make tea. I drank it for a few weeks and noticed a difference. I continued drinking it for years because it actually worked! I was cured! While I was a teenager, I occasionally had the problem and the cornsilk tea always fixed it. I'm writing this now because after about 8 years, the problem came back. I've been taking cornsilk tea again, and it's been helping. I'll probably drink it for a few months before I stop again.

SO...drink about 4-8 cups of cornsilk tea each day as well as plenty of water each day. Do NOT drink juices, sodas, coffee, or milk except very rarely and in very small doses. Let your liquids simply be cornsilk tea and water.

Eat lots of vegetables. Avoid sugars and any processed foods. Eat organically. Get lots of exercise and sleep.

Cornsilk Tea
Posted by Marie (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/04/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I actually used corn silk herb. I started taking 1/2 tsp twice daily for about a week, then decreased to 1/2 tsp once per day. The pain had stopped after the first day, that's why I only use it once per day for maintenance.

The corn silk that I purchased in the herb shop, I just further grind it in the vita mix. It lasts longer that way. I have also used the tea.


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Posted by Christine (Vista, Ca) on 01/22/2014
4 out of 5 stars

After suffering with urinary pain, I sought out the usual cures. The pain was alleviated by drinking 100% cranberry juice (not ones with sugar added), and eating watermelon and celery. I finally went to my gynecologist to find out if I had a urinary tract infection. She was on maternity leave, so a nurse practitioner saw me. She gave me the usual UTI prescription, but told me to start taking it BEFORE the tests results came back. I wasn't happy about this so I waited a while. Eventually, I took one dose of the prescription, when I got the call that my UTI test came back NEGATIVE for a UTI infection. I immediately stopped taking the anti-biotic.

I ran across a website that explained what I had was IC. A friend recommended D-Mannose, which is a supplement that comes in powder and capsule form. The recommended dosage is 1 level teaspoon 1 to 2 times daily. Add to a glass of water or unsweetened cranberry juice. (I only add it to water). This supplement has been a tremendous help in fighting the symptoms of IC. It is expensive, but worth it!

I carry the capsule form when traveling and when I know I will be unable to mix the powder with water. Sometimes, I take both in the same day - powder in water in a.m., then two capsules in p.m.

D-Mannose, Dietary Changes

Posted by Ally (Kenya) on 03/10/2014

Dear Ted and EC Community,

Pray you are well. I am 35 years old and since I was 14, I have suffered form chronic cystitis (i have never been diagnosed properly). I have had 9 cystoscopies and all doctors confirm that I have severe inflammation in my bladder wall. One doctor said my bladder lining has ‘holes' in it which makes the urine seep in to the surrounding tissue which causes me a lot of irritation and leaves me with the sensation of wanting to urinate all the time.

For the last 21 years, I have suffered immensely in all facets of my life and am extremely despondent. I have never felt any sense of relief!!! I have been taking D-mannose for the last 5 weeks but with minimal relief. I would sincerely appreciate all your guidance and help as I have lost all hope in conventional medicine.

My Symptoms:

1. Severe frequency and urgency – constant sensation to urinate. - While I don't have to ‘run' to the toilet, I constantly have an urge to urinate.

2. When I do urinate, the flow is poor and I have to ‘push' to get the urine out.

3. A visit to the toilet, takes me three voids before I feel some relief. Basically I could always go! . I never just urinate once and feel relief.

4. After urinating I feel a horrible sensation, like I have an infection

5. On average I urinate 20 times a day.

6. I have no pain but I experience discomfort and a sense of tightness in my pelvic area and lower back.

7. There are certain times in the day where the sense of urgency is exacerbated – in the afternoon between 3-5pm. I can urinate at least 10 times in an hour between those times.

8. When I experience a little bit of stress, (taking a flight, work deadlines) my bladder goes haywire and the symptoms are the same as symptom 6. This makes it very difficult for me to concentrate on anything and I quit my job last year as I cannot cope. This issue of stress makes me feel like I have no control. Please help me with this.

Effect of change of diet:

1. Have become vegetarian and a vegan in the last 2 weeks

2. The discomfort around the pelvic area and back has subsided, but not disappeared

3. Feel much more relaxed

4. The severe symptoms that I experiences in the afternoon are now less (2-3 times a week, as opposed to 6 times a week).

5. While a typical visit to the washroom needs 3 voids with lots of ‘pushing' I don't push as much.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Ally,

I am so sorry you have suffered with this condition for so long. It seems encouraging that you have noticed some improvement with a new diet. Perhaps over time that will continue to be helpful.

Here are some things I would try...

If you drink coffee, I would avoid it for a time to see if that helps. It is pretty acidic and hard on the system.

There are a number of bladder/kidney herbal formulas available. They usually have cornsilk, uva ursi, and marshmallow root in them. All of these things should be helpful. Dr. Shultz and Dr. Christopher both make one that people seem to find helpful for bladder issues.

I would also try a tea of equal parts of comfrey leaf and plantain leaf. You can add some peppermint leaf for flavor if you like. Plantain is good for inflammation and for bladder issues (and lots of other things.) Comfrey is soothing and helps cells regenerate. I would mix the dry leaves and put 3 Tablespoons in a quart jar or pot. Add boiling water (to make 3.5-4 cups) Let sit for 15 minutes. Strain out the leaves. Sweeten if you like, with honey or stevia. Try to drink a quart a day for a couple of weeks.

I do hope you find complete relief soon. Please keep us posted on your progress!

~Mama to Many~

Please keep us posted on your progress!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Ally,

Go to Number 4 in your symptoms: Feels like you have an infection or words to that effect. I'm always suspecting viral issues as causation. You suspect it yourself.

If me, I'd at least try Colloidal Silver for a few weeks. Two tablespoons twice a day for two weeks.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Try Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide tablets as a treatment.

Replied by Mike62

Ally: I too suffered for many years from a variety of diseases because I did not eat right. I would like to assist you with the food portion. I have done a lot of studying and experimenting with various food programs. I am 95% raw vegan. Organic or sustainable grown traditionally has important nutrients not in conventional. Raw has enzymes. Most of the nutrients are in the peel. The nutrients in vegetables are locked up in cellulose. This is why they are cooked or juiced. The best veggie is baby leaves. You can make green smoothies from them with a blender. Next is mature leaves. The best fruit is berries. For more calories you can add some organic whole cane sugar. A less expensive way is to make live ferments from organic whole flours. Many rural people are familiar with this. I make a gallon a day from 300g organic whole flours. Flour has more protein than fruits and veggies. Keep fat below 5%/g. Take 1/2 saturated and 1/2 unsaturated. Get some omega 3s from plants. The 80/10/10ers soak nuts and seeds before eating them for oil and protein. Home made sprouts have 6 times the enzymes as soaked.

Replied by Cindy

To mike from Denver I was wondering how you make a fermented product from organic flour? could you give us the recipe? Thanks. I am learning how to ferment things. A lot of trial and error so far. Thanks

Replied by Mike62

Cindy: Dormant kefir grains cost $10 shipped at Amazon. Put them in 1 pint drinking water, 35g organic whole flour or 30g organic whole sugar, and let brew at room temp away from direct sunlight for approximately 4 days. 80 degrees is ideal. Sites say that kefir is delicate. The opposite is true. They are very hardy. They have been alive for longer than marine phyto plankton. I have fermented them from 50 to 100 degrees. The farther away from 80 the slower the brew. Periodically taste the water. The taste goes from water, to slightly sour, to sour, to vinegary. When sour they are fully awake. They do not like metal like spoons or strainers. Most people make theirs from sugar. Sugar costs more and does not have any protein or fiber. Some of the microbes end up in the water so they repopulate the digestive tract. The dosage is 60g sugar or 75g flour per quart drinking water. The flour is more because it has protein and fiber. Over many decades of experimentation by many people the right dose for carbs is 6%. 1 quart has 1000g water so 6% would be 60g carbs. I consider kefir to be the best remedy. The microbes change food that has more protons than electrons to fertilizer that has more electrons than protons. There is a lot more energy from 1 quart of kefir than in 75g of flour. The microbes change matter into energy. After making the 1 pint you can increase the dosage for the following batches.

Replied by Lynn

Ally--have you looked into Pelvic Floor Disorder (PFD)? Having to push out your urine and having urine retention are symptoms of PFD as well as pelvic tightness and back pain. Also, when nervous or anxious, symptoms get worse because you subconsciously tighten the pelvic floor.

Replied by Eleena

Try stem cell therapy. Its costly, around $7900 here in California.

Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Cheryl (Missouri ) on 04/19/2019
5 out of 5 stars

After trying several remedies and acupuncture that would temporarily relieve the pain but would not prevent flare ups, I finally found one that worked. I haven't had a flare up in 5 months! First thing when I wake up in the morning, I dissolve 2 tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth in 1/2 cup of water. I will drink coffee but won't eat breakfast until 2-3 hours later. This allows the DE to sit in my bladder and absorb any inflammation.

This was a game changer for me! When I first started taking DE, I was in the middle of a bad flare up. It took a week to fully subside the inflammation but I could tell it was working. I take DE every morning. If I start to slack off, I begin to feel tingles in my bladder.

Don't miss a dose.

Replied by Jamielynn

I know this an old post from 2019, but I just want to know how you know the DE makes it to the bladder? I've read that it cannot be absorbed into bloodstream....

Diet, Turmeric, Exercise

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Posted by Julie (Pa) on 07/23/2015

I am so glad someone mentioned stress as a huge underlying reason for IC. I have been dealing with IC for about 2 years. Oddly enough it began with a horrible episode of kidney stones and 1 Lithotripsy treatment. (not sure if that started my IC??) However, my flare ups definitely come when I am super stressed. Usually work related. I have read all of the websites I could about treatments for IC....but I don't believe one remedy will work for all....because IC can be caused by a variety of things. Including infections, stress, high acidity. The problem is finding the right fix can take lots of money and bathroom visits. Also, I also noticed that drinking water (tap from a well) can be very high in stay with the better brands of bottled water. I believe managing my stress a bit better and watching what I eat and drink; although may not be a cure...but will definitely help in dealing with flare ups.

Diet, Turmeric, Exercise
Posted by Mary (Oakville, On, Ca) on 11/13/2012
4 out of 5 stars

I am so thankful I found this site. I thought I was going insane with all the negative tests and fine kidneys from the hospital... Until one smart doctor, tonight, told me I most likely have IC. I couldn't have more similar symptoms. I have had 5 years of recurrent UTIS and am 20 years old. It is, indeed, an awfully painful disease...

However, diet and tumeric are crucial to this matter. I'm surprised, however, a lot of you are disabled, yes, but, we all are well aware that exercise couldn't be more important. In order to strengthen the linings, we must strengthen the muscles... So, do your best! I find leg lifts reduce my pains, as well as running, more than any other exercise... Simply because running is generally beneficial cardio and leg lifts target the pelvic muscles.

I also did some research based on my past experiences and cranberry juice can very well make IC matters worsen, as well as D-Mannose. D-Mannose and cranberry juice are for milder urinary tract issues, but for severe matters, they can cause severe damage. If the case is severe, D-Mannose is known to stick to the bacterias, yes, but it can stick to the walls of our organs, obstructing practically every option of ridding/treating IC. Regardless, stay away from acidic and fatty foods, equally.

As for the flares, I have it right now as I'm typing, but walking truly does help, as working out reproduces healthy cells and bacteria. ALSO... VERY IMPORTANT. If you have a lot of stress, be sure to see the doctor. Anxiety is a major cause of my increased symptom pains, and if you are unaware of your psychology stability, it could very well be the underlying reason for your IC and many other illnesses. If you meditate with faith that your body is healing, then it will do just that, and the pain will reduce immediately. I have severe anxiety, so it'll work on anyone if you try and do it right. Just breathe and do your best to keep the symptoms down... Never stop researching... never stop believing and always remember it could be much, much worse! Much love and best regards to you all.

Dietary Change, Probiotics

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Posted by Lea (Ca) on 03/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Healing my painful bladder problems:

For years I suffered with over-active bladder and later Interstitial Cystitis. Major OUCH! I couldn't eat many foods, such as tomatoes or citrus, without it irritating my bladder. I would be up all night, needing to urinate every half hour. The symptoms were much like a bad UTI, of which I had many.

The doctors were of no help, often prescribing antibiotics, ever though the UTI causing bacteria was no longer found in my urine. The symptoms would come and go. Some weeks I would be fine, then the pain would mysteriously start up again. As the years went on, I soon discovered a pattern. Eating too much sugar, or taking antibiotics would bring on a serious flare. Yeah, I'm a slow learner.

After a UTI and being on antibiotics, I would be fine for about a week, and then the painful IC symptoms would return with a vengeance.

Then, while on this very site, Earth Clinic, I ran across a post describing exactly what was happening to me.

The antibiotics I had been taking had killed off the good bacteria in my bladder and had also given me a horrid sinus problem. I had read somewhere that the two issues usually go hand in hand, but I had never connected the dots.

I discovered I had Candida, an over abundance of bad yeast. The sugar I ate had been feeding the bad bacteria. So, this made sense. The yeast had created little holes in my bladder lining, causing certain foods to irritate it. This also made sense.

The cure, for me, was cutting way back on sugar, staying on a good diet, drinking lots of water and taking GOOD Probiotics. Lots of GOOD Probiotics! That was the real answer, but it wasn't cheap. I didn't care at this point and just bought them.

The good bacteria in the Probiotics soon over took the bad bacteria and healed the little holes in my bladder.

For 2 weeks, I would take one pill with every meal. Soon my sore bladder issues were gone and so far have not come back. It's been two months now. Fingers crossed.
I can now eat anything without a problem. No more getting up all night, going to the bathroom. I still have a slight sinus problem, but it's getting better. I am no longer getting UTI's, so am able to avoid antibiotics. I still take daily maintenance Probiotics and can now tolerate Cranberry pills, which keeps the UTI's away.

Why oh why could any doctor not have told me this years ago? All they would say is "Stay away from the foods that hurt your bladder." They could not direct me to the root of the problem.

I have read that there are thousands of women who have over active bladders and now believe that in many cases Candida is the problem.

I hope me taking the time to write this helps at least one sufferer.

I can now enjoy life again. Hugs to you all.

Replied by JEAN
(Ajax ontario)

What kind of probiotics do you take? I would love to not get up to pee at night.

Replied by Lily%u2019s mom

Thank you for sharing this! I suffer the same way. I take probiotics every day, but will add another one🤗

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