Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment

Wheatgrass Powder

Posted by TAN KOON PENG (SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE) on 06/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Wheatgrass Powder for IBS! John suffers from irritable bowel syndrome , and sometimes he get shocking stomach cramps and diarrheah. After years of suffering, he have finally found something that works. Buy some wheatgrass powder from the health food store and mix up a double or triple dose of it with water and drink, followed by a glass of plain water. The taste may be awful, but the instant relief makes it soooo worth it!!!!!!

Replied by Kendra
Trenton, Georgia


i too have suffered IBS all related to my anxiety! I have anemia too & to make a long story short, was in and out of the hospital because it got so bad that I couldn't even keep an apetite! I got down to 70 pounds! I was diagnosed with anorexia from being unable to eat for so long.

Dr put me through surgery immediately for endometriosis. Then put me on Donnatal for the IBS & ive been on donnatal for about 7-9 months now & I am a totally new person. I started an entire life for once! Im only 20 & started getting ill at 16! So until this year, I was unable to live a 20 yr old's life. I was stuck at home for all those yrs. Until now. I was miserable & I truly wanted nothing more than to die.

so, the donnatal was a miracle drug for me. I hated the idea of having to take pills. It literally repulsed me, but after taking them, the benefits outweighed the risks by a long shot. I can actually live! I was able to enroll in an amazing college for writer's that I was accepted into and have been doing assignments (home & online) for the past 9 months! It's amazing. I nearly cry just thinking about how much ive changed.

I hear my B/F & fam say I'm a totally diff. Person and happy all the time!

So, I've had maybe 7 flare ups since taking donnatal & all the flare ups started when my sis moved in & it was just a serious load of overwhelming stress & I started having those flare-ups. I eventually had to distance myself from these fam members and havent had probs since! I notice flare ups though, when I've been around them & theyve gotten me upset though.

I hate to write such a long comment, but I Wanted to say that I just started wheatgrass & I'm really thinking this stuff has got to be amazing!

I take it in pill form. The juice tastes awful. I get mine from A. M. ORGANICS online. SEARCH THEM! Look them up, and try them! I would'nt buy from any other so far. Also, you get such great deals! You can always get a little extra than what you purchase & that makes it much more pleasing!