Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment


Posted by Jan (Netherlands (Nederland)) on 11/18/2014
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Beta Glucan for IBS.

I found a huge relief with 3 x 400 mg Beta Glucan daily. Allready used psylium ( always let it soak in water for at least an hour or it will dehydrate your bowels ) and FOS. Ofcourse this was helpfull with the constipation. But the addition of the Beta Glucan took the pain in the bowels away.

For more info go to "" look for the pdf. Beta Glucan and you will find a reference for a given patent to the connection IBS and Beta Glucan.

-- "Another PCT patent was issued in 1992 WO94 04,136 for irritable bowel syndrome, including diarrhea and constipation in humans. This shows that many companies around the world realize the value of beta glucan in many health conditions and are busy trying to
patent their particular product. Every year you will see more and more such patents." --

It helped me .. hope it will help you to.


Posted by Stacy Mills (Monticello, Arkansas) on 02/25/2009
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I have irritable bowel with diarrhea. After my last colonoscopy, no prescription or OTC meds would help. I started taking 5,000 mcg of biotin every day and got relief. Sometimes I do get diarrhea, but it doesn't last long. This even helps the spasms and cramping.

Replied by Cindy

Are you still taking Biotin now?


Posted by Momsmom (Dallas, Tx) on 08/20/2013
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Having ibs-d can really be a battle. Blackberry liquid stops diarrhea pretty fast, like 2 days. I don't battle with ibs-d anymore as it really works. I haven't been losing weight anymore because of diarrhea, and my hubby uses it too. Who'd guess sucha simple solution...

Posted by Happy Mom (Fort Worth, Tx, Usa) on 05/01/2013
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I think my last post didn't make it! If this is redundant- my apologies. I fought with e-coli, and started losing 1/2 a lb a day. I took pro-biotics, anti-biotics, nothing helping. I take D____, a blackberry liquid. I can only find it on Amazon, and a few nutrition stores in Dallas, TX. It totally helped. I suffer from IBS, as well, and I take the it about 2-3 x a week. It lets me live normally!!!

Blackstrap Molasses

Posted by Kathy (Bowling Green, Ohio, USA) on 09/07/2009
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Black Strap Molasses cured my IBS. I have suffered with alternating constipation and diarrhea for ten years. In the last few years mostly diarrhea at least once everyday. I started taking BSM for my anemia after reading your website and was pleasantly surprised to find that it also cured my IBS. And it got rid of any PMS issues. I have no pre-menstrual symptoms at all. Mine was never terrible, but what little I had was gone. I was so excited that I shared this info. with my sister who has the same issues as me with the IBS and she has worse PMS...and she was thrilled with the results! Wow! I take 1 tbls. each night before bed. I use the sulphured molasses...tastes nasty to me, but it's worth it!

Bone Broth

Posted by Jerri (Wisconsin) on 10/31/2016
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I want to heal my ibs-d, so I made a nice bone broth from my neighbor's extra roosters. I've been watching the birds daily for 7 months now, since they were a chick, so I know they ran around the yard chasing/eating bugs and didn't get bad food, etc. So, now I have such bad diarrhea, so much worse than before. I've read about die off, but it's been awhile already. How long do I persist taking it (nothing else, a bone broth fast for over 2 weeks now). If gelatin is the part that fixes the gut, then why not take gelatin that I buy instead of this?

Bottled Water

Posted by denise (naples fl, usa) on 06/25/2007
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I have had severe IBS for 6 years. Before that time I could eat anything, never a stomach problem and my health was excellent. Since then I have tried every diet there is with the results that if I eliminated anything acid including citric acid which is in a lot of drinks and foods I could get by but I was still severely affected by IBS. Just one week ago I decided to try only drinking bottled water because I suspected my tap water even though we have a filtration system. I have not felt this good in 6 years. I am able to eat things (chocolate) that I haven't eaten in years. I have not been able to eat any fruits, any juices, most vegetables, in the last 6 years. I have not started to put all of them back in my diet yet as I am taking things slowly but this has been a HUGE improvement. The water I have been drinking is from a natural spring but nothing expensive (64 cents a gallon). Drinking bottled water has also improved my husbands health as he has had a skin irritation for several years that doctors could not diagnose. We both thinks it's the chlorine in the water system. By the way it isn't just the water in Florida causing the problem because we both had our health problems begin in Delaware where we also had a water filter on the tap.

Replied by Msanna
New Orleans, LA

Re: Irritabe Bowel Syndrome and Water Filters. Not all filters are created equal I have a gravity filter based on Black Berkey filters. Has done wonders for over all health along with water cure. Berkey removed flouride as well if you use the secondary PF2 filter. Most common filters do not remove flouride. There is one on TV right now being heavily advertised and it only claims to remove one thing from water. I assure you there are many many more things in water. Do your research. Google black berkey comparison. Flouride shuts down the thyroid.


Posted by Cindy Bells (Ca, United States) on 05/16/2013
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I want to say how grateful I am to find this site and the buttermilk suggestion cure for my IBS - D. I'm absolutely amazed, I have suffered severely for at least 15 years with absolutely no other helpful treatments or cures at all until now and within one day Yes only one day and I'm cured. I couldn't eat or drink anything without having to run to bathroom and I alway felt like I was starving even nauseous feeling even during and directly after eating. Organic buttermilk was suggested but I could only find CULTURED or regular buttermilk so I chose the cultured at my local grocery store in milk section [ just FYI info for other desperate people ] to someone else that may not have acsess to healthfood stores and it was very inexpensive aswell... Cultured Buttermilk worked a miracle for me. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps other aswell. Cindy

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

I totally agree, when my allergies were just starting to be relieved I started eating bran buttermilk muffins with apples, nuts, wheat grem, flax seed, sesame seeds, whole wheat mixed with 1/2 unbleached flour, the neighbor kids would visit and eat up all my muffins. Sometimes I used half oat bran with my wheat bran. I like to pour them into the muffin papers with a large ice cream scoop, less mess. Buttermilk pancakes are good too with cooked apples and cinnamon on top with a dash of powdered sugar. They also help clean the pipes while they rejuvenate the intestines.

Replied by Trudyg

The buttermilk has live probiotics, that's why it helps. I would never say I'm cured because it does come back--eat the wrong thing or stress and I've got a flare that can last a year. I've been making and drinking my own kefir which has been a fantastic help, so if you can't get good buttermilk you can try kefir. I haven't taken supplements for my insomnia the last 3 day, took ambien b/c too much going on & had to sleep. Plan tonight to take l-glutamine + 5-htp+ taurine + vit e. Any thoughts? It's morning now & I can change it if you have any ideas. Thanks.

Posted by CheeMiss (Toronto, Ont) on 05/26/2009
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I know that this might sound to simple, but please try CERTIFIED ORGANIC BUTTERMILK.

I have been in such IBS intestinal pain, gas, bloating, burping, D etc., ....all this came about after I finished an IBS study for meds (4mths), incl CBT (cognitive behavior therapy.) The meds gave me nasty side effects and the CBT although nice, but also not effective. You have no idea all the natural things & meds that I have tried all these years. Nothing worked.

Our local health food store recently started to carry the NEW and ONLY one out there...Certified Organic Buttermilk. I could not find this before. The conventional buttermilk just did not help me as it did prior to the late 60's. I grabbed the last 3 liter cartons and drank 1 liter that day and started on the others first thing on an empty stomach in the mornings. By the afternoon of the 2nd day....everything started to subside drastically. After the 3rd liter (3rd day), I could not believe that all my IBS attacks symptoms had vanished. All these years of suffering with next to no remission time.

I ordered 4 more liters and drank 1 liter per day. It has now been 2 weeks and I am IBS free. My D stopped on the 2nd day, along with the intense cramping. My tummy has greatly reduced in size and I am not gassy, burpy or acid reflux, and my D is gone.

I have been eating all my trigger foods with no problem. If I feel a twinge coming on, I merely pour a very large glass of this amazing thick, rich buttermilk and drink it all in one shot. Do not sip at it. It seems to work best when you drink it all at once.

I can't seem to get enough of it. My body is craving it like nothing I have experience before. I advance ordered another 4 liters. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CERTIFIED ORGANIC BUTTERMILK AND THE CONVENTIONAL ONE.

Research the ingredients for yourselves and you will see. This type of buttermilk is like the product my mom use to give me when was a kid to settle down my IBS. Nothing has worked like this since until now. Check out Harmony dairy in Ontario. They seem to be the only ones supplying it so far. (btw: the ACV almost killed me and although I have been using coconut oil for the past 2 yrs., it too has not settled down my IBS.) I hope this remedy helps someone as much as it has helped me.

Replied by Jeff
Portsmouth, Ohio

You don't really have to drink a whole liter every day do you?

Replied by Tonya
Atlanta, Ga
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No. You do not. I began by drinking one swallow before each meal ...then two days later I increased to two swallows before each meal. I'm two weeks into it and it has worked wonders for my tummy!!! I now drink 1/4 cup a couple times a day because it helps so much. Literally, it's been life saving. I have IBS-C and it has made all the difference in the world.

Catnip, Chamomile, Basil and Yogurt

Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 04/05/2010
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Chamomile, Catnip, Basil and Yogurt help IBS

I have always had stomach/intestinal issues. Pain, gas, bloating. Probably celiac or somthing like it. For a while I drank too much coffee and at times took asprin with it. This gave me a lot of energy, but aterward my lower legs would swell a little and ache when I lay down to sleep. Aspirin always helped the pain. But it was probably eroding my stomach and such. After doing Slimfast for a year or two (which I really liked) I quit when whatever I ate seemed to just sit there. It was the kind that was supposed to curb hunger. After that quitting the Slimfast and artificial sweetner Splenda, depending on what I ate I would feel very depressed (was on Zoloft and Risperidone for two years about 2 years prior), lethargic, be absentminded, have no appetite (I'd have happily eaten nothing ever again), and at times feel absolutely great. I couldn't tell what was going on, but I figured it had to be food related. And that my digestive system was having problems. After a lot of experimentation I've come up with the following:

Make a tea of 1 tablespoon each of Catnip, Chamomile, and Basil. Cover it and let it steep about 10 minutes. While it's steeping or cooling eat a cup or so of plain (not low fat or anything) yogurt. When the tea is cool enough, drink it.

Horse Chestnut is supposed to be good for leg veins. No doubt it's good for the veins all over. I took some finally and within maybe 5 or 10 minutes my normally cold feet and legs felt nice and warm. I was amazed. After a few days I concluded that eating yogurt with/after the supplement is what caused the warm feeling. One day I took the supplement and had no yogurt. The warm feeling didn't happen. After eating the yogurt some time later, I was surprised to feel my feet and legs get warm. If the IBS is from an issue with the structural integrity of the intestine, the Horse Chestnut with yogurt and tea may be helpful.

I can't drink coffee or tea, or eat chocolate anymore, as this caused the pain in my legs to return. Also a burning sensation when urinating. Bicarbinates help the burning. Probably the leg pain too. Haven't tested that. For a while I was drinking vegetable juice of bok choy, parsley, and fennel. So the oxolates may be a contributing factor...

Chromium Picolinate

Posted by Rajat (New Delhi, India ) on 09/13/2018
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I have had ibs d from last 2 yrs. After so many treatments, I found chromium picolinate helps a lot. My symptoms gone.

Posted by Bill (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 10/05/2011
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Chromium Picolinate has improved my digestion by 90%. I take 200 mcg 15-30 minutes before every meal. The results have been miraculous. And I was one of those people who tried all the typical cures, probiotics, fiber, etc with no success and I was getting frustrated. But the chromium picolinate has saved my digestion. My bowel movements are like the ones I had in high school!

I also found it helps for frequent urination but I made a different post for that. I hope this helps somebody!

Replied by Kimma
Prescott, Az
5 out of 5 stars

I second that! I recently started taking Chromium Picolinate to help with blood sugar regulation. Right away I noticed my digestion and subsequent bowel movements improved significantly. Wish I would have known this a long time ago.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Carol (Central, Ma) on 09/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

After I saw the recommendations on this site, I started mixing coconut oil into smoothies, adding to butter on toast etc and within hours of the first time I used it my stomach stopped hurting and making that percolating sound for the first time in over a year. I take a little bit now whenever my stomach seems out of sorts (I can even eat a bit of chocolate which is an IBS trigger for me if I have some coconut oil afterwards) and the chronic discomfort is gone.

Posted by Elaine (Nashville, Tennessee) on 01/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut oil has significantly reduced my IBS symptoms. As long as I take four pills each day I don't have symptoms. I also have long nails for the first time in my life and my hair is thicker too. I suspect coconut oil helps IBS sufferers that have had their gall bladder removed.... just a personal hunch.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Why don't you take just a spoon full of oil? Is there any benefit by taking the capsules?

Posted by Pat (Noblesville, Indiana) on 01/07/2007
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coconut oil soft gel capsules. It has been great for my IBS. as I lived with diarrhea, taking 3 pills a day has made a huge difference.