Grover's Disease: Natural Remedies for Relief

Eliminating Sulfites
Posted by Bob (Chapel Hill, Nc) on 01/24/2013

You might add a category for Sulfites, which may be a cause. I have had Grovers for 20 years or more. And drank wine and scotch for longer. Two years ago, I stopped drinking all alcohol beverages. I have been free from the itching and pain ever since then.

Eliminating Sulfites
Posted by Tom (Apex, Nc) on 03/18/2013

Hey man, still clear?? I have been suspecting bourbon and am eaten up with the rash now. Nothing has helped from the derm or the web. GO STATE!! Tom

Eliminating Sulfites
Posted by Tim (Ellitcott City, Md) on 05/25/2015

Bob - thank you, thank you, thank you!!! After 20 years of Grover's every winter it's finally gone! As soon as I read you post about wine and scotch the light bulb went off - RED WINE! After years of trying colon cleanses, vitamins, probiotics and elimination diets I realized never cut out the wine - duh. I made the mistake of lumping all alcohol into one category - "I never had a problem with the tons of beer I drank in college". So for me, it is not the sulfites, I verified this by drinking white wine for weeks now. Lesson learned for the rest of you - WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU EAT OR DRINK! I thought I could just muse it over in my head and get it all. I also wouldn't rule out locations you spend a lot of time in (maybe its mold in walls or something).

Thanks again Bob.

Eliminating Sulfites
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 03/31/2018

Hi Chante,

Please look under the “Grover's Disease” section here on Earth Clinic (just click on the title of your message) and you will see people who say that eating cilantro cures Grover's Disease. If you can get some cilantro, try eating a handful for a week, and see if it doesn't help you. Best wishes!

Baby Shampoo, Calamine and Pramoxine Spray
Posted by Jennifer (Savannah GA) on 04/12/2023

I am 53 years old and had Grover's Disease for years on my rib cage that came and went. I thought it was a fungal infection. I treated it for 4 months with OTC antifungals and it only got worse. I tried A&D cream, washes for eczema, steroid creams. Anything I put on it made it angrier. It itched and burned so bad. I went to the Dermatologist who treated me for 2 weeks with oral antifungal medication-got worse. Then she treated me with antibiotics and topical antibiotic creams-got worse. So she did a biopsy (the sutures burned and itched unbearably but I could not remove them. Biopsy came back as Grover's disease.

I found that just washing the area with baby shampoo and leaving it alone helped the most. I had been doing fine and decided to go into a tannining bed. I got a little pink on my upper back. A few days later, I tried to go to bed and I began to itch unbearably on my back. I thought it was my sunburn healing because there were no bumps. I tried cortisone cream and took an antihistamine. It settled a little but I could not lay on my back or wear a shirt. The next day my back was covered in the notorious bumps. As a last hope, I bought a calamine and pramoxine spray. It burned at first but helped tremendously probably because it soaks up moisture in the skin.

Trying cilantro in my smoothies now.

Baby Shampoo, Calamine and Pramoxine Spray
Posted by TURBO 63 (PORT HURON) on 08/08/2023

Try a product called Willow Balm, use the pain relief version. It stops the itch dead for 8 to 12 hrs, works like a charm for me. Note you can buy it on amazon. It really is a life savor.

Posted by Debi H. (Us) on 02/15/2023

I have been suffering from Grover's and get no relief and basically no help from doctors. They say no cure and nothing seems to ease the itching.

Yesterday I went to a homeopathic doctor She made up a spray for me. I'm no longer itching in less than 24 hours. I'll continue with it until my skin looks all clear. It's like a miracle. Find a homeopath near you and go. Insurance does not cover but it's well worth the miracle

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by M (NY) on 05/23/2022

The same thing happened to me! I've had Grover's since I was 23. I'm now 66. I keep it at bay by not eating Wheat, Eggs, and red meat. When I had the J&J shot, 7 days later my skin erupted with lumps and Grover's in a big way. 7 months later, I'm still fighting it. It wasn't like a regular break out as this time it went all over my body. I talked to 4 doctors, and am on a million supplements, which are helping. One doctor talked to me about going on Accutane. I found a Vitamin A supplement that is made by doctors that tries to mimic Accutane (which is a vitamin A based creation. Starting that tomorrow. Grover's is hell.

Chlorella, Supplements, Water, Turmeric +
Posted by Jeannette (Colorado) on 02/24/2022

Wondering about references to fungus in relation to Grover's disease which would benefit from anti-fungal herbs? Also Apple Cider Vinegar which helps reduce candida and yeast.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Sp (Wb, NJ) on 01/16/2022 32 posts

Hi Audrey,

Did the cream the dermatologist gave you have steroids in it? If this is the case, you may be having a reaction to the cortico steroids. Please do not use prednisone or anything with cortico steroids in it. Do a search for ITSAN or Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome. The itsan dot org website has info on this. Cortico steroids ruined my health, and life.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Rita (California ) on 06/10/2021

Hi Jeannette,

Thank you so much for kind your healing information, and recommendations. We are grateful for all of your help, and will be buying Nigella Oil today!

The thing that is so mind boggling about my husband's skin body rash is the fact that he his so “incredibly” healthy.

All blood work is, and always has been EXCELLENT. Same with thyroid, cholesterol, and prostate.

He takes zero (0) prescriptions, and never has, except on a “rare” occasion, and for only short term use.

He has always been an athlete, and presently a golfer. He gets plenty of sunshine (Vit D) by “WALKING” a 18 hole golf course 3 x week, yep, no golf cart. We live on 3 acres, so again, always outdoors, and moving his body.

He is well hydrated

A very positive person

A very Calm-minded person

He is very HAPPY

He eats a WFPB diet (I am a whole food plant based certified health coach). No processed foods, very low, sugar, salt, and oil intake. Minimal wine on occasion, but presently none.

His Dad will be 100 years old in a few months, he is also in excellent health, and has a very sharp mind still. His mom passed at 95 yrs., but extremely healthy til the end - Longevity and good health runs deep in his bloodline.

This awful, body rash just showed up on our doorstep one day, practically overnight. And it appeared AFTER he was given the Pfizer Vaccination. Even though it was a delayed reaction, there are reports of delayed reaction, after receiving the Pitzer Vaccine. And we are both trying really hard to not go there, and that it was possibly the Pfizer Vaccine that ignited this body rash. Especially not ever having, skin rash issues, never!

His stress level is low, and we are happily married (32 years). Both of us are so blessed, and grateful for all that we have, our life, and especially our family.

Again, I appreciate your recommendations, Nigella Oil/book, CBD oil, and I'll keep you posted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Rita (California) on 06/15/2021

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for posting, and sharing your story, regarding your personal experience with Grover's Disease diagnosis, as well as the possibility that Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine, may have caused your Full Body Rash.

Here is an update as of 6/15/21:

My husband has now seen a second dermatologist, and a very good one. She was quite taken aback by the FULL BODY RASH on my husband's body, that she immediately left the patient's room, to bring in a parade of other doctors for a second opinion. The other doctors confirmed it was "not" Grovers Disease, per their personal observation, and they were very matter of fact. She, and the other doctors suggested a second biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, since the first biopsy was sent to a local lab in our town. She preferred a biopsy test from UCSF Lab (California), one of the best in our state/country. The results came back, and it is "not" GD. However, it was very similar to the first biopsy, which is good, that both biopsy tests, were aligned. Just to be clear, the first dermatologist who diagnosed GD, was by observation only. But now, we have both both biopsy tests results, which have been confirmed otherwise.

At the end of our appt., w/the doctor, I asked if she has seen any other patients with a full body rash like this, after taking the Covid-19 Vaccine? She replied, she has seen several patients, since the Covid-19 Vaccine, but only with smaller arm rashes, and nothing like this.

My husband's biopsy report is as follows: Spongiotic dermatitis, and is not fungal. Spongiotic dermatitis, includes Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Drug Eruption, Arthropod, Bite Reaction, and Autoimmune Vesiculobullous Disease (such as Bullous Pemphigoid).

The only two possibilities on this list, is "Allergic Contact Dermatitis" and "Drug Eruption". We don't believe the others relate, due to the description of the rash. Although we haven't a clue what my husband may have come in contact with topically, that could have caused his full body rash per Contact dermatitis. As, he is pretty much, a "creature of habit". Just to be safe, we have changed laundry soap, body soap, shampoos, and even bought new quality sheets. And also washed all of his clothing. His body products are the same that he has always used, and has never had a reaction to any. Which he keeps very simple.

As far as the "Drug Eruption" diagnosis - it does seem to point to the Pfizer Vaccination. As my husband does not take any prescriptions, and only an occasional Aleve, with no side effect ever! Also, after doing my own research, it appears vaccines, and drugs can cause a "Severe Rash". I suggest checking the list of ingredients of Pfizer Vaccine, as we did, which is provided by CDC online.

Also, I want to add one other body contact w/heat, that I neglected to mention in a previous thread, which is an "Electric Blanket". The blanket is turned on, only to pre-heat the bed, prior to bedtime (approx., 20 min before), and is turned off, before actually getting into bed. However, the blanket is still electrically plugged in while sleeping.

Elizabeth, I see you used a heating pad, which triggered my memory of the electric blanket.

The two prescriptions given, to help with his body rash are both Topical Ointments; Clobetasol Propionate, and Triamcinolone.

Of course, my husband is using these meds, out of "pure desperation". As I mentioned before, he never takes prescriptions, so this was a difficult decision for him. The Clobetasol, was to be applied for 2-3 days only. (As it only comes in a small tube, and can not be prescribed again for 30 days, in order for insurance to cover). The 1st medication seemed to be clearing the rash, but when he ran out of it, and then begin using Triamcinolone (per doctors instruction), new bumps appeared, and the rash started spreading. One week later, after seeing this, she gave him a cortisone shot, and instructed continue use of the 2nd medication, until the next follow up appt., which is next week.

Elizabeth, I too wish there was a way to create a safe place for others who may be experiencing the same rash/side effect, and may suspect Covid-19 Vaccination. Earth Clinic is an excellent site for starters, and hopefully others will find this site helpful to share their own story.

Please, anyone experiencing a similar situation, or side effects of a Full Body Rash, after receiving the Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccination, we hope you'll share your story here.

Thank you,


FYI: Here's a website per our doctor- Assistance, for anyone having side effects from Vaccine, contact, VSafe.

Also, after reporting our health situation/side effects to the CDC, here is their response to my letter, and link for assistance, Please see other links below.

Dear Ms F-----,

Thank you for contacting CDC. We are sorry about the symptoms you experienced after the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Hypersensitivity reactions such as rash have been reported following administration of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine outside of clinical trials (see Commonly reported side effects after COVID vaccine include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, nausea, and injection site pain, redness, and swelling (see

We recommend that you follow-up with your healthcare provider. As policy, CDC does not offer clinical guidance for a specific patient, and recommends questions and decisions regarding the clinical care and management of a patient be discussed with the patient's healthcare provider. Such patient management requires familiarity with a patient's medical history, the ability to physically examine the patient, as well as clinical laboratory testing to obtain a fuller picture of the patient's clinical situation. These factors are beyond CDC's ability to provide, and for those reasons, we recommend you discuss your concerns with your son's healthcare provider.

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to report your symptoms after vaccination to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) or ask your healthcare provider to report it. Reports to VAERS are important to help CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) detect new or unusual adverse events or patterns that could indicate a problem with vaccines. Instructions for reporting are available at


CDC Immunization Safety Office staff

Atlanta, GA

Posted by Karly (New Zealand) on 07/13/2020

Cold Showers or Ice Packs or Ice Rollers for skin work really well for Grover's Disease.

If you sweat and don't have a shower straightaway you will feel a slight crawling stingy feeling on the skin, this is a warning sign that your skin is going to break out.

I've found that you can exercise and get hot and sweat as much as you want but you must not let the sweat dry on your skin, wash it off as soon as you can.

Posted by Bob C (Savannah, Ga) on 03/27/2018

Grover's Disease OTC Itching control that works for me:

I just found this site a few hours ago and wanted to pass on what is working for me. I haven't read all the posts but I am thankful that this site exists and you all post to try and help each other.

Although I have had intense itching for over 4 months, I only received the results of a biopsy confirming Grovers about a month ago. My dermatologist recommended Gold Bond Relief Lotion with 3% Salicylic Acid. It is an over the counter lotion that works for her other Grovers' patients and it is available at Walmart and Target for under $10. Supposedly other drug stores carry it at a higher price but I have not been able to find it.

The salicylic acid lotion works almost immediately for about 6 hours most of the time. A second application over the first application works, but not nearly as effective as immediately following a shower or bath. (I have read reports that bathing submerged for at least 5 min is best, but a shower works for me.)

A few days ago I tried A&D ointment and that worked great in suppressing the itching the one time that I tried it. Going bare chested without a shirt is also very effective in extending the time duration after applying the Salicylic Acid.

The dermatologist prescribed the antihistamine Hydroxyzine HCL 25mg. Although the direction is for 1 pill, I take 1/2 a pill before bed and I usually sleep through the night without waking up itching. I also have a prescription for 6% Salicylic Acid cream but the cream and lotion have been discontinued (not FDA approved). I tried the 6% gel, but it makes me light headed and since the 3% works I am happy to stay with it.

Good luck .... I hope this helps someone.

Vitamin D
Posted by Karly (New Zealand) on 07/13/2020

I agree with Christine that vitamin D is important in helping with the disease and flare-ups.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Wayne (Switzerland) on 01/24/2018

Hey Gary,

I have had GD since I turned 42... so for 27 years. I tried a lot of creams recommended by the skin specialists, but they were largely ineffective. Last winter I tried UV treatment at the local hospital. After a few weeks it really helped and right through summer I sat in the sun with just shorts on. The rash almost disappeared and at the end of summer 2017, I could not see it. Then in December I caught the flu and immediately the rash reappeared on my stomach and chest and a bit on my lower back. I always use a cream after showering after my workouts (5 days a week) and the rash has become less visible again. I am thinking of buying a UV lamp to use at home rather than go to the hospital and stand in the UV rays for 5 minutes, 3 times a week. The UV must be UVB Narrow Band TL01. I think it might be better than creams. I also agree with the people on this site, it could be food related - so it is better to find the cause rather than treat the symptoms. It is worth a try.

Diaper Rash Cream
Posted by Anthony (Tulsa, Ok) on 06/03/2018

Thank you very much for the butt paste suggestion! I have had the red bumps of Grover's for at least a year. Told by dermatologist really nothing I could do about it, but it may go away on its own. Steroid cream, no effect. Just bought a $60 tube of Terrasil as I thought it was worth a shot. Pool season is here I did not want to show off this rash or always wear a shirt. Plus, just the exposure to chlorine and saltwater both seem to amplify the condition like sweating does. Was actually told by dermatologist just to avoid any activity that would cause sweating. I read this post, went to Walmart and bought the $8 tube of butt paste. I am so happy to report one application wiped it out by almost 90%! Two days later, two applications per day and it is almost completely gone! No redness, can feel a few spots that are raised, but no discoloration or itching! I would not believe it if it had not happened to me. Returning the Terrasil for a refund. Think I will also start taking some oregano oil as a precaution. I cannot thank you enough!

Vitamin A
Posted by Sherry (Scottsdale) on 01/25/2018

i was just diagnosed with Grover's today. I will try your Vit A therapy tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

Posted by Hedy (Delray Beach) on 10/08/2016

Grover's Disease - Hydration!

Drink much more water and keep hydrated the itchy areas until the inner hydration kicks in. I was diagnosed, tried everything and end up with this simple recipe. Now if a papule pops up, "Geez not enough water?" And grab a glass or two or three. Basically until it is gone.

At first, give it a few days and the 15 to 30 minutes. I think we become more susceptible to contaminants, processed food, pills, and they all increase our water (and fruits and veggie) demand.

Diaper Rash Cream
Posted by Alfred (New York) on 01/07/2017

I have had tremendous success with diaper rash cream and a juice cleanse.

Salt Baths
Posted by Jim C. (Santa Rosa, Ca, Usa) on 03/10/2018

I am an ancient avid male swimmer just contacted Grovers. Does anyone know if swimming in a chlorine water pool is definitely counter productive? Staying in shape is also important and yes Grovers is a big pain/itch in the back.

How about this new Salt-only pool purification, anyone had help swimming in that sort of pool water?

Vitamin A
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/26/2018 233 posts

That is great Ellen that your determination to cure your Grover's Disease led you to sharing your success at using vitamin A and oregano oil to alleviate healing symptoms. I'm sure you will help many.

To continued good health.

Vitamin D3
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 08/13/2020

If you get low on water, it can take 6 months to rehydrate a body . The rehydration process includes the correct balance of all minerals.... so if something here is out of balance the body will produce histamine to let you know about the problem and that might cause itching. If your liver ( try milk thistle) is having problems that will cause lots of itching. If your stomach is out of whack it will not absorb your minerals. Could be those invisible bugs biting might get rid of them, I have mint in pots by both doors, repels flies, mice, mosquitos, ect. Oye. I have been going down these rabbit trails for years.

Blessings, Charity

Grover's Disease Remedies
Posted by Chris (Honolulu, US) on 09/27/2014

I have been a firefighter for 14 years and have had Grover's ever since. I have tried everything for Grover's Disease. To keep it at bay eat healthy natural foods, avoid excessive heat and stress, cut back on alcohol and caffeine. The underlying problem is within the skin, so foods and supplements good for your skin help fight Grover's. Consider a good hair, skin, and nail vitamin. If you have a flair up use a good mild cleansing soap. If the itch is really bad use ice packs, also rubbing alcohol kills the itch and cleans the area. Again, maintaining a healthy lifestyle works best. Sincerely, Chris

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 01/08/2014

Hello Jackson,

I've had success with rashes using enzymes and sometimes herbs such as marshmallow root and papaya leaf. The enzyme best suited for therapeutic use are ones such as amylase, protease, lipase, pectinase, cellulose.

That combination helps with pH levels for me. Often I have acidic body issues and if baking soda in water isn't enough I've found the pH balancing can be done with an enzyme/ herb combo. And it doesn't seem to take much of such a formula. You can find pH enzyme formulas at health food stores. I found supplementing with enzymes helps with my"dry eye" problem but seems to help rashes and itching which is the Grover's itching you are having.

My point is this: On itching issues, could there be a base deficiency of enzymes? Not that this would be the cause in all cases. I doubt if itching caused by "ringworm" could be helped by enzymes. But I've just seen the enzyme connect play out enough so that I'm becoming really intrigued at the interplay of enzyme activity overall to proper body functioning.

Another, for instance; when I take my enzyme pill I notice I have less sinus congestion. Could the chronic congestion be related to a metabolic / digestive problem that enzymes help overcome? I use a pH balance product from Enzymedica but am sure other companies make a "pH balance" formula also.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Magnolia16 (Virginia) on 10/22/2016

Margie, I don't know what Grover's disease is, but it sounds most aggravating - nothing like an intense itch to drive you insane! It also sounds like you've been under a lot of stress and trying to cope in a new situation. I wish I could give some good advice, but all I have to offer is friendship and empathy!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Yvonne (Maryland) on 01/06/2017

Ice packs are great for itching. I started with Grover's last spring but wasn't diagnosed until September. Heat irriates it so I wouldn't dare lay in the sun. Sweating makes it worse as well. And scratching it makes it worse but sometimes I just have to do it. I really believe all my sunning at the beach years ago may have helped bring this on. I have tried lots of things and only go back to the steroid creams for about a week when it gets really bad. I've tried natural vinegar, honey, extra virgin olive oil.

Kelp Paste, Hot Showers
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/30/2013

Avvidor, in my experience, the real Coconut Oil drastically reduces itching from any cause.

Eliminating Sulfites
Posted by Dean (Ohio) on 07/16/2015

I finally found out this week after itching for 2 years that I have Grover's disease...I like drinking beer so do you think that may cause this?

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Ibhipru (St George, Utah) on 01/19/2013

This is in response to the post implicating wheat as the possible culprit to Grover's Disease. I had undiagnosed grover's sysmptoms for years when my wife and decided to go gluten free. The aggrivating itching and red bumps on my stomach, chest and back cleared up to a great degree. I was formally diagnosed with Grover's recently. I also recently fell off the wagon and consumed wheat at the direction of my Dr who was testing me for a skin problem related to Celiac Disease (Dermatitis Perfitaformis). Almost immediately my Grover's errupted. I have also recently veered from my diet and consumed wheat products with a corresponding flare in my Grovers. I really believe Grover's may be affected by wheat or even all gluten flours.

Replace Metal Fillings
Posted by Buddy (Kingman, Arizona, Usa) on 07/14/2011

I had Grovers for about 15 years. About two months ago, I had all my metal fillings replaced and my Grovers has cleared-up.

Thanks and good luck..

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Krissy (Rimrock AZ) on 12/15/2022

Trying to pin down what is causing more intense outbreaks: My Grovers really increased in the past couple of months. Strangely, I moved from WA to AZ and it hasn't been hot or anything but rather quite cold as of Dec 2. Last summer in WA was very hot and my Grovers didn't change much. I noticed when I went to Disneyland 2.5 weeks ago, I had ZERO issues and it actually cleared up! I was only there 3 days. (BTW, Cilantro is absolutely the best remedy, no doubt.) What I'm trying to do is figure out what I ingest at home that I didn't in CA. My best guess is pure seltzer in aluminum cans (heavy metals) and Cayenne.

My question is if anyone has zero'd in on an ingestible irritant...?

Cilantro, Vitamin A+
Posted by Kerri (Fl) on 06/07/2022

Same problem for my mother, 85 years old. She took the 2 shots and booster and has had the same miserable problem, twice!

Cilantro, Vitamin A+
Posted by mary (florida) on 09/16/2022

Hi, can you tell me how long it took for Vitamin A to work? I started 2 days ago..nothing so far but I'm hopeful :) have tried everything else.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Mike J. (Charleston, SC) on 04/24/2022

Thank you for your insight. Did you happen to perform a mold toxicity test? I can't recall if it's blood or urine but mine came back quite high. Did you try the Cilantro smoothies and have any success?

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Angie (Winnipeg, MB) on 06/11/2022

I have had GD since receiving the Pfizer vaccine in Dec 2022. I'm definitely going to try the cilantro remedy as the itchiness is really hard to handle. Hoping it helps!

Witch Hazel
Posted by Brenda (Indiana) on 03/11/2022

Grover's Rash

Witch Hazel stops the itching and fades the rash almost completely. I just put some on a clean cloth and thoroughly wipe the rash down with it, at the first sign of the itching starting back up I use it again.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 01/03/2022

Audrey, try soothing the itch with coconut oil.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by JC (canada) on 01/16/2022


Your doctor can freeze the spots off by using CO2 in the doctor's office. It works.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Patricia (victoria, BC, Canada) on 12/27/2022

Re: the Pfizer vaccine. The same thing happened to me and I've tried everything. Nothing works and it is hell. Does anyone have any good ideas?

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Patricia (FL) on 09/23/2021

I got Grovers Disease from the Shingles Vaccine.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Rita (California) on 06/04/2021

Great information here Bill, thank you so much. We are learning a lot, sadly with trial and error. Yes, have stopped both prescriptions, which he tried each just twice. And have him discontinue the Claritin (he's only been taking for few days), whew, thank goodness! Hopefully not too much damage has been done, w/the few doses. I imagine he should discontinue Benadryl (over-the-counter) as well?? We are so grateful for the info., and links you posted above (borax and iodine). We'll be looking into this immediately! THANK YOU SO, SO, MUCH!! 🙏 🙏🙏

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Rita (California) on 06/04/2021

Thank you very much Charity for your reply to our post, we appreciate all the information and wonderful recommendations. I thought it was important to share our post ~ just as a precaution to others that might be considering the covid vaccine. I am also curious, if others who have Grover's Dis-ease might not in fact be eating the healthiest diet, drinking plenty of good water, getting real vitamin D (sun), exercise, have a calm positive mind, and outlook on life. These are all components for a healthy lifestyle (mind & body). Thankfully, I know, because I self healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis 13 yrs ago. We'll be researching all that you suggested, and again, we are so grateful to you, and all the others for sharing.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/04/2021

My mother in law died (heart issues from methotrexate)after suffering from RA for decades. I suspect it was the zinc in her denture adhesive throwing off her minerals producing histamine. Most of what we learn is from suffering through things . Expecting miracles in faithville,, Charity

Bill's comment below had iodine in it, I use it daily. Iodine, chloride and fluoride are halides (same shape of molecules) and all go into the iodine ports in the body and only iodine belongs there .Halide - Wikipedia The others cause autoimmune diseases, especially thyroid issues. selenium balances iodine and low selenium causes cancer to grow. You mentioned he was in the spa ....Just an add on.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Jeannette (Ohio) on 06/09/2021


Sometimes medications weaken the immune system and the chlorine may have filled your husband's bucket. Here are my suggestions:

Use Nigella Sativa oil organic 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp 3x per day, especially right before a meal. It has the properties of immune modulation, but it will also calm an agitated immune system. Nigella Sativa appeared in the bible and is said cure everything, but death itself.

2. If you are in a state that will allow you to buy CBD oil with a 1:1 ratio, you can use a drop twice a day(one before bed). This will also calm an agitated immune system. The steps mentioned above are just to calm the body, but your husband might need to look under draining pathways that might be clogged (kidneys, liver, colon), then use some binders as I bet his body is a toxic bucket filled with all sorts of toxins. The medications he received may have filled his body to his limits. You can read about Nigella Sativa online and a new book that came out last year talks about using this oil (Why Not Desserts? Available in Amazon, the oil is also available in Amazon. Have him avoid for now dairy, eggs, gluten they are hard to digest. The Nigella Sativa is sold at many health food stores and believe me when I say this will take care of his problems within few days. There is a reason that is reference in the bible!

Good luck, Health Coach

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Robert (Illinois) on 03/31/2021


1st of all thx for sharing. Like you I'm in my 60's. I was diagnosed with Grover's 10 years ago. It is all over my back and on about 1/3 of my stomach. So back and front of core truck is 95% of where it appears. The other 5 to 10% of I I have isolated spots. Primarily on the high part of my thighs and a few around my belt line. But never ever on or near my privates nor ever on my face or neck. It's appeared but isolated on the collar bone part closest to my neck. But again never on face or privates by me or anyone I've heard comment. So think you're good there. You said forearms however...I have never had it there. So that was the only unique location comment of yours. I have heard everyone fails with what doctor prescriptions of any kind myself included.

I started the cilantro about 10 days ago. I love the taste and the other benefits (see my very recent post in the cilantro section of this forum.) So far no change. I will continue the cilantro routine forever regardless. Two days ago, I started the zinc oxide cream (16% active ingredient--Zinc oxide). It diaper cream. Covers it up nicely but almost is irritating the papules. So the 48 hour result for me is "not" working. I've heard others have miracles. So that's why I tried it. As I said in my other post, I do plan to comment back on here and let you know how it goes. I would hope you'd do the same. They say we have an "orphan" disease. So don't be a stranger. You and everyone's posts are helpful.

Kind regards, Robert from Chicago.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by robert (Illinois) on 04/05/2021

Terri & Veronica, I have read all these "miracle stories" of zinc oxide cream. Thought I had the miracle too when I woke up and it was gone. Problem is, it was NOT gone. It was just merely hidden by the zinc oxide but when you washed it off, there is was again.

I will continue to try but no miracle yet for me.

Robert in Chicago.

Vitamin A
Posted by Judy (Bronx, Ny) on 04/28/2018

I just bought it from GNC. I started taking 50000 and went up to 50000 3x a day. I would check with your dr first since high doses aren't safe for very long but I'm not planning on staying on this more than a few weeks.

Vitamin D
Posted by Jamie R. (Cali) on 04/24/2018

I must say thank you to all the women who are putting their information and treatment ideas out there. It is nice to see that women, other than myself, are suffering with the same thing I am...especially since it's considered a "man's disease."

I appreciate everything all of you are suggesting.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Sherry Smith (Charleston, Sc) on 08/15/2018

You are so welcome! I want to shout if from the rooftops!

Posted by Sue (St Albans, Uk) on 06/09/2020

Hi Rob, my hubby has been suffering with Grover's for several years now. Last year his arms were so bad and inflamed (that could have been a different skin complaint) that we asked the GP if he could have full blood tests to determine the CAUSE. Following the blood tests, he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma!! Probably had it for years. Since March this year he has been taking Curcumin C3 with Bioperine 8g daily for the MM but sadly it has not helped his Grover's. I'm sorry to disappoint although it may help you, it's a great supplement.

We are now going to try Magnesium, (mentioned by Anna); Reishi + Shiitake mushroom extract (mentioned by Francesco); and Molybdenum (mentioned by Jerry). All worth a try IMHO.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Ben (Florida ) on 06/05/2018

PLEASE see BEN's post. I have tried MANY prescriptions with medical directions, non helped. My Cilantro smoothie WORKS. Please TRY.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 08/26/2023

Hi jteriod

Sorry to hear of your issue. Dr.Lenerd Coldwell is the #1 natural Dr. he has many videos on Youtube. He says to rub Hemp Oil on any skin issues and they will die and never re-appear.

God Bless


Emu Oil
Posted by Charlotte (Texas) on 01/29/2017

I have Grover's and was diagnosed in June 2016 after many months of misery. Have been on and off steroid creams, kenalog injection, prednisone(which I just finished a month of yesterday) Am currently taking a small dose of Methotrexate once weekly which I have been on since Dec. 31. I ordered some Emu oil which has helped somewhat. Ice packs help alot when the itching becomes unbearable. My scalp, back and chest are the main problem areas for me. I also use coconut oil but the emu oil seems to help more. Spent LOTS of time in the sun growing up which I am sure is the problem.

Salt Baths
Posted by Linda Foster (Long Beach) on 10/06/2016

I was just recently diagnosed with grovers disease and will be going back to the doctor. I have been searching the websites to find out of it can be transferred to someone else as I care for two grandchildren. If you can help me with this one question I would be thankful.

Vitamin A
Posted by John (Virginia) on 12/26/2016

Here are the vitamins that you can cause adverse reactions if you overdose on them: Vitamins A, D, E & K.

Vitamin A
Posted by Ellen (New York) on 02/19/2018

Thank you for your response. Have been taking the Vit A, 50,000 iu for the last 7 days. I actually do think it actually might be helping. Still using anti-itch cream, but fingers crossed, the rash is subsiding. Hoping I haven't just jinxed myself. Going to continue vit A for 3 more days and then stop. I will see what happens. Thank you so much for your input. -Ellen

Vitamin D3
Posted by Jerry (Dania Beach, Fl) on 04/09/2016

I have been to several doctors with my Grover's disease which is itching me to death. I read one book and tried vitamin D3. I've been taken for a week 4000 milligrams per day which is only for tablets already. I can't believe it, no itching and the lesions are getting smaller!

I am so happy and relieved, it's unbelievable. It makes sense because I don't go out in the sun that much and that D3 is what it's for. It works, it really works and is very inexpensive.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Angela G. (Illinois) on 09/07/2015

I recently was diagnosed with Grovers Disease and the Triamcinolone cream is not working and making it worse. This is the worst I have ever had it since I was a teenager.

I started using Tea Tree Oil at night and my husband noticed a difference and it is looking better. The bad thing is Tea Tree Oil smells awful. I do not know what I am going to do if we end up moving to Florida with the job change. The heat and sweating is bad for my skin.

Posted by Kjb (Florida Keys) on 06/04/2016

I would dampen a wash cloth, put it in a plastic zip lock bag then the freezer. It was the only way to fall asleep.

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