Grover's Disease Remedies

| Modified on Jan 25, 2023
Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Krissy (Rimrock AZ) on 12/15/2022
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Trying to pin down what is causing more intense outbreaks: My Grovers really increased in the past couple of months. Strangely, I moved from WA to AZ and it hasn't been hot or anything but rather quite cold as of Dec 2. Last summer in WA was very hot and my Grovers didn't change much. I noticed when I went to Disneyland 2.5 weeks ago, I had ZERO issues and it actually cleared up! I was only there 3 days. (BTW, Cilantro is absolutely the best remedy, no doubt.) What I'm trying to do is figure out what I ingest at home that I didn't in CA. My best guess is pure seltzer in aluminum cans (heavy metals) and Cayenne.

My question is if anyone has zero'd in on an ingestible irritant...?

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by JP (Out west) on 10/07/2022

Orally administered activated charcoal does not get absorbed through the gastrointestinal lumen and only acts within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract in its unchanged form. Therefore, it could not possibly have worked at the epidermal cellular level to combat Grover's Disease. Additionally, MDAC may have, and likely would have, retarded the effectiveness of the 'Fungal Forte' active ingredients. Fungal Forte being a formulated supplement featuring lacto-fermented herbs, enzymes and more (what is does 'more' mean) to control fungal fluctuation for optimal digestive health. The advertisement for Fungal Forte says to remove sugar from your diet, and yet they include dextrose (a sugar) in Fungal Forte.

Cilantro, Vitamin A+
Posted by mary (florida) on 09/16/2022

Hi, can you tell me how long it took for Vitamin A to work? I started 2 days ago..nothing so far but I'm hopeful :) have tried everything else.

Cilantro, Vitamin A+
Posted by Betsy (Georgia) on 08/29/2022
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After reading all of these great posts on the Grover's Disease page, I tried the Cilantro smoothie once a day with usually a half of the bunch. Added turmeric and black pepper, (they have to work together) berries, a good collagen powder marine or bovine, along with a scoop of organic greek yogurt, ice, water and a scoop of organic non GMO plant based protein powder. I doubled my zinc to 30mg, 500 mg of curcumin (with black pepper), and 25,000-30,000 IU of Vit A plus what is in the cilantro, and 5000 of Vit C. Wore lose closing and limited bras. tried not to sweat during the day on my abdomen and lower back where my GD is located. I also added a uric acid cream twice daily. The one I used was Eucerin rough and bumpy cream. I saw and felt improvement after 2 days and great improvement after 5. Totally gone in 7 days. I am continuing the cilantro but will probably cut back to every other day in a couple of weeks. Staying with the uric acid cream daily and the supplements for a month at least. Then I will reduce the vitamin A, take a two week break from the zinc because it interferes with copper and reduce the dose, and reduce my Vit C. Amazing how food can heal! I cannot wait to return to the dermatologist to let her know so others can possible be helped. For history I have had this for about 6-7 years. Never knew what it was and treated it with a steroid cream that usually worked. It was self- limiting. This year at 62, it came on with a vengeance. My abdomen and lower back from bra line down was covered. It had never been that bad but I was spending way more time in the sun. I went to the derm, asked for a biopsy and it confirmed GD. Of course a strong steroid cream which I hated using because of the skin thinning effect ordered for 2 weeks on then off two weeks and back on for a total of 8 weeks. I tried that with absolutely no resolve and was not waiting 8 weeks to fix this. So I started researching and found this site amongst others. Thanks to all of you who posted. I take other supplements which may have had a small effect but these were the ones that I feel made a difference because I added them. I did try the butt paste etc but had no effect. May just have been me and very messy. Uric acid, I think was a big component because of the breakdown of the skin along with the other support of collagen, zinc, Vit A and C. Hope this helps someone else. Good Luck!

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Angie (Winnipeg, MB) on 06/11/2022
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I have had GD since receiving the Pfizer vaccine in Dec 2022. I'm definitely going to try the cilantro remedy as the itchiness is really hard to handle. Hoping it helps!

Cilantro, Vitamin A+
Posted by Kerri (Fl) on 06/07/2022

Same problem for my mother, 85 years old. She took the 2 shots and booster and has had the same miserable problem, twice!

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Nancy (Va, USA) on 06/06/2022

I was reading your comment and I thought What was a nappy rash? Took me a second and realized you were on the other side of the ocean....We are all in this together..

Cilantro, Vitamin A+
Posted by Celeste (AL) on 06/06/2022
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I am 60 year old woman who developed Grovers in March 2022. It started small, but it spread pretty fast and itched like mad. It was eventually all over my back, chest and belly. Went to walk in clinic twice, once with a fever. They didn't know what it was but prescribed prednisone, antibiotic, and antifungal the first time. It cleared up but came back 2 weeks later.

The second time they prescribed prednisone and corticosteroid creme and said go to a dermatologist. I did. He said it was Grovers. Did biopsy to confirm. While I waited on the biopsy result I used the corticosteroid creme on my back only for 5 days, once per day. It cleared it right up. I also found this site while I waited. I used cilantro smoothie daily for a couple of weeks which really helped with the itch.

But it is Vitamin A, 48000 IU per day that the dermatologist told me to take that is really clearing it up for good. The dose has to be taken down gradually to about 5000 IU per day after 3 months since Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that the body stores. It is toxic if the mega doses were to be continued.

The dermatologist gave me a refill on the corticosteroid creme, but said not to use it on the breasts and belly because it thins the skin and can create problems because of it. This skin is already thin. Like others who have shared their despair about Grovers, I wonder if my Pfizer vaccinations and 2 boosters may have contributed to this problem showing up. Who knows.

I also was a rabid sunbather for several decades. It could just be my time given the damage I did. I hope this helps someone.

Oh, I am also taking 12 organic chlorella tablets and 2 activated charcoal tablets per day for detoxification. I'm keeping up with the cilantro smoothies a few times a week (1/2 bunch cilantro, 1/2 inch peeled ginger root, handful of spinach, frozen mango chunks, 1/4 avocado, 1 cup water).

God Bless You all.

Vitamin A
Posted by Penny (Michigan) on 06/04/2022

Hi Elena - Please confirm you are taking 50,000 IU Vit D? I'm not following your next comment = take Vit D 2000 IU or less because vitamin A depletes Vit D. Please clarify. I've had Grover's for YEARS. It started on my back and is now on my legs. Thanks

Food Allergy Elimination
Posted by Kriss (TX) on 06/01/2022

Hi! I hope you see this. I'm a 45 year old female..I have been dealing with GD for over a year now…nothing has helped. Is there a website to order this test from? Thank you in advance!

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by SoCalGirl (California) on 05/28/2022

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with GD. My body runs hot. I did acupuncture for infertility and took my temp daily. My acu dr noticed my core temp was always higher than normal. I started taking herbs to cool the blood. It worked back then for getting pregnant. I am back to acupuncture now and once again am starting the herbs to help cool my blood. I also started birth control again to help level out my hormone fluctuations as many of my outbreaks were right before my period started. My body temp changed then too. Now I am seeing a major difference in the severity of the outbreaks becoming less and less. I would suggest seeing an acupuncturist and discussing this possibility. My derm said it was a great idea as Western medicine really didn't have a cure for GD yet since it is based on body temp.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by M (NY) on 05/23/2022
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The same thing happened to me! I've had Grover's since I was 23. I'm now 66. I keep it at bay by not eating Wheat, Eggs, and red meat. When I had the J&J shot, 7 days later my skin erupted with lumps and Grover's in a big way. 7 months later, I'm still fighting it. It wasn't like a regular break out as this time it went all over my body. I talked to 4 doctors, and am on a million supplements, which are helping. One doctor talked to me about going on Accutane. I found a Vitamin A supplement that is made by doctors that tries to mimic Accutane (which is a vitamin A based creation. Starting that tomorrow. Grover's is hell.

Grover's Disease Triggers: Stress
Posted by Art (California) on 05/23/2022 1512 posts


You may have missed this post from 3 weeks ago by EC community member Elena using high dose Vitamin A which may be of interest to you.



Posted by Elena (California) on 04/30/2022

I started taking 50, 000 IU daily for Grover's since this past Monday. As of today, my skin is almost cleared up!! Thank you to the contributors who shared that information! Just as a reminder take Vit D, 2000 IU more or less, because Vitamin A depletes Vit D.

I'm going to continue for another week, and then reassess whether I should continue on a decreased dosage of Vitamin A.

Best to All

Grover's Disease Triggers: Stress
Posted by James (NC) on 05/22/2022
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My dermatologist says that stress plays a large part in Grover, and I believe this, as symptoms appeared at the time my Mother was diagnosed with breast and lung cancer. Being an only child, it was a stressor to the max, and after her passing (3 years later), the settling of her estate, which is still ongoing still is an awful burden.

Have been prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide 1%, CeraVe cream, Doxepin, Zyrtec, and already take D3, chelated Zinc, Super Beets, Balance of Nature, and am a vegetarian (for over 40 years). Tried the cilantro drink for a week (awful, soapy). If anyone is trying the aforementioned treatments, they may be healthy, but not effective for my case. Already have a long list of meds, as was in a near-fatal car crash right before 9/11 & have had migraines since the age of 3.

My Grover is all over my trunk, legs, arms, neck & reaching to my face. only my hand and the soles of feet are clear. TY for listening, if you did. Hugs

Vitamin A
Posted by Elena (California) on 04/30/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking 50,000 IU daily for Grover's since this past Monday. As of today, my skin is almost cleared up!! Thank you to the contributors who shared that information! Just as a reminder take Vit D, 2000 IU more or less, because Vitamin A depletes Vit D.

I'm going to continue for another week, and then reassess whether I should continue on a decreased dosage of Vitamin A.

Best to All

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Mike J. (Charleston, SC) on 04/24/2022

Thank you for your insight. Did you happen to perform a mold toxicity test? I can't recall if it's blood or urine but mine came back quite high. Did you try the Cilantro smoothies and have any success?

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by John (Winter Haven Fla) on 03/17/2022

I have been dx with Grover's. I was told it is a rare genetic disease. Dermatologist has try multi treatments, antibiotics, vistaril, anti - histamines, triamcinolone, and Saran lotions. All these have worked for while, then stops working. We are picking up a Rx from our compound Pharmacy tomorrow for Naltrexone 3mg. Hopefully it will help. God bless you in this journey. Did not receive the vaccine. Did have covid.

Anti-Fungal Remedies
Posted by Jeannette (Colorado Springs) on 03/17/2022
5 out of 5 stars

My Grover's disease turned out to be a fungus. I used "Fungal Forte" (from Original Medicine or Garden of Life...both same ingredients). 1 tablet 3 X's a day for first week; then 2 tablets a day for next week. I combined this with 2 activated charcoal (to eliminate die-off which is critical, otherwise it reactivates the rash). I like Bulletproof brand. I also used herbal organic talc baby powder to keep the rash clean and dry.

Nothing my dermatologist or PCP recommended worked. Helpful to reduce or eliminate stress, overheating that produces sweat. If you want to get rid of this insidious systemic condition faster, combine with anti-inflammatory foods (avoid bread/sugar). Stick as much as possible to protein, veggies, and low sugar fruit (Granny Smith apples, blueberries). Be careful of some fruits that often have mold (strawberries). In one week there was a miraculous difference and after two weeks I'm cured!

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Lisa (Illinois ) on 03/16/2022
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I developed Grover's Disease late June 2021, within 1-2 weeks after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Still experiencing symptoms after close to 10 months.

Witch Hazel
Posted by Brenda (Indiana) on 03/11/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Grover's Rash

Witch Hazel stops the itching and fades the rash almost completely. I just put some on a clean cloth and thoroughly wipe the rash down with it, at the first sign of the itching starting back up I use it again.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by june (adelaide australia) on 02/25/2022
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Hi Audrey,

I was stunned when I read about your Grovers, I too have been diagnosed and had it about 12 months ago, it went away and has now come back after seeing a dermatologist I am on prednisolone and doxycycline ect alone with mometasone cream, using cetaphil bacterial soap, and nothing is working really I am still spotted up, but I found putting the daktozin fungal cream for nappy rash, was better than the mometasone cream, now having said that I have been researching and it seems that zinc which is in the daktozin seems to be the way to go someone said on this site they put zinc oxide on and the spots went right down so I am going to try that, and I am also going to take some zinc supplement. I was stunned when I read about the vaccinations because that's when I got them after having my vaccs, well good luck let's hope we can beat it

Grover's Disease Remedies
Posted by Jeannette (Colorado) on 02/25/2022
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Beyond Cilantro - Other Remedies Not Previously Mentioned for Grover's

I'm a 75 year old female diagnosed with Grovers by a dermatologist (primary care physician misdiagnosed Prickly heat) who prescribed topical steroids (which I won't use because of my hypersensitivity to all meds. I have a 3 year history of heart disease and docs made me their guinea pig for meds with horrendous side effects ranging from chronic diarrhea to anaphylactic shock).

Have suffered from Grovers for 1 month now...was keeping me awake with needle-like prickles from 8 pm to 3 am. The night prickles stopped 2 weeks ago when I went on a strict candida-free diet (absolutely no bread and no sugar). Rash is milder now but still evident mostly on chest and belly and some on back. Just started the cilantro smoothie routine, but also made a cilantro pesto (1/4 bunch cilantro and olive oil) poultice for my chest and belly area.

Research on other sites indicates a connection between Grovers and:

1. using electric blanket or heating pad which I have been doing for 3 months (stopped immediately upon reading about the connection) as my feet get ICE cold on Colorado nights (which could be adrenal fatigue?); and

2. Grovers can be activated by strong meds for other conditions (certainly a consideration in my case) and

3. excessive sweat (which I notice between and under my breasts at night) which indicates an imbalance in one's internal thermometer.

I think the presence of heavy metals are also worth examining. Looks like cilantro may play a big role in a cure. Thanks to all of you for your willingness to share what's working! Anxious to try your recipes!

Chlorella, Supplements, Water, Turmeric +
Posted by Jeannette (Colorado) on 02/24/2022

Wondering about references to fungus in relation to Grover's disease which would benefit from anti-fungal herbs? Also Apple Cider Vinegar which helps reduce candida and yeast.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Marie-Louise (Zürich- Switzerland) on 02/16/2022

Hi Audrey,

I came lately across an interesting combination to rise up the own Cannaboids and to bind down the silent inflammations and inflammations in general. I copy in the orginal combination: Since I have all products at home, but never used them together, it does not have the same effect. Instead Astaxanthin, I take my fish oil, PEA I take twice a day and Curcuma every 3-4 days, since I have a very strong one. This combination should help for Rheuma and Athritis, but I guess, it does not matter where you have pain or other problems, the own Cannaboids have to be supported.

DoloGon mit PEA (Palmitoylethanolamid), BCM-95 Forte® Vollspektrum-Curcumin und Astaxanthin,

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Julie (OR) on 02/16/2022
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I have been gluten free for 4 years but I still got Grover's. I do not eat licorice because of wheat in it. I wish that being gluten free would have prevented this or cleared it but no luck on that.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Julie (OR) on 02/16/2022

I was just diagnosed with Grover's per biopsies. Husband probably has it as well but not to the degree. Dermatologist gave us prednisone, triaminiclone, clobestal all no help. I wish they would figure out the cause and a treatment that works for this. I took some cilantro tonight because I just read it might help. We had a booster recently but the problem started the end of October. All I can say is good luck.

Chlorella, Supplements, Water, Turmeric +
Posted by Tarra (NY) on 02/04/2022
5 out of 5 stars

After reading some of the posts here and suffering with this atrocious disease for 2 years, to which my dermatologist simply said "there's no cure, " I tried out the cilantro smoothies and noticed a slight improvement, however I also have added or removed a few other things from my diet and after 2 years, this terrible rash is finally going away, nearly completely. I'm listing a few things here as I'm not sure which one was key for the cure, or maybe it was multiple:

  • I started taking Fish Oil (Omega-3s) and Vitamin D-3 daily
  • A scoop of Chlorella daily in my morning smoothie (I did not stick with the cilantro)
  • Quit alcohol- my acupuncturist suggested that the cilantro and chlorella sounded like liver cures, so I decided to give my liver an extra break
  • Stay hydrated- 1.5-2L of water/day
  • Women- use a chafe balm under your bra or sports bra! This helped tremendously to reduce additional agitation/friction
  • A sprinkle of turmeric daily in my smoothie

I wish I clearly knew what to recommend here, but overall these were all healthy changes for me, so I figured it couldn't hurt to share.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Sp (Wb, NJ) on 01/16/2022 32 posts

Hi Audrey,

Did the cream the dermatologist gave you have steroids in it? If this is the case, you may be having a reaction to the cortico steroids. Please do not use prednisone or anything with cortico steroids in it. Do a search for ITSAN or Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome. The itsan dot org website has info on this. Cortico steroids ruined my health, and life.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by JC (canada) on 01/16/2022


Your doctor can freeze the spots off by using CO2 in the doctor's office. It works.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 01/03/2022

Audrey, try soothing the itch with coconut oil.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Audrey (NY) on 01/03/2022
5 out of 5 stars

OMG this is exactly what happened to me. About a month after the first Pfizer vaccine I got a rash under my breast line. Then it went away after I went to the dermatologist he gave me a cream and it went away. Then a month later I got rashes all over and the itching was unbearable, They took a skin sample and it turned out to be Grovers disease. I never had anything like this in my life. My doctor told me it was from the vaccine. I am like debilitated from the itching and nothing is helping. I am going to go on the antibiotic and if that doesn't work then prednisone. They say that this disease goes away after 12 months but I have it 9 months now and its getting worse. This is a nightmare.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Carole (Delray Beach, FL) on 11/19/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I'm addressing several questions from the posts I've read tonight. I've had Grover's Disease over 30 years. It was dormant for a couple of decades but resurfaced with a terrible outbreak in the last two years. I know now (and have confirmed in articles on the net) that Xrays trigger Grover's--and I've had many xrays because of severe scoliosis and now a shoulder injury--as did the UVA therapy my dermatologist gave me. I had six treatments and between those and a lot of recent xrays, I now have Grover's all over my breasts, midrift, arms and legs. Previously, they were limited to my chest.

I've been horrified to watch it spread before my eyes. I quit the UVA therapy as soon as I realized what was happening; however! I have since read that UVA therapy initially makes the Grover's worse--then makes it better. I've asked my dermatologist to research that.

To those who are going in the sun: STOP sweating! It's dumb!

As for Cilantro, I bought the oil on Amazon because a support group I belong to is experimenting with it and looking for feedback. I've been taking 5 drops a day in water for about 2 months. I can't see any change, other than the spreading of the disease. My derm prescribes both Clobetasol and Eucrisa, which I alternate daily. He just added hydroxyzine. I also use a moisturizing cream that contains both menthol and camphor. So, I'm kind of taking a shotgun approach to this but it's out of desperation.

What's new about the appearance of the Grover's is that I'm developing purpura--the purple hematomas (for lack of a better description) all over my chest, breasts, arms and I suppose my legs will be next. I've seen nothing in print that links Grover's to stress--but I'm here to tell you I believe stress is a major trigger for me. I'm under tremendous stress, facing open spine surgery soon, and my derm told me he now agrees with me. We believe stress and the frequent x-rays have a lot to do with my progressing flares.

The only drug I had a GREAT response to but don't take more of because of its negative effects is PREDNISONE. I took it for 15 days and had a dramatic clearing of the Grover's--but I've had a terrible progression of the disease since then (this past summer).

I wish that more clinicians and researchers would take up the cause and find more effective treatments for us sufferers of Grover's. Until then, keep sharing.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Rita (California) on 11/14/2021

Hi everyone,

Here is an update on my husband's health after receiving a misdiagnosis for Grovers Disease.

As it turns out, the diagnosis is Bullous Pemphigoid, which was triggered by the Pfizer Covid Vaccine, which put his immune system into an over reactive state. This has been 100% confirmed by a rare disease doctor at UCSF. I appreciate all the support from everyone who contributed help. We are now onto a new chapter. But in the meanwhile, antibiotics and the many supplements have been helping tremendously. My husband's reports are showing only 25% is left in his body, of this awful bacteria that got into his system per Pfizer vaccine. It has been a tough 9 months, getting NO help from CDC, and having to figure this out ourselves. Thankfully, we have come across some very well advised practitioners, and my husband is now on his way to healing. Thank you all SO much,

Diaper Rash Cream
Posted by Fran (Miami Beach, FL) on 11/06/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for recommending "Butt Paste" diaper rash cream. I've had Grovers Disease for almost a year and have been using 4-5 medications the dermatologist prescribed to no avail. I decided to look for a natural solution and discovered this site. I read through the recommendations/comments and decided to try Butt Paste and I am so glad I did.

I first bought a red tube of Butt Paste that is max strength extra protection (40% zinc and free from dyes, parabens, preservatives, talc). As soon as I put it on, it felt like a fire went out. Within 2-3 hours, at least 50% was gone, bumps and all. I used it 2x a day; within 3 days, 90% of the grovers was gone.

I read another recommendation that said he used diaper rash cream before doing activities like working out, running, walking, etc. So I did the same using a lighter version of Butt Paste (16% zinc).

It's been two weeks and 98-99% of the Grovers is gone. The one with 40% zinc is the true healer.

Do not try to rub the Butt Paste off - it will cause a grover's flair up (that happened to me). To get the Butt Paste off, my doctor recommended mineral oil. I bought Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil, which is mineral oil. I put some on a piece of cotton and gently dab it over the diaper rash cream and it disappears. I then take a shower.

I also started taking a zinc supplement a few days ago, thinking it might help to keep the Grovers away. I bought Thorne, Zinc Picolinate 30mg. I take one a day.

I hope this information helps.

Cilantro, Zinc Oxide, Turmeric
Posted by Roberta (NYC) on 10/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I'm following up on my posts from April 2021 to report I am still miraculously free of Grovers since the end of April 2021. I want to share my recovery after suffering terribly with it since onset in September 2020. I believe stress brought on my Grovers. I had tried Chinese medicine, a slew of steroid creams from dermatologists and nothing worked. Then I found this site and tried the cilantro smoothie route and zinc oxide to put on the skin to stop itching. I began to improve immediately. Then I added oral turmeric to my treatment. Although not a natural treatment, my dermatologist suggested trying an injection of Biological Dupixent, which was initially used to treat psoriasis. After one injection I had slight improvement which did not last. I took a second one six weeks later and all my Grovers went away. I did not take any further injections and stopped cilantro and didn't need zinc oxide bc I had no more rashes. I am still clear six months later. I use olive oil soap and Dove. I hope all this helps those suffering from Grovers currently.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Teena (Victoria) on 10/28/2021 235 posts

Cilantro removes the heavy metals in the body/va$$ines. Know this truth and get back to health. Add vitamin C, D3 and milk thistle to support your liver and immune system

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Magnolia (US) on 10/27/2021

Eat some cilantro everyday. Many reports of this helping Grovers. Some people do not like it or for some reason cannot eat it, but if possible, try it - look for cases on this site for positive reports of it. Good luck!

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Ken (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada ) on 10/26/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I too got Grovers disease after Pfizer Vaccine. 3-4weeks after 2nd shot. About 4months now I have endured this debilitating disease. I had a biopsy from my dermatologist which of course confirmed Grovers. Will not have the booster they want me to have. Had 19 treatments of light therapy with no improvement. Lack of sleep is a big thing for me and life has taken a big dip in the quality that I was used to. Taking Zinc Oxide, Tea Tree oil, many creams and Blexten Antihistamine. Slight improvement but still covered in rashes. Don't know where to go from here, but I was inspired to be able to share with others.

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Patricia (FL) on 09/23/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I got Grovers Disease from the Shingles Vaccine.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Teena (Victoria) on 08/27/2021 235 posts

The folks at EC found years ago that cilantro is the remedy for grovers. Take some every day. We couldn't work out if it was detoxing heavy metals that cause the skin condition, as cilantro is an excellent chelator, or the large amounts of vitamin A that are within. But it works. Take cilantro internally daily, take a clean bunch, cover with boiling water, cover to keep the therapeutic steam and oils. Steep twenty minutes. If you don't like the taste take capsules 🌱

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lauren (Colorado) on 08/25/2021


Your comment was one of the most recent I could locate on this thread. I was diagnosed about a month or so ago; have been in flare up about 4 months now. I tried the predisone route; no change. I am trying to clean up my diet and use natural products. Nothing is working. I am worse. I am in pain. The burning and itching is taking over my life. Do you have any suggestions? What has worked for you?

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Gi9gles (OR) on 07/11/2021 2 posts

Update: I still have Grover's ( 7 months). But I am still working on healing my body to get rid of it. Also, I was able to find a place to report my symptoms to the CDC I believe. The website is thru the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The link is There is also information about filing a claim after you submit. I also read an article recently that stated that dermatologist know that the shingles vaccine can cause Grover's disease but they don't tell you that so if you are at that age to get the Shingles vaccine ask questions before you get it. The link to that article is

Grover's Disease Triggered by Vaccine
Posted by Rita (California) on 06/15/2021

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for posting, and sharing your story, regarding your personal experience with Grover's Disease diagnosis, as well as the possibility that Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine, may have caused your Full Body Rash.

Here is an update as of 6/15/21:

My husband has now seen a second dermatologist, and a very good one. She was quite taken aback by the FULL BODY RASH on my husband's body, that she immediately left the patient's room, to bring in a parade of other doctors for a second opinion. The other doctors confirmed it was "not" Grovers Disease, per their personal observation, and they were very matter of fact. She, and the other doctors suggested a second biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, since the first biopsy was sent to a local lab in our town. She preferred a biopsy test from UCSF Lab (California), one of the best in our state/country. The results came back, and it is "not" GD. However, it was very similar to the first biopsy, which is good, that both biopsy tests, were aligned. Just to be clear, the first dermatologist who diagnosed GD, was by observation only. But now, we have both both biopsy tests results, which have been confirmed otherwise.

At the end of our appt., w/the doctor, I asked if she has seen any other patients with a full body rash like this, after taking the Covid-19 Vaccine? She replied, she has seen several patients, since the Covid-19 Vaccine, but only with smaller arm rashes, and nothing like this.

My husband's biopsy report is as follows: Spongiotic dermatitis, and is not fungal. Spongiotic dermatitis, includes Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Drug Eruption, Arthropod, Bite Reaction, and Autoimmune Vesiculobullous Disease (such as Bullous Pemphigoid).

The only two possibilities on this list, is "Allergic Contact Dermatitis" and "Drug Eruption". We don't believe the others relate, due to the description of the rash. Although we haven't a clue what my husband may have come in contact with topically, that could have caused his full body rash per Contact dermatitis. As, he is pretty much, a "creature of habit". Just to be safe, we have changed laundry soap, body soap, shampoos, and even bought new quality sheets. And also washed all of his clothing. His body products are the same that he has always used, and has never had a reaction to any. Which he keeps very simple.

As far as the "Drug Eruption" diagnosis - it does seem to point to the Pfizer Vaccination. As my husband does not take any prescriptions, and only an occasional Aleve, with no side effect ever! Also, after doing my own research, it appears vaccines, and drugs can cause a "Severe Rash". I suggest checking the list of ingredients of Pfizer Vaccine, as we did, which is provided by CDC online.

Also, I want to add one other body contact w/heat, that I neglected to mention in a previous thread, which is an "Electric Blanket". The blanket is turned on, only to pre-heat the bed, prior to bedtime (approx., 20 min before), and is turned off, before actually getting into bed. However, the blanket is still electrically plugged in while sleeping.

Elizabeth, I see you used a heating pad, which triggered my memory of the electric blanket.

The two prescriptions given, to help with his body rash are both Topical Ointments; Clobetasol Propionate, and Triamcinolone.

Of course, my husband is using these meds, out of "pure desperation". As I mentioned before, he never takes prescriptions, so this was a difficult decision for him. The Clobetasol, was to be applied for 2-3 days only. (As it only comes in a small tube, and can not be prescribed again for 30 days, in order for insurance to cover). The 1st medication seemed to be clearing the rash, but when he ran out of it, and then begin using Triamcinolone (per doctors instruction), new bumps appeared, and the rash started spreading. One week later, after seeing this, she gave him a cortisone shot, and instructed continue use of the 2nd medication, until the next follow up appt., which is next week.

Elizabeth, I too wish there was a way to create a safe place for others who may be experiencing the same rash/side effect, and may suspect Covid-19 Vaccination. Earth Clinic is an excellent site for starters, and hopefully others will find this site helpful to share their own story.

Please, anyone experiencing a similar situation, or side effects of a Full Body Rash, after receiving the Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccination, we hope you'll share your story here.

Thank you,


FYI: Here's a website per our doctor- Assistance, for anyone having side effects from Vaccine, contact, VSafe.

Also, after reporting our health situation/side effects to the CDC, here is their response to my letter, and link for assistance, Please see other links below.

Dear Ms F-----,

Thank you for contacting CDC. We are sorry about the symptoms you experienced after the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Hypersensitivity reactions such as rash have been reported following administration of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine outside of clinical trials (see Commonly reported side effects after COVID vaccine include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, nausea, and injection site pain, redness, and swelling (see

We recommend that you follow-up with your healthcare provider. As policy, CDC does not offer clinical guidance for a specific patient, and recommends questions and decisions regarding the clinical care and management of a patient be discussed with the patient's healthcare provider. Such patient management requires familiarity with a patient's medical history, the ability to physically examine the patient, as well as clinical laboratory testing to obtain a fuller picture of the patient's clinical situation. These factors are beyond CDC's ability to provide, and for those reasons, we recommend you discuss your concerns with your son's healthcare provider.

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to report your symptoms after vaccination to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) or ask your healthcare provider to report it. Reports to VAERS are important to help CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) detect new or unusual adverse events or patterns that could indicate a problem with vaccines. Instructions for reporting are available at


CDC Immunization Safety Office staff

Atlanta, GA