Grover's Disease Remedies

Posted by Bob C (Savannah, Ga) on 03/27/2018
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Grover's Disease OTC Itching control that works for me:

I just found this site a few hours ago and wanted to pass on what is working for me. I haven't read all the posts but I am thankful that this site exists and you all post to try and help each other.

Although I have had intense itching for over 4 months, I only received the results of a biopsy confirming Grovers about a month ago. My dermatologist recommended Gold Bond Relief Lotion with 3% Salicylic Acid. It is an over the counter lotion that works for her other Grovers' patients and it is available at Walmart and Target for under $10. Supposedly other drug stores carry it at a higher price but I have not been able to find it.

The salicylic acid lotion works almost immediately for about 6 hours most of the time. A second application over the first application works, but not nearly as effective as immediately following a shower or bath. (I have read reports that bathing submerged for at least 5 min is best, but a shower works for me.)

A few days ago I tried A&D ointment and that worked great in suppressing the itching the one time that I tried it. Going bare chested without a shirt is also very effective in extending the time duration after applying the Salicylic Acid.

The dermatologist prescribed the antihistamine Hydroxyzine HCL 25mg. Although the direction is for 1 pill, I take 1/2 a pill before bed and I usually sleep through the night without waking up itching. I also have a prescription for 6% Salicylic Acid cream but the cream and lotion have been discontinued (not FDA approved). I tried the 6% gel, but it makes me light headed and since the 3% works I am happy to stay with it.

Good luck .... I hope this helps someone.

Vitamin A
Posted by Christine (Ny) on 03/25/2018

He may be referring to Dr. Danzig. I hear his name mentioned constantly in correlation with Grover's and he is located in Manhattan.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Mmcmkj (Roseville, Ca) on 03/19/2018
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I've had a Grover's Disease on and off for 3 years - it was always really mild and went away after a week or two. I've had a horrible outbreak since October 2017 - Its been 5+ months of the most horrible itching from my feet to my neck. I can't sleep and I have bruises all over my body from itching. My dermatologist put me on topical steroids combined with Sarna, both did very little to provide relief. I know from reading lots of posts that many of you have had to endure this disease for years and I am so sorry for you.

This weekend I noticed that I got worse after drinking red wine; I started searching to see if anyone else had the same problem and I found this site. I can't tell you how happy I am that it validated my findings! Wine and anything else with sulfites are now banished from my diet. I also love the advice on eating Cilantro to help/cure the symptoms. Luckily I LOVE Cilantro so I can't wait to go to the store tonight and buy bunches of Cilantro!

I'm very hopeful and I'll report back in a few day on if this remedy works for me or not ......fingers crossed!

Salt Baths
Posted by Jim C. (Santa Rosa, Ca, Usa) on 03/10/2018

I am an ancient avid male swimmer just contacted Grovers. Does anyone know if swimming in a chlorine water pool is definitely counter productive? Staying in shape is also important and yes Grovers is a big pain/itch in the back.

How about this new Salt-only pool purification, anyone had help swimming in that sort of pool water?

Vitamin A
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/26/2018 235 posts

That is great Ellen that your determination to cure your Grover's Disease led you to sharing your success at using vitamin A and oregano oil to alleviate healing symptoms. I'm sure you will help many.

To continued good health.

Vitamin A
Posted by Ellen (Long Island Ny) on 02/24/2018

Hi All

so to add to my concern about my vit a concerns about toxicity, My symptoms which were the worst I have ever had since diagnosis in 2010 have subsided. I took 50,000 in of vit A for exactly 10 days. I then remembered I also took an 8 day course of oil of oregano orally at the same time because my itching/ scratching got so bad I was afraid of infection. Now that my symptoms have subsided.......knock wood.....not sure what helped. Confused. Will wait to see if it comes back and will try one remedy at a time.

Vitamin A
Posted by Ellen (New York) on 02/19/2018

Thank you for your response. Have been taking the Vit A, 50,000 iu for the last 7 days. I actually do think it actually might be helping. Still using anti-itch cream, but fingers crossed, the rash is subsiding. Hoping I haven't just jinxed myself. Going to continue vit A for 3 more days and then stop. I will see what happens. Thank you so much for your input. -Ellen

Vitamin A
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 02/15/2018

Dear Ellen,

You have expressed concern about vitamin A toxicity when using large amounts of vitamin A to try to resolve Grover's Disease.

What about trying carrot juice? Carrot juice has large amounts of vitamin A. And vitamins derived from foods tend to be more readily used by the body. Carrot juice is also helpful to those with many chronic health problems. For therapeutic purposes, sometimes several cups a day are consumed, but since it can have a laxative effect in large amounts, you might want to start with less and work up to more.

Burdock root is a blood purifier and useful to treat chronic diseases as well. I took it for months, 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 with lunch to treat neuropahty with success.

~Mama to Many~

Vitamin A
Posted by Ellen C (Long Island, Ny) on 02/14/2018

Thank you to you Grover's Disease sufferers for this blog. I have been looking for something to treat this annoying and life-interrupting disease. This winter's eruption is my worst ever. Belly and back covered and sooooo itchy. Went back to the Derm MD and got nowhere. Still prescribing steroidal cream which never helps and tells me to moisturize. Ugh! I am at my whits ends with a solution. Like you all, I have tried everything. Only relief I got was from jojoba oil mixed with peppermint essential oil for the itch. The pimply bumps remained. I am going to try the Vitamin A regimen. I, too, am afraid of the high dose toxicity. I am consulting knowledgeable vitamin people about this but want to make sure. I am also going to give a good zinc oxide cream a try. I do get relief in the summer months so while I have been thinking it might be the help of the salt water, it also might be the zinc oxide in my sunscreen. Can't hurt. Tried everything else. Any updates on the Vit A toxicity would be greatly appreciated.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Jim (Champaign, Ilinois) on 02/11/2018

Gary, I read your post and could not have described life better than you just did. I am an orthopedic surgeon and have wonderful access to any and all aspects of our medical care system and that has not helped me at all. The dermatologists, God bless them, have not been helpful. This problem leaves now single guy like me feeling hopeless when it comes to dating. I continue to read and try to learn about it and try new remedies. That is where I'm at.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Grain-free (Toronto, On) on 01/30/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I honestly didn't think it was possible, but Grover's, which I have had for years (especially on my abdomen), has completely cleared up over the past 10 days. NO MORE DEBILITATING ITCH, no more raided bumps, no more discomfort, no more embarrassment. I eliminated grains from my diet (began a Paleo way of eating, but still eating some dairy) and almost immediately my condition improved. I also began using a diaper rash cream for the itch and thought it may have contributed to my improved condition, but while it dealt with the itch the Grover's was still there. The last few days, I stopped using the cream and the Grover's hasn't reappeared. I highly recommend trying to give up grains. No grains = no Grover's (for me). Just had to share.

Vitamin D
Posted by Christine (Chandler, Az) on 01/29/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 46.5 year old female who lives in AZ. I have had Grover's since October 2016. Severe case, started on both arms, went to chest, back, thighs, legs.. I had it neck to ankle for 10 out of 12 months. For the 2 months I had it only on my chest and hips.

I cured myself, after a very long 14 months with a severe case. I started taking high quality Vit D for hair loss, 4500 IU per day, some days I take an extra 1500 IU just because. It was a tip I received from my cousin, her daughter has severe alopecia the doctor used it to get it under control. I don't have alopecia, but wanted to give it a try.

After 2 weeks almost half of my rash was gone, after 30 days the rash was gone. It has been 80ish days, no rash at all. First time in 16 months. No doctor, no article I have read said to try Vit D; they all said B6/B12. I never though I would be thankful for hair loss, but now I am!!

FYI My blood work in 2016 showed my Vit D was in the normal range, low end, but normal. If you are in the normal range, take it any way and get your Vit K checked to ensure that level is good bc if your Vit K is not working correctly your body will not absorb the Vit D.

Low Vit D drives auto immune issues. When I looked at the list of what Vit D deficiency can do to a woman's body, sure men too, I about fell over. I wondered WHY this is not a standard practice for someone who develops Grover's. I tried soo much crap, it really infuriates me that it was this simple. My rash was horrid.

I do not know how to get this information out there, I am going to post it where ever I can.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Sherry (Scottsdale) on 01/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Grover's Disease:

I purchased a Diaper Rash Cream with zinc oxide yesterday and rubbed it on my affected areas. When I woke up this morning, the rash is almost gone. I would recommend this.

Vitamin A
Posted by Marcella (Newport Beach, Ca) on 01/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I was recently having a flareup of Grovers over the past 3 - 4 months on both shoulders and upper arms. The itching was maddening and while I had had a couple of other outbreaks of grovers in the past on chest and back, I had not experienced the itching before. And the symetrical upper arms and shoulders was new as well. So I came back to this forum to read about folks experiences and was reminded about the coconut oil which I had some success with in the past and started applying to the areas twice daily. I dont find that coconut oil abates grovers for me but that it calms it down and helps with itching immensely. Then after seeing the prior posts about Vitamin A I thought I would do that as well. I already take 75,000 iu of Vitamin A daily - I have had surgery that makes me malabsorb Vit-A so I take this high dose to begin with but went ahead and upped to one more pill and have been taking 100,000 iu daily almost two weeks now and the grovers and itchiness is about 95% gone. This was a life saver for me after months of suffering.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Hawks (Tampa, Fl) on 01/25/2018

I was told that the sun and heat was a major cause of the flair up. Is the sun helping you?

Vitamin D3
Posted by Sherry (Scottsdale) on 01/25/2018

I was just diagnosed with Grover's disease today, after months of treatment for eczema and follicular is. Nothing worked. I will try the Vit D3. Thanks for the info!

Vitamin A
Posted by Sherry (Scottsdale) on 01/25/2018

i was just diagnosed with Grover's today. I will try your Vit A therapy tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Wayne (Switzerland) on 01/24/2018

Hey Gary,

I have had GD since I turned 42... so for 27 years. I tried a lot of creams recommended by the skin specialists, but they were largely ineffective. Last winter I tried UV treatment at the local hospital. After a few weeks it really helped and right through summer I sat in the sun with just shorts on. The rash almost disappeared and at the end of summer 2017, I could not see it. Then in December I caught the flu and immediately the rash reappeared on my stomach and chest and a bit on my lower back. I always use a cream after showering after my workouts (5 days a week) and the rash has become less visible again. I am thinking of buying a UV lamp to use at home rather than go to the hospital and stand in the UV rays for 5 minutes, 3 times a week. The UV must be UVB Narrow Band TL01. I think it might be better than creams. I also agree with the people on this site, it could be food related - so it is better to find the cause rather than treat the symptoms. It is worth a try.

Posted by Rob (Virginia Beach, Va) on 01/23/2018 1 posts

Hi, I'm a 47 year old male who was recently diagnosed with Grover's disease. I have had flare ups off and on for over 3 years, but this latest one is by far the worst. Prior to being diagnosed with Grover's, I was prescribed prednisone by my GP. It seemed to help but did not completely disappear. My dermatologist diagnosed Grover's by biopsy, and prescribed hydrocortisone for the itch.

I recently stumbled across an article about an ingredient in Turmeric called Curcumin that seems to help in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. While researching Curcumin I've found that it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties similar to prednisone, along with powerful antioxidants. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using Curcumin in the treatment Grover's disease.


Oregano Herb
Posted by Barrie (South Island, New Zealand) on 01/22/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had suffered from Grover's disease for about a year. My doctor couldn't tell me what it was but a specialist diagnosed it. Somewhere I read that Oregano oil relieved a sufferer, I bought some and found it too strong. However I went out to my herb garden and ate 3 leaves off my Oregano herb. It is very pungent. 3 leaves (and they are very small) twice a day after meals. And now after about 4 weeks I am almost clear from this constant itch which was driving me mad. I want to tell the whole world. For me I have gone 95% totally clear.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Karen D (Memphis, Tn) on 01/18/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Re a gluten-free diet for Grover's Disease--

As I have come to learn it isn't the wheat as much as it is the YEAST in the breads, cakes, pasta etc. to include alcoholic beverages and fermented foods such as pickles, sauerkraut, Kombucha, even vinegar-based salad dressings which I love.

I eliminated gluten from my diet 2 years ago which I thought was the answer. Yet I still had mild flare-ups especially in the winter and have now had to eliminate the fermented foods, vinegar, and red wine. This is working for me and the symptoms are reduced and I believe this will do it.

Coconut oil applied topically does remove the itching completely. I am hopeful that monitoring my diet will keep this under control. If it continues the next thing will be to have all of my mercury-laden amalgam fillings removed from my teeth.

Food Allergy Elimination
Posted by Gia (Fairfield) on 01/15/2018

Hi Deborah,

I also have been diagnosed with Grover's (on sight, no biopsy, though). Dermatologist said there's no cure and no clear cause, and she gave me some steroid cream that doesn't work. I went to see a naturopath and she put me for now on an autoimmune protocol diet while she awaits the food allergy test results. Did you find it difficult to give up the foods you are allergic to? Any tips would be appreciated! I am hoping for a good result....

Thanks for your post! It gives me hope!


Vitamin D3
Posted by Jack (Nebr) on 12/16/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Liquid vitamin D-3 400 IU, RUB on skin for relief! I do this twice daily, it really keeps the itching and the red bumps down. Best thing I have found to date. I use a lot more than the 4 drop dosage topically.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Gary (Danville, Kentucky) on 12/13/2017

Not sure if any are reading these posts now its' Dec 2017. I was diagnosed with Grovers in the late 1990's. I'm a single male in my now late 40's. Seems hard to pin point what the cause is. I didnt have the issue until after going on a cruise to the Bahamas in the 90's not sure if that had anything to do with it., the Sun, intense heat, being fair skinned getting burnt etc.. but regardless went to my family doc, went through the ringer of things including at one point they thought it was Aids... that freaked me out and I'm like How is that possible...? but all test came back negative. and was eventually told I had Grovers. I went to a dermo for years.. never got any long term cure.

for me.. mine seems to pop up the worse in Nov to Dec in the cold months so through winter I have a major issue with it. it seems to always be there, but in the cold months it's much worse and I break out on my upper and lower back and same for chest stomach area. Try being single with this going on and trying to date.. ugh... Rare that I go without a shirt, in the spring an summer my symptoms are not as I am trying to figure it out.. cold months, heat in the house drying out skin? I was told by the dermo to use lotion after getting out of the shower. pat dry and lotion up.. I have done that for years.

Skip to now.. I can't afford to see a dermo, haven't been since 2008. I don't have health insurance, cant afford it and my job doesn't offer any. So I go to the health dept. they can only do so much but for the past 4 or 5 years. I have been prescribed and using a topical cream (Trimcinolone Acetonide cream 0.1%) and also they will do about a 3 month prescription of Doxycycline Mono 100mg twice daily. neither have made the Grovers go away but make life somewhat tolerable.

Unfortunately the Antibiotic (Doxy) if taken for long periods have caused yeast infections which in turn make you have to take something for that and yes men can get yeast infections just like women its just not as common and its not pleasant either. So I don't take the Doxy as prescribed but the health dept cant do anymore then they have other than refer me to a Dermatologist which would be an out of pocket expense.. having to pay for prescriptions out of pocket is bad enough with no insurance. I'm just tired of the condition.

My diet is the same all year long so I can't see why in the cold months if flares up in the worse way. I don't smoke, I don't drink... if I do its just very rare on a special occasion... like New Years or something.. but I dont drink Wine at all... I have made notes on all the posts and may try some of the things you all have tried to see if I can get some more permanent relief.. just to have the rash to be gone and less itching / irritation (i do my best not to scratch) would be a life changer... last person I dated said it looked like I had Chicken Pox... Major Ego Boost.... lol.. Not...

The one thing that helps is knowing I'm not alone and there are more people out there than I thought that was dealing with this. Most seem to not know about nor never heard of Grovers but I suppose if you don't have it you would. Best of luck to you all in your quest for a cure or relief. I have wondered if you can be treated for Chicken Pox would the same medicine used for that work for Grovers??

Food Allergy Elimination
Posted by Marise M. (Sydney) on 12/11/2017

Thank you, thank you! I will try your suggestions.

Posted by Anna (Uk) on 11/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Grovers disease - I use Magnesium sulphate and this helps.

Medicinal Mushrooms
Posted by Francesco (Vittorio Veneto (ita)) on 10/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all, at first sorry for my poor english (I'm italian). It is a long time I suffer for grover disease (years), up to a month ago. that time a gave a try to medicinal mushrooms, rieshi and shiitake. Make sure pills are composed of extract PLUS powder of the mushroom, both of them. Take 4 grams per day each mushroom, 2 grams breakfast and other 2 at dinner. Results may arrive in 2 weeks, amazing!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sysya (Highland, Ca) on 09/22/2017

The Only thing that worked for me has been accutane (you need a prescription)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kathy (London, Ky) on 09/13/2017

How was the outcome longterm?

Posted by Penny (Fl) on 09/04/2017

How did the paste work for you? I live in South Florida and had already thought a saltwater swimming pool would be a nice addition to the house. Its better for anyone's skin, than chlorine treated pool water. Thanks.

Vitamin D3
Posted by Jenny (Nsw Australia) on 08/21/2017

Unfortunately I got no relief from this

Vitamin A
Posted by Lynn (New Zealand) on 08/09/2017

Hi Pet,

I am interested in trying your Vitamin A dose to heal Grovers. I have had Chronic Grovers for nearly 2 years and would do just about anything to fix it. However, I have read that high doses of preformed (supplemental) Vit A can be toxic and quite dangerous. I would be interested to know how you are doing now and if the process continues to heal and are you now on the daily maintenance dose you stated? Thanks and all the best.

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 07/10/2017

Hi Lynn,

For sure....! We were frequently advised by parents when growing up on our small island in the pre-historic era to take our skin problems into the surrounding sea water for an inexpensive treatment. Seemed to work a treat. We are prone to being somewhat cynical of things touted as being simple or free but it is frequently in the mind I reckon. My ears and sinus condition also improved if I tried a bit of diving, as long as I pretended to be a dog when exiting the water by shaking my head about a bit to drain the ears, much to the amusement of my friends and on-lookers. This was the brief period in my life when I cared what people thought of me! Only when I got a perforated ear drum was I cautioned not to go swimming for a whole year. If you try out the usual hot pools though, you ought not to duck under unless they are certified as being safe to do so. The offending amoeba is also present in parts of the States as well as New Zealand (in case any Americans are reading this! ). Our grandparents knew a thing or two or three!

Cheers, Michael

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Usa) on 07/09/2017

Two cents : histamine creates itching and Dr. Batmanghelidj in his water cures books wrote that histamine is a SIGNAL that the water/ mineral system in the body is out of balance. Sometimes the digestive tract is short of enzymes or acids and cannot break down ingested items we intake. The skin absorbs whatever it comes into contact with .

Posted by Lynn (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 07/08/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, Lynn from new Zealand here. Diagnosed with Grovers disease 20 months ago. Have had every steroid cream, OTC creams, lotions and potions, Acetretin and Tetracycline drugs that exist! Or so it seems. Nothing really ever "fixed" the problem. Intense itching and spots, sleepless nights and miserable.

HOWEVER, I recently went on an extended holiday in Bali and swam 2-3 times a day in seawater. Over a short period the rash and itch improved and almost disappeared. Then I went on to Malysia where the seawater was too polluted for swimming. Swam in hotel pools, rash returned . It got me thinking about seawater so I researched this well. Found a site and read the story of Richard L who has cured his Grovers with seaweed powder. I made a paste and applied it afer showering, leave on for 15 minutes and then shower off. Do this for quite some time and he claims his grovers is gone. I'm trying this now.

Also am going to hot pools nearby that are seawater heated by heat exchange, so natural. Skin feels much better afetr each swim and rash and itch DEFINITELY improving. I'll do this for the rest of my life if it gets rid of the Grovers and makes life bearable. Any others found seawater can help?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Leigh (Tucson, Az) on 06/23/2017

Hello, I use the Oregano straight, without diluting. You should find that just a drop massaged into the eruption will relieve the pain. It's also important to maintain very moist skin. Best to make your own moisturizer using ONLY oils such as avocado, coconut, black seed oil, lecithin, etc. One thing that is missing on the EC website is a differentiation of various types of acantholytic dermatosis (Grover's). Most people have the "transient" variety, which does tend to run it's course and eventually resolve. Mine is "focal" which is chronic. Also, most people are attempting to treat this as a "rash". In fact, it is a cellular defect or faulty programming of the skin cells. As my doc explained: "The cells forget how to bind together, creating a fissure in the skin." Sounds horrible, but you can see why this cannot be treated as a rash. The best we can do at this time is to try to soothe the skin and keep it supple. Hope the drops help! Lorraine

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jillian (Eramus) on 06/14/2017

My DH is 74 years old and on a corticosteroid inhaler for emphysema. This stuff has thinned his skin & he has crusty patches that he picks at. One ear practically has a hole in it and it's in his sideburns/beard. Would neem oil help? We've tried acv, vco, oregano oil, colloidal silver, d3 and so much else. I know that his skin sheds toxins b/c he'll get red spots on his back when he has a lung infection--we always know before the dr does. We work on his nutrition but it's hard since he hardly has energy to eat at all and can't chew the raw stuff. We do fix him bone broth and plenty of veg's, low sugar. He can't stop the inhaler or he won't breathe at all. If neem will help, just mix w/ olive oil or something and apply? Thanks.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kate (Maryland) on 06/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

There have been many comments regarding dietary changes (both pro & Con), coconut oil and other topical aides. I would just like to share a few suggestions that have had a very positive long term impact on people suffering chronic extreme skin conditions including Grover's.

1. While the dietary changes may not create an instant 'cure' for your skin condition, eliminating known inflammatory foods and foods with a high sensitivity reaction (i.e. wheat, artificial sweeteners, dyes and chemical ingredients) will improve your over-all health and reduce your whole body inflammation making you less susceptible to flare ups of any dormant condition.

2. Coconut oil can be very usually has an impact on skin repair due to it's anti-bacterial properties. I am a huge fan of both the topical and oral benefits of coconut oil but do be careful about extensive long term topical use as some people actually end up with extremely dry skin after repeated daily use...the rash will be gone but the skin will be dry.

3. Probiotics- If there is any bacterial imbalance or lack of beneficial bacteria your immune system will be less than optimal...again, setting you up for a flare up of anything dormant in your system. If you have taken anti-biotics, had a stomach virus or a colonoscopy in the past year then you will benefit from use of a good probiotic.

4. Neem Oil. This stuff stinks to high heaven (unless you are a garlic lover) BUT the healing properties are can be used directly on a severe skin outbreak of any kind (acne, psoriasis, dermatitis of any kind including Grovers) or a few drops can be added to a carrier oil, shampoo or other body care product.

5. Support your skin from the inside out...if you are older and have 'fragile' skin, or are of any age with moderate to severe dry skin you can support the health of your skin with any of the following supplements (or foods)- Skin Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Bone Broth or high Quality bone broth protein (for the collagen) and Astaxanthin.

Stop using body care products that contain chemical ingredients...keep it simple so that you don't end up making your skin worse!

Almost everyone that I have ever worked with to heal a skin issue has had success after working with a combination of these lifestyle changes, body care and supplementation.

Eliminating Sulfites
Posted by Carol (Canton, Connecticut) on 05/12/2017

Not sure the alcohol is completely the cause of Grover's disease. I have never had a drink, not even in college, and have suffered with the disease for the past fifteen years. I have spent way too much time in the sun, however. Oddly, sun exposure helps with outbreaks. This is a very frustrating disease and seems to react differently in every individual. I also tested negatively for any gluten intolerance.

Diaper Rash Cream
Posted by John (Panama City, Fl) on 05/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was just diagnosed with Grover's disease after a biopsy of some bumps, turns out I've had mild cases for over 10 years. The intense itching only appeared this year. Over the counter creams seamed to work before, this year they didn't work. I tried Witch Hazel, Epson salt in 'hot' baths, mixtures of natural oils and Melaleuca oils, and others. Years ago my brother had a massive case of jock itch (he's a painter, in the sun and sweats a lot), he works for a local Pharmacy owner. After discussing his issue with him, the Pharmacist suggested "Butt Paste" developed mainly for diaper rash. It gave me immediate relief, three days with a few applications each day. I also found Max Freeze at Walmart has an immediate cooling effect and seems to overpower the itching.

Food Allergy Elimination
Posted by Shari (Ca) on 04/18/2017

Deborah - Please add my name to the growing list of Grovers Disease sufferers who would like to know more about this home food allergy test. I'm desperate!

EC: Do any of our EC frequent contributors know of a home food allergy test?

Food Allergy Elimination
Posted by Amy (Mpls, Mn) on 04/17/2017

Please let me know where you obtained the allergy at-home testing kit. I would love to achieve the same results you are experiencing.

Diaper Rash Cream
Posted by Emma (Va) on 04/11/2017

Please let me know what specific diaper rash cream!!! Desperate here!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Vonnie (Wyoming) on 04/02/2017

You are supposed to dilute Oregano Essential. It works wonders, but it is very harsh if used without dilution.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Christine (Chandler, Az) on 03/29/2017

Thank you so much for your post. I am a 45 year old female recently diagnosed and my rash was as severe as yours. Crazy nightmare.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Christine (Chandler, Az) on 03/29/2017

Thank you so much for your post. I am a 45 year old female recently diagnosed and my rash was as severe as yours. Crazy nightmare.

Replace Metal Fillings
Posted by Dan (Philadelphia, Pa.) on 03/27/2017

I had bilateral knee surgery last June and after the implants I noticed the rash and last week it was confirmed by biopsy? Do you have any other information about metals introduced into the body causing Grovers?

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