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Top Home Remedies for Genital Warts

| Modified on Nov 19, 2023

Genital warts are a common sexually transmitted infection that is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The HPV virus affects the tissues of the genitalia. The top home remedies for genital warts include apple cider vinegar and crushed aspirin, according to thousands of posts from Earth Clinic readers over the past 20 years.

What Are Genital Warts?

Warts can appear too small to be visible, but appearance can range from small, flesh-colored bumps, to large with a cauliflower-like appearance. Not all strains of HPV will cause genital warts, but some forms of the HPV virus can additionally cause cervical cancer, so it's an STD of substantial concern. HPV is spread through sexual contact, but the immune system usually kills and prevents HPV from developing signs and symptoms.

Warts can occur on the vulva, the walls of the vagina, the anus, the cervix, and the area around the external genitalia in women. They can also occur on the tip or shaft of the penis, the scrotum, or on the anus in men.

Genital warts can also grow in the mouth or throat after oral sexual contact with an infected area. Other genital warts symptoms are gray swellings in the genital area, itching, and discomfort, and bleeding with intercourse.

Top Home Remedies for Genital Warts

Apple Cider Vinegar

On Earth Clinic, the most popular natural treatment for GW is apple cider vinegar used alone or with a DIY aspirin paste.

Tea Tree Oil

Research has shown that tea tree oil might be an effective remedy for genital warts. Tea tree oil is an essential oil found to be useful against fungus and bacteria.

Raw Garlic & Other Remedies

Garlic is another popular remedy on Earth Clinic. So is banana peel, which has been used as a general wart remedy for decades! Other readers have had success with remedies like colloidal silver, L-Lysine, and tea tree oil to kill the HPV virus.

Continue reading for extensive feedback from our readers, and let us know what worked for you!

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Genital Wart Advice

Posted by Wendy (Culver City, California, Usa) on 03/22/2013

HPV or Human Papilloma Virus belongs to a group of viruses that affect the skin and mucous membranes of human beings. It can be easily spread by skin to skin contact. The common treatment for this virus has not been found yet and it is not possible to get rid of the virus completely. The aim of treatment is to improve the immune system of the individual. Curing hpv, also called human papilloma virus or venereal wart, can only be achieved through strengthening the body's resistant system.

Person suffering from the disease should maintain a healthy lifestyle. To live clean and strengthen immune system are very important. Living with HPV is much easier if you have a healthy body. This prevents the warts from recurring. Intake of vegetables especially Cruciferous vegetables which includes cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli and citrus fruits should be increased with minimizing intake of sugars, caffine and refined foods. Herbs such as Echinacea, Phyllanthus emblica, Hyperisince Mysorense are known to boost immunity. Most plants of the Hypericum family have also been studied to have anti-viral effects.

Replied by Rene

So, if I think I have warts, it is just itchy there, but no bumps. It's been like 6 weeks. I put some Apple Cider Vinegar and it burns like crazy...if I have no warts will it still sting? Please say yes. lol

Replied by Jad2112
(El Paso, Tx)

If it's simply itchy, it's very hard to say if it's GW or not. ACV will indeed burn whether or not you have warts (the acid will burn the top layer of skin off with frequent exposure to the vinegar), so I think you're safe. HPV can be very difficult to detect with standard STD tests, but one way to find out if you do have GWs is to apply the ACV with a cotton ball (with or without an adhesive to keep it in place) and leave it on for about 30 minutes to an hour. When you remove the cotton ball, check any skin that was in contact with the ACV for any whiteness. A white tint to your skin can be indicative of unseen, underdeveloped GWs. Even if you do see white, just continue with an ACV treatment method (basically the same process described above) for a few days, or until you no longer see white spots. ACV genuinely works with this, you just need to be diligent with your ACV application (change out the cotton ball every hour-hour and a half consecutively), and be sure to clean the affected area after each application, preferably with a shower followed by a healthy dose of hydrogen peroxide to the affected area before reapplication of ACV. You can also take vitamins and drink some of the ACV before bed each night, although I honestly didn't do these things and still had very positive results, it definitely wouldn't hurt. Hope this helps :)

Replied by Someoneelse
(Someplace Earth)

Sounds like fungal issue to me. Try using Athletes foot cream twice a day for 1 week. I bet it goes away. Keep clean and DRY.

Replied by Jillery
(Durtham, Nc)
88 posts

could also be lichen sclerosis. I went 5 yrs with this before I was diagnosed correctly. look under LS.

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Comment (Chicago, Illinois) on 10/23/2011

Does anyone have experience trying to use apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) with a case of warts as massive as the following? I am scheduled for surgery in 14 days, but the warts are growing so fast right now that in 7 days they have gone from being an invisible cauliflower-like mass inside the anus to a cookie-sized mass jutting outside of the rectum, stuck between the utt checks visibly and threatening to keep growing beyond the confines of the cheeks next. My surgeon and doctor have refused to shrink the mass in between my colonoscopy (which fortunately showed no cancer inside anywhere) and the surgery in two weeks, and said it's too large for topical medicines, etc. I was only diagnosed in August, immediately scheduled the earliest possible laser treatment, and have been unable to get laser treatments more frequently than two weeks apart, which has proved to be enough time for the wart mass to regain all of the size it lost from

Laser treatment 14 days prior. That's why they recommended the surgery (which from what I read online could have an INTENSELY painful "recovery" period afterwards and that the warts will likely return, though treatments thereafter may be easier as they'll be smaller. I am petrified of this period if I can't get maintenance/treatments more frequently than two weeks or more apart while they speed-expand (assuming that continues post-surgery. ). I tried the vinegar last night just with the hope of keeping them from becoming a tail outside my butt. So far it's not clear to me anything has happened but it's very hard to see back there. Looks like the tip may be a little white, and I'm not even sure the mass hasn't grown again since last night. Hard to say. My doctor has recently seen cases even worse than mine--the day before laddering mine she had treated someone with a mass that extended all the way to the testacles, and she was unshackled an unperturbed by the size when she first saw me in August. (She works in a clinic that sees a lot of rectal and hpv-related conditions, though the focus is on HIV there and I am negative for HIV, am otherwise very healthy, got the warts from a long term monogamous partner who I'm no longer with for three years. ) Should I keep up with the burn of the vinegar or follow my doctors advice and let it become a painful bloody life threatening tail before a surgery that could produce months of even greater pain at least while passing bm? Who has treated internal masses this way? Anyone?

Replied by Jaketapper
(Seattle, Washington)

I was told that I had hpv a few years back and my doctor said I was lucky that I caught it early and that all I need to do was take a muti-vitamin. I didn't get the warts or anything but my advice is if you are active even if it's your husband or wife stay getting checked.

Replied by El Ahr
(Cairo, Il)

Chicagoan - fear not!! I posted the below message almost 4 years ago (check page 10 of the postings here). I have not had an outbreak since then by following the regimen I describe below. I promise you if you follow it, your G.W. will go away and not come back. Mine did, and so many others I have shared this with have been G.W. free for years. I share this with everyone I know and will continue to because it is research based and it works, my friend. Read this, run to a Walmart or Walgreens, and get to work!!! Good luck and God Bless YOU!!!

05/26/2008: El Ahr from Cairo, Illinois writes: "Genital Warts: (This is long but it is WORTH THE READ. I DETAIL HOW TO MAKE THOSE WARTS DISAPPEAR FOR GOOD!!! Don't waste your money on any gimmicks - this advice is free and it worked for me).

I was a HUGE skeptic when I first decided to try a home remedy for my warts. When I first realized I had warts on the shaft of my penis, I cried with shame. I scoured the internet, did tons of research and panic took over as I sought a way to get rid of this taboo STD. And if you stumbled across this website, I'm pretty sure you've felt the exact same thing I've just described. But ladies and gentlemen, SAVE YOURSELF THE EMBARRASSMENT of having genital warts a part of your medical history. Before you go see a doctor, relax, take a deep breath, and from this moment forward, put yourself in a POSITIVE state of mind because everything is going to be alright. I found this site MONTHS AGO, but I have waited to post until now (three months later) just to be sure this wasn't a fluke.

To begin, everybody's body is made up a little different, but I swear on everything that is holy and dear to me, this worked for me and I feel like a new man. I followed this procedure and by the third day, my warts fell off:

First, start off by taking a nice warm shower. Clean your whole body, and pay special attention to the area with warts. I suggest taking a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the shower with you so that after you're done soaping up and rinsing, you can poor it directly on the area just to kill off any wart particles that may cause the nastiness to spread. After your shower, dry off. Get some regular sized bandages, some cottonballs, and some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV is cheap and any kind will work. Take a bandage and cut a strip of the adhesive part off the bandage. This strip will serve as "tape" to hold the cottonball in place. Then, take a cottonball, rip off a piece that is about the size of the wart, and roll it up nice and tight. Take your little ball of cotton and soak it in ACV. Squeeze it gently so it wont drip, but don't squeeze it so much that the cotton ball is dry. You want to leave some ACV in there so the wart will drink it up.

Next, take the ACV-soaked cottonball piece and put it in the middle of the adhesive strip you cut (on the sticky side). It should stick to the strip. Then carefully, place the cottonball directly over the nasty little wart you want to kill. Gently push the advesive srtip onto your skin, but don't push too hard. Once you've done this, cover that strip with a small bandage to keep in place.

I've read some people report that this stings a bit. It stung a little for me by the second day because ACV might take off a little bit of the good skin around the wart. But TRUST ME, it is worth the sting and after a bit, you should get used to it. If anything, put yourself in the state of mind that "the sting is the wart dying. " That will help you to grin and bear it.

Do this in the morning after your shower before you go to work/school/wherever. When you get back home in the evening of the first day, when you take off the bandage and adhesive strip, you should notice the wart to start to turn whitish-grey. Take another shower, and repeat the process of soaping up, soaking in the warm water, and pouring hydrogen peroxide on the wart right before you get out of the shower. Follow the same procedure with the cottonballs, the ACV and the bandage strips and leave it on through the night. When you wake up in the morning, you will notice the wart turning a blackish/dark-grey color. That means its working.

Do this for two more days or until the wart just falls off in the shower. If the skin around the blackish wart turns whitish, that ALSO means it's working.

I think one other person on here has addressed how to take care of your skin AFTER THE WART FALLS OFF. You may notice that when the wart falls off, the skin underneath will be raw. You may see like a little hole in your skin. Thats a good thing, but your REGIMEN DOESN'T END THERE!! Once the wart falls off, if you are in the shower, IMMEDIATELY rinse off the area and pour hydrogen peroxide on the skin. The area will turn white and bubble up (the reaction from the Hydrogen Peroxide killing off the germs). This is a good thing so don't freak out. Then rinse off. You may notice that when you rinse, the raw skin may stay "whitish. " That's okay. Thats just the hydrogen peroxide that is in the skin now. When you get out the shower, dab some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and hold it on the new skin for few seconds. Then CAREFULLY take a cottonswab and put some antibiotic on it (like an ointment with zinc oxide in it) and dab it on the raw skin. DON'T smear it all over, just dab it right on the raw skin. Cover it with a bandage, and for extra caution, once you are done putting on the bandage, take some hyrdrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, dab it on a cotton ball, and wipe the area where the bandaid is just to be sure you aint spreading wart germs.

Repeat this for an additional four to five days and the area will heal up like brand new. You will never even know a wart was there. In total, you can be like new in about 2 weeks time.

In addition to this direct method, I have decided to build up my immune system. This not only has prevented new warts, but I swear I haven't gotten sick AT ALL. Im sure that by now, my body/immune system has killed off whatever virus was in my body that caused the warts.

On a daily basis (and I take this with food so I don't ruin my stomach), I take 1000 mg of vitamin c, 1000 I.U. Of vitamin E, 25,000 I.U. of vitamin A (as beta carotene), 50 mg of zinc, 500 mg of lysine, an Echinacea and Golden Seal complex pill, a One-a-day multivitamin, and Garlic Supplement pills (2 at a time). I spent only 30 dollars buying all these pills at a drug store, and it has been every bit worth it. They have lasted me already almost four months and I feel great. If you read up on these vitamins, ALL of them are known for either boosting the immune system or helping the body kill viruses. They really really work, I swear by them.

For those of you freaking out about your genital warts, TRUST ME you're not freaking out nearly as much as I did. I almost went crazy living with them. But I followed the advice of people who have been through this before me, and I am passing the advice down to you coupled with my own little tricks. It upsets me that there are so many jerks out there that try to charge you for advice to help you get rid of these nasty little things. I learned everything on this posting on my own, and it WORKS.

Also, I would HIGHLY recommend trying this remedy first. Don't waste your money on unnecessary doctor visits and prescription drugs that are probably gonna do you more harm than good. However, don't take this message to mean you should not see your doctor. If there is something wrong with you, by all means go see him. But for a genital wart that you can get rid of on your own? In such a short amount of time? Save your money, save your time, and follow this procedure. You are not alone, and you WILL get rid of them.

Thank you Earth Clinic for this wonderful site!!

Good luck and God Bless.

Replied by Sam
(Toronto, Canada)

After reading all these posts I felt I had to share my story and contribute to the support this forum has been for people like me in this situation. About a month ago I noticed a strange bit of skin the size of a pencil eraser tip on top of my anal opening. At first I thought it was just a skin tag. However it continued to bother me as it wasn't something that I'd ever noticed before. So I decided to go to the doctor to get some piece of mind about this. He confirmed what hadn't even crossed my mind; anal warts. The most disgusting sounding thing I could have imagined. I was shocked. Being a sexually active male, I guess it shouldn't have been such a shock, but it's definitely been a wake up call! He was very reassuring, and calmed my fears that this is something many people get and it can be treated and handled. He used cryotherapy, basically freezing as much of the wart as he could and said to be back in two weeks.

Well now this thing on my anus has consumed my mind, and getting rid of it and making sure it never comes back has become almost an obsession. I found this forum and that very night I tried using the ACV method that so many people have written about.

The first night I dipped a piece of cotton in the ACV then taped it to the wart and the surrounding area. It didn't sting or hurt, went to bed with it. The next morning I found the top layer of the ward had gone white and even bits of it had turned gray. How much was for the ACV and how much from the freezing, I can't be sure. But I tried it again for the next two nights. By the third night it was stinging like hell. I think some of the ACV had irritated the skin around the wart which was red. Makes it difficult to move around when the irritated skin rubs up against anything. However the wart itself which seemed like it was almost a little coil shape had begun to change size. The black bits came off in the shower and I can see it's getting smaller. After every ACV application I can see the skin turns white, and then gray. I've done this for 4 nights now, I'd say of that big wart has decreased about 40-50%. Some of the skin around it also turned slightly white but I'm not sure if those are warts that were just flat/unseen or skin that's been irritated.

The skin around it is raw so I've been using neosporin on it which helped sooth the skin. I'm going to try this again tonight, maybe use a smaller piece directly on the wart and try to avoid any other part of the skin.

I have to say this has been a very psychologically and physically humiliating experience. I can only hope that there's no recurrence and that I can get rid of this for good. I know it's down to ones immune system to fight off the HPV virus, that's why I've also decided to completely change my diet and my bodies internal environment so I can make it impossible for this to ever thrive again! I've read up on the bodies ph balance and have a feeling I have a very acidic internal environment which is perfect for viruses and other bacteria to thrive in. Drinking things like coffee, eating foods high in starch and sugar all contribute to this. So I've been eating more alkaline producing food, started taking ACV as a shot twice a day, and packing up on the vitamins. I'm hoping within a week or two this will become a distant memory! I'll keep everyone posted about the progress. Thanks again for the support and for everyone who shared their story!

Replied by Rusty
(New York, Ny)

Hi, please, Please, PLEASE read this before you do anything. Do not put apple cider vinegar anywhere on your genital area. It may work, but you are playing Russian Roulette. (I played and lost). I just got back from my doctor and I have chemical burns with permanent damage from less than a week of using 5% vinegar for just a couple hours a day. My doctor said it was stupid and was like using a nuclear bomb to kill a mosquito. Please let your immune system fight it. Do everything you can to strengthen your immune system (reduce stress/overwhelm, get sleep, relax, take vitamins A, C, D, E, garlic pills, echinacea, lysine).

Go see your doctor. If he wants to freeze it or burn it off, say no. We hate warts and we hate them down there and are eager to get rid of them ASAP. But don't be greedy, be patient. Or you will be very, very sorry, and will feel stupid for practicing medicine with stuff you read on the internet. ACV might be fine for warts on your hands, but please know that the only way to truly get rid of warts is to have your immune system fight them. Keeping them moist with oil or antibiotic ointment can increase circulation which helps your immune system fight them. Once your immune system wins, they will fall off. I tried to do it myself b/c I thought I would have a scar if I went to the doctor and he froze/burned it off. Now I have an enormous scar, and sense of major regret. If doctors recommended ACV, they would be sued. Please don't think you'll find the secret on the internet - boost your immune system and go see a doctor ASAP.

Replied by Candice21
(Los Angeles, Ca)

PLEASE HELP: I was raped and contracted hpv when I was 18, I broke out with warts and received medicine from my doctor, and the warts went away. The ignorant doctor told me that if the symptoms were gone then the disease was gone, which years later I found was untrue, the disease was still alive in my blood and I could still pass it on to others. NOW: I have heard that it is possible for your immune system to eventually fight off the HPV. I have had sexual partners that I failed used protection with (because the doctors said the hpv was gone) and that never contracted HPV. What can I do to get rid of this disease? I have had it for years now, but have only had the one initial outbreak of warts. I've read that vitamin supplements, quitting smoking, and staying away from iron can help increase the chances of getting rid of the disease. Is this true? I do not want this for the rest of my life. What can I do? please help. Is it even possible to get rid of this? or am I torturing myself by believing so?

Replied by Happy In Canada
(Windsor, Ontario Canada)

Just to let u know, I was diagnosed with hpv too, and I did the ACV paste to take off the initial warts. This worked great, but noticed they were coming back. I did more research and decided to take a product called VIRUX by BELL LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS. (Available from health food stores). I started as stated on bottle, taking 4 tablets per day for 15 days. Im now on bottle number 2 and have gone down to one pill per day as a maintenance dose. The itching has gone, the warts disappeared, and I feel and look like a new woman!! Honestly this is an amazing product, you will be amazed!! The bottle states.... Must work or money refunded! And it DOES work :) :)

Replied by Paesana
(Melbourne, Aus)

It is not true that HPV lives in the blood. It lives in and on tissue. That is why there is no HPV blood test. Does not live in the blood! It is also not true that you have the virus for the rest of your life. There are many strains of HPV. Once you are infected, the virus either lays dormant, becomes activated (stress, low immune system), or goes away completely. Once your body kills the virus, you are immune to that strain. However, you can become infected with the many other strains that cause genital warts. People can carry the virus on their skin and have no symptoms.

I was diagnosed with genital warts last year. Have been symptomless for several months. I used 13% food grade hydrogen peroxide on the whole area (warts will turn white. Any breaks in the skin can turn white too) in addition to TCA applied by a physician. I was treated for 3 months before I saw any improvement. Vitamins are essential! I only use vitamins derived from raw foods/whole foods. Synthetic vitamins are not what your body wants or needs. You pee them out. Waste of $$. Also I used and still use antiviral herbs and medicinal mushrooms. I really feel that the mushrooms were the missing link for me. I use __________ brand (I take the ______ blend along with Reishi and Agarikon capsules). I went to an herbalist and she recommended copious amounts of lemon balm tea along with ______ tincture by _____ (warning: contains lomantium which, in rare cases, can cause rashes. I never developed a rash. Can also put the tincuture on the actual wart, which I also did. Hurts like hell tho). And I juice raw vegetables and fruits and get colonics. Green is clean as they say. I hope my warts have been killed but I try not to concern myself too much about it. I do believe stress can override any of the good things you do to boost the immune system.

Replied by Pinkyandthebrain
(New York, Usa)

ok this is what happened 2010. I was intimate with my current fiancee, the thing is I havent had sex in 5 years or more and I am the type of person who checks out my entire body almost every morning (its just a thing.. I like to be up close with my stuff) so I am sure I got it from him. He used to sleep with a lot of girls. When we were together also it seemed to me he didn't know how to use a condom (he accidentally tore it), I assumed he had nothing. I assumed I was the big slut in our relationship too... anyway no good will come out of blaming who infected who.

I didn't bother with bumps on my vag lips which I saw around a month after contact with him, after 5 mos there came bumps near my butt hole area, I assumed it was due to hemorrhoids and using very strong antimicrobial sulfur soap. I only have the hemorrhoids cause I wasnt eating properly (dieting too much). So my immune system crashed and I became susceptible, even more to the virus. I saw the warts around november 2011 after looking at my butt (which I usually do, I like to keep it smooth). I was watching philadelphia the movie, and I became very alarmed and almost suicidal, I went to see my gynecologist who then told me that it was an STD and genital warts. She gave me a dirty look and prescribed ALDARA cream to me, which I garnered even dirtier looks for attempting to purchase. Anyway DO NOT TAKE THIS CREAM IF YOUR WARTS ARE OPEN SORES/WOUNDS/CUTS it will mess you up you will wish you were dead. I recommend you guys reading the articles on google regarding this cream, its very dangerous for some people it rendered them almost immobile/paralyzed.

Anyway I took aldara for 2-3 weeks and I really did not see the warts slow down, it was depressing to anticipate putting the cream on my butt and vag lips. I am a type who who wants to be clean and smooth and this was very very traumatic for me. I cried almost every night and day and I tried to research online what I could do and the images of the warts also. These are my experiences using aldara cream

  • 1)I bought disposable underwear because I burned my old underwear
  • 2)I used the cream before sleeping, it made me sleepy
  • 3) I used a desk mirror sat on a rag on the floor with my legs open in front of a vanity mirror..
  • 4)wiped the cream properly in places
  • 5) wear disposable underwear
  • 6)put sanitary sheets on bed to not re-infect self
  • I started using the apple cider, heres what I did
  • 1)bought hane's apple cider ORGANIC vinegar
  • 2)tons of cotton balls
  • 3)disposable underwear
  • 4)cannot stand to sleep with this stench, I cover a bunch of cotton balls and stuff them on my vag lips, inside (not inside the vaginal canal) and on the butt area
  • 5)use oral painkillers tablets (paracetamol or ibuprofen) it still hurt a lot to a point I was shaking
  • 6)i did this almost everyday for almost 2 mos, Jan 15 to Mar 10
  • 7) now it is almost gone but I scarred my butt pretty bad, I put some cream oil on it
  • 8) u can just use qtips, use those surgical tapes (the ones where ur pores can breathe) , pour vinegar on the qtip and set the qtip on the wart and tape it overnight
  • 9)i highly recommend disposable undies cause the apple cider smell probably wont go away or it will stain ur underwear
  • 10)instead of using tissue paper, use gauze, it wont hurt that much if u use gauze, cause tissue chafes a lot
  • 11)beware of scarring, so I highly recommend the qtip thing.. the scar is light colored than ur normal skin tone
  • 12) I also used hydrogen peroxide 10% and swabbed the areas after showering every day and my butt
  • 14)if concerned about moisture, leave cotton balls on between ur butt or vag area so it wont be moist, I promise u the warts will spread more when there is moisture
  • 15)i took 1000 mgs of vitamin c almost every day (or every other day), vitamin e, coenzyme q10, garlic, I ATE properly , I drank lemonade everyday to boost my immune system

All this said and done and spent, I am exhausted and sometimes I worry that I might not want to have sex ever anymore :( The stigma also of knowing u have it, u dont want to share it with a future sex partner or lover/husband/wife/gf

Good luck and have faith, if u end up scarring and having wounds on ur genital warts due to using the apple cider, u can buy betadine and wash it with that it will heal faster then u can do it again.

Replied by Studentofherbs
(Olympia, Washington, United States)

I know how to deal with the warts. First, start taking a good natural Ester C, at least 500 to 1,000mg, twice a day, or morning and night. Do not skip a dose. As I learned a few years ago from a program for natural health which hosted a real physician who knows about the vitamin, most people with health problems are not getting enough of it every day. Taking C, especially if you are consuming foods that are acidic, such as tomatoes and oranges or soda pops and fruit juices, will be far too acidic for the stomach and is why it is absolutely necessary to ingest the vitamin in non-acidic form. It does cost a little more but it is well worth the money and freedom from waking up in the middle of the night with an acidy substance in your throat and mouth.

To use apple cider vinegar, all one needs do is to apply a cider vinegar-moistened piece of cotton to the wart, around the clock, until the bump is gone. A light application of petroleum jelly on the non-wart afflicted skin will help to keep everything but the wart from the harsh effects of the cider vinegar. If the vinegar fails, Homeopathic remedies may provide an answer. Seeking the assistance of a good and qualified Naturopath may bring about excellent results although several visits may be necessary to achieve the desired results. They and Homeopaths generally consult a book known as the Materia Medica and although it is correct about which remedies should be given, sometimes trying out a few additional remedies is required before the exact and correct one is located, or found. I possess such a book and must say that it is a true blessing to have at my disposal. Cider vinegar is much less painful than freezing but only up to a point where the initial thick covering of the wart has been destroyed whereas gritting one's teeth and bearing the pain are the only ways to get through the final stages of the wart's death and detachment from its blood supply and the skin's nerves. At that moment, with continued treatment, the pest should be considered on its way out. Along with Ester C, taking a normal dose of potassium, folic acid and iron might also be helpful. Or, one to two teaspoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses can be taken, every day. Sanitize the hands and the toilet seat with a cheap brand of moist hand sanitizing towelettes, and also clean the faucet's handles, after every use.

For men, if they stand to urinate, their urine splashes out of the toilet and onto the floor so the floor should be sprayed with a solution of diluted Pine Sol (50% regular Pine Sol/50% water) and dried with a towel every time they make a "pit stop. " Never use household cleaners anywhere on or in the body as they are dangerous due to their ability to poison it and they are not known to annihilate warts. Please, do not become so desperate to get rid of them that using anything will do as there are better and safer ways of dealing with them.

Tea Tree oil is another remedy which is pretty safe to use on the exterior genitals and also in diluted form. Dilution of the oil can be done by filling a douche bottle with warm water and adding three or four drops of Tea Tree oil. As a word of caution, never scrape, file or scratch a wart as it might start to bleed or, because it could be sensitive to cider vinegar or another natural remedy, treatment may have to be put off for a while. And, the possibility that virus will spread further and cover more skin mass will be greatly increased. Finally, persistence and round-the-clock treatment is the way to go when dealing with genital warts because every second that they are left untreated means they are on vacation and free to do just what they want to which is to suck your lifeforce out of you, grow, multiply and LIVE!!

Replied by Annie
(Canberra, Act, Australia)

I have used PawPaw ointment (papaya) on herpes outbreak and it clears up extremally quickly, apply as soon as you feel a tingle and conginue applying. My partner also has herpes and swears by it too. Eating fresh papaya has amazing healing properties too.

Have you heard of MMS? Google it, its supposed to clear up herpes!

Im currently using it for a Blastocystis outbreak (parasite) so hopefully two birds with one stone!

good luck!

Replied by Not Going To Stop Me!
(Melbourne, Victoria / Australia)

Be very careful: I was accidentally given the wrong wart treatment by my pharmacist. I applied it as the instructions said and what I experienced over the next 10 day's was by far, the worst pain I have ever felt (and I've had a broken jaw, nose, arms, exploded appendix, a nasty paracite from africa etc). What they gave me was for plantar warts (feet) and not anal warts, which should have been Wartec Solution. It burnt my skin and I couldn't walk, sleep or move without severe pain.

My chin is up now after taking alot of pain killers and a great antiseptic cream and I'm about to use the wartec solution, the right one. I have also upped my vitamins and eating alot of my vegies too!!!!

This virus has really affected me and I hope I can get rid of it/the little buggers around my anus. It's not the easiest thing to talk about with people too, which has also been dificult to deal with BUT there are far less fortunate people out there and we are lucky that there are treatments!!!

Goodluck everyone, and just be very careful what you put down there!!!!!

Replied by Wtfdik
(United Kingdom)

Hello all, I have GW, however I only seem to have the one big one on the shaft of my penis, I'm not sure how I actually got mine but I have them. I have been reading all this and I thought I would pipe up and document my saga.

When I was sixteen I got my first wart, it was on my right thumb, my mum bought me some OTC liquid that over a period of 4 weeks removed it and in 15 years has never returned and never spread.

Ok I have used neat tea tree oil in the past to remove a very small wart that was growing on my right cheek bone under my eye but didn't think it would work for GW. I would use a cotton bud soaked in tea tree and press it on the wart daily after a shower, I got a little dry skin but eventually after a couple of weeks it had completely gone and thus far hasn't returned, that was over a year ago now. I tried this because a childhood friends mother used it for herpes simplex and used to rave about it "working wonders on skin" They had brought it back from Australia.

I decided last Thursday night to have a go with this one big one I have. I showered in the evening and applied some tea tree to the area around the wart and directly on top of it. I then soaked a cotton ball the size of the wart in tea tree oil 100% and placed it on top of it, held in place with surgical tape and went to bed as usual. In the morning when I removed the bandage I was surprised to see that it had almost gone completely black, all except the side that was raised the highest. It also seemed as if one side had been flattened. This was crazy. I didn't think it worked like ACV? Anyway I repeated this the second night to get the remaining part hit and hopefully speed up the process. I was amazed when it had actually worked, all of it was black.

It was then I thought why is it turning black? So I googled it, that's when I found this site. Awesome site. I learned about ACV, I learned about hydrogen peroxide and that this is way more common than I believed. Since reading this site I have, ordered vitamins and ACV and purchased some hydrogen peroxide 6%.

I have done two more treatments of tea tree to the black and now hard wart, which has done more damage to the surrounding tissue than it did to the wart, that's what it felt like anyway, I also learned that one this site, only a little too late. I have given it two days rest and used antibiotic healing creme on the damaged healthy skin. Looking a lot better today.

So, 1 week on and the black scab has come off the wart, I rinsed it with H2O2 and it bubbled, however it hasn't all been removed, half of it still remains raised and bumpy. So to protect the area around it I have covered it in sudo healing crem and continued the treatment, I have also replaced this before going to bed.

Once the ACV arrives I will test other areas to see if I have any that I'm not aware of and get rid of them. I will report back with results.

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(Coventry, Uk)

Ok it's been 5 days since my last post, the damaged healthy skin is still scabbed and fairly tender. I had some yellowish clear liquid discharge from aroun the area, think this maybe due to the hydrogen peroxide which seamed to leave a chemical burn on me. Stopped applying anything except healing/wound cream. The ACV turned up and I have done one treatment on Friday and another treatment today, using a cotton wool bud to apply the ACV. The scab that had formed from Fridays treatment fell off today whilst applying the ACV. It is now much smaller and what's left of it is now white. I'm still in a mess, but it's getting better by the day. Very itchy though. I hope this doesn't take much longer, cuz this isn't nice.

Replied by Becca
(Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

I first found a lump on my vagina (on one of the lips) about 4 months ago, I didn't really think anything of it. I was sleeping with only my boyfriend at the time, I'd not had any sexual partners for almost a year prior to sleeping with him. I didn't know a lot about hpv, I didn't know it could lay dormant for years or anything. After the 'ingrown hair' didn't go away, I got a mirror and had a look down there. It didn't look too bad, just a fleshy lump. I was really worried and searched online for pictures and cures. I then dismissed it again, thinking this didn't look like the pictures. A couple months later I found another one next to it, and noticed I have a few around my anus and inbetween my vagina and anus. I broke up with my boyfriend because I couldn't stand to tell him. I didn't know if he had gave it to me, or I already had it. We work together and I didn't want it getting around work. I have not told anyone. I was all geared up to go to the doctors but backed out. I came across this site and I've read a lot of the posts on here about ACV. I was terrified to try it because of the complaints of stinging, so decided to take ACV pills, vit c pills, garlic and a multi vit to see if it would help clear anything up. No changes.

So a month or so later, here I am. I haven't noticed any change at all in these warts. Today, out of desperation, I finally decided to go for it. I got some AVC, a tip from a q-tip, socked it in ACV and plastered it to the warts on my lips. I was surprised that I didn't feel any stinging. I kept it on for two hours, thinking it wasn't going to make any difference. When I took it off, it was white and looked a lot larger than I orignally thought.

I decided to put more on, and also on my anus. I am not going to sleep with it on because I don't want to cause too much irritation to the skin. I will do about 3 2-hour treatments a day and see what happens.

I really hope this clears up, I will update soon.

Replied by Becca
(Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Just an update. It has been 12 hours before I started this treatment.

I left AVC soaked cotton pads on my vagina and anus for around 3 hours, took them off and then put another one on my vagina for about 4 hours. The warts have come out and it is a LOT worse than I originally thought. I thought I had 1 wart and a smaller one next to it, and a couple between my anus and vagina, I thought they were single warts but they are actually clusters. It does sting slightly after and durying the 3rd treatment, but it is 150% bareable. I am going to leave it for now and continue in the morning after inspecting the area.

I originally was going to just to 30 min stints with the AVC, but as soon as I saw how white everything went, it's kind of addictive. I am now stuck between two states of mind. One that if I don't apply it overnight, they will just go back to normal and I will have made no progress, or that if I do apply over night it will sting like hell. I will leave it alone for now and see how I am when I get up.

I cannot believe this has happened to me =(

Replied by Charl
(London, Uk)

Hello Becca, I was hoping you would be able to let me know how you got on with the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment? Thank you.

Replied by Jessica

Hi, I have had genital warts last year June 2012.

I have tried the apple cider vinegar for a month bck in 2012 but not lucky with the genital warts as they came bck after 2 peeled off my skin and also burned that healthy skin. I had great discomfort I could not walk very the putting it in a cotton ball inside ur vagina is outrages idea as it burns the soft tissue and cause bleeding..

Than I tried another method which was a success:

1. Buy 200mg Tagamet from over counter pharmacy/ take 3 times a day.

2. Drink Green Tea as it will help in shrinking the wart size at least 3/4 cups a day without sugar.

3. Take L-Lysine to soothe the skin to its natural colour. I used because docter burned and turned the skin black.

4. Take 2 muiti vitamin tablets.

I ate this for 4 months and it all cleared and never came bck. it has been 6 months wart free.




Thanks hope this helps.

Replied by Diamond
(Mass., US)

I find this site very informative. I have tried many different remedies and it is taking a very long time. In between the ACV treatments I use aloe vera juice also as a softener and in between treatments I use castor oil. Prior to all this information, I found when I was a young kid my doctor told me I had some sort of blood disease (?) All my life I carried that thought around, then as a teen ager I had warts the whole length of my left hand, I used my mothers corn remover and it worked great. At that time, there was no other sign of warts anywhere. My older brother had a few warts on his face burned off. When I got older and married, I then noticed the small bumps on my anus and vagina. It has taken me forever to treat this issue. As my Dr. told me years ago;what ever is outside is also inside. I began to think this one incident has been in my family for generations, because when twins were born one died from an unknown virus (?) Then my older sister had twins, as the twins got older, one died from an unknown disease.Do I get the impression this was a family thing? I think so, but needless to say it's sad I as well as my other siblings didn't know this. Maybe no one knew for sure.I do know antibiotics are only a temp. cover up, not a cure.

The very best part of Earth Clinic is we all keep each other well informed. I need to thank every one for being brave enough to share all this personal info. God Bless.

Replied by Jim
(Chicago Ill.)

BHT from Life Extension, Twin Labs. Take a pill a day. It hurts the virus so the body can detect it. It is a food preservative but has few negatives. It keep Herpes from making a fat cell like coating on it so the body can see it and kill it. I found out by using it it works for HPV. I did not have herpes but found out for someone else.

(Rawlly, Nc)
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I will investigate more as I do not completely understand your description. If you can add more, please do!

Replied by Tim

I agree!!!

Replied by Jillery
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this is great BUT it is close to impossible to tape on my moist labia.... I'm going to do my best and try this. my wart is just outside my labia minora in a foldy place. wish me luck!!

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Infolady (Midtown, Usa) on 02/24/2010

Vaginal warts and acv

i just want to inform all young women of the internal anatomy of the inside of the vagina.....the first few inches should feel rough or lumpy....this is because the vagina stretches. so if you are freaking out about this stop.....go do a doctor and get it inspected first....pass on the harsh acv treatments that could be hurting you internally. i too thought i had tons of warts inside of me when i was normal. i did some research and found out the the vagina has folds in it that appear to feel rough.

hope this helps you young girls calm down a bit.

Replied by Chad
(New York, New York)

well i contacted these warts while wearing protection. i have done research upon research on these. some people i know have got these things bad. i am lucky i only got 4 and thats it. i have had them for a while. no reoccurances mine have not spread. some people get them and they spread everywhere. despite what people may think these can go away for ever. i read an article on line that changed my whole way of these warts. what i have done so for i dont have the hpv virus in my system anymore but i still have 3 warts left. i went to the doctor and said i have hpv and wanna get rid of them. i showed the doc and he said your one of the few that dont have a lot of these. the doc drew blood and ran some tests. he told me the hpv is not in your system anymore. he was stunned. he asked me what i did. so i told him. he never heard of the stuff that i was taking and i took it for a while. people have to understand that your not gonna get rid of these warts by taking some stupid cream etc.. the first thing you have to do is boost your immune system. i took vitamin c lots of it. then i was taking a multi-vitamin for a while. i cant give product names becuase they will get deleted. they didnt fall off or turn colors. in fact i was mad because i wasnt seeing any results. so i was furious i cut one off with a knife, yup i said thats how mad i was. hurt like hell. well its been over a year and it has not come back. the rest i got froze off. one of the keys to getting rid of these warts is your immune system you have to start taking vit.c and not store bought but organic vit.c. its more expensive but it works. if you wanna send me an e-mail i will be happy to tell the product names of the stuff i was taking and maybe it might work for you. [email protected]

Replied by Excuse Me
(Los Angeles, Ca)

You are right about building the immune system, but you are wrong about going to the doctor and getting a blood test for HPV. First off, HPV is not detected by blood test, only the HPV DNA test for women. Secondly, if you still had warts on you, then you still have HPV in your system. People, don't listen to this person giving out false advice, he doesn't even get the simplest facts correct.

Replied by Redstene
(New Castle, In)


I was horrified to discover that I had genital warts which I contracted from my unfaithful husband. I should say my now former husband. I used the ACV, aspirin, castor oil treatment and was happy with the results, however the burning was excruciating and the recovery time was just as painful. I had results but it didnt get them all and I just keep having them returning. The itching is unbearable at times.

Upon researching I found a post elsewhere that said a highly oxygenated substance will kill the warts. The person stated that they used a product like oxyclean or a powdered oxygen type cleaner ( I will add that discription in case the product is blocked out) add water to make a paste and aply it. I tried it only I added the castor oil instead of water so it would apply better and stay on better. I tried a small test area and left it on for a couple of hours. I was elated to find that the very small wart had turned black and after one more application it fell off leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Last night I tried it on a larger area. I have to admit the burning was intense but I had used to Apple Cider Vinegar mixture so I had open areas. I meditated through the burning for 3 hours in the night and then rinsed off. I was amazed. I am in very little discomfort and it had a definate effect on the warts. I didnt know I had so many some were gone leaving just a small open area some were rasied and will need another treatment. I also learned that a hemrhoidal ointment will soothe the itching so you can rest. I just wanted to share this alternative with everyone. I hope it helps. Namaste

Replied by Kathiepeterson
(New York)

HPV is a silent menace that can affect anyone of us if we aren't careful. I should know because I was infected with genital warts a few years back. It was too late, a vaccine could have protected me or I could have been more careful with my sexual health.

But the damage had been done. Little did I know that I was going to discover OxyFend- a topical treatment for genital warts. Soon after using it regularly my genital warts cleared.

I feel like I was given a second chance with that HPV scare. Today, proud to say I am more responsible and I have no plans of wandering off another path anytime soon.

Replied by Mitstudent09
(Carson City, Nevada, United States)


If you really want to diminish HPV and Genital Warts, you must prepare for war, with the virus of course... So strap your helmit on and go get some ammo. You need to infiltrate and attack from not only outside, but inside as well. Sure ACV, Freezeaway and acid will take out the warts you have now, but what about the virus silly? Hit this virus on all fronts till it says screw it im outta here; White Flag. This is for people that want to be HPV and wart free, free and fast and back to normal.

Go to CVS and buy the following:


Take these 5 times a day, you seriously need to overdose on vitamin C, the key element to the immune system.


Do not waste your time with odorless garlic pills, they will not work and are essentially useless, You want the smelliest, potent oil pills out there. Odorless pills have the essential antioxidants removed.

Take these 8 times a day you will hate the burps, but you will love what theyre doing.

3. DAILY MULTI-VITAMIN "Daily Multiple" Plus Minerals

One a day? no way. Try 3 a day. This has the building blocks that will deminish the virus. VIT D, VIT A, ETC.


So far we've only mentioned the internal solutions, but fish oil is going to help with OMEGA 3's for the skin you're about to go to war with.


This is gonna be for the larger warts, this is the heavy cavilry. Take em out with this nuke.


APPLY WITH A CUE TIP: This is going to start peeling off layers of your epidermis like an onion. Its going to kill your warts.


APPLY WITH A CUE TIP: follow up the apple cider vinegar with the tea tree oil, this stuff is amazing. You're warts are gonna smell good too. If theyre still there that is...


APPLY WITH A CUE TIP: castor oil. Slab it around everywhere down there.


Replied by Markus
(Greensboro, Nc)

I feel obligated to write this because, thank God, I've been cured and there hasn't been any recurrence. DO NOT FREAK OUT LIKE I DID AND DO NOT BUY WARTROL OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU SEE ADVERTISED. MY DOC PRESCRIBED THIS EXPENSIVE CREAM I APPLIED FOR THREE MONTHS WITH NO RESULTS. THEY DON'T WORK AND YOU'RE LEFT MORE FRUSTRATED. Here's what worked for me and it only cost $5. Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar available at Wholefoods.


1. Btw do NOT use a cotton swab or cue tip as you WILL miss one or two behind and in a week they will return.

2. Take a wash towel and soak it in ACV. Squeeze the towel so it's not too drippy and cover your entire genital area, wrapping the penis entirely ( men) including the upper pube area for one hour.

3. Repeat this for 3-4 nights. Do NOT leave for more than one hour because it will scar your skin. Burning sensation is normal.

After the second application you should see the warts, including the ones you didn't know about turn dark. That's when you'll know how many more applications are needed, but no more than 2 one or half hour applications. You should be wart free in one week after the scabs fall off. I've been wart free for one year now.

Further advice: try and take a shot of ACV every other day. It's good for you and it builds your immune system. I personally like the taste, but you can also pour it on salad. Stay healthy, eat well, work out. All this will build your immune system.

Cheers and you're free from GW.

Replied by He's Not Totally Wrong,
(San Diego, California)

The immune system IS a big factor in treating these. That is why being immune comprimised in any way can cause an outbreak of warts. I didn't know this until a wart appeared while I was pregnant and I did some research.

Replied by Gr8teen
(La, Ca, Usa)

Hello 25yr old Male from Califorina USA - I have been on this site for quite sometime now, and I was debating whether or not try the above recommendation given. I've been suffering with Anal Gential warts for a few months now. I already went to the dr once and had it removed. Most embarrassing moment ever!! Never will do it again. So I decied to try this. Now i'm not a huge pill type of guy. But I have decided to try this and see what happens. So today I went out and bought everything.

Started with:

-Vitamin C Pills (Chewable kind)
-Garlic Oil Pill
(Natural one, not the ordoless)
-Fish Oil Pill
-Apple Cider Vinegar Organic
-Castorl Oil
-Tea Tree Oil
-Hydro peroxide
-Cotton balls

I want to get rid of this virus as soon as I can. So I will be updating you daily, if not weekly how my progress has been going.

Day 1: Just took Vitamin C, Garlic, and fish oil pills. Cleaned the anus area with Hydroperoxide, rubbed ACV, then Tree Tea Oil, and then castrol oil.

Going to try this twice a day. Morning and Night. Will let you know the results!

Replied by Ohioboy
(Cincinnati, Oh)

Okay, since it's been awhile since someone did a day-by-day breakdown of their self-treatment, I thought I'd do one.

The symptoms: Genitals warts on the shaft and underside of my scrotum.

Previous treatment: I did Aldara for a few months with zero success. Oh, but I lost a lot of money doing it, so I have that going for me.

Day 1: I used straight-up ACV on a cotton ball on my shaft, and used medical tape to secure it on the wart "garden". Lots of burning followed, but it subsided eventually while I slept. More little warts appeared.

Day 2: Reapplied ACV on a cotton ball on the shaft. More burning, more dealing with it. Applied on my scrotum this time. Removing the tape is more painful than the burning, actually.

Day 3: Removed the tape after the second night and had a lot of blackened warts. Lots of sensitive skin, too. Decided to give the shaft the day off and focused on my scrotum. Hard to tape there, but I got it on. No real change there yet.

Day 4: Shaft is still very sore, so I've moved onto the ACV-asprin-Vitamin E mixture. Didn't feel any burning on my shaft, but some on my scrotum. Will sleep with this applied and see how it is in the morning.

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Yazzy (Sd, Ca) on 02/15/2010

While I'm thankful for this apple cider vinegar at-home treatment (while looking up common warts) and seeing that there are some success rates with it in the comfort of your own home, I hope anyone reading these posts sees a doctor, especially females and regardless if the warts were removed or not via this method. I also hope those of you seeing all of these make sure to get the facts on the GW/HPV virus.

I've had GW/HPV (human papilloma virus) since I was 15, and am now well into my 30s. I understand you all are embarrassed to see a doctor about this, but trust me...they've seen it a bazillion times before, as millions of people have it or have had it, many without even being aware of it.

FACT: Removal of the wart does not cure you of the virus. There is no cure! Can it go away? Studies now show that body may be able to cure it on its own, but only time and proper testing (PAPs for women) can tell.

FACT: Just because the wart is not present, does not mean you do not have the virus still and aren't likely spreading it to your partner(s), and they, in turn, aren't spreading it back to you and whomever else they end up with. Be responsible and tell your partners.

FACT: Just because a wart is removed or goes away on its own, which it can, does not mean that it won't come back. Chances are it will.

FACT: There are several types/strands of HPV--some that cause GW, but also ones that can cause cervical cancer. You may even have more than one strand that you aren't aware of, which may not even effect you (guys) but your partner. Again, be responsible with yourself and your partners. Wear a condom, though this is not a straight way to prevent from spreading the virus, but helps and you can help prevent reoccurring outbreaks.Is it embarrassing to tell people? Yes, but they will respect you for it and I've not had any problems over it.

FACT: Anyone can carry the HPV virus and, again, not show signs ever of even having it or, as some have claimed before more outbreaks, thinking they have a blemish or ingrown hair. Some men, for instance, may never show signs of having it and there are no tests for men to see if they have it, short of out breaks.

FACT: GW/HPV can lie dormant for years and show signs later on. Always be safe.

FACT: Embarrassed? You're not alone! More than 50% of sexually-active people carry this virus/infection, and it is the most commonly transmitted virus in the United States.

I hate to nag, but I really think people need to do their research and not just rely on home remedies and ignorance, as this is what causes the billions of outbreaks out there of the HPV virus to the point where it's at. Yes, billions. This is your health, your body, take care of it and know what you're dealing with, as well as those around you.

Replied by Chuck
(, Ca)

Endure the pain it works... I used just ACV on cloth or gauze wrapped around the shaft. It burned a little but holy shxt a day later the bumps turned black and one little group of 3 just fell off while I was checking progress. I will say I think I have a high tolerance for pain so I see why others say its too painful. On the 2nd night of treatment I cut a washclothe abouth the size of the entire region and soaked it in a cup full of ACV. I placed it over my entire groin area and put a plastic bag on top to keep my undies dry and bed. I laid face down to put pressure on the area and tried to goto sleep. It hurt like hell for about 10 minutes but i stayed the course and fell asleep after the burn diminished. I had/have about 10 warts, all have a black top now and like I said 1 little group already fell off leaving no trace . Thanks to this forum. BTW I used Whitehouse ACV I got at Wallyworld. less than 2.00$

Replied by Dub
(Delran, Nj, Usa)

Thank you for the advice. I decided to cut a towel in a square and wrap it around my shaft. I just started the treatment today and it burns like hell but way worth it. I tried other things in the past and nothing worked, it actually got worse. I bought this stuff called BioT. Well not only was it very painful but the bumps spread worse than ever. I have been devistated! I really hope this ACV works! I will keep you all updated. Thank you again for the advice!!

Replied by Dub
(Delran, Nj, Usa)

Ok so it is day 3. I have not yet got the results that I have seen from other people. Everything looks exactly the same except for the redness. Some parts it looks like I have been burnt. Am I doing something wrong? It is quite painful but I figure it is supposed to be. Anybody else have results like this? I am just going to continue with this treatment. Any advice would be great.

Replied by Paul

Actually there is a cure go to PubMed dot gov and type in "aloe vera propolis" without the quotes. That is the results of the study. HPV was not present after this. It is interferon injections, which you can have your doctor prescribe to you, with aloe vera propolis and B-complex. With out the aloe vera and B-complex the cure isn't as affective. A brand of interferon for HPV use is called Alferon. There is also a therapeutic vaccine developed by ISA pharmaceuticals which is not as effective but draws off the "linked simple sugars" concept. It is called synthetic long peptide (SLP). SLP is kind of like the polysaccharides found in aloe vera except they are synthetic instead of natural. Everybody go get cured so we can live in an HPV-free world.

Replied by Ed
(Heber, Ut)

how to speed up the process

when you apply ACV on the skin make sure to apply pressure by pinching the skin. This cuts the blood flow and helps the vinegar penetrate. I have seen the area turn purple after 5 to 10 minutes. You do not have to keep the soaked pad on the skin all day by doing the pressure on the skin will cut the process in a matter of minutes and the next day you will notice a scab on the area. Restricting the blood flow while helping the vinegar penetrate allows the skin heal faster. I read about the laser treatment and one of the things the laser does is to cut blood flow to the sick area and also, claims to kill the virus.

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Overthis (Phoenix, Arizona) on 03/15/2009

Reading some previous posts, I would like to give some friendly advice. I work in the medical field so I have spoken to a few doctors about the HPV & many are suprised that ACV worked! But I also had many questions answered too! Just so I could be clear on how to deal with genital warts.

So, here goes:

1.) You CAN NOT spread the warts to other areas of your body. If it is the genital strain, its stays there. You also can not usually spread to your mouth as that is yet another strain of HPV. So, for those people worring about that, relax! I see that many people put the ACV on their mouths & were freaked that they saw little white bumps, but be aware, as when they test you using vinegar, even a regular bump can turn white. Also, the small pores around & right inside your mouth are sensitive, they will react to the vinegar, so don't automatically assume you have warts there. Get checked!

2.) Many people say they treated the warts without seeing a doctor. Please get checked. Yes, it is an embarassment. But some of the strains cause cancer. Not just in women, with cervical cancer. But men can also get rectal cancer. So, for your own safety, see a doctor. Just remember, that just because, there are no warts, does not mean there is nothing else going on with your body.

3.) Shaving will NOT spread the warts unless you cut yourself, so just shave carefully & you will be fine. Also, even if you do cut your self or get razor burn, cleance the area & keep using the Tea Tree oil after shaving. This will kill any germs, stop infection & any new spread of warts.

4.) For those people freaking out & using lysol on their pants. Going to extreme measures to kill anything that might be on them or their clothes. CALM DOWN, the stress and worry is not helping. Yes, be hygienic, be clean, but don't crazy trying to kill what isn't even there. Regular washing of clothes, bedding & whatnot is good enough to kill germs.

5.) Also, SHOWER SOAPS & GELS, DO NOT SPREAD WARTS. Don't believe averything that you read. This was one of the questions I had about the warts. And 3 different doctors from my work, confirmed that it is NOT TRUE. The spead from cuts & spread of the virus that causes it. Another reason you should speak to your doctor, have all your questions ready & ask! Get the right information.

I was just wanted to bring those points up so that maybe some others can relieve a little of their stress dealing with HPV. I would also say that if ACV doesn't work right away, don't give up! Give it time & soon you could be wart free & on the way to recovery. I wish you all the best.

EC: Thank you for clarifying. We removed the post with misinformation.

Replied by YAY to ACV
(Much Better, NY)

I know I'm going a little overboard but by nature I am a clean freak and I spray everything with Lysol even if me or my kids have colds! I didn't see this as being different! Since I live in a house with one bathroom that we girls share I can not help but be very cautious. But thanks though for your post because it did put me at ease!

Replied by Jeff
(Anaheim, Ca)

If everything has failed for you and the wart has returned after using ACV, Aspirin, and Castor Oil,

I recommend you try Elderberry extract and green tea extract together. I have been using it for 4 days topically and internally and seen really good results. I had one wart turn black. The other warts just shrank and are now below the skin and getting smaller the more times I use the drops. I also take a few drops under the tongue a few times a day. I think in 2-3 weeks I should be close to eliminated them all.

With ACV it was too painful and took a week just for it to heal. The elderberry and green tea method is painfree. Women will really like this method.

Both are antivirals and anti-cancer.

The brands I have been using are from Henry's Market:

Elderberry (sambucus nigra)
other ingrediants: grain alcohol (40-50% by vol), deionized water

Green Tea (90%polyphenols, 50% EGCG)
Other ingrediants: deionized water, vegetable glycerin, honey, luo han guo

I put it on almost every 3 hours. It seems to get absorbed into the skin very quickly. Elderberry contains alcohol which may help the absorption process.

Good luck.

Replied by Vincent V.
(New York, Ny)

The objective: Eliminate all visible GW and eradicate the HPV Virus

The plan: Attack the enemy on all possible fronts:
1. Internally
2. Externally.
3. Spiritually.

Front 1: the internal attack:
You should basically make it complicated for the virus to live. The better your nutrition is, the tougher it is for the virus. You should be a pain in the virus's butt. You should nail it down from within with full possible power. Your nutrition should be impeccable.

The negatives:

-No sugar. Period. No soda, no sweets no sugar in the coffee. NOTHING.
-Limit alcohol intake, everytime you get drunk, the immune system becomes weak.
Less drunk time=a better immune system. A glass or 2 of red wine is good for you, as well as one beer per day or a small drink if that keeps you happy, but do not get wasted.
-Absolutely no smoking.
-No drugs.
-Avoid fat food, fried food, junk food, French fries, mcd's, hotdogs, popcorn, butter and all that trash.
-limit meat consumption to once a week or two.
-No white bread.

The Positives: (daily consumption)

-Eat fresh garlic everyday - better at night so you won't kill people you talk to.
Cut the garlic 15 minutes prior to eating it, this will increase the active anti viral ingredients in it.
The more you eat, the better it is.
-Eat shiitake mushroom, 3-4 mushrooms per day.
-OD on fresh fruits and veggies as much as you can and in a wide variety, not only tomatoes and lettuce,- again, the more the better.
-Eat plenty of low fat protein and omega 3 - eggs, fish and seafood, chicken and turkey are better than red meat and pork.
-Drink plenty of water. The more, the better.
-Drink plenty of green tea.
-Use olive oil exclusively.
-Eat a lot of whole grain, high fiber, low fat products. Wasa crackers, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread etc.
-Nuts and almonds.
-Drink freshly squeezed juice of:one lemon combined with other fresh squeezed citrus (oranges, grapefruit.. ) every morning.
-Drink a cup of yogurt.
-Eat raw onion.

Supplements: (take recommended by manufacturer)

-Green tea extract.
-Korean ginseng.
-Royal jelly, bee propolis, bee pollen, honey.
-olive leaf oil.
-oregano oil.
-Folic acid.
-Mushroom capsules, shiitake and maitake, etc.
-Quantum -AntiViral Fomula.
-Gotu Kola.
-Black elderberry syrup.

Front 2: The external blitz:

Ever learned in school how the US ended the Second World War?
That's right, the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
And that's exactly what you should do to the warts you have down there.

The burners:

-Burn them to ashes using the well described method of treating the warts with Apple Cider Vinegar. Repeat the procedure even after it seems as if they have vanished. You might find more white spots that you could not see before. Read more in this web site if you are new to this.
-treat the warts with a few drops of compound W liquid (get it in drug store). It will burn as hell but remember, if it is painful to you, it is painful to the GW as well.
A good trick will be to apply some ACV to reveal the white spots than apply Compound W to those white spots, it allows you a more accurate application.

The apply on's:
in between treatments apply the following:

Vitamin E, oregano oil (antiviral), a few propolis drops on the wart are good as well.
(I personally apply royal jelly as well but will leave that up to you)

The maintenance:

-Shave the area to keep it dry and clean.
-apply foot powder to absorb sweat and keep cool and dry just as you do for your feet.
- take at least 2 showers a day. Am and pm.
- Get some Dead Sea salt, mustard powder, any therapeutic bath salt and deep in a nice soap bath full of salt. The more, the better. Feel free to add a few green tea bags to the hot water. This will cleanse up toxins from your skin.
- Use a sauna if you can.
- Use clean clothing and bed sheets at all times.

Front 3: The Spiritual level

In general, the less stressful you are, the happier you are, the more content and relaxed you are the better your health is and the better your immune system can respond and do it job.

-close your eyes and imagine that the warts goes away.
-take a walk around the block.
-get a pet.
-Enjoy friends
-read and watch movies.
-listen to music.
-Be Happy - be committed to do things that makes you happy and ignore the bad stuff - there will always be some bad stuff around - remember, you are alive :))

You got to be consistent and repeat the above daily for a while. a year even. and even better, make it your life style.

You will see results and I promise, you will fee much better with your healthier body. you will loose weight too!
it worked for me!!! and I had a couple of big ugly ones.


(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

Can't wait to put compound W inside my vagina.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

To Vincent V of NY, NY- you may not be a doctor but you are giving great advice! Better than most doctors- that's for sure. This advice sans the burning the hell out of the warts is good advice for living, period. Do you read Abraham-Hicks at all? Basically, the same, focus on the positive, thereby vibrating more positive. The negative will always be around. We can live life however we CHOOSE to live. Good for you for finding a better way! Keep on... Peace, Lisa

Replied by Vincent V.
(New York, Ny)

Lisa, Thank you so much. its good to know that the vibe it out there. never heard of Abraham-Hicks but will check him out. anyway, thanks again for your awesome feedback! my email is stillnotlovinpolice/at/
peace out, V.

Replied by Steve
(Kansas City, Missouri)

First of all I would like to say that this site is a good site and was helpful to me. There are 2 problems that I have with some of the posts here. 1) Most people who post here do so after their warts start to turn black and claim success. Few posts are from people who follow up with a new post months or a year later. My experience was that there are more warts than you initially think there are and you end up doing multiple treatments that can actually last a year or more. 18 months ago I thought I had 4 or 5 warts and it turned out to be 50 or more. Some came back, some grew new, some were not visible until I put ACV on them. I had to do 7 treatments in 18 months and now feel wart free so this does work. It is also a good idea to do these treatments on a regular maintenance schedule. Every 3 months or so just do a quick 2 day treatment and you will kill any of the new warts before they get big. You may need to do this for life. These treatments are quick and easy. 2 days of ACV and 3-4 days to heal.

I also had 2 variations of warts(2 strains of HPV I guess). One responded quickly to ACV treatment. The other type would grow big when ACV was used and would not turn black before my skin was completely trashed. What I did was to use ACV and when the wart got big I then froze it with OTC wart freeze treatment. I then applied ACV with a Q-tip rather than beat up all of the skin and a few days later the wart head fell off but nothing turned black so I continued to use ACV and after a few more days the things cratered and turned black. This crater took 2 weeks before it healed but the wart. A couple of months later I used ACV to find a few more of these buggers and this time I didn't wait until the top fell off. I froze them then the next day put ACV on it and cleaned with alcohol and after it dried I took my finger nail and ripped the suckers off and immediately hit it with ACV. They turned black the next day. It still took 2 weeks for these to heal but I did knock one week off the total treatment. I learned this from a post on this site.

The second problem I have is with some of the advice. For instance, someone has posted that you can't spread warts by shaving as long as you don't bleed. This is ridiculous. Warts shed the virus through the skin. You can't tell me that they can be spread by simple contact with them but a razor going over them won't spread them unless you slice into the wart???? That advice is completely over the top and incorrect. It's not even logical. Unfortunately, if you shave you should stop until you have cleared up the warts. So, don't believe everything you read here but mostly the advice is good.

Lastly, if you think that you have a few warts in one area and want to just treat that area initially, forget it. Your first treatment should be as large of an area as you can stand to do. Not only will you save alot of time by avoiding additional treatments, but you will also understand the extent of your problem rather quickly.

For multiple treatments: when you do a treatment with ACV you will lose layer(s) of skin. You have to wait a period of time to heal before you do another treatment. I have repeated a treatment in the same area in as little as 6 weeks and didn't have a problem. I would recommend 8-10 weeks for a large treatment area.

I also added some of the internal treatments as recommended on this site. I am taking black elder berry and green tea extract and added vitamin C, E, potassium, folic acid and pantotheric acid to my regular multi-vitamin. No new warts have been found since I started the internal treatments.

I now believe that I can live with HPV. I will add that when you first figure out that you have warts it will be a psychologic roller coaster. You will think that your life is over. Don't take 18 months like I did to get this taken care of. Hit it hard and fast with everything you learned from this site. If I knew then what I know now this would have taken 3-4 months rather than 18 months to resolve. For those of you who do one treatment and you're done, good for you. I have a feeling though that your "yippee this worked for me" posts were a little premature and most people will not be so lucky. For your first treatment, plan on 7-10 days for full healing. Additional maintenance treatments, plan on 5-7 days.

Good luck!

Replied by Allison
(New York, Ny)

I would like to say that Genital Warts CAN spread to different parts of the body. I know this comment was left a few years ago, and a lot of new research has been done. People are also sharing their experiences more and more. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with high risk HPV, and surgically had it removed. Then, about 2 years ago during a 3 year period of not being sexually active I got low level HPV, genital warts. After having them removed and using a lot of natural remedies I am feeling much better. However, I have recently been now diagnosed with HPV in my throat, caused through oral skin to skin contact; Oral Sexual Intercourse. They said it would be best to test it after it is removed to know which strand it it. Considering it is a Virus that can be dormant in your system, I think it is important to be aware that you CAN contract HPV in your throat, and often it attatches itself to your vocal chords. It is becoming a lot more common, and there is a lot of conflicting evidence out there. Even if it was dormant, it was spread through genital to mouth contact. Understand that HPV is still very abiguous, and sharing our personal experiences and remedies is most important. Be safe and aware of your bodies, and do not dismiss anything because we are afraid to talk about it. Thank you so much for this site. I am going to post an update and see what works best for my throat problem so that I don't have to get surgery!

Replied by Jim
(Houston, Tx)

Hey guys, awesome advice with the ACV! Just a quick question..... Some background first: I noticed I had a growth on my shaft a few months ago and didn't think much of it. Finally, after realizing it wasn't going away or improving at all on its own, I turned to the Internet and came across this forum. I decided to try the Apple Cider Vinegar method before going buying any of the other treatments. I dabbed the wart with Apple Cider Vinegar using a qtip, then took an Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cottonball and put it on the wart and put a bandaid around it and left it on overnight. It turned white after the first application and after about 3 days, as I was dabbing the area with the qtip, the top layer of the wart came off with ease and another layer came off the next day.

It's been about a week now and I'm still doing the same treatment and the area is generally flat now (opposed to the raised wart). However, now there is a white ring around the outside of the area where the raised section was and where the layers peeled off, it is all dark yellow with a black spot in the middle and starting to turn black around the inner part of the white ring. I haven't scene much info on the warts turning yellow; mainly just white, then black, then fall off. My question is is this yellowing a normal part of the process and should I just continue with the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment until it falls off or is there something else that I should be doing? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Replied by Donna
(Cape Coral, Florida)

That wart could very well be a sign of HPV. Please get checked by a doctor.

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Ladygamer (Philippines) on 08/24/2017

Hello I was diagnosed with hpv last june 2017 I have 1 at the hood of my clitoris 3small pcs on my perinium then 2 on my vulva..i was deeply devastated I dunno what to do...then I surf the web looking for a natural remedy coz my doctor told me that they will burn the warts and she is asking for 700 to 800 usd (30k to 35k php) that a huge amount for yeah I searched for home remedy instead..i came across to this website and saw the popular remedy for genital warts which is the pure ACV, I tried it...soaked a cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar and put it on the warts for 2 hours daily, it was very painful... as in... but I endure the pain for 1 week...i stop cause ive got bells palsy OMG I feel like what is happening to me... my immune system is crashing down :(...i deal with my bells palsy first so after 2 weeks the warts multiply its like crazy...i feel so down and depressed... I started again the Apple Cider Vinegar for 2 weeks but still no changes and no improvement at all, instead it multiply more...i feel so hopeless I was devastated, super...genital warts invade my vagina, it looks like it has multiple cauli flower on octopus suctions on thier was located all over my genital...i was like what should I do now... I keep on reading here on earth clinic . I saw the 40 crished aspirin +2 tsp ACV + 2tsp Castor oil... I give that remedy a shot. I buy the ingredients plus I added 2 tsp of tea tree oil and vit e on the paste.

1st day I put on the paste generously at night then I washed it in the morning ... OMG it started to fell off then after showering I put another paste on it thank goodness after office I showered and 50%of my gw was gone literaly... I stop putting the paste on it to rest...instead of paste I put tea tree oil and castor oil...after 4 days I put onother paste and I am very happy for the result... in summary I am putting the paste every 4 days untill they are gone... now I believe I am wart free with the BIG help of praying to God and the instrument he used this website and "the paste"... I know there is a chance that it will recur but by Gods grace, I am praying for the best.. thanks and God bless

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sadtosayigotit (Austin, Texas) on 02/13/2012

I recently found a cluster of "skin" tags right where the "taint" area is and it looked like a step ladder to my anus area. The skin was white and it just disgusted me. I hadn't been careful (stupid me) and I have an idea of who gave me this "gift".

I knew what I had was either herpes, or warts, but when I did research it didn't sound like herpes at all. True it wasn't as bad as the HPV pics I saw, but I knew that I had to have that. Well I don't know how I got here but I found this site this weekend, and figured hell I have organic ACV. So I've started.

When I'm home I soak cotton balls in Apple Cider Vinegar and apply directly to the spot, I can't use a band aid because they area they are is weird. But I clench that area closed tight for at least an hour.

Right now it's burning. But I can take it. During the day I use a asprin, ACV, vit E, and an essential oil and make a past apply to the area and go to work. You can't smell the mix, but I can bare dealing with it all day.

Just after one day I was able to take a bath wash the area and 2 warts have dislodged themselves already. I have about 4-6 more. I'm hoping that in 2 weeks everything will be gone.

Please try it! I didn't think it would work for me, but it is!!!

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Bee-sting (D Bush, Miami, Florida) on 09/11/2010


Hello everyone. I contracted GW from my X boyfriend and they scared the life out of me, but not all hope is lost. ACV on its own does help alot, most of my warts fell off, but now, there seems to be more, little ones though and one big one. I recently started the paste method (aspirin, vitamin e & ACV). It stings like a bee sting btwn my butt cheeks. The big one has been discharging a yellow liquid, and bleeding, is this normal at all?

Replied by Gwremedy

Hey guys. I am so grateful I came across this website/GW forum. In return, I thought I would tell you my experience and what worked for me. A couple months ago I had hard, skin colored bumps down there that appeared out of nowhere. I haven't had many sexual partners, nor have I been sexual active in about half a year. I couldn't understand what was happening. Went to walk in clinic and got diagnosed with GW's. I was embarassed and horrified. If you do your research, you will come to understand that this condition is fairly common and I could have had it from 4 partners ago, you're not able to tell. A lot of people have it and don't even know. Until your body can't fight it anymore and perhaps an event in your life such as high stress will finally bring them out. So, I picked up my prescription, condyline. I applied it to the area twice daily, 3 days in a row. Watts turned white but no sign of progression. I thought there has to be something else out there when I came across this website.

My home remedy: stopped applying condyline. I made a paste of 2 extra strength aspirin (crushed), tea tree oil, vitamin e oil and apple cider vinegar until consistent. I applied it on a few pieces of gauze and put it down on my spots for 20 minutes. It was highly uncomfortable and painful, as in burning. Took it off and carefully cleansed myself. For the next couple days I was in pain. I burned myself. Good news was that all the warts were wiping off until there were none! I was ecstatic and my region healed from the burning. (I applied aloe Vera a few times a day and vitamin e oil to ease the pain). I think because I used condyline right before that treatment, that also burned Mr it was a lot at once so that's why I burned myself).

Also tip: the Apple Cider Vinegar makes all the warts turn white and you can see all the regions affected that may not have popped out yet. Extra precautions: take apple cider vinegar tablets daily. I take 2-4. (This isn't new to me). Now and then drink a glass of water in the morning with 1-2 tbsp. Of Apple Cider Vinegar as well.

Go to your local health store and pick up immune system strengthening pills, do a trial. Your immune system needs to be strong again! Apply tea tree oil every now and then. Eat healthy and exercise. You gotta do what you gotta do. Healthy lifestyle, keep taking precautions and keep that happy level up and stress low. Now chin up! You got this.

Replied by Donb From The South

Thanks for sharing your story. My experience is similar, I haven't been sexually active in nearly three years. My last partner I found near the separation was quite promiscuous. This left me with severe trust issues. I was told about 6 months ago that I had genital warts, horrified beyond belief. The worse part is not knowing where I got it.

I have tried the apple cider vinegar, and it really worked, but unfortunately a few months later they started to to come back. please let me know how the pills are helping the out break, or how to control them. Thanks a lot

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Chionlynx (Pawtucket, Ri) on 11/23/2009

Hi there. I couldn't wait to get to my computer this morning. Last week I discovered to my horror (having never had an STD before!) that I had genital "that w word"...ok I'll say it...warts! I'm learning this is fairly common, but the negative stigma is hard to overcome, and the emotional upset is real.

This weekend I tried the crushed aspirin (325mg), ACV and Vit E oil paste with VERY good results. Into the crushed aspirin I dropped in a little ACV at a time until it turns into a nice pasty paste, not too runny. Then add about a TBSP of Vit e oil. I applied it twice on Saturday, and once on Sunday for 30 minutes at a time. On Saturday, inbetween paste treatments, I used a cotton ball to dab on a mixture of Elderberry and Green Tea extract (30 drops each). This also burned like hell, but the burning does subside after a six or so minutes. For the 30minute segments of each treatment (not fun!!), I would try to lie down and stay still, breathe deeply, watch TV... or meditate on the fact that the burning is a good thing...removing those warts!
I've read many of the comments on here...and I think people who are suffering with pain and horrible sores after the treatment, are leaving it on for too long! I was also very raw after the first paste treatment, but I took care of the area diligently with two drops of Tea Tree Oil in a little water (dab it on with rolled some toilet paper, or large cotton ball), followed by a healthy dose of Vit E oil. My round hand held mirror became my best friend!! After the ACV paste treatments, the warts will turn white and it's quite shocking to see how many there actually are! Don't be afraid because the whiteness also means they got dosed with vinegar which is a good thing! During the day, esp after "potty" time, I'd clean up with a little Hydrogen Peroxide, and then the Vit E oil. Don't over do the Tea Tree Oil.

Today is Monday. I feel like a new woman this morning. I feel consideraby better, both physically and mentally. And for the first time in a long time, I feel "normal" down there! (Some of the areas are still red and a little raw, but the swelling and itch has gone away!) Thanks to all of you for the advice and open sharing on this site. I'm a professional woman, with good habits...this can happen to anyone, there's no shame in any of it!! Don't wait til things get bad. Stay on it. There's hope. Trust and believe.
I also plan to see my doctor, for a pap smear and check up. (But I'm not sure I'll be taking any prescription meds at this time).

Oh, and I've also started taking a multi vitamin, Vit C, Echinacea, 40 drops of Olive Leaf extract (3xdaily) (blech tasting). The Olive Leaf is a good antiviral. This is all to boost the immune system.

I only have one remaining issue... and that's the discharge. I'm not sure if there's anything one can do to combat that???? Anyone?

Be well!!

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Lotus_flower (Bentonville, Ar, USA) on 08/08/2009

I am a nurse, and I just found out I have GW from HPV. I went to the doctor and I was prescribed a topical acid. First of all, that with insurance cost me 130 dollars, and I damn near passed out. But, I wanted the GW gone and probably would have paid anything. I began the treatment as directed. It burns and it is imperative not to get any on the healthy skin, which is difficult and adds to the anxiety of the whole thing. After a month and a half, it had worked-but it wasn't all gone. After reading on this site about ACV, I thought I really can't go wrong-I've waited over a month, been in pain for a while. I went to the store and got the following: vitamin E oil, pure tea tree oil, 325 mg aspirin and apple cider vinegar.

Make a paste with the ACV and aspirin. I had eyeballed it to make the right consistency. Add a few drops of vitamin E to the mix with a dropper. Apply it to the area and leave it on for a half hour and try it twice a day. You can apply tea tree oil all day if you want-it has penetrating power and the best part: takes away pain!!

I did the other treatment for a month and a half, and the result was sorta better-for 130 dollars.

I did the ACV treatment 3 times, and the area is COMPLETELY CLEAR after 3 treatments-for 10 dollars.

This doesn't harm healthy skin, and there's hardly any uncomfortable moments. I didn't think it would work, I admit. I was wrong, way wrong! I can't wait to go to the doctor in 2 days-he'll tell me that the treatment worked, and I get to say, "I have a was ACV!" I'm sure the look on his face will be priceless!

Hang in there all, there IS hope!! :)

Replied by Dee
(Vancouver, Wa)

Hi and thanks for your post. I have a question. My gw are on my clitoris and also on the meatus right where the urine comes out. Do you think this is safe for the urethra? Do you have any suggestions that I should also consider?

Replied by Pleasegoaway

This is really starting to get to me. I am writing this as I sit here on the bathroom floor, vagina on fire and the smell of vinegar and tea tree oil smothering me.. Something I have strangely gotten used to. I am so sick to death of this. It's all I have been able to think about for the last 2 weeks. They seem to be getting better but I just don't know. I have one big one on the lips of my hooha which when I used the prescribed medication seemed to go pus-like and disgusting which made it spread to the other side GREAT! There are a whole army of little red dots and I just want them to f off! I am at the end of my patience. I am running out of options. I can't keep this up. How the hell are 80% of the population affected by this virus, it's not fair. Sorry, this stinging makes me angry. Love to my wart friends :(

Replied by September-scholar
(Fort Worth, Tx, Usa)

I am not sure of any suitable natural remedies for genital warts, but I do know from personal experience that you must take care of them immediately. I was treated with a product called podophyllin. You can actually find the product on line or something similar called podophyllum. Both originate from the same resin. Podophyllin has been the treatment of choice since the 40's. Today they may laser them off. However, time truly is of the essence here. Hopefully you can find it on line OR get to a Dr. that can administer it.

Best of luck to you.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Colloidal silver kills viruses. Use a high ppm. Take orally and apply topically. The fact that it is on the face makes it likely the virus is systemic. You may have to take the silver for six months to completely get rid of it. I'd take two tablespoons daily on empty stomach. Apply topically with a cloth, letting it act like a poultice. Squirt inside with a syringe.

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Vitamin E

1 User Review
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Posted by Cakeforall (Michigan) on 02/03/2016

Okay, so my one-year-old just fell asleep and this is mommy time. I am literally wasting mommy time to review the amazing advice I've gotten from this website.

This will hopefully be brief:

About 11 weeks ago I discovered a tiny little "white head" via cleaning in the shower. I assumed it was nothing and a bit later noticed another exactly in the same proximity, on the opposite side of my upper labia.

I began panicking.

My husband checked and said they looked like tiny little white heads. Nothing phases him. He'd still be attracted to me if I was covered in giant debilitating warts.

Recently, I found out I was pregnant. They appeared RIGHT when my immunity took a dive via pregnancy. Also, hormones cause a change in natural lubrication and estrogen, encouraging growth.

I asked my midwife, a CNM at my hospital of choice, to take a gander. Her first reaction matched my suspicion and my life immediately felt over. I felt like they punched me in the stomach and I just wanted to cry. Admittedly, I was really upset for a few weeks. They were so kind and said the warts were so tiny that one treatment of their acid would do it, clear them up.

The first treatment burned and caused them to spread rapidly. Two turned into... 5?

The second treatment didn't cause them to spread, but it was a newer inexperienced CNM who did the procedure wrong and I burned terribly. Lots of red, black, weird smells and swelling. I was terrified. I could barely walk out and all I wanted to do was cry. I thought, I have NOT slept with that many people. My husband and I love each other, I'm young and healthy, why is this happening to me.

I researched on the internet every day - obsessively. Not a good thing. It made me neurotic. Luckily, I found an answer and I feel genuine joy.

I tried hospital grade acid, multiple treatments of ACV, coconut oil at night and during the day, zinc oxide, a few weeks of tea tree oil, and garlic pills. They didn't make it worse. Infact, nothing spread and maybe they were minutely getting smaller. Maybe. But I was nauseous every day, I was sick of it. So I almost gave up, until...

I read an intelligent sounding woman who found true success. This was her recipe and this is how I use it:

3 crushed/powdered aspirin 325 mg:

A bit of Apple Cider Vinegar - just enough to make a wet paste;

Vitamin-E oil.

That's it. I also used hydrogen peroxide.

The first three ingredients I mixed together to form a toothpaste/slightly more wet mixture.

Before, I'd prep by wiping my genital wart and the area around the warts with hydrogen peroxide.

After I'd sit in front of a mirror and using a Q-tip, i'd apply the paste to each wart. I had about, 6-8. Some were grouped together and looked like one, and one was the size of an eraser tip and was my biggest nemesis.

They were at the top of my external labia's on either side, one big one between my labia and inner labia, all the way in, and one on my perineum.

My midwife approved of the concoction and said she'd mention it to other pregnant patients with genital warts.

Some people find this concoction works rapidly, I found that it took a week or two. I applied it twice a day, everyday. Between 30-minutes and 3 hours. Sometimes, I only applied it once.

I wiped it of with toilet paper, usually wet.

For me, I knew it was working because everyday the treatment stung just a little bit more. After a week or so, they started to really sting for about 30-second. One morning, I noticed my two least favorite were GOONNE!!! YAY! One was red and exponentially smaller, a little raised still. The other was mostly gone. I let them heal for a full day and I'm doing the treatment one more time - just to make sure.

I had a few mini ones that probably weren't ingrown hairs that never had a chance and are gone.

I only have two left. The top labia ones. I think that's because the paste keeps rubbing off on my panties. The other two spots (they were only on four spots) were in deeper areas and the paste wasn't exposed to fabric. So maybe I'll try to add some kind of barrier. But they are much smaller and one is almost completely gone. So I'm down to 1 1/2!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Benefits for women:

1. Easy to apply paste. No band-aids, cotton balls, or gauze that slip.

2. Easy to apply to hard to get areas.

3. Barely burns compared to a lot of other treatments.

4. Cheap and effective

Things that may have helped - cannot discredit them:

Garlic pills - 1 or 2 daily

Green tea - 1 or 2 cups daily - on most days

Prenatal vitamins every single day

An occasional Epsom salt bath. Mine was ginger and clay.

So PREGNANT women and anyone else with embarassing warts. Definitely see your doctor to make sure that you have genital warts. But PLEASE try this!! My midwife said all the things I did were okay. I may also start taking CoQ-10 supplements to help my body fight off the virus. and other website have said the average person can fight the virus off in 1-2 years. Pregnant women and people with low immunity's may need extra help via supplements and what not.

Good luck!

Summary: 3 325 mg pills crushed into a powder, enough ACV to make a paste, a few drops of Vitamin-E oil (mine is food grade).

Apply paste 2 x daily. Wipe off paste after 30-minutes to a few hours. Repeat daily until warts fall off. I'd use coconut oil, aloe, or whatever to help with healing. Although, not much healing is needed with this procedure.

ACV, Vit E, Oregano, Olive Leaf and Tea Tree Oils

Posted by Ashley (Minneapolis, Mn, Usa) on 03/04/2010

I found out I have HPV genital warts last monday. It freaked me out so much because I've only been with 3 people in my life, but unfortunately was stupid enough to not use protection. ANYways, my doctor used acid on the warts the same day she diagnosed them, which burned like heck. The next few days I saw the warts slough off a lot.
I came across this website when I was looking for a more natural cure, and I'm soo happy I found it.
(Unfortunately my boyfriend now has the HPV too, I feel so awful about giving him this virus, and he's getting warts too)

So yesterday I made a trip to the natural foods co-op and stocked up on all the things I've seen mentioned here. Apple cider vinegar, Vitamin E Oil, Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf extract, and Tea tree oil.

Last night me and my boyfriend did our first treatment. I mixed about 3/4 cup of ACV, 1/2 cup Vitamin E oil, 10 drops Oil of Oregano, and 5 drops Olive leaf extract. I soaked some gauze pads in the mixture, and then wrung them out, and rolled them up and put them slightly inside my vagina. (I have warts just inside and just outside my vaginal opening).

I put on a pad on my underwear and WOW at first it burned pretty intensely. After about 10 minutes, the pain did lessen, and I kept the gauze on for about 50 minutes.

My boyfriend, we did the same thing, soaked the gauze in the mixture, except we had issues getting it positioned on him. We used hair binders to hold it onto his penis, but there were warts around the base we couldnt very well keep the gauze on. (any hints for how to best use the mixture on the penis would be greatly appreciated)

Anyways, after I took mine out/off, the whole area of my vaginal opening and everything was realllly white. It kinda freaked me out to see it.

My boyfriend's penis had some white spots too, but nothing as much as mine. Overall he said it burned too, but we both sucked it up, and I'm super excited to see what happens in the next week with this treatment.

OH and afterwards we put Vitamin E Oil with a drop of Tea Tree oil on the affected areas, it was so soothing and felt super good afterwards.

I will keep you updated on how things go as time progresses. Tonight we are doing treatment #2 !

Replied by Ashley
(Minneapolis, Mn, Usa)

Last night we did treatment #2, with the same mixture. Mine burned a LOT for the first 10 minutes, but then the burning went away. I left it on for an hour or so. I was kind of disappointed because when I checked it out after, the warts were all white, but I wasnt seeing the gray/black that some people report seeing. I'm thinking about doing full-on ACV tonight to really hit them hard. But I don't know if that will just end up hurting my skin.

My boyfriend used toilet paper doused in the mixture, which worked better because it stuck to him very easily. He said it was burning a lot and pretty painful. He left his on for a good 40 minutes.

Afterwards we used the Vitamin E oil and tea tree oil mixture (just a drop or two of tea tree though) and it makes it feel very relieved and cool, after the burning of the ACV treatment.

I'm wondering if mixing the ACV with Vitamin E oil is something we shouldn't be doing, if the Vitamin E cancels out the ACV's effectiveness in some way? I know thats probably impossible, but I just want to be sure I'm hitting those nasty warts as hard as possible to get them OFF me and my man.

Update again after tonight's treatment! :-) Wishing good health to you all!

Replied by Gaokeefe
(St Paul, Mn)

I noticed your post and it is from quite some time ago. So, I doubt I will see a response from you. But I am curious how this ever ended. This is one of the treatments I was looking at also. My ex-husband swore by Vit E for warts he had on his hands as a teenager; which I realize are quite different than the GW....I had my GW frozen on this past Friday and they are quite white and sore. So, I bought Vit E today and put it on it. I can't believe how soothing it was! And if it works at all like it did for my ex husband, I will be a happy camper!

ACV, White Vinegar, Salicylic Acid, Garlic

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Posted by Scott (Anaheim, CA) on 02/27/2009

ACV, White Vinegar, Salicylic Acid, Garlic, for genital warts:

I just moved into an shared house and the house is dirty. I believe I contracted it here. I have tried ACV for warts, but it did not remove all the warts. It did remove some of the warts (around the shaft), but did not touch the ones by the head of the penis. I think it even caused it to spread a little. I also do not think it was strongest enough solution. I used bragg's vinegar. I thought I was home free, but I wasn't. I went out and bought white distilled vinegar from walmart. Its also 5%, but much stronger. I actually bought salicylic acid also and put that on. It burned a lot! Afterwards, I went and soaked it in white distilled vinegar. More pain. But the next day, I showered and rubbed the warts and the skin peeled away the warts around the head came off. I also rubbed off the other skin on the shaft area. It looks pretty bad afterwards, but the skin heals quickly after applying fresh aloe vera.

I'm still fighting it. Taking centrum once a day, vitamin A, vit C.

Now I want to kill the virus internally. I'm using the following method recommended by Repentence, 1 clove of garlic 3x week, drink/eat job's tears as much as possible.

I'll post results in 2 weeks.

Replied by NEW METHODS

Ive read just about all you can on genital warts and herpes. Figuring both are a virus so I researched the 2 instead of just one. Everyone says pretty much the same things. ACV and Peroxide. Other than that its basically eat good and live a healthy life. No smoking ,drinking and less stressing.

As far as what Ive read no men say exactly what to do if you want to find warts on the entire area and how to treat the entire area . Its mostly I have a wart or more and i put cotton with ACV and taped it on over night for a few nights.

WELL my idea is this:

Get a wash clothe and wash it out in hydrogen peroxide then pour your ACV on to it wrap it around the shaft first nice and tyte and then wrap the scrotum. then take a piece of rope or shoe lace and wrap it around under the scrotum and keep wrapping until you get to the head and tie it off.

You will figure out how to do this once you get the wash clothe on there!! TRUST ME
Hope this helps!

How many of you had genital warts for more than 2 years and how many of you still get them after treatment?

Replied by Scott
(Anaheim, CA)

I have cleared my warts from my penis. The method I used was putting salicylic acid (18%) on the warts and following it with ACV. The warts came off, but the healing process was pretty bad. At one point it even seemed like it was spreading because of foreskin. Because of this, I decided to add Jobs Tears (Yi Yi Ren) and 3 cloves of garlic 3x a week.

I believe the real killer of the virus is the Jobs Tear (Yi Yi Ren). This is a Chinese Barley. You can pick it up at your acupuncturist. It prevented the virus from spreading. I did a vinegar test the other day and only found one white spot, so I might have one little one still around, but I'm happy with the results so far. My opinion would be to just take the Job Tears and Garlic and not do the salicylic acid treatment. The acid treatment is very painful. If I knew this before I would have just eaten the Jobs Tears everyday. ACV itself will not fully kill the warts and may even cause it to spread. Good luck. Damn the Warts!

ACV/Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Marge (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/03/2014

Hi guys,

(I have bolded the important parts for anyone who doesnt have time to read the whole thing)

So having tried the ACV and not enjoying the pain I turned to tea tree oil having had total success before with an outbreak of warts in a different area. This is only the second I have ever had and I suspect it was present at the time of the first outbreak two years ago and I did not notice as they are internal. The ACV definitely works, but it hurts a lot and diluted it has no effect (in my case). I think internal makes it really difficult so heres my advice and I will post back as soon as I know 100%.

The first outbreak rather than quack around with tea tree oil liquid, I bought a Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Blemish stick. It cleared the warts within a week (about three days) I simply applied it morning and night (Possibly three times a day) and I was over the moon. They have never returned in that area.

Flash forward two years and noticed an internal lump on my lady parts. Honestly I wasn't sure it wasn't cancer and having freaked out for 5 minutes I remembered the outbreak two years ago and assumed that this was the case in this instance too.

I tried the ACV and decided it was very painful and I wanted an alternative. I tried tea tree oil and much to my surprise it had a very limited effect! I couldn't understand how something could be so effective once and then barely work at all.

I started to think they may not be warts, so I cut one in half and sterilised the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you do this I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to sterilise everywhere surrounding the cut (like a 20cm radius from the cut outwards) with hydrogen peroxide, clean the implement with HP and clean everything else (Floor, hands, etc) with bleach and then I sprayed the whole area with tea tree oil spray. You do not want to spread the infection around. Also if you have weakened immunity do not do this. You have to be SO careful and even in the event you are super careful, its still a risk. Be super strict about clean up because you don't want to spread it to anyone else. I don't recommend this as a way to find out, I was just impatient and silly.

However, interestingly the wart fizzled and turned black. I was anxious I may have spread the infection so I stuck out the pain of the ACV for about six hours at night and when I woke up this morning more of the wart had turned black and some of the others had shrunk. So as well all guessed, yes ACV works but it's very painful.

So today, I bought the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil blemish stick I had such success with last time. I wondered if it was potentially another ingredient paired with the tea tree oil that had made it so effective. Upon reading the packaging I realised I was right, a key ingredient in the gel was potassium hydroxide. I googled it, and sure enough..

^ One study and a number of others citing the effectiveness on potassium hydroxide in treating genital warts. (Pictures are disturbing avoid if you're easily grossed out). What a lucky decision it was for me to purchase the blemish stick in the initial treatment as opposed to the pure oil.

Other ingredients in the stick that may be helpful include acrylic acid and limonene which is a citrus oil, and also Vitamin E for quick skin healing.

I am 100% definite after this research that this will work again as effectively as it did in the past. If you want a quick and easy, relatively pain free way to get rid of the warts and not have them reoccur (in the same area at least, the virus may be harder to purge from the system but I believe mine is symptomatic of a singular outbreak in two different areas and I only picked up one area two years ago)

Also total no brainer but chuck it after you're done. The blemish stick retails for about $12 and I will update this as soon as it works or has made a significant inroad. I remember being amazed last time how quickly and easily it eradicated the problem. Apply morning and night and possibly in the middle of the day. It is a tiny stick which is discreet and mess free and doesn't interfere with daily activities unlike the ACV, etc.

To help clear the virus from my system I have also been taking

- Large doses Vit C

- B group vitamin (Blackmores anti stress)

- Lysine

- Olive Leaf Extract

Will update you as soon as I get results guys, this is the first day I have purchased it again but it 100% worked unassisted last time in record time.

(I'll make a new entry for it by itself as well as posting a reply to this)


Aloe Vera Gel

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Posted by Johnny D (Toronto) on 05/21/2021

Aloe vera gel for genital warts:

I tried apple cider vinegar on my warts but to my surprise, it didn't work. I then tried aloe vera gel and they're now finally going away