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ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Vitamin E
Posted by Cakeforall (Michigan) on 02/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Okay, so my one-year-old just fell asleep and this is mommy time. I am literally wasting mommy time to review the amazing advice I've gotten from this website.

This will hopefully be brief:

About 11 weeks ago I discovered a tiny little "white head" via cleaning in the shower. I assumed it was nothing and a bit later noticed another exactly in the same proximity, on the opposite side of my upper labia.

I began panicking.

My husband checked and said they looked like tiny little white heads. Nothing phases him. He'd still be attracted to me if I was covered in giant debilitating warts.

Recently, I found out I was pregnant. They appeared RIGHT when my immunity took a dive via pregnancy. Also, hormones cause a change in natural lubrication and estrogen, encouraging growth.

I asked my midwife, a CNM at my hospital of choice, to take a gander. Her first reaction matched my suspicion and my life immediately felt over. I felt like they punched me in the stomach and I just wanted to cry. Admittedly, I was really upset for a few weeks. They were so kind and said the warts were so tiny that one treatment of their acid would do it, clear them up.

The first treatment burned and caused them to spread rapidly. Two turned into... 5?

The second treatment didn't cause them to spread, but it was a newer inexperienced CNM who did the procedure wrong and I burned terribly. Lots of red, black, weird smells and swelling. I was terrified. I could barely walk out and all I wanted to do was cry. I thought, I have NOT slept with that many people. My husband and I love each other, I'm young and healthy, why is this happening to me.

I researched on the internet every day - obsessively. Not a good thing. It made me neurotic. Luckily, I found an answer and I feel genuine joy.

I tried hospital grade acid, multiple treatments of ACV, coconut oil at night and during the day, zinc oxide, a few weeks of tea tree oil, and garlic pills. They didn't make it worse. Infact, nothing spread and maybe they were minutely getting smaller. Maybe. But I was nauseous every day, I was sick of it. So I almost gave up, until...

I read an intelligent sounding woman who found true success. This was her recipe and this is how I use it:

3 crushed/powdered aspirin 325 mg:

A bit of Apple Cider Vinegar - just enough to make a wet paste;

Vitamin-E oil.

That's it. I also used hydrogen peroxide.

The first three ingredients I mixed together to form a toothpaste/slightly more wet mixture.

Before, I'd prep by wiping my genital wart and the area around the warts with hydrogen peroxide.

After I'd sit in front of a mirror and using a Q-tip, i'd apply the paste to each wart. I had about, 6-8. Some were grouped together and looked like one, and one was the size of an eraser tip and was my biggest nemesis.

They were at the top of my external labia's on either side, one big one between my labia and inner labia, all the way in, and one on my perineum.

My midwife approved of the concoction and said she'd mention it to other pregnant patients with genital warts.

Some people find this concoction works rapidly, I found that it took a week or two. I applied it twice a day, everyday. Between 30-minutes and 3 hours. Sometimes, I only applied it once.

I wiped it of with toilet paper, usually wet.

For me, I knew it was working because everyday the treatment stung just a little bit more. After a week or so, they started to really sting for about 30-second. One morning, I noticed my two least favorite were GOONNE!!! YAY! One was red and exponentially smaller, a little raised still. The other was mostly gone. I let them heal for a full day and I'm doing the treatment one more time - just to make sure.

I had a few mini ones that probably weren't ingrown hairs that never had a chance and are gone.

I only have two left. The top labia ones. I think that's because the paste keeps rubbing off on my panties. The other two spots (they were only on four spots) were in deeper areas and the paste wasn't exposed to fabric. So maybe I'll try to add some kind of barrier. But they are much smaller and one is almost completely gone. So I'm down to 1 1/2!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Benefits for women:

1. Easy to apply paste. No band-aids, cotton balls, or gauze that slip.

2. Easy to apply to hard to get areas.

3. Barely burns compared to a lot of other treatments.

4. Cheap and effective

Things that may have helped - cannot discredit them:

Garlic pills - 1 or 2 daily

Green tea - 1 or 2 cups daily - on most days

Prenatal vitamins every single day

An occasional Epsom salt bath. Mine was ginger and clay.

So PREGNANT women and anyone else with embarassing warts. Definitely see your doctor to make sure that you have genital warts. But PLEASE try this!! My midwife said all the things I did were okay. I may also start taking CoQ-10 supplements to help my body fight off the virus. and other website have said the average person can fight the virus off in 1-2 years. Pregnant women and people with low immunity's may need extra help via supplements and what not.

Good luck!

Summary: 3 325 mg pills crushed into a powder, enough ACV to make a paste, a few drops of Vitamin-E oil (mine is food grade).

Apply paste 2 x daily. Wipe off paste after 30-minutes to a few hours. Repeat daily until warts fall off. I'd use coconut oil, aloe, or whatever to help with healing. Although, not much healing is needed with this procedure.