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Posted by Marge (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi guys,

(I have bolded the important parts for anyone who doesnt have time to read the whole thing)

So having tried the ACV and not enjoying the pain I turned to tea tree oil having had total success before with an outbreak of warts in a different area. This is only the second I have ever had and I suspect it was present at the time of the first outbreak two years ago and I did not notice as they are internal. The ACV definitely works, but it hurts a lot and diluted it has no effect (in my case). I think internal makes it really difficult so heres my advice and I will post back as soon as I know 100%.

The first outbreak rather than quack around with tea tree oil liquid, I bought a Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Blemish stick. It cleared the warts within a week (about three days) I simply applied it morning and night (Possibly three times a day) and I was over the moon. They have never returned in that area.

Flash forward two years and noticed an internal lump on my lady parts. Honestly I wasn't sure it wasn't cancer and having freaked out for 5 minutes I remembered the outbreak two years ago and assumed that this was the case in this instance too.

I tried the ACV and decided it was very painful and I wanted an alternative. I tried tea tree oil and much to my surprise it had a very limited effect! I couldn't understand how something could be so effective once and then barely work at all.

I started to think they may not be warts, so I cut one in half and sterilised the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you do this I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to sterilise everywhere surrounding the cut (like a 20cm radius from the cut outwards) with hydrogen peroxide, clean the implement with HP and clean everything else (Floor, hands, etc) with bleach and then I sprayed the whole area with tea tree oil spray. You do not want to spread the infection around. Also if you have weakened immunity do not do this. You have to be SO careful and even in the event you are super careful, its still a risk. Be super strict about clean up because you don't want to spread it to anyone else. I don't recommend this as a way to find out, I was just impatient and silly.

However, interestingly the wart fizzled and turned black. I was anxious I may have spread the infection so I stuck out the pain of the ACV for about six hours at night and when I woke up this morning more of the wart had turned black and some of the others had shrunk. So as well all guessed, yes ACV works but it's very painful.

So today, I bought the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil blemish stick I had such success with last time. I wondered if it was potentially another ingredient paired with the tea tree oil that had made it so effective. Upon reading the packaging I realised I was right, a key ingredient in the gel was potassium hydroxide. I googled it, and sure enough..

^ One study and a number of others citing the effectiveness on potassium hydroxide in treating genital warts. (Pictures are disturbing avoid if you're easily grossed out). What a lucky decision it was for me to purchase the blemish stick in the initial treatment as opposed to the pure oil.

Other ingredients in the stick that may be helpful include acrylic acid and limonene which is a citrus oil, and also Vitamin E for quick skin healing.

I am 100% definite after this research that this will work again as effectively as it did in the past. If you want a quick and easy, relatively pain free way to get rid of the warts and not have them reoccur (in the same area at least, the virus may be harder to purge from the system but I believe mine is symptomatic of a singular outbreak in two different areas and I only picked up one area two years ago)

Also total no brainer but chuck it after you're done. The blemish stick retails for about $12 and I will update this as soon as it works or has made a significant inroad. I remember being amazed last time how quickly and easily it eradicated the problem. Apply morning and night and possibly in the middle of the day. It is a tiny stick which is discreet and mess free and doesn't interfere with daily activities unlike the ACV, etc.

To help clear the virus from my system I have also been taking

- Large doses Vit C

- B group vitamin (Blackmores anti stress)

- Lysine

- Olive Leaf Extract

Will update you as soon as I get results guys, this is the first day I have purchased it again but it 100% worked unassisted last time in record time.

(I'll make a new entry for it by itself as well as posting a reply to this)